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13 Curvy Girl Fashion Hacks and DIY Outfit Ideas

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Hey all you curvy girls out there! We noticed there's only a few DIY videos about how to best accentuate your natural shape, so we answered your requests and made a video just for you. We know that finding the right fashion for your body is sometimes a struggle. If you have a curvy body, these life hacks will make your life easier! And don't forget to love yourself - you are beautiful just the way you are! Subscribe to Crafty Panda channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC03R... Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/craftypanda Visit Bored Panda website: https://www.boredpanda.com Puking Rainbow iPhone Case: https://shop.boredpanda.com/products/... Sleeping Panda Pillow: https://shop.boredpanda.com/products/... Loved the music used in this video? We find our music on EpidemicSound: https://bit.ly/2JcUlBa For sponsored content contact us at [email protected]
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Text Comments (8435)
Evalina Pomante (12 minutes ago)
So what if your curvy you be needing to change for anything or anyone you always be beautiful on inside and out ♥️
Cave Canem (21 minutes ago)
Amber Thomas (22 minutes ago)
So you just carry fibre glue everywhere with you ?👀
Sofie Penkova Langballe (36 minutes ago)
Body positivity level:10000000%
منو عات (43 minutes ago)
ديري شوية رجيم. متزيديش تحشمي. حتا وتكوني ب دو بياس
yoyis Cruz (55 minutes ago)
Like si amas que la persona agmite que tiene sobrepeso me encanta soy tu fan y agmiradora te quiero y eso es lo que las personas deberíansober quererse tal y como son 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Julio Garcia (56 minutes ago)
Lade las mayas esta gorda
vate07 (1 hour ago)
Donde hay de esas chicas curvy? Yo quiero una pa mi😍
Kinga Maksymowicz (1 hour ago)
Jaki grubas na tym odcinku
Fagha Deus (1 hour ago)
Asi me gustan, goorrrrrrrdaassssss...
Jodie Knight (1 hour ago)
Nice you are good Well done
Cute Chochyy (2 hours ago)
Poland: Curwy=KURWY xDD
Domac (2 hours ago)
Maybe is fat but have freaking hot body
بنين كاضم (2 hours ago)
أفكارها كولش حلوة💚💛
بنين كاضم (2 hours ago)
أفكارها كولش حلوة💚💛
Анна Шелар (2 hours ago)
Разве, 100 сходить на пляж. Самое то
clockwork u.u (2 hours ago)
Alguna gordita que ve esto 😌😁🙋‍♀️
《Celi》 (2 hours ago)
I'm not curvy I'm just fat
Yuriy Gukov (3 hours ago)
У нас у Русских эта женщина идеал красы)
Vitas vkyborg (3 hours ago)
Нихера для себя будку отростила..
crazy for market (3 hours ago)
U look good even without any hack
DeogratiusJR vlogs (3 hours ago)
Am happy people can't read my mind while am watching her.. Am such an asshole....😂😂😂
Katya Kek (3 hours ago)
1:50 После этого гортань этой кофточки стало размером с тирекса
Manita Diyali (3 hours ago)
She is hot
Aimee Mccolgan (3 hours ago)
Aye cus your just gonna whip out the fabric glue when your out edjits
Shes very beatiful😁😗😘
Laura Ízisz Marcibál (4 hours ago)
Fogyás 0
Empathy Asmr (4 hours ago)
Where the skinny girl hacks at?
Она толстая
شهد دياب (5 hours ago)
اي يخربيتك نحفي حلاك شو
Diya Hassan (5 hours ago)
i fucking hate that girll
Du vet L (5 hours ago)
Yay girl👍🏻👍🏻❤️
200 300 (5 hours ago)
Этой девице в модели нужно
Galaxyunicorn 739 (6 hours ago)
The first one is actually chaff and I have had it recently and it took 6 day to go away
Sohan Mahmud (6 hours ago)
What a elephant 😮
Sleepy Grim (6 hours ago)
Uh she fat and ugly....
У этой жирдяйки целюлит
Maxime VH (7 hours ago)
Its always anout curvy girls, but what about skinny girls?
Maxime VH (7 hours ago)
Im super thin and i hate it😓
Elena Macenzzim (7 hours ago)
Learn the diference between fat and curvy..
-Limey Gacha- (7 hours ago)
Amelie Anniere (7 hours ago)
Bonjour j'aime bien vos vidéos je les regarde tous les jours j'espère que j'aurai des pouces bleus et qu'on va me répondre merci j'adore je vous adore toutes je vous adore vous êtes trop belle le roi du silence merci
Ghostly - Wolf Gaming (7 hours ago)
Stop making me get a bonef!
Sara S. (8 hours ago)
she ia curvy but no tummy.... im sort of curvy and my tummy is much bigger than hers. She looks great the way she is
Sibongile Tancu (9 hours ago)
Sexy fatty boom-boom
Zooa Ml (9 hours ago)
6:35 she looks like Adele!
