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This man has -1000 respect for women and the reason why might SHOCK you

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Luke Skywalker (48 minutes ago)
janusz korwin mikke ten pet lol
Iva (4 hours ago)
This is incredibly annoying because I cannot choose a side because they keep interrupting him
veggiesaremurder (6 hours ago)
Imagine if instead of "women", he said "black people". What would our reaction be? Would we be defending him or giving him excuses about outdated, Darwinian pseudoscience about intelligence, or would we be rightfully dumbfounded by his idiocy? This is absolutely ridiculous.
RandomStuff YT (14 hours ago)
I respect all woman Except my mum cause frick her
Sophia Vita (14 hours ago)
i am a whamen and i agree with everything pewds said
Kapitan Game (14 hours ago)
Sorry ale to nie nasza wina ze on tak zrobił
Dyson Gtech Air Ram (15 hours ago)
Pierce is a cunt.
n (16 hours ago)
Really I think Mikke has a point but he's really bad at presenting it. Women get paid less because they (ON AVERAGE!!!) Work for less time and don't go to the best jobs
lizzy (21 hours ago)
But at the same time the old man seems to agree that women are less than men soooo 👀
Do not laugh at a man who speaks broken English, THEY KNOW ANOTHER LANGUAGE
Cool Person (1 day ago)
I have so much respect for Felix, finally someone who says the truth and considers different sides of the argument to find a logical conclusion.
Jess S (1 day ago)
Piers just wanted to seem like a “nice” guy.
typowy prankster (1 day ago)
Janusz korwin mikke
Stoned Prophet (2 days ago)
"First of all..."
Lil X Czonu (2 days ago)
Są tu jakieś Polaki? Xd
Maksik [Aldonado] (2 days ago)
I love Korwin... xD That was a joke...
Rhomayyann 213 (2 days ago)
He comes from a time where women were too scared to come out of their houses due to all the wars and corruption that took place in the early to late 1900's and yes woman are naturally born weaker than men we have broader shoulders with a more bigger build than woman our features as us men begin to age turns into a broad build where women have more commonly smaller builds that is just plain common sense and basically human anatomy. And if women don't wanna do the jobs like men they should not be paid the same hell no! That's goes for anybody, but if the women do the work and put in the same hours I don't see why they shouldn't be paid the same now that I will fight against. And anyways I love a woman in a uniform, for some reason it just makes me feel good, not sexually either, but I just have a thing for women in uniforms Wooooo! I feel it just thinking about it. Anyways keep your head up ladies and may the Heavenly Father bless you.
HowlingHyena Inc. (2 days ago)
Me: staring at screen on the edge of my seat Peirce: basically saying to his coworker OPEN FIRE Me: YEEEEEEEEEEEEE
J (2 days ago)
your pals at vox are currently trying to make it illegal for their freelancers to tell each other how much they make! im sorry i mean this in the nicest way possible, but lolololol at equal pay laws being enforced! this is actually a massive problem in the US, because many companies try to make it so nobody knows what their coworkers are making! i think Sweden treats people of all genders significantly better...the US is a mess though. I mean, I'm sure your opinions have changed post metoo, cause this video is old... Piers Morgan is dumb, but so is the guy he's interviewing. Some people might not seem like the best on paper, but still have skills that make them the best at their jobs. say someone autistic is brilliant at gemology, but has a lower number on their IQ score? Should they be paid less than their coworker who has half the talent, but a higher number on their IQ test? Also, I've met idiots who are somehow brilliant at standardized testing, who can regurgitate facts, but don't know how to apply these facts to different situations. This guy seems to be into Eugenics, which is a slippery slope into racism, and unfortunately, there are certain things it can't scientifically quantify--charisma, motivation, emotional intelligence, nature vs nurture factors...sorry, i know this is an old video, so your views are probably different. i technically have a very high iq, but im dumb as hell at a lot of things, haha!
Teflux (2 days ago)
korwin xD?
Joy Joy (2 days ago)
Nice article title btw
RahmaRulzzz (2 days ago)
Pierce: You are a SEXIST PIG Man: But you cannot deny that they are shorter...
Your point is women are dainty and don't drive to be powerful, yet they are half of a SOCIETY
Cup of tea sir?
Intelligence isn't power.... Did you know that?
A woman has the capacity to do anything really
How does this justify being dumb enough to call this weaker? They can be smart in such a world can they not?
Gluttony The Sylveon (3 days ago)
Ale on jest zajebisty ludzie
Supple Specimen (3 days ago)
“Why are you booing me? I’m right!”
