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7 Things Men Should Do Everyday

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Text Comments (1356)
MLGADAM06 GAMING (25 days ago)
Should You take cold showers at night
Veasna Un (1 month ago)
Always do something active? Why did I waste the time watching this video passively? Sorry, just kidding. Your videos are really good for me. Most of the tips work. Thank you man.
Mikael Runarsson (1 month ago)
yo just went to the link to buy the speaker, tried your code and it saved me a lot of money but then thanks to honey i got a better code that saved me an extra 10 dollars sry to not use ur code but looking forward to getting the speaker
Madhavan Munisamy (1 month ago)
But eggs is not so good to eat every single day
ashraf Satari (2 months ago)
Am 15 and this channel is kinda cool
Kalier YT (2 months ago)
wtf bro my teacher said "Romeo, get off your phone, and i said... i been working and writing like half and hour then i said my mans Jose, no not that short kid in my school, but my other mans Jose said i am aloud to take a break" long story short uh i got iss for 3 days :-(
player 17 (2 months ago)
Hey I always take a bath with cold water
Mark 2909 (2 months ago)
4:32 every time I hear that sound I flinch hard
I MAKE VIDEOS (2 months ago)
I just gave myself a challenge of cold showers for 60 days.
Reaper130 (2 months ago)
By far the best go to channel for help with improving quality of life! Thank you Jose!
Aaron Pereira (2 months ago)
Jose is so great literally life changing❤️but the only thing I’m fed up about is the constant sponsorship it’s getting quite annoying now!
Youness 334 (2 months ago)
I thought clicking on this video would be sarcastic but this guy genuinly thinks he is the perfect man
Julian Rivera (2 months ago)
Shout out to you and alpha for changing my life ! Girlfriend really likes the changes.
Gotta Try this tips bro..
Shaun Sammy (3 months ago)
(6) Start with a hot shower & gradually adjust the water temperature (or is that #5 lol cant remember)
Heyy Zalman Galaydh (3 months ago)
HhHHM Jose was wearing a watch.. when he wakeup ReaLY man..... You where acting *are You* 😂😂
Lionyde santo (3 months ago)
Selling speaker .
J. Mtz. (3 months ago)
Wait @ 0:45 did he say he's on Grindr and to take more breaks from it? Cause Grindr is addicting!
Abdullah Zaheer (3 months ago)
Cheating of alpha but good 🤣
the coon 69 (3 months ago)
I walk to the food cabinet
MIchael Harrington (3 months ago)
Keep in mind that the penis is an organ and needs vitamins and proteins to function properly. This is where a good penis health creme comes in.. these are loaded with nutrients and deliver them all directly to the penis for maximum benefit. I use one called Man1 Man Oil... it is awesome. Check it out.
life is give or taken (3 months ago)
Nope I like staying home so I didn't need to do anything but it is time get out of my comfort zone
FEGTTTSDH (3 months ago)
3. A bit hard when your day starts at 9 o clock and finish at 20:00 hs tonight...
padrini gallardo (4 months ago)
When you said taking cold showers everyday even know that many people hate taking cold shower it not that big a thing its the mind themselves that is thinking of the freeze that makes their bodies give chill and feel like hundred knives stabbing through. Me i enjoy cold showers cuz it keeps me awake and strong for the day just all u need is not think about the cold. its any shower just after a short while your body temperature will feel normal water
Milk Man The gamer (4 months ago)
Does this work for kids as well
aung paing (4 months ago)
Jose, you are so so good looking. I want to be like with you.
Mr. Bones (4 months ago)
Subbed because I believe in breakfast too
Daniel Ng (4 months ago)
My mom asked where to you get ur knowledge, I said my buddy Jose
Abd Gill Gill (5 months ago)
Yo speak slowly 😐
Remoral Vlogs (5 months ago)
Your style rocks
Adil Ali (5 months ago)
Can anyone tell me at what time he sleeps
Sarcastic Fella (5 months ago)
TMF please make a video on studying
Exolette (5 months ago)
My mom and dad take drugs... Medicine yeah.
XxxTentacles Vrøther (6 months ago)
I dont eat breakfast
LYRICS MEDIA (6 months ago)
900000th view
Daymon Krygger (6 months ago)
All you do is promoteeeee 😔😔😔😔
Vedant Shetty (6 months ago)
I sleep with a watch😂
Arnav Kamo (6 months ago)
Your hair is perfection 👌👌
Benjamin Gulker (6 months ago)
“Ahead of the curb” lol
Cali (6 months ago)
Was he sleeping on the couch!
Abraham Sanchez (6 months ago)
clean jacket... i’m only saying that because i have one exactly like that lmao
dat_shy_kid (6 months ago)
Bubba Pratt (6 months ago)
Rayhan Htun (7 months ago)
Man!!! Please do not shake while you talking. it's so annoying. please stay calm and talk
Jacob. Boissonneault (7 months ago)
Im part of the tmf forever
Shahmir Chaudhry (7 months ago)
I spend time with my cousins adleast once a weak and I live with my family so im always with them
alan (7 months ago)
1. jerk off 2.Jerk Off 3.jErK OfF 4.repeat
Cristóbal Caramés (7 months ago)
He looks like Zoolander in the miniature
Kausthub Mangalore (7 months ago)
awesome bro.! keep making these awesome videos.
