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Hollywood Undead - Black Dahlia "Live" 1920x1080 HD

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Hollywood Undead Preforming Black Dahlia Live at KFMA Fest 2009 in Tuscon , Arizona Video by www.hexedmedia.com see more at www.hexedmedia.com
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Text Comments (56)
Raa7 (3 years ago)
omg deuce so growing up
Christine Reyes Clark (4 years ago)
I dedicate this song to my exchewy.Who broke my heart in away I cant even begen to exsplain or even fix.
Christine Reyes Clark (4 years ago)
Man finally the perfect love song(or breack up) ! How many times have we all felt that word for word lolol.Yea sorry fuck that!!!!
Sue Jones (5 years ago)
So much clothing flying around. .-.
EmpireEcho (5 years ago)
whats your microphone recorder?potato ?
Negociador PT 1143 (5 years ago)
look at the beggining...AHAHA
Negociador PT 1143 (6 years ago)
Tabitha Gregory (6 years ago)
The only person i can hear is J3T.
Albert (6 years ago)
why does Deuce jump around during a serious song?
Rick Baroza (7 years ago)
Steelkenny (7 years ago)
1:03 - lol @ public
austin sutherland (7 years ago)
0:01 more cowbell?? :D
Monose (7 years ago)
@HighLifeTour you be correct
doflamigo (8 years ago)
@hapetreefriend HAHA Tits Again :P
Jake Wallace (8 years ago)
@zpax1 oh yeah that boobs alright.
Wacko19Jacko (8 years ago)
Deuce sucks live
Lisa Wauneka (12 days ago)
No he dont
Hamid Habib Alkazemi (8 years ago)
I Fucking swear i saw boobs at 3:05
Thegaijinpenguin21 (8 years ago)
realized why does j3t put his arm behind his back during every song at every concert
DaDaDaaDanny (8 years ago)
@adanggoodmoviemaker thts J3t
adanggoodmoviemaker (8 years ago)
Who's the one with the sailor hat? I get them confused without the masks. He had glasses too
Paul Rodriguez (8 years ago)
@iDoNTLiKeYou001 its just a water bottle
Monose (8 years ago)
@zachaqsw that's deff not charlie it's j-dog im pretty sure i cant get a good luck at his face
zachaqsw (8 years ago)
3:24 who hasnt left yet? 0.o
zachaqsw (8 years ago)
@hapetreefriend i think charlie scene? or whoever the guy in the white shirt is saw it lol
Jesi Lyn (8 years ago)
omg i was so distracted by that ufo i missed deuce do his awkward white rapper dance and had to watch it again XD
Sandy Deluxe (8 years ago)
da kurlzz at the beginning hahahahahhaa lol :D:D
Monose (8 years ago)
yah ur welcome
Clinton Cross (8 years ago)
Monose (8 years ago)
3:05-3:15 at the right side ehat do u all see in a small distance up high ;D if u catch it say something to me and give me a thumb up :D
KrissHooligan14 (8 years ago)
@draxton27 No he's doing a side thing kinda like what Fergie did with the black eyed peas
hhawkfilm (8 years ago)
who gives wat age u r im 11 u dont see me post in im 11 or im 12 or 13 or wat ever who cares wat age ur just sayin
eminemfan9991 (9 years ago)
Hmmm, quick question. Why are the body guards pulling people out of the crowd?
GreenDayisAmazing (9 years ago)
Man KFMA Day 2009 was amazing!!! Hollywood Undead was the best band that night!!!
Ham Burger (9 years ago)
Deuce's voice is so quiet compared to the others...
rebecca guardado (9 years ago)
@JackOfBlades121 i dont get it what is it?
Carl Stacey (9 years ago)
gah da kurlzz is so amazing
RAININGBLOOD09 (9 years ago)
just think about it they were just playing music in their garage or basement now there playing in front of millions of people holy shit hollywood undead rocks!
21brina (9 years ago)
GO Da Kurlzz! You play those cymbals!!! :)
keenan arilli (9 years ago)
pretty much haha
Casey Esther (9 years ago)
LMFAO da kurlzz face xDDD
Anton Bazz (9 years ago)
it's jdog , kid)
esguy56 vankleef (9 years ago)
ha! yeah it is, and it really funny because this is such a serious song too...
Carmen (9 years ago)
look at da kurllz face in the beeging its so funny
Zack Shadders (9 years ago)
lol J-Dog looks like he's throwin up on the mic
Kaiynn (9 years ago)
nah they say its too hard to perform with em on. dont blame em
MisterD90 Gaming (9 years ago)
Da Kurlz is pure win xD
justin sane (9 years ago)
haha da kurlzz, one of their most depressing songs and hes fucking rockin out haha hes fucking great
Mike Rousseau (9 years ago)
i havent been to one of there concerts yet, but do they wear their masks?
Arash Nikjoo (9 years ago)
lol at da kurlzz
itsbrittneyyy94 (9 years ago)
You do know it's spelt Tucson, right?
SoulSk8r1295 (10 years ago)
i was there and it was sooooooo much fun!!!
Satanisk (10 years ago)
Da Kurlz reminds me of this one dude in my Theatre group. XD He's hilarious and he's always hyper, haha. He and some other guys once played Mortal Combat on the stage and sat on each others' shoulders. XD It was fucking hilarious. Too bad he's a senior and will be leaving. :[ Haha, Da Kurls looks like he's having fun ringing that bell. XD This song is beast. :3
Omar El Sharkawy (10 years ago)
one of the singers sounds just like the linkin park vocalists( dunno his name :D)
SaRiBxEZ (10 years ago)
hez over excited lol
georgina mendoza (10 years ago)
i loved this concert it was amazing besides the fact i got in a fight it was the beat i was front row on the left looking down it was amazing!!!!!

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