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How to NOT Get NERVOUS Around Girls

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Text Comments (1168)
Luc Pereira (1 year ago)
I rocked an essentials Tee and I got all the girls.
Tony Ravioli (8 months ago)
I wore a original grain watch and got the females.
Jason Pereira (8 months ago)
Cody Chen (1 year ago)
+檀 杏斗 unlikely
N0T CL!VE (1 year ago)
dat tee is magical
อติรุจ (1 year ago)
Is it on Amazon
ice ice baby (4 days ago)
5 ways to not get nervous around girls 1. Stop over thinking and start actually doing 2. Be conformbale in your own skin (dress well girls like guys that have a little swag 3. Practice makes perfect approach girls that like look less attractive for Practice 4. She is not as perfect as u think she is (dont put her on a pedestal) 5. U don't have to impress her
Hansa Welgama (27 days ago)
Me too feel naked without a watch.👌
tHe BeAsTs (1 month ago)
That black watch looks really cool 😎
Clinton Sings (1 month ago)
The 3 second trick really helped and now I'm not nervous anymore
Hollywood hits (1 month ago)
I would have approached her if I wasn't broke#FACTS101
Månî Käntáñ (1 month ago)
I too luv watches
Steve Henry (1 month ago)
You're fucking stupid. Of course it's easy for you to talk to girls. You look like a model. Get the fuck out of here
luis bravo (2 months ago)
Alpha males brah....💯
luis bravo (2 months ago)
Team Jose!
Ajdin Mehmedović (2 months ago)
Step 1: Be attractive as fuck
King Max (2 months ago)
Karla won’t like this
Eddie Hogg (2 months ago)
I can talk to girls but I’m just too casual
t2paccap2t (3 months ago)
look at his hairstyle he look like he lost a parts from his brain hhhh
Sajid Scott (4 months ago)
Such good advice!!😋😋😋
Wyatt Cerri (4 months ago)
I'm super nervous around the girl I'm talking to, but she likes it when I'm open about that stuff and the same with me. It's hard to admit those things each time I do it, but I like her because she likes me for who I am. We're both Christian too so that makes a good bond because we're both in the body of Christ.
MrKiwi (4 months ago)
Jose THE Alpha male
Dan (4 months ago)
I feel good about myself when I wear my sponsored Marks and Spencers jacket (very affordable) and my sponsored Calvin Klein's (very expensive). I can't even speak to women with out a good swish of my sponsored Listerine mouth wash (sometimes on sale). I endorse and sponsor this channel
aidouni nadiro (4 months ago)
Jose ...... you're a gift from God thanks !!
jas dhanjal (4 months ago)
If she is hot,you are hotter.
Mel Mitchell (4 months ago)
ha i saw a video of him when he shaved, #babyface.love your vids
alksjdfg G (5 months ago)
Ads end in 3:10 thank me later
daily f1, fe (6 months ago)
Do a vid on how to approach chicks
Hamzah Yamin (6 months ago)
Exactly what happened to me today 5:05
LukeAfied - MC xxx (6 months ago)
I asked for her phone number via snapchat and she didn't want to give it to me because she never gives it to anyone? What lolll
Norland Joseph (6 months ago)
love the video bro
noman messi (7 months ago)
05:05 Damn ... It was hell of an Acting
DiBBagE (7 months ago)
I always hear talk to ugly girls but I feel like that would be rude idk
FOOTBALL PREDICT King (7 months ago)
Why does this guy no everything
Camero Emrah (7 months ago)
İ feel confident whenever I get cut my hair
fokus3najst (7 months ago)
Yes and wear Tiege Hanlley
Younng Z (7 months ago)
jose you need a better microphone and you also need to control your voice cracks
NKC GAMING (7 months ago)
This really helped and I got a girl
PedroTrueMX (7 months ago)
5:34 xD (oooo-WAY-Voz) lmaooooo A1
Umar khan (7 months ago)
*ugly watch*
MA AD (7 months ago)
RIP the Girl at 3:45
Krithin Rajesh (7 months ago)
Who else thinks 3..2..1 and then restarts that countdown infinitely till they miss all their opportunities?
Conclusion: Are you nervous ? Wear a watch Are you alone ? Wear a watch Are you not confident ? Wear a watch Watch is the answer
Aster Disaster (1 month ago)
A watch worth millions
Arun Murugan (7 months ago)
Please tell me how to start a conversation with my crush
Mazoon anoymo (7 months ago)
People who are 5’8 stop complaining i understand if u want to get taller but i dont understand u complainin. about it tom cruide is 170 cm and fucked at leastt 600 girls
mahmoud the boss (7 months ago)
عنيبة من درجة فارس
adrian vasquez (7 months ago)
save some pussy for the rest of us man 🙁
salinas831100 (7 months ago)
I actually get nervous with girls who are average or below because in my head I married them an have kids .. Talking to beautiful girls comes so natural ..
salinas831100 (7 months ago)
All tall are u
Put 1000 dollar in your pocket
Marcijan Žagar (7 months ago)
Its so hard for me to walk normal around girls 😂
Amber&Black (8 months ago)
Sunny Channel (8 months ago)
What if ur short
I thought it said aroused around girls
Valix (8 months ago)
which is one of my favorites
manwisemusic (8 months ago)
Get's shot down 1:20
KingOfTheHylians (8 months ago)
I was shy and nervous and ended up getting with the cheer captain who liked me for who I was, we’re still together but I’ve completely changed the way I dressed and now I got girls checking me out who I have to turn down even though I know for a fact I am an average looking guy. Find someone who likes you for you guys.
