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PRIMARK SPRING / SUMMER OUTFITS 2019 Hey guys!!! really hope you enjoy todays video! I love these type of video and I loved making this one! Thank you guys so much for all your love and support! my besties xxx I love you so so much!!! My vlogging channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZzBZZvEOEhxmqRZ_rVzCWQ My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/busybee.carys/?hl=en
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Milly Milly (14 hours ago)
Primark isn‘t really good. You shouldn‘t buy your clothes there. Kids are working so hard for this and only get a few dollars. Supporting that isn‘t the right thing to do!
swingy.y (15 hours ago)
you're so gorgeous wtaf 💕
Eloy Mesia (17 hours ago)
Victor manuel
maayan s (2 days ago)
WHO ARE YOU? 2 seconds into your video and I'm in love! You've got a new subscriber! :)
Joe Deertae (2 days ago)
If I wanted to see gma get dressed I would’ve tuned into qvc. If I wanted more then patreon. Damn u look old.
Paola H (2 days ago)
Your body is perfection! I have some of the same shirts that you have from Primark. When I got them, I imagine that they would look on me as good as they look on you, but #fail hahahha
Arshad Alam (1 day ago)
Hey babe
Park .Chimin (4 days ago)
اعتقد فخوذها معضله صح؟؟🧐🌚🌚
I love you
bru loves joshler (8 days ago)
you are so adorable
Open drass
I Love You (10 days ago)
Fantastic 💋
Dayen Ai (14 days ago)
The bottom outfit selection does not match the shape of large thigh like her thigh.
easpacilly Me (17 days ago)
You are feat
Random (18 days ago)
You wear the same bra for each one, I can’t believe you
Que cuerpazo tan hermoso y muy preciosos ojos
xtina meek (20 days ago)
I need those pants! They go under everything! Are they Primark too? Love this real vid x my new fav
lena xoxoiwashdms (26 days ago)
*you are beautiful* ❤
Arshad Alam (1 day ago)
You are also
Ontime Edu (27 days ago)
**I like girls because they are cute and beautiful* 😍😊😍 *Ontime Edu* 😋 😋😍
Hil Brito (27 days ago)
Que bucetao
Monti Lingwal (1 month ago)
Lovely💕😍 jaan baby
Titô ViçH (1 month ago)
Hamidreza Khalaji (1 month ago)
Yoy are so sexy and beautiful😍😍😍😍😍😍
César J. (1 month ago)
Que rica estas mami!
luis leon (1 month ago)
I l♡♡ver. . . You are s♡♡ beautiful sexxxy w♡man.
ricardo Jiménez (1 month ago)
Qué hermosa y linda chica. Estupenda y deliciosa. Besos mami!
A G (1 month ago)
Did she really need to show herself in bra and pants?
Soha Aman (1 month ago)
showing your bra brings more subscribers
You sexy im faku
Lifenod (1 month ago)
Don't go clickbaited
Tracy Camp (1 month ago)
Adorable haul! I actually LOVE the shorts at the end! So different & the pop of pink in them is everything! So super fantastic!!! All of it! ❤❤❤❤
geet Kumari (1 month ago)
Anuj bolo ray
Joe Figueroa (1 month ago)
Lovika Bebo majoomdar (1 month ago)
But your thais wiard
Eva Hirsch (1 month ago)
girl your THIGHS omg just look at that muscle im v impressed
Nikki M (1 month ago)
Your so beautiful!
Timmeka Sloan (1 month ago)
Just watching this video. Your personality is ecerything. I had to subscribe
Linda Black (1 month ago)
outfit number 10 is my favorite
Pinkpineapple Beesy (1 month ago)
What size did u get d stripe jeans in ??
Jordan Carver (1 month ago)
Your so adorable
Shina Keld (1 month ago)
Amazing lookbook ❤️ i also did one so you can check it out on my channel 😇
Ricky Valentine (1 month ago)
I love seeing her in underwear I could jerk off to her in other video especially the winter outfit one I want to fondle her legs and feet
preeti kaur (1 month ago)
Jiba Curlzzz (1 month ago)
definitely I have enjoyed this video and your energy and absolutely I am gonna hit the like button girl, love from Morocco
Rebecca Ly (1 month ago)
Omg you’re so so beautiful! I loved all these outfits so much ❤️
Karina Camara (1 month ago)
Body goals
The fuck? (1 month ago)
Sis ur style is nice
Laura Sophie (1 month ago)
You aree soo real and beautiful:Dand your videos are the best
Sammie P (1 month ago)
Gold and emerald look amazing together and on you! Love your videos!!💖
Kim van Voorst (1 month ago)
That third shirt is so cute😻
TheCWMHALL (1 month ago)
Frankly I would want to camouflage the thunder thighs , accentuated in jeans , you look great in the shorts . Lovely personality !
