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Best of Asia Tik Tok Video Collection #4

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Hi, Everyone How are you today? Hope you enjoy my video. I'll post best Tik Tok Videos daily. if you enjoy my video. please, like, comment, share and Subscribe! Thank you!
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Text Comments (3192)
CésarAtaides 10 (18 hours ago)
2:22 😍😍😍😍💖👌
Madina Fayzulaeva (1 day ago)
1:05 та самая бесячая подруга, которая ЖРЕТ И НЕ ТОЛСТЕЕТ!😂
Azza ​ (2 days ago)
0:17 I didn't think they could get more asian.
Tessa Wuggazer (2 days ago)
Thé dog is cool 👍
Ramena menamena (3 days ago)
It‘s damn cringe
Samira Krohn (3 days ago)
Bin ich die einzige Deutsche die diese Videos guckt?
6:34 music
1:37 music
lil volga (4 days ago)
Тупарылые китайский шуточки! 🇨🇳🇨🇳👎👎🤮🤮
Catalina Arroyo (4 days ago)
la numero cinco se cree la mejor que falsa pinche culera hija de puta miera
ArtInMyAttic (5 days ago)
5:35 yeah she’s dead
Mr.VissTM (5 days ago)
4:30 song?
Zahra Arabnejad (5 days ago)
The song in 1:39 please
mampuia pautu (6 days ago)
1:38 song name??
Ender Tamer84 (7 days ago)
moonlike 2008 (8 days ago)
99 percent is china
Куку Куку (9 days ago)
1:42 song?Please!
Denis Angel (10 days ago)
0:02 alguien más vio la bandera de Panamá 😱
โห้ มีไทยตั้ง 2 คลิป
Tik Tok NoNa (10 days ago)
SHEILA Sotelo (10 days ago)
볼 때마다 드는 생각 중 하나는 자신의 근면 하나는 타인의 고통을 민감하게 느끼는 사람이
Oooo D (10 days ago)
0:26 song?
Soo Han (11 days ago)
4:36 , she's NOT asian.
WEIRDO WEIRDO (12 days ago)
5:39 hows a mee hows a mee😂😂
BPOP IN YOUR AREA (12 days ago)
1:39 JENNIE??? ARE YOU???
blink 01 (13 days ago)
happy zahh (13 days ago)
1:37 what is the songg
Ansa Parabi (13 days ago)
Ho rAmrO😎😎😎😝😝😝😜😜❤❤✌✌✌💚💚💚💜💜💜💜💝💝💝💞💞💞
Dirah Mei (13 days ago)
Yooohhh Myyy goosshhh I miss my country food 😭😭😭😭 sooooo baaaddd!!! 2 months holiday at overseas. Spicy foodie Soupy foodie Fride-ry foodie Gravy foodie Suuushii yiiyy Noodlely foodie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
hayal perisi (15 days ago)
6 45 harika
Rania Rony (16 days ago)
Vanesa Andrea (13 days ago)
Honieee honiee (16 days ago)
1:51 jhope?
Its_ Lea (17 days ago)
Fake makeups?
Shyam Adesara (17 days ago)
7:22 clip maker sobstupid that he didnot know back vehicles moves. Lol
Shanu (19 days ago)
Tik tok Asian = criegy but cute
[RTK] PAMG (19 days ago)
銅鑼衛門 (19 days ago)
DARA (20 days ago)
1:05 song please?
Drm Frost (16 days ago)
Grace Buizon (20 days ago)
1:03 - 1:25 is super cute
Typical Me (20 days ago)
2։21 wish I was that bear😂😂😂
Andrew Mora (20 days ago)
Me gustaría que pusieras como verlos en Tik tok o seguirlos
4:16 One punch man is that you??
Jim CM (22 days ago)
2:35 so cute😘
Grace Buizon (22 days ago)
1:03 is the cutest of all
Yoel Suluhasa (22 days ago)
2:22 who is she
Daniel Padilla (22 days ago)
Can i keep one?
DRaXol NeSee (22 days ago)
3:02 music ?? Please
DRaXol NeSee (10 days ago)
Thx 😁
Drm Frost (16 days ago)
มีพี่ซันด้วย คนไทยยยยย
Tour From Bali (23 days ago)
Really nice collection of video. I subscribe your Account, any tips for marketing on Douyin? I found this only https://www.marketingtochina.com/leverage-douyin-advertising/
crs _dangerous_crs (24 days ago)
Hapuskan tiktok😂
i love gaming (24 days ago)
3:55 fuckkkkkkkkk
NEW CONCEPT TECH (24 days ago)
Sub me
Gitanjali BoraRajkhowa (24 days ago)
6:35 song name plzzzz
Drm Frost (16 days ago)
JAWsquad ! (24 days ago)
I am not trying to be rude i loved that one i wish i had friends like that
JAWsquad ! (24 days ago)
Is it this video asia tik are the white girls part asian
Bảo Trần (25 days ago)
Cho xin link nhạc phút 2:24 đi
J-dope dimples (25 days ago)
Ok an honest statement I FEEL UGLY
Allaq Yasser (26 days ago)
Elias Ezghen (26 days ago)
sow funni
Chase (27 days ago)
I’m already an asian but i still want more asian skin. Lord please..... 😂😂😂😂 joke!
