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How to Look Like a Kpop Idol! (female)

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I made a tutorial showing y’all how to look like a male kpop idol, so now it’s time to do a female idol look! I didn’t have much time to make videos this past semester, but now that I’m on break, I should have more time to create more! Thank you for your continued support and patience! And thank you so very much for 43,000 subscribers! I know that no one reads the description, but I forgot to mention how thankful I am in the video and I think annotations are annoying, so hopefully one of y’all wandered down here, haha! This year has been rough for me, but your continued support really helps me move along. Thank you very much and please continue supporting my little channel! My links!: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ladeathmachine/?hl=en Facebook!: https://www.facebook.com/LaDeathMachine-233375553433421/ songs: Kontinuum - Aware (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWdZjZV6bEk) Find these songs and more at NoCopyrightSounds! (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_aEa8K-EOJ3D6gOs7HcyNg)
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Text Comments (407)
Sook (1 day ago)
i wish i could have asian eyes
Rostinie Mochi (4 days ago)
xeeditingx (13 days ago)
You’re so semetrical 😍😍 beautiful 😘😭
Geisha. (24 days ago)
I'm trying this.
jiminie is so peachy (27 days ago)
She looks like Irene
KookieSubliminals (28 days ago)
when you actually like being Asian
Redicent (1 month ago)
when she says yas i cringe good video though
Mochi’sEuophoria Lyf (1 month ago)
I lab you
isa sedgwick (1 month ago)
You're literally so cute.
야진박 (1 month ago)
You looooooooookkkkk like bom 😯
nyami (1 month ago)
9:16 she... she said wha?? annyeomaesaeyo ma imnida??
aurora nisa (1 month ago)
Cantik bat dahh😍😍
Ely Arakaki (1 month ago)
I never saw you before but Seventeen and Vixx Girls. I LOVE YOU!
AggressiveOwl (1 month ago)
For the people saying, “ Oh YoU hAvE tO bE aSiAn ShJeMrOpwJaTbQjfnKdhWkk”, this is showing how the idols DO THEIR MAKEUP!
Thunder Star (1 month ago)
Pretty!!! Your skin is so nice! Hahahaha VIXXGIRLS xD I stan them too
Kaitlon (1 month ago)
You sound like D.Va from Overwatch 💘
Lisa Neko-chan (1 month ago)
I love you😂😍😍😍
"you look like a pretty kpop nuna" I call my grandpa on my dad's side Nuna oof guess he's a pretty little Korean girl.
You are so fluffing adorable please stop😭
mai angela grmora (2 months ago)
WAITTTTT YOUR NAME IS MAI? Holy shit same😂😂😂
Lan Lý (2 months ago)
2:51 you look Like Irene ( RedVelvet)
Rachet StAr (2 months ago)
Vixx are literally beautiful females lmao
She looks like bom from 2ne1
•OtakuArmy • (2 months ago)
1 step: be korean 2 step: be skinny AND I'M NOT SKINNH OR KOREAN. Btw, you're so cute and funny, subscribed :3
dasi chuchu (1 month ago)
You don't have to be korean to do this makeup lol
chasseur (2 months ago)
lolol I wish I could do this but I have tan skin
aby owo (2 months ago)
your eyebrowns are so cringe
jay hof (2 months ago)
you're so beautiful i can't stop watching your videos
Akshit Kumawat (2 months ago)
You are looking so beautiful
Marczy (2 months ago)
i have that thing under the eye that she doesnt and put shadows in where its supposed to be (idk how to spell it) and here i was this morning not knowing wtf that is and thinking it was mascara that smeared. i tried to fucking wash the shadows away with makeup remover i never knew people found that shit attractive :')
Celi Stars (2 months ago)
Wish I looked like u!
Peachy.Kathyy (2 months ago)
omg viet gang haha jk are you vietnamese i am and your vietnamese is very good!
Lucky Gamer (3 months ago)
Haha love this 7:10
HeyyIt’sDannaa :] (3 months ago)
Who here is American trying to be Korean?
Melissa Brown (3 months ago)
I wish you didnt act so weird and try and act like an anime character and just be yourself like at the end you started talking in your normal voice be that be you youre gorgeous dont act or try so hard youre great the way you are!
Amber Martinez (3 months ago)
Your eyes are soo prettyyyyy😁
Anjali Gurung (3 months ago)
You are super cute. I love your tutorials 😍😍😍
Layy (3 months ago)
damn u cringy
Taehyung's baby. (3 months ago)
I have a problem. I'm not beautiful :)
Marie Mirafuentes (3 months ago)
asebonhitong (3 months ago)
2:51-2:53 she looks like irene omg
Jay ect. (3 months ago)
I miss 2ne1 sooo much
Nguyên Vũ Bảo (3 months ago)
Are you know Vietnamese??