Ming - Sia (9 hours ago)
0:23 😂
Joseph Dorino (9 hours ago)
shes perfect I LOVE her body its so sexy. Also Im very fit and have done modeling .
Åvå Dåshå (9 hours ago)
Лайхаки, для меня😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Da Ali G (10 hours ago)
How about just loose weight
tanea 777 (10 hours ago)
Que buena estas tienen 1 cuerpazo
Jorawar Singh (10 hours ago)
Have you considered squats?
ponchik TV (10 hours ago)
0:58 у меня таковой же самий купальник таковой же самий!!!!!!!!!круто💓👍🏻😅
Bim Nascimento (12 hours ago)
Tudo lindo mas voce a mais .parabens
Łucja Górniak (12 hours ago)
Gooood you Just FAT So you should only lost weight
chrupki (12 hours ago)
Jak ona zmieściła takie giry w rajstopy XS? XD
Sofie Schoenmaker (12 hours ago)
Is that my shirt Yes i ripped it apart without your promision Ow...you look so sexy Hahah the hack was pretty but wtf
Sofie Schoenmaker (12 hours ago)
What kind of shitty friend gives you a present that just way to small. Sizes exist for a reason 😂
Tina Osman (12 hours ago)
Fuck she is so bothered
Hiroaki Takahashi (12 hours ago)
My daughter is curvy and she has low self esteem. But to be honest, Curvy women are just straight up gorgeous 😋❤️ 🥰
P.D.B (13 hours ago)
This Hacks Is Girl Product Comment Boy 😂😂😂 Wow 😂😂😂😂
Lisa Brault (13 hours ago)
Νικολέτα Τ (13 hours ago)
Are you fat girl crazy stupiet
LİL POP iskovc (13 hours ago)
very hot pusy
jabber wocky (14 hours ago)
I’m not even slightly chubby, why am I here
Bujang 1991 (14 hours ago)
I like your body
Carlotta Malagoli (15 hours ago)
Ma dimagrire no è
Soora Noissac (15 hours ago)
Damn those hips
Яна Романова (15 hours ago)
Полезные советы
mitty foxxie (16 hours ago)
Que sad
Bailey Graf Beasley (16 hours ago)
I feel like I’m watching five minute crafts because she has the name of her channel on the bottom in center and how she does it is just like them lol.
Sary Jackson (16 hours ago)
Capsricl also works well for the first hack I was in Disney land when I was like 9 and I have naturally large thighs and in the middle of meeting characters my legs started to hurt like crazy so my mom grabbed her chapstick and we went to the bathroom and used it on the raw area and it worked for about 2 hours
mohammad abuhussien (18 hours ago)
Im in love💖
GACHA CHRISTINA G (18 hours ago)
She protecc She attacc But most importantly, She’s a thicc snacc
Wolfy67_ bbo (59 minutes ago)
😂 Where did you get that one? The o ly one i have is he protecc He atacc But most importantly Banana is bot his favorite snacc (its from twnty Øne pilots so..)
AKU DAIMAKAIMURA (18 hours ago)
Cute panda girl 😍😍😍😍
My cat looks like a loaf (18 hours ago)
Who actually does this right after watching this?
Luis Leal (19 hours ago)
Wow que rica está la gordita así me gustan las mujeres mmmm mamacita.
Andrea Lopez (19 hours ago)
That girl is not fat shed be You tiful
kylie hutchison (19 hours ago)
Boiiiii y can’t I have curves like that
Juls c (19 hours ago)
Hacks?? More like false advertising
lele potato (20 hours ago)
true magoo (20 hours ago)
Nothing wrong with your curves I like em
Djordje Nikolic (20 hours ago)
SAVAGECHOCOLATE (20 hours ago)
Thx😳😳 i was feeling kinda sad when i got bullied for being fat.......
Sersh Z.P (20 hours ago)
Me encantan las mujeres llenitas tienen una pepotaaaa
Jen Walker (21 hours ago)
........or you can just appreciate who you are
kamila pereira (21 hours ago)
Markiplier Lover (21 hours ago)
I didn’t know pantyhose could make you more confident
RegisGatitas Lu (22 hours ago)
She’s so pretty!
R o s e • C u t e (22 hours ago)
Eres Realmente hermosa. <3
Alejandra Agudelo (22 hours ago)
Soy la única que hablo español wtf 🤷‍♀️
Zoe Zoe (22 hours ago)
These are some good ideas that I got to uses
Indigo Petal (23 hours ago)
2:59 not really practical and doesn’t feel very comfortable, but overall good video tho
jmi OURB (1 day ago)
Tu es très belle avec ce corps généreux. God bless you
Nightcore Mix (1 day ago)
Clap cheeks
ivonne vm (1 day ago)
No hablo inglés. 😐 sólo se que en la parte del vestido gris la vi igual .😐
Angel Hernandez (1 day ago)
Marcos Geraldo (1 day ago)
meu amor olhando vc também tive uma grande idéia casa comigo vc é linda demais e muito criativa parabéns 😘

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