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This man has -1000 respect for women and the reason why might SHOCK you

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Jakob Wülk (38 minutes ago)
5:26 polish.exe has stopped working
Emma Lewis (2 hours ago)
I am a woman with a 4.15 gpa, with a father with a 5.0 gpa and mother with a 5.09 gpa. I think that women can be smarter than men.
Susu P (13 hours ago)
PRat hEre (17 hours ago)
call me gay, but i love pewds and you blue bitch!!! im 5'10''
Ivan Karamazov (1 day ago)
Tide Pods (1 day ago)
2:50 who let a dolphin on the news lmfaoo
Dawid Jaworski (1 day ago)
Kto z Polski i ogląda to w 2019 daje łapkę w górę
Monica Buffett (1 day ago)
I couldn't even finish because it made me want to throw up.
Tyler Singleton (1 day ago)
Isn't calling a Polish man stupid a racist joke?
Tom (1 day ago)
I have no respect for women. I have a basic respect for HUMANS. Respect is earned.... In general, women ARE less than men. He makes VALID points. What is he saying that you disagree with? And why??
franny broetje (1 day ago)
🤣🤣 PewDiePie omg I love this
Adam Magill (2 days ago)
peirs morgan is human garabage
EVEREST (2 days ago)
blablblablablablablablabla ha ktoś z Polski?
Alessandro Mafioso (2 days ago)
I like korwin but... i like womens
A Revesz (2 days ago)
Ok, just show me your pussy and I will respect you.
Ghostly sbdy (2 days ago)
The funniest thing is that di aksent frum pOlAnD is amazing right? Also i-i-i-is- xD I seriously hate Mikke :')))) That face is LE CONCENTRATION
VusonX -hm (3 days ago)
He's probably wrong or not too accurate on some facts, but men! What the hell with Morgan??
igor skolimowski (3 days ago)
Lord Patriot (3 days ago)
Janusz is Legend. He's right ya know ☺ His IQ is 168. Those 2 bubbles can't even reach that together.
Polaczu AWG (3 days ago)
Korwina to ty kurwo szanuj
Shady gamer (3 days ago)
Piers:stop interrupting me while I'm interrupting you
Niezły Patent (3 days ago)
Cześć i pozdrawiam wszystkich :)
Michael (4 days ago)
Pewds is a godamn hero
Izzy (4 days ago)
Hey look the poles actually have a government they have been conquered and occupied that much I forget they are a country and part of Germany or Russia
Nex Hui (4 days ago)
I heard my name Jeff in here
Ziblek Official (4 days ago)
Ale Korwina to ty szanuj! 😂
Isabella Galleguillos (4 days ago)
Stanley Horoszko (4 days ago)
Konfederacja dostanie się do europarlamentu i zrobi tam porządek
The Naginrej (4 days ago)
Piers, that 5"4 woman isn't going to blow you
Agnieszka K. (4 days ago)
I wasn't able to finish this video... I'm so upset... I hate this politician... 😫
Mikerson22 (4 days ago)
PewDiePie if you see it this, I invite you to visit my POLISH YouTube channel ,,Drzwiami przez świat" thank you so much :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB9sRrJn4zzES8kKkbdmnYA
ADEK (4 days ago)
Korwin na krula
HI HIT (4 days ago)
what year does this man think he is living in
Mario Czapa (4 days ago)
Why he have 90 mln sub ???? Wtf
SiCkFuCk Tv (4 days ago)
The gender gap is bullshit. A man can not make more than a woman that is a prostitute.
s3l3r (4 days ago)
Never have a laugh at someone who speak broken English. It means they speak other language too
shaarav singh mehra (4 days ago)
respect WHAMAN people
TacoLoveIt OwO (5 days ago)
Flush u sexist I’m a wahmen Pewds thank u I respect u
Soufiane Labrakch (5 days ago)
13:46 woooooooakh XD
Tomasz Sz (5 days ago)
Król Korwin !
kubagamerroblox (5 days ago)
sami polacy
Baby Killer (5 days ago)
5:39 tajne zaklęcia
16,000 people disrespect whamen
The Nexon (5 days ago)
gut dzob
CrazypOOlDiver (5 days ago)
woke mothafucka right here baby !!!
