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Hollywood Undead - Black Dahlia Ft. Eminem - Superman

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Like my Facebook page for Downloads, Previews, and get to hear new Tracks before anyone else. http://www.facebook.com/Recycled5kanks Remix of The official Remix By Buffalo Bill Black Superman Download Link for ALL of my songs http://www.purevolume.com/RecycledSkanks I now have a Twitter account. Nothing Special. http://www.Twitter.com/RecycledSkanks Pretty much everything is Recycled Skanks. I'm original as fuck. Right?
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Text Comments (147)
JadKillz (6 months ago)
this was actually sick...
lean robles (8 months ago)
Love this , been listening to this mix since 2011
Jackie Hiner (10 months ago)
Eminem!What did you do with my cd’s. I’ve heard you destroyed then . Gifts a curse.
Kprcrn Nrcrpk (11 months ago)
Great choice 🎶💚
ian rios (1 year ago)
omg i love this even more!
Ben Dover (2 years ago)
nice mixing the songs bro,i think it's really good
Alonso Sandoval (3 years ago)
i think it's pretty catchy
DEATHKILLER 1 (2 years ago)
Lilclout (3 years ago)
can u do a instrumental of just the beat
Cure EdMatt (1 year ago)
Awesome 👍
magichat66 (3 years ago)
I love this one
Jess G (2 years ago)
magichat66 hate
jindo5 (3 years ago)
Would've been better with Levitate.
jindo5 (3 years ago)
+jindo5 Still lovin' it, though.
Lucky BeaTz (3 years ago)
eminem sucks
Eric Sapphire (3 years ago)
I really like how well these blend. The rhythm has me putting it on Loop just to hear it again.
Constance Rodriguez (3 years ago)
beat sounds good
Francisco Lopez (3 years ago)
I like the alot
Ben Oxley (4 years ago)
Hollywood Undead Dark Places ft. Yelawolf - Till It's Gone?
777QUIORRA (3 years ago)
+Ben Oxley Good idea!
project_channel_2020 (4 years ago)
I love the contrast between what Eminem and Deuce are singing about. Eminem is on one side of this kind of relationship issue, and HU is on the other. Great mix, I saw some recommend Rain with something by Eminem, I agree that would be cool.
Bounty-WRapper (4 years ago)
If your still doing mash ups can you do HU Rain and Eminem stronger than I was
timothy helm (4 years ago)
Cryptic On the Mic (4 years ago)
ACPilot (4 years ago)
Would be cool if you could make a mashup of the original Black Dahlia :)
Mason Nasty (4 years ago)
Terrible, I'm sorry, they're 2 completely different songs and sound terrible together. But that's just my opinion, at least I know 16 people agree with me so I'm not completely outnumbered by haters :p
Snake Murders (3 years ago)
Cj Miller (4 years ago)
@Mason Nasty im saying I like it
Ian Kelly (4 years ago)
@Crash Chambers I like both of you. I agree now that this song needs a lot of work, but it still has the essence of what i wanted years ago and still want the song to sound like.
Kawaii Katarina (4 years ago)
By haters? No, we are the likers. You are the hater :p
W P (4 years ago)
This Remix/Mashup Is Badass it really sounds like its a actual song and not a remix Wow
Don Thrilla (5 years ago)
Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old by deserting their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up wrinkles the soul.
Borden Hayes (5 years ago)
yo you need to makes another album please i love ur songs
SpaceJam2016 (5 years ago)
I'm probably going to get charged for raping the replay button
zerashy (6 years ago)
Black Man. :L
james faulkner (6 years ago)
SICK BEAT !!!!!!!!!
Joy Bastet (6 years ago)
One word..Wow!
Livia Pierce (6 years ago)
i love this song <3
hypernova37 (6 years ago)
please re upload with the lyrics more loud and clear and i will sub tell me when you get it
ShapeShifter (6 years ago)
13 cheating sluts disliked this video.
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
How about "The Recycled Skanks"
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
What would you call it?
joe (7 years ago)
13 people... are just dicks :L
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@Zer0RHCP14 Tried, Youtube changed something so you can't play it on a mobile. Probably because it's copyrighted.
Sam Ramos (7 years ago)
Dudebu gotta fix this for mobel
XXSw33tR3veng3XX (7 years ago)
GENIUS!!!!!! OMG!!!! :D
Aldo Bendaj (7 years ago)
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@LeDeuxBby9 Aww thank you.
Katie Evard (7 years ago)
Just listened to the original "Superman" by Eminem, then Black Dahlia by HU. @Punkraver16 you are a genius.
Toymachine1351 (7 years ago)
wow nice remix
ElfenLied4844 (7 years ago)
@punkraver16 Black superman just sounds funny lmao
Paco_VII (7 years ago)
Youtube should make a love button just for this
ZeJuice Box (7 years ago)
this is so epic =,= Keep finding more stuff bro <3
WhisperTheRevolution (7 years ago)
My favorite remix on youtube. Keep it up. Gonna subscribe.
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@HeavenlyAngel245 Absolutely. Look in the description. The song is called "Black Superman (Buffalo Bill Remix Remix) "
reagan6881 (7 years ago)
make a remix of eminems difficult nd hollywood undeads pain
reagan6881 (7 years ago)
yo dis iz a beest
RONNIE5579 (7 years ago)
Both better than the originals
kcirtaPatrick2010 (7 years ago)
Nice work, man!
Jack Basso (7 years ago)
@punkraver16 thank's
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@nofox121 I can look for stems & acapellas and try, but so far I can't find anything that works. I'll let you know if I do.
Jack Basso (7 years ago)
READ can u make a dubstep of eminems 313
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@Rubichael69 I Love Hollywood Undead, and Eminem is one of the only rappers I can listen to. So yes, look forward to more mashups like this if I can find songs that work.
Armon Amiri (7 years ago)
superman does not save shit he save ppl NOT SHIT XD
jason gregory (7 years ago)
I just jizzed
Jack Curtis (7 years ago)
@gryphonprince Now watch me ressurect, these presh beats.
TheUndeadharlequin (7 years ago)
Holy shit this is dope. Like professional.
TX_Underdog (7 years ago)
i'm undead right now i died from epicness
Cam Muylaert (7 years ago)
@ry0wa I disagree, I thought it was perfect.
Cam Muylaert (7 years ago)
I was expetcing some mediocre shit, but this is fucking mint.
Envy (7 years ago)
@ry0wa How does it not fit it is just perfect it dosent have to have raping the whole song
TheFr