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Best of Asia Tik Tok Video Collection #4

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Hi, Everyone How are you today? Hope you enjoy my video. I'll post best Tik Tok Videos daily. if you enjoy my video. please, like, comment, share and Subscribe! Thank you!
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Text Comments (2168)
Luzik Arbuzik (1 hour ago)
Baretka (2 hours ago)
5:37 song?
GGK Instruments (5 hours ago)
EForYou (7 hours ago)
5.22 wow
BLOODY MOON (14 hours ago)
2:06 what's is the name?
oh daddy (15 hours ago)
4:13 fucking nightmeres
Erin H BTS for life (15 hours ago)
Asian girls are the reason I question if I’m bi
AgentFour (15 hours ago)
Look at all the makeup...
Miguel Zambrano (16 hours ago)
Que tierno es el perrito
Just simona!! (17 hours ago)
0:16 oh myy
Ann Temr (18 hours ago)
1:04, 2:06, 4:50
DOPPEY SWAGGER 21 (20 hours ago)
Can someone tell me the guy from 7:27 's username on tik tok??
TWICE Shanella (1 day ago)
The 5th is not Asian it's Thailand
PPONGDYEN뿡뎬 (1 day ago)
4:35 리나대장님이다!!
Omg 4:01 the girls is...
2:09 :* Song
Gloria Njau (1 day ago)
4:06 Why is nobody talking about her!! Honestly stunning
Rufuz Paps (1 day ago)
6:33Song ?
CrisVlogEverything (1 day ago)
0:50 what's the name?
Zhong Kelven (1 day ago)
03:09 song? PLEASEEEE
J-Vogue ARMY (2 days ago)
6:46 so hot boy
J-Vogue ARMY (2 days ago)
2:28 that girl is a doll
Darlin Palacios (2 days ago)
4:25 jajaja cool
smolpotat a (2 days ago)
Wat is the last song called
wlliam borges (3 days ago)
what should be the diet of lean girls.
Poonam Adhikari (3 days ago)
Why did you have to disturb the dogs??????However the dog(5:37) was really supercute.........
Idris Syairozy (4 days ago)
1:10 what a song?
Craig Deada (4 days ago)
I feel bad to dogs but
Nurul Shakeerah (4 days ago)
that moment when you're a girl who prefers flowers over food i cant relate to those who pick food over flowersㅠㅠㅠ
MeiDevil TheGirl (1 day ago)
lel I perfer foods cuz fOoD iS lIfE
Daxude (4 days ago)
We need bullying back
Elif Candemir (4 days ago)
4:15 😂😂
madpro234 Gunenc (4 days ago)
madpro234 Gunenc (4 days ago)
madpro234 Gunenc (4 days ago)
KRE (4 days ago)
5:15 song?
Milot Zeka (4 days ago)
Best of asia cringe !
Koanoshi (5 days ago)
Song name 4:40 ?
5:37 and 6:17 are my Favouritesヾ( ◕᎑◕)ノ゙
Aardra Jimin (5 days ago)
There are so many ARMYs in here
Denisse Correa (5 days ago)
Qué tiernos son los chinos
Uzamaki Minaho (5 days ago)
I feel like they make it less Cringey
Chase Nibba (5 days ago)
Damn man so many kpop fans who are just waiting for Korea to attack and then they blast kpop just so they can defend themselves from them
こどくし孤独死 (5 days ago)
6:05 song?
Koria_ CandyPink (6 days ago)
6:04 อร้ายยพี่ซัน คนไทยอยู่ไหนกันค่าาา😂😂😂
Ronald Viray (6 days ago)
I keep getting tik tok ads before these kind of videos..
ivysymone writes (6 days ago)
ivysymone writes (6 days ago)
Aida girls are so cute some boys don’t judge me people😜😝😛😋
Sergi Alonso Morillas (6 days ago)
I think I just got cancer from this
Byungina (6 days ago)
2:36 what is a artist ? What is cont in the tik tok ?
0202 pmurT (6 days ago)
You forgot to write the word “cringe” in the description
Milana Kozlova (6 days ago)
Aisha Jeon (7 days ago)
4:32 I don't like her
엔드밀 (7 days ago)
6:19 2:08
Pratik Patel (7 days ago)
Name of song at 7:30
AnikaPlays (7 days ago)
What si up with asian people wanting to h9ti there dogs butts?
why is nobody talking about 2:06 ??
0:10 how to win my heart ♡
Господи, отчего азиаты такие няшки??😭
Goku Kakaroto (7 days ago)
5:40 song? / musica?
Tina Safaie (7 days ago)
Cutest people on the planet
Neko Chan (7 days ago)
Can someone tell me the name of this challange? 2:07 or 4:16?
Jeong Jennie (8 days ago)
6:33 song??
Nurseali Koyuncu (8 days ago)
Türk izleyicilere selam 1:16 pakette Türk Bayrağı var
4:01 WHAT
What of title of this song 1:37
Neko Chan (7 days ago)
"Send it"
The Phoenix77 (8 days ago)
Asia-Tik 😂😂😂 🚪🚶🏻‍♀️
Arabella Mendoza (8 days ago)
Why does tik tok turn into a make up tutorial
Maverick (7 days ago)
to teach you because you are ugly
ミ SugarMilku (8 days ago)
4:02 scared me to death was not expecting that 😕😕
Richard Groover (8 days ago)
4:11 hey doll
Kookie Kitten (8 days ago)
The girl in the rainbow shirt was lit.
Mik Idk (8 days ago)
3:08 i like that song cause it was all my fault :(
rielle asuncion (8 days ago)
woah, never knew asians are only koreans, japanese and chinese.
Star Seeker (8 days ago)
4:01 i thought she was a doll amazing
ItzBluezyGalaxiez (8 days ago)
I’m a Asian but who cares anyways...
woeihwa .TAN (8 days ago)
the boys are so handsome
Enyel Black (8 days ago)
Ruchith Thamuditha (8 days ago)
Ionut Dontu (8 days ago)
6:06 that girl doesn't know how to dab
first of all, dab is cancer
juuzou kpopper (9 days ago)
7:30 song?
juuzou kpopper (7 days ago)
+Neko Chan thanks ^-^
Neko Chan (7 days ago)
saru link (9 days ago)
Asians are weird.
It’s Ellei barrett (9 days ago)
Susan J (9 days ago)
is it just me or 6:19 is like too lame acting cute when dressed hot..ok it is just me
Vera Mulimbika (9 days ago)
y they have to hit those poor dogs butts like that😭
Yo soy Coria (9 days ago)
Vivian Lin (9 days ago)
7:17 she lost her balance I saw it!!
Clash of Clans Clans (9 days ago)
Почему японские девицы такие прекрасные?
MysticMoon X (9 days ago)
Wait did I just see a Thai star using tik tok she looks like Kathleen on princess hours
九品铲屎官 (9 days ago)
julia lackova (9 days ago)
2:49 please song thanks
Neko Chan (7 days ago)
Annie Unicorn (10 days ago)
Martina Roberti (10 days ago)
Victoria V (10 days ago)
5:08 did someone else say the rainbow too?
Yoake- chan (10 days ago)
Now this is creative and fun.. Not slutty content..
eor me (10 days ago)
这里面也有外国人 的
Lila Roberts (10 days ago)
6:34 so sexy and cute!!!
Yim Lipsim (10 days ago)
why is there so many tik tok ad ? whenever i watch a video theres always a tik tok ad
Alguien habla español? 😐
wanuttha chaimanee (10 days ago)

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