J S (6 days ago)
Serio? Korwin na tym kanale? XDDD
Snak Queen (6 days ago)
had to smash like for the first 5 seconds
Smoke break 75 (6 days ago)
He swore!!!
matigameguy m (6 days ago)
POLISH POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shrek ? (6 days ago)
Korwin krul i na prezydenta wogule
Rohith Koithara (6 days ago)
Just an English comment passing through....
Evil Panda (6 days ago)
Polska biało czerwoni !!! Perfekt Polish
Lps StarStruck (7 days ago)
I listened to it closely and he did say that women should get payed less but then denied it.
When he disrespects women but his mom gay.
_ Mons _ (7 days ago)
Zostaw korwina PIEWDIEPIE
Johan Endersby-Bakker (7 days ago)
Holy Shit Pewds just became Tommy Robinson
Johan Endersby-Bakker (7 days ago)
And a fucking Genius
Johan Endersby-Bakker (7 days ago)
That's an ad Homim you cock head fuck you your meant to be a news reporter and now your just being a Virtue Signalling piece of insulting non science believing FUCKING ARSEHOLE.
Filip Woliński (7 days ago)
Thats all polisch gówno bórza
Pickle Rick (7 days ago)
czemu was tu tyle jest
Klarcoolka (7 days ago)
Polinglish :D
his initial comment is that these are the reasons women are paid less, but he follows that comment up with saying that "these things should not be equalized." which means that his entire point is that women are shorter, weaker, and less intelligent, and so they are, and should be, paid less.
+Nova the promotions make up that gender difference i was talking about. Men are more likely to be promoted simply because executives don't look at women as promotable, even if they are just as good at their job at the men that are being promoted.
Nova (8 days ago)
+Gemivere the Shit Widow People aren't paid more for the same job based on their performance. They're paid a base rate, and if they perform well, they are simply promoted to a better job / given bonuses. If men were more intelligent and able to perform a job better than women, a difference wouldn't show up in salaries on the same job, simply because you're paid for the position. You can't tell how good a person is performing at their job by their salary, and men being promoted more (and without affirmative action or by seducing their bosses) is a more accurate signal of a difference in intelligence.
+Nova if that were the real case then men and women would get paid less equally as often. Women provide equal value in their work to men. That being said my brother and I just went over this last week. Much of the difference can be explained by difference in careers, education, and other reasonable factors. what we came up with is that about 5 cents of the difference can be related to male vs female. And that Gap is closing.
Nova (8 days ago)
So you're saying people who are less intelligent should be paid more than their worth in labour? That's basically socialism: forcing equality of outcome. If a group of people really do perform less valuable work, they should not have their salaries artificially inflated because of fragile feelings.
Frank Zane (8 days ago)
Rado960 (8 days ago)
kto po zamachu xD ?
K L (8 days ago)
nice hair girl
magnat , (8 days ago)
he has been saying them still hahaha
Ryker Quackenbush (9 days ago)
The end. I laughed. All's well that ends well.
Onii chan (9 days ago)
Korwin Król!!!
Maciej stelmaszyk (9 days ago)
XD japierdziele pewdiepie już nawet z Polaków się nabija XD
Dawid Śliwa (9 days ago)
That english guy doesn't understand english xD Massive ignorant :) In Poland we like to call this kind of people twats :) Good day to everyone ! @PewDiePie your speech and translation on the end of the video brilliant thanks for that :)
Advanced Raymondology (9 days ago)
"When you say that, on International Women's Day..." Well, you booked him, son.
Marian S (9 days ago)
Omg moj idol
1.e4,e5 2.Qh5 (9 days ago)
Najgorsze jest to, że gość otwarcie mówi, że chce dosłownie rozpierdolić Polskę, a ludzie i tak na niego głosują
1.e4,e5 2.Qh5 (6 days ago)
+Wolnościowiec-Narodowiec wiem
Jesteś idiotą
THE AnimeMeme (9 days ago)
Tylo wstydu przyniusł ten janusz =.=
Jordan LongNight (9 days ago)
It’s funny it takes PewDeePie to get to the bottom of a “huge” political talking point
Epic Games (9 days ago)
I hate the girl emojis
Epic Games (9 days ago)
One time on international womans day my teacher told my all girl dodgeball team that we've gotta win the game agqinst the boys cause its international womans day and we still lost to them
Zoroark Lover (7 days ago)
Amiko (9 days ago)
Ile tu Polaków *-* Szkoda, że większąsc to cebulaki
Marcin Marcin (10 days ago)
A co on tak płacze? Pierdolony... komunista.