Andrew Swiader (3 days ago)
As someone who is very polish, this isn't how people in our country think, just saying. xD
Chantik Lewis (3 days ago)
No one: Janusz: ehakcdboqducbjov erm.. iwueyfkwebouhf
BlackEagleGamer (3 days ago)
I like how the guy once tried to interrupt Pierce and Pierce was like "let me finish (x4)" and then proceeds to interrupt him even to the point of literally shushing him until he does or when the poor dude is talking and just casually shuts him up by spamming that theres a lady speaking
Matt Anderson (3 days ago)
I like how in the interview that have that it shows that he had a bunch of kids from different women. I’m pretty sure that he would be a pro abortion person that think it is right to kill millions of baby’s a year
Evelyn Ratcliff (3 days ago)
I like how the guy is WHY more insulted, than the woman 😂
saleh sikander (3 days ago)
Someone send this man to the 👏👏R👏A👏N👏C👏H👏👏
Paweł Tokarski (3 days ago)
Im from Poland and feel.... LOL he starts on president of Poland Realy...😂😂😂
Paweł Tokarski (2 days ago)
Serio chciałbys miec korwina za prezydenta
KUKURYKU (2 days ago)
A ty rozumiesz angielski jezyk w ogole lewicowy pajacu, bo pews sie zgadza z tym co mowi Korwin
madafaka madafaka (3 days ago)
Taka polska Tadla..ta laska.
RfdMusicOfficial (4 days ago)
First of all..... ..... ............ WHAYAYAYywyyyayauayyYYYYAAHAHHAA i will TELL YOU!!!
Flava Town (4 days ago)
Piers Morgan is such an arrogant cunt
ratanzy brar (4 days ago)
Green headphones should come back more often
BraydoChinga (4 days ago)
'Let me interrupt you' 'Let me talk'
Maksymilian Kwapinski (4 days ago)
Korwin obv wrong, but all I got out of this is that Pierse is a stupid cunt.
Dm pL (4 days ago)
The interviewer is not even letting Mikke speak for more than 10 seconds to prove his point it's just a no no
Chaotic Dog (4 days ago)
Amélia Garcia (5 days ago)
Shaina De Luna (5 days ago)
why is there women day and if it's real then how come i'm just figuring it out?
Garrett Harris (5 days ago)
Political pewds is the best pewds
MMRR Momo (5 days ago)
Dude English people are so freaking arrogant
Sebastian Cierluk (5 days ago)
PewDiePie watch Ein reich ein folk ein ticket - Janusz Korwin Mikke
RubiAmethyst (5 days ago)
It still confuses me as to why there’s a national women’s day.... I mean, I always love days during which I can be treated nicely by literally everyone but still 🤔
RubiAmethyst (9 hours ago)
Aoife Murphy I know that, I just forgot to mention it. Both of those confuse me. 😂
Aoife Murphy (9 hours ago)
RubiAmethyst there’s an international men’s day to??
fatbeen (5 days ago)
1776 will commence again, Piers.
alan sarniak (5 days ago)
Im so sorry for that person. I hope that he wasnt Polish. He's soo dumb. Dont belive that all polish people is the same like him. Hes just stupid.
Triangle The Samosa (6 days ago)
So then , is Felix a tall maahnn or a short maahnn??
Borys Narazinski (6 days ago)
Poland is ashamed of him he is not our president xddddd
trente78 (1 day ago)
Spadaj baranku mów za siebie nie za Polskę
O japierdole
Me and the BOIS (6 days ago)
White knight !
Olkar (6 days ago)
Eweryone please watch a video about korwin-mikke called ,,Korwin to wolność, Korwin to nadzieja" 'cause its funny as hell
Émilie Hamel (6 days ago)
James Charles has kissed you Like for an immune card
john baharis (6 days ago)
I hope that man that defended the women dies from cancer btw he is more stupid then a baby
ale_facal (6 days ago)
12:19 I wish it is like this, but at least in my country having the same job in the same condition we are paid less because of the possibility of getting pregnant and "having" to take care of the child makes gives us more maternity days, which is more expensive for the place that we are working. That's a fact.
MarineGames1 (6 days ago)
Jeden człowiek może upokożyć całą Polskę ;(
Rafii Juniorski (6 days ago)
No np taki Tusk :/
totoorinaa a (6 days ago)
I thought it was 1000 respect
marta w (6 days ago)
And his name is JANUSZ KORWIN MIKKE!!!! *shows all extremely dangerous things he done like:flying Jet,using RPG,h*il Hitlers on live etc.* Korwin: zabić kurwa tych ludzi!!
SonixRush (7 days ago)
And that is why the richest man is bold and short
tayla collins (7 days ago)
they bassically just stopped him from talking and put up most sexist man to make him look bad
Bomber (7 days ago)
Stevenn Noorhanii (7 days ago)
Someone kill piers
Truth Grace (7 days ago)
Felix: the final stage of true feminism
Cescafied (7 days ago)
Pay based on height?? Tell that to Napolean Bonaparte.