Darshita pandey (28 days ago)
Do you know india also come in asia! Or I have to buy a globe for you🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
RuNwhENuCme 2 (27 days ago)
Darshita pandey give me a map instead!
SleepiMi (28 days ago)
*that awkward moment when everyone is hotter than you*
iNdY•ADM' DONUT (28 days ago)
6:15 ซันมาได้ไง
Kkk Fff (29 days ago)
6:04 พี่ซันมาไง555 น่ารักกก
Emkio L (29 days ago)
Music 4:10 plss
antar Antar (29 days ago)
harley mapre (29 days ago)
1:43 siento que varias pensamos que quien tomo el video fue una mujer que admiro la guapura del hombre, ¿no? Triste desepción mirar que es un hombre, tal vez compadre del jovén ese :'3
LINA LI (30 days ago)
Русские кушать? Ели конечно тогда будто именуется песня на 3:40?
Siddhartha Sikdar (30 days ago)
girl's lajawab
Siddhartha Sikdar (30 days ago)
sry don't judge me but boys kinda looks like girl but beautiful
Tzuyu Twice (1 month ago)
music 1;23 please
Drm Frost (16 days ago)
slagpharter (1 month ago)
6.19 is as cute as a kitty witty’s fuzzy felt nose
Nima Yoezer (1 month ago)
I dont trust asian especially chinese power of makeup
I was hoping BTS would be here☹☹
Umairah Diyanah (1 month ago)
1:37 damn hot 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥
Charles Shi (1 month ago)
Tik tok belongs to the world
kashif naseem (1 month ago)
4:51 omg this is sooooo amazing
Rafiki (1 month ago)
It's actually worst of Asian tiktok.
Paul J Critchfield III (1 month ago)
Asian ladies are most beautiful in the world I'm a white American if you want to hook up call me 16098806016
Paul J Critchfield III (1 month ago)
I'm a white male and in my opinion Asian ladies are the most beautiful ladies in the world in so many ways I wish I could find a Asian lady to marry me so I could commit my life to showing her how special she is and how much I love her she wouldn't ever have to ask if I do she only need look in my eyes and smile as I am looking at her . And a add on there is no ugly Asian lady in my eyes I love everything about them the culture the lifestyles the way they love to laugh and comedy I'm 47 and a widow if any Asian ladies want a white American man for rest of her life and he love her unconditional msg me in messages in inbox it would be a plus if already in USA somewhere I'm not ugly but I'm not rich but my heart is full of love and morals and respect so come let me pamper you as if a princess
Brojen Dutta (1 month ago)
6:48 song name plzzzz
Lara Drenjančević (1 month ago)
Marcus and Martinus Heartbeat💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
c o m e (1 month ago)
shahjahan saju (1 month ago)
S m Ab.rahman (1 month ago)
Very nice video
Amir Sohel (1 month ago)
one thing i learnt from this vedio is asians have incredible talent of makeup
S P (1 month ago)
1:38 name please of this song I really want to listen 👂 eagerly
S P (1 month ago)
Aldrin Adan thanks
Aldrin Adan (1 month ago)
send it
GG EZ (1 month ago)
6:03 Thailand
The dogs reaction was the best
Geuseppe Lucifero (1 month ago)
00:50 to 01:02 who is she??
Kusum Manisha (1 month ago)
why korean chinese or any such asian have beards? is this genetics or they have some culture?...
Kishore Kumar (1 month ago)
Awesome I love it 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
JUNGKOOK BTS (1 month ago)
5:37 song please
1:37 song??
Hòa Văn (1 month ago)
Send it
Sewon Hong (1 month ago)
Why're people in comments saying they are Korean? I'm Korean and I think 95% of them are not Korean(they don't look Korean)... probably Chinese?
مجنونة K-POP (1 month ago)
Ксения Пак (1 month ago)
1:12,это же актриса из дорамы Дворец?
Oasis* (1 month ago)
If you quiz me what you know about Asia, I’d intuitively come up with China, Japan and Korea.
Khan Alam (1 month ago)
he is not all asian tik tok only korian

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