Andromeda Studios (3 months ago)
dude just got done on a voice over that took 47 min but should have only taken 8 i feel your pain
я нифига не понимаю, однако это весьма мило
Jade Okay (3 months ago)
Wish I could look like this, but I'm all tan, got jacked up skin, and some seriously sleep deprived eyes. 😂
Monica Lewis (3 months ago)
You are hilarious!🤣great make up tutorial
ivana aulia (4 months ago)
Plisss tutorial makeup
Sofia Elizalde (4 months ago)
Boo sungkwan's meme face tho😂
Unicorn & Co. (4 months ago)
You stood very beautiful as a K-Idol, princess. If you sing a music for us, could be? Just a joke, success in your videos. Unicorn Glitter Kisses ( ^◡^)っ✂❤
chiisanae (4 months ago)
You tried, but it still looks purely Japanese, sorry.
Rose (4 months ago)
you're so cute hehe, i love your earrings btw
Akabrownie 10 (4 months ago)
I luv vixx so much!!!!!
Alana Robertson (4 months ago)
If you want an affordable version of Too Faced's Peachy palette, Sugar by Face Candy is a great substitute for like $10 on shophush.com
I love your voice !!! It’s so satisfying to listen to XD
Prithwish Mandal (4 months ago)
Without makeup she looks like iu
vkook is real beaches (4 months ago)
You kinda remind me of iu😍
Thùy Anh Nguyễn (4 months ago)
Đẹp quớ đẹp quớ lol :3 ur so kewt
I need sum suga (4 months ago)
아미방탄 (2 months ago)
I need sum suga she's part Korean I think
Lovezys123 (5 months ago)
Step 1: have good skin
Ashy Raky (5 months ago)
how are you called LaDeathMachine when you are actually LaCuteMachine????
shawty banana (5 months ago)
OH GOSH YOU LOOK SO MUCH LIKE PARK BOM FOR 2NE1❤️ who else misses them?😭
Rawest Master (5 months ago)
If I used mascara my lashes would look like their 2 inches long. ;-; the struggle
Jin Hyun (5 months ago)
Đẹp quá đẹp quá :)
The Le (5 months ago)
Trần Kì An (5 months ago)
Her said: Đẹp quá đẹp quá. (Vietnam)
Krizel Rei Pascual (5 months ago)
yuo relly reminds me of iu (lee gi eun)make some iu inspired make up plsss
Suga Sweet (5 months ago)
Lol VIXX Girls
suga&spice (5 months ago)
you already look like one <3
leichel Mondejalue! (5 months ago)
Damn your so gorgeous
leichel Mondejalue! (5 months ago)
Fix girls I only write it cause I wanna search it I wrote it because I don't want to remember... Hmmm
Francesca Dang (5 months ago)
You spoke Vietnamese (≧∇≦)so love u lmao
Rainbow Bliss (5 months ago)
i just bought the same cushion as yours but i haven’t try it yet now i cannot wait to use it
dRiNK WAtEr (5 months ago)
Seungkwan lmao
QUYNH Annh (5 months ago)
You look like my bommie 😍😘 and you're so kawaii
Raiko XD (5 months ago)
I tired to do this, and I looked like I was high😂😂😂
Aymei :v (6 months ago)
wow i'm vietnamese, so happy when u say đẹp quá!! đẹp quá!! ^^
The Subtitles Is A Lie (6 months ago)
Random Name (6 months ago)
i was born with dem double eye lids XD so im set not spending moneys on dat XD hhaha..
Diane Perez (6 months ago)
You make a beautiful k pop star idol 😍💕💕💕
Melanie Hernandez (6 months ago)
Omg,you so cute without makeup 😍😍😍😍 please marry me 😶😶
3 dollar chainz (6 months ago)
Me :(tries the make up) ends up looking like a witch 😂😂😂
Park Florzinha (6 months ago)
You look like Raina from After School
Phan Manie (6 months ago)
Đẹp quá ! Đẹp quá ! ♡♡♡ Vietnamese here girl ♡♡😍 love u
C Gameplays (6 months ago)
How to look like Reina*
Choco bell (6 months ago)
Makeup for glasses pls
Gah! I'm Puerto Rican and Hispanic with almond eyes... And I have light skin... I seriously doubt I can achieve this look. But I'll try! 😊
화분남2 (6 months ago)
한국보단 일본느낌이..
Min Genius (6 months ago)
Prince Mikey (6 months ago)
I watched this whole video without sound
bloodreign queen (6 months ago)
Who cares about that make up you already look like a Kpop star! Same to all you other girls out there!
Kpop Trash11 (6 months ago)
YAH you are so pretty!!!!
Yuno Gasai (6 months ago)
Green Lime (6 months ago)
Mochi_Clara (6 months ago)
Emily Lu (6 months ago)
U actually look like a mix of iu and Irene
-PeachyBunBun- (6 months ago)
If you don’t mind me asking what’s your nationality?
ɨɴternet fweɴd (6 months ago)
~당신은 예뻐요! <3
BTS RANDOM THINGS (6 months ago)
9:37 you look like IU
Laiza Mae Magbanua (6 months ago)
Omg..seventeen .....carat here

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