Hilda Santome (1 month ago)
Lo que te pongas te va perfecto, tus piernas son impresionantes 👍
Cynthia Nava (2 months ago)
I didnt even need to go through the whole video to feel so inspired. Thank you for putting yourself out there and posting your content. I havent found someone with a similar body type to mine on YT for outfit inspirations till coming across your video. Thank you!!! So excited to push myself and put myself out there too
Sandra Jóns (2 months ago)
I really do recommend that you read about fast fashion. You buy way too much fast fashion clothes. It’s such a waste and you really should read about the working conditions these factories have. It’s horrible
emanuela ilie (2 months ago)
Do u still train?
George Kafantaris (2 months ago)
can i help u put undies on
Aseena Kiilaam (2 months ago)
Would love to see your lifestyle routine/fitness routine because your body is amazing !!
Samiya Roble (2 months ago)
Love the energy 😘😘
Soumia Soumia (2 months ago)
Very nice 🤗😉💖
Melanie lopes videira (2 months ago)
somethingbykatep (2 months ago)
I love White Dress, but for me it is too short. By the way you have great style. ❤️ I want visit Primark too. I was There before one year. 😂
Viktorka P (2 months ago)
Love your body!
Monica Tavarez (2 months ago)
not only is your style amazing, but so is your Personality. You seem like such a happy and sweet person! Also your body is literally PERFECT, and your GORGEOUS💞
Shina Nsubuga (2 months ago)
Outfit number 10 was ma best followed by a yellow too
Itsjust Shering (2 months ago)
What’s with them frog legs these days
Deutsche Kartoffel (2 months ago)
🥔wo sind meine deutschen kartoffeln?😌
Fee (1 month ago)
Fluffy Unicorns (1 month ago)
Xenia Hernandez (2 months ago)
Where did you buy your high waisted spanx? 😍
Fati Raes (2 months ago)
Très bien merci
David Jetser (2 months ago)
Very nice big butt!! 👅👅👅
Rosa Alldread (2 months ago)
Rlly!! 🙄🙄
Veronica DT (2 months ago)
So confident!!! Yes girlllll
Tiffany Jayne (2 months ago)
Your body is MEGA
j shae (2 months ago)
Wow you have beautiful eyes!!
Bnt Almail (2 months ago)
My suggestion is to make your videos always this way until you buy from the internet because the video has become more enjoyable
Lesli Amundson (2 months ago)
Can you add links in your description box to the items in the future please?
ninchen 1901 (2 months ago)
do you have a link for the white asos bag??
Sophie Ford (2 months ago)
Looooooove this boo 😍😍 literally obsessed with your style and every outfit!!! Aaaand you’re just making me want to go shopping again 😭😂💛
Sarah Janssen (2 months ago)
LOL! I thought I was just really fat.. but when I saw HER (with her amazing figure!) wearing a size 12, I am totally on the "brands are trying to make us feel fat"-ride.
Nomatter_ Coco (2 months ago)
such a beautiful person and beautiful body :) and I say this as a girl.
TheGhettoSnobSeries (2 months ago)
I enjoy your videos so much.
Bob Oliver (2 months ago)
your right leg is bigger than your left leg
Bza Nour (2 months ago)
Thanks for the video ! 💕
Rachel Sellars (2 months ago)
such a madness
Bethany Anderson (2 months ago)
I LOVE these videos❤️💜
Zoe Snell (2 months ago)
What topshop jeans do you get?xxx
lucy the goosey (2 months ago)
I love how enthusiastic she is about everything!!
Jessica M (2 months ago)
I actually love those tie dye shorts 😍😍😍. Are they stretchy too?
Lakiyah Bungie (2 months ago)
I just love her confidence ❤❤
Lisa Hart (2 months ago)
I love all the style of clothes Cary, great video. Cary can I ask which tanning lotion are you using at the moment please. ❤
Jennifer Fortes (2 months ago)
Loveeeed the video Carys , keep goin 🥰❤️❤️
Pokemon go W (2 months ago)
Your so sexy
M B (2 months ago)
You are so beautiful and your figure is bangin😌 your such a lovely persons inside and out✌️✌️go u gurl!!!!!❤️❤️
Emm Lee (2 months ago)
I neeed jeans that fit me !!😭 my booty & thighs are POPPIN, but the jeans ARENT.
Lydia Tambini (2 months ago)
I own all the sunglasses you used
Keyana A (2 months ago)
Love those outfits but I only see a few of them on primark..can u link all of your outfits pleeease?
Nicole TheBasics101 (2 months ago)
Pure positive energy your videos make me happy I wish you were my neighbor 😂🤣
Beth weetman (2 months ago)
actually can't wait to move to Cardiff they have such a good Primark, I'm ready to go shopping
Lottie Lolo (2 months ago)
what is the point of that thumbnail?
charlotte sudlow (2 months ago)
You look amazing in all of the outfits!!! Absolutely LOVE this video Carys! ❤️
Megan Aldred (2 months ago)
Oh my gosh, I love the vibe I got from this video, subscribed ☺️💕
Cole Crystal (2 months ago)
Showing you undressing was weird. Please don’t do that again.
Cyria09 (2 months ago)
Love the primark items, you need to definitely do more primark hauls
Bunny Sph (2 months ago)

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