ChamPion kosiu (7 days ago)
WHO watch in 2k19??
Zuzanna Kusto (7 days ago)
Wut why iis it in polish
anniegeiger1031 (7 days ago)
I kinda think that maaaaybe he’s being ironic and is just proving that women are in fact smarter than men...? Or at least this one man..? Also I love this Pierce dude, I wish American news casters would be like him, our news is just like literally watching a Hollywood blockbuster. I love when they get all serious about a cat up a tree 😹
Mauludy Yogie (7 days ago)
sees newest comments get many likes, *this video is still relevant godammit*
stephen (7 days ago)
whether you agree with korwin-mikke or not i think we can all agree that the interview was horrible because the interviewer just kept interrupting and insulting him
When the top comment isn't in english *Google translate...It's your time to shine*
Lexy Sparks (8 days ago)
You can't discriminate against gender in the workplace but it doesn't stop it happening. they are SO MANY ways around this, especially since discrimination can be really hard to prove. I worked at a glass shop were me and a guy were hired around the same time with similar qualifications and similar age. I got paid .50 cents less. First off I would've NEVER known if the guy who i worked with wasn't as amazing as he was and felt comfortable sharing that with me. (all of the employees there were told to keep our paychecks to ourselves) When i found out i asked management and they said "i got paid less because i was hired on as a glass girl while he was hired as a vape boy" even though that was LITERALLY just a title and we did all the same work... My mom would always tell me she would dread when a man got hired at her job because it means he's going to get a promotion over her (and they aways have). When she's just up against women she knows she at least has a chance. It's really easy to be a man and say that it doesn't exist... but it does.
Michelle Rojas (8 days ago)
pews is so wise
ヤマジックス (8 days ago)
Weaker - me Smaller - me Less intelligent - me Guess I’ll die :)
Linda Tran (7 days ago)
ヤマジックス then dieeeeeee
ヤマジックス (7 days ago)
Linda Tran but I’m a boi :(
Linda Tran (7 days ago)
ヤマジックス that’s your opinion, Janusz never says that you will die for being a woman just because you are smaller :) but being a WAHMAN yes, it will not get you anywhere far. But still, you wont die just because of that
Lucyna Kaszubo (8 days ago)
Not All polish ars like that. I have respect for woman. (I am a polish woman) everybody i know is respectful for woman. I just saying. :-P
Lucyna Kaszubo (8 days ago)
*People not ars.
zippy quiltonz (8 days ago)
Man , fuck Piers Morgan and the horse he rode in on.
Edward Rawn (8 days ago)
Please come on our show. Thanks for coming on. Shut up. You're stupid. Stop talking. You're stupid. Piers is an ass.
Josie (8 days ago)
lmao women and men have the same average iq. maybe not in poland but in the us i think the female iq is a point higher.
Filip Gronowski (8 days ago)
That is a good video. You are talking about things which are deeper than a game for instance. Nice job analyzing the interview with sensible explanation.
Adam (8 days ago)
I'm sorry
FeDriX (8 days ago)
You are kurwa geniusz
Tarmac (8 days ago)
If you wanna speak like korwin in english launguage , add to every Word letter ,, s "
Cheeze_Pickles (8 days ago)
That’s my uncle
Gayatri Gutte (8 days ago)
F U Piers
ARCOM q (9 days ago)
Why is there vodka in the background of PewDiePie
CT - 7056 (9 days ago)
janusz kUrwin XD
bluwh (9 days ago)
This is so painful to watch. This man absolutely deserves to be scrutinized for his sexism because he IS a sexist pig but they did such a bad job of this interview that it almost makes him look good. Well good is a strong word but definetely better than Pierce.
Pepeczeq Games (9 days ago)
O kurwa xD Mikke u pewd xD
LastWardenLeft (9 days ago)
I mean this other guy sucks. But Morgan also really has no room to talk. This whole interview is a trainwreck
Adi Carlisle (9 days ago)
Instantly unwatchable because of Pierce Morgan
Maciek Brzozowski (9 days ago)
Korwin my love
Sarah Cox (9 days ago)
but we are less privileged......
Pnutimus The 1st (9 days ago)
God I hate that prick makes me a shamed to be English
zyczeq official (9 days ago)
Janusz krowim mikke
Mikołaj Skarbek (9 days ago)
ONV KemoVvV (9 days ago)
Dziękuję za polskie napisy 😍😁☺️
Antek Miezio (9 days ago)
I Love januszzz
xAxee (10 days ago)
Ale Korwin to Bóg...

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