Angel Bartolini (10 days ago)
I garentee 95% of women are smarter than this man
Kamil Śliwa (10 days ago)
Polska przeprasza za niego... XD
Kamil Śliwa (10 days ago)
+Tomo98b masz rację
Tomo98b (10 days ago)
+Kamil Śliwa no ale co się tym przejmujesz. Na szczescie na zachodzie ludzie wiedza ze jedns osoba nie odpowiada za caly narod nie masz za co przepraszac
Kamil Śliwa (10 days ago)
+Tomo98b no ale inny człowiek moze o nim inaczej myśleć
Tomo98b (10 days ago)
jak nie rozumiesz to nie oglądaj. Piewdie pie w większości zgadza się z nim
CAT Nation (10 days ago)
2019? Xd KURŁA
HEROIK123 123 (10 days ago)
That disrepcteful old man exposed The majority of Polish men for being the abusive men that must be avoided , thanks PewDiePie much love from all women and much respect
Victoria Duston (5 days ago)
Rebecca Warduu I don’t know what you mean by saying that women were murdered by polish men. I’ve been to Poland so I know that polish men treat women properly. It’s important there to respect them. Korwin said that women are paid less(it’s a fact) because of some reasons, he didn’t say that it’s right. By the way in Poland his party isn’t really supported.(he’s like 77 and he can’t speak English well) Poland is a very safe country for women and men.
Perhaps you've to realise not all men in some cultures are as sweet as ours , unfortunatlly there's women been mistreated and disrespected andabused by Polish men which can't and won't be accepted nothing to do with language skills no use in turning away and pretending it's not happening when women had been not just abused but some of them killed to not acceptable . +Victoria Duston
Nope , I've Poish friends too and they agee with mw, Thee Polish women who ware murdered by Polish men , not all Polish men butthere's a noticable problem with cultural growth of disrespect to women from a high amount of Polish men same as the problem in South Africa. If your awoman you should'nt culturally accept abuse to women a d if you do there is help and support to change views but ''m Guessing you don't agreee with omen been abused and you would stand gainst Polish women that had been killed , also I don' t conent to harassment so don't harras me either +Victoria Duston
Victoria Duston (7 days ago)
Rebecca Warduu wtf did you even listen what he was trying to say? I guess not. Old man didn’t expose anyone bc he clearly couldn’t manage to speak English properly and they didn’t get his point. PewDiePie understood that..
Tomo98b (10 days ago)
Xd jebana idiotko. On się z nim zgDza
SŁODKO (10 days ago)
Ci debile nie wiedzą co to jest statystyka?
Arama Laura (10 days ago)
Thank you for your last words.
Piro Fan (10 days ago)
Nie żeby co ale to feministki
Kristofer Wodejszo (10 days ago)
Pewdiepie you must be totally retarded? What this man expressing its not an opinion it's based on a scientific statistic. As u to dumb to know science and statistics have nothing to do with "feelings" he never said he don't respect or want women to make less payment on work. You just follow the mainstream propaganda. This is the first time I'm looking on your videos. Make me a bit sad how many retarded ppl have watched your Mongoloid videos. At least u are making money on playing a youtube clown
Petr hančil (10 days ago)
Poor man, he had to cough up the shit he heard over the line :D
Nicole Lumagui (11 days ago)
These anchors are the worst I've ever seen.
Srikar Baru (11 days ago)
#û/#ç4į/ë 5œ 0ę2$îē0ìë
Srikar Baru (11 days ago)
My mom, sister, and grandma are all smarter than me
Srikar Baru (11 days ago)
SzPaD 3L (11 days ago)
F*ck you, Korwin is best polisch politic. He hasn't respect to feminism no woman! Pozdrowienia z Polski tfu!
AxMaster (11 days ago)
Polska przejmuje ten film
revanth ganesh (11 days ago)
"What is the point of this video.. absolutely nothing"😂😂😂
GhoST Squad (2 days ago)
But ayy you still watched it and that's the point
Y r u gay
Lord.of.pluto (11 days ago)
My short friends who are girls are gonna kill him!
Quar (11 days ago)
LoL, polska, cebula, baba z radomia
kurwa jak szanuje gościa który robił napisy i dał ozjasz.exe wystąpił błąd XDDD

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