Danjell Dark (8 months ago)
5.04 is typicaly me
Rob T (8 months ago)
Man I've been working on my wardrobe for months. I want to perfect it before talking to girls. I've been trying to get my hands on some essential shirts but they are always sold out!
Pro F (8 months ago)
0:09 that was so me talking to myself inside 😂😂😂
Ovidio Perez (8 months ago)
Ron Sh (8 months ago)
I bought this watch but girl doesn’t attracted to me
Ron Sh (8 months ago)
0:11 yes, thats me
It’s Rød (8 months ago)
And ppl tell me I was wrong about don’t think just do
your boi solo (8 months ago)
A watch & watching The Zuniga
Pratik Paikra (8 months ago)
Jazz Singh (8 months ago)
A gold chain is my superficial item. Something badass about having a chain on.
Fully Crafted (8 months ago)
wilver zarate (8 months ago)
Is he Latino, rock on
Danny Boi (8 months ago)
No offense, most girls seem really scary! Most of them don’t seem friendly, mostly acts like a hypocrite! I get scared away easily! I wouldn’t talk too someone like that! I don’t get nervous, I get scared away so easily! 🙄😱
Sir Fechin (8 months ago)
Im surprised he’s not married yet
Rajkumar Garodia (8 months ago)
Now I can easily talk to girl
I hate Fags (8 months ago)
This guy reminds me of my gay nephew lol dude looks feminine
Gabriel Cano Padilla (9 months ago)
jajajaja "the huevos"
Gosho Hrasta (9 months ago)
But what to say to girls
Aaron Bob (9 months ago)
acerambler (9 months ago)
Every video of this Guy has An ad over some new watch or whatever
Gavin Vincent (10 months ago)
Guys i found the real key. Just get so fucking depressed like i am that you just dont give a shit anymore. Works perfectly. You can talk to girls and just not give a fuck about life anymore.
ML 7 (10 months ago)
You talk too much about nothing so booring
Oli Freakin Davis (10 months ago)
Whole Foods here I come
Vonn Rivera (10 months ago)
Savage, he only practices to ask ugly girls to get hot ones
twelve august (10 months ago)
youtube knows me really well
polo polo (10 months ago)
Before every time I go chat a girl I say to my self that girl toke a poop today like dat she doesn't look soo good
Nik Georgiev (10 months ago)
Jose is the type of zuniga to tactically put ads in every of his videos
Jojo (10 months ago)
All you need to remember is that for every attractive female out there, there's a guy that's tired of fucking her
Kevin Santos (10 months ago)
4:36 😂😂😂😂
Super Show 2019 (10 months ago)
good bro i will try
Julian Ybarra (10 months ago)
why he look 86863774ft tall lmaooo
JTundra (10 months ago)
You are the real life version will smith in hitch
niklas d. (10 months ago)
Just Drink alcohol and you will be open towards girls like never before
Saifye meah (8 months ago)
niklas d. 😂😂😂
Alex Lucian (10 months ago)
5:36 "the huevos" Okey that killed me bro😂
Danny Ortiz (10 months ago)
practicing with women who are average generally decreases your self-esteem with beautiful women; to overcome that fear, be surrounded by more hot girls and avoid falling under their beauty spell, be present & grounded appreciating their hotness, and speak your mind.
Justin Churchey (11 months ago)
0:10- 0:19 me everyday.
Darling Mugeez (11 months ago)
Jose Zuniga Your videos I've watched is changing my life
KURT King Of Inline (11 months ago)
Me too I feel naked without a watch😂
oxi (11 months ago)
i try to mask my nervousness with being too nice or rude its so bad dont do it be yourself
Haha just the fact that you had the balls so go up to talk to her 😂
Shaker Ahmed (11 months ago)
Me: 1,2,3 Go! Me: Hey! Girl: Hey! Me: So...ummmm (crap, I forgot what I wanted to say). Girl: (awkward) Me: ummmm....nvm (walks out of there) Girl: what a weirdo!
AidenFTW (11 months ago)
I should show my Friend this whenver he talked to girls he Litterally chokes😂
I don't care I just ask the number first ... No talking be smart guys 😂😂😂
G.A.N IKillZoneEXE (11 months ago)
When I need to talk to a girl in a bar I need to get 1 shot booze first 😂
ali hassan (11 months ago)
I hate that watch it is in every single video of yours God damn it!!!
Simon Berntsson (11 months ago)
Easy for a really handsome guy to say...
Ilyas Naseri (11 months ago)
Look at their knees they both are comfortable with you should have a date.
Diego Karganilla (11 months ago)
0:40 hands in your pocket????? why??????

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