Beast mode (7 months ago)
Do sum pushups and air squats
Aggretsuko Aishii (7 months ago)
:( these videos make me Sad.:( and mad
Fredy Peralta (8 months ago)
can some tell me where to get that jacket plsss
Shahmir Chaudhry (8 months ago)
Is playing basketball active
succ4vbuck (8 months ago)
I'm too poor to dress well, man. :(
Danny (8 months ago)
the kove bluetooth speaker costs $200 and with the discount code only gets you to $70 it sounds like a good discount but a lot of bluetooth speakers already cost $70
Noah Gilbert (8 months ago)
Put your phone in a mug it word just as well as u speeker
David Denis (8 months ago)
do you eat that big breakfast before or after working out ?
Khizar Rana (8 months ago)
If i say that to my techer, no phone, out of class
ro_ khumbeu (8 months ago)
Shouldn't they also be reading Bible?
OG VINES (8 months ago)
OG VINES (8 months ago)
Danny alright bro nobody gives a fuck about your opinion yes I want subscribers but who gives a fuck who dosent want subs I’m struggling in real life and u don’t know what I’m going thru
Danny (8 months ago)
Funny Videos I bet you are going on every famous youtuber's comments asking for views and subscribers. The only reason why someone would need to do that is because there content is not good, I watched all of your videos, and they are not that good, almost everyone has seen the vines you have uploaded before looking at your channel.
Imagenz (8 months ago)
I used to like your videos but you have so many sponsors
Danny (8 months ago)
aR _MiiST lol
hector zela (8 months ago)
Estoy aprendiendo inglés
hector zela (8 months ago)
Increíble amigo hablas en dos idiomas muy pocos hacen eso!!! Mis respetos
DEADRIC_ GOD (8 months ago)
When i saw that thumbnail i thought i have to get scared from the shower
Puskar giri (8 months ago)
Bro you are cool. But sorry to say.. you do too much advertisement of you sponsers goods😟
Arnulfo Lopez (8 months ago)
You have changed my life.
Mthobisi Zungu (9 months ago)
What if you get sick by taking cold showers? it's winter man
deleted delet (9 months ago)
Bhai you rock!
Vincent Chong (9 months ago)
Hahahahahahah🤣🤣 so cold!!!
Sachin Sakri (9 months ago)
Half of the video is ad bro.
Vy Productions 1 (9 months ago)
Pause it at 5:24 burg his face
Austin Manosalvas (9 months ago)
Teacher-Get off your phone we’re in class Me-José told me to check my phone for constant sensory simulation Teacher-who the hell is José?
Xygif (9 months ago)
But, but I like cold showers..... Am I nobody then :(
Agent 00P (9 months ago)
Video’s Timeline: #1.)You Should Take More Breaks 0:42 #2.)Start Your Morning w/ some protein 1:15 #3.)Don one active thing a day (Kove Speaker Ad) 1:43 #4.)Dress Well Every Single Day 4:05 #5.)Start your day w/ an alarm 4:21 #6.)Take cold showers 4:46 #7.)Make time for family and friends 5:07 Have a Blessed Day :D
podcast ofnosleep (9 months ago)
Idk being with my family has made me miserable 😑😑
الاء محمد (9 months ago)
مرحبا انا الاء من سوريا 🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾
Cedric Bagwell (9 months ago)
Literally all of the food he mentions I'm allergic to.
Talen17 1 (10 months ago)
Does school count
GN’R t (10 months ago)
Try JBL speakers
Sicko playz (10 months ago)
The best channel ever No click bait True facts Good person No mainstream bull shit Popular channel Sometimes Vlogs Me: seems legit
Kay Cee (10 months ago)
I set my alarm 5:30 😂 AM
abhi thapliyal (10 months ago)
Ur jacket is awesome
Xayden Ellis (10 months ago)
7 things you should do everyday 1. Don't waste my time trying to sell me a speaker 2-7... repeat
Arjun Dharwal (10 months ago)
Bro you’re great👍👍👍👌
Forest Green (10 months ago)
Do all this... and do drugs. Occasionally ;)
Petrol Shark (10 months ago)
Your ear 😂
Ian Thee oG (10 months ago)
Am becoming an addict of your channel!! 😍😊
Mouad BENHADDI (10 months ago)
AlphaM is that you ?
Juan Castaneda (10 months ago)
Hey Jose if u can get back to on this question would be appreciated, you said you wake up at 5:30 am but what time do u go to bed
Serty the Guava (10 months ago)
Yunus Emre Kurtuluş (10 months ago)
Do you sleep with clock too ?
Ziya Shaik (10 months ago)
Blasting bomber jacket brooo
anil kumar (10 months ago)
Hi, can u make a video on achne n pimpels
Ice Gecko (10 months ago)
I watched a few of your vids, not bad, but Im over it now, every one seems to be a paid endorsement of some kind, and with your views you could make plenty of money to live on from youtube alone and I am sure most would simply prefer a youtube ad they could skip...much more of a pain to skip some guy talking about some bullshit product you are not even interested in for several minutes of a seven minute video...
0121_ steve (10 months ago)
hes soo sick a product plugging😂
3 What if I have exams and I cannot get out of the house for 3 weeks ;-;
just me (10 months ago)
Andre Mensah (10 months ago)
So basically you just made this video only to sell speakers? Man get fucked faggot
Zenitx (10 months ago)
How tall is he ?
TheKiwi Vent (10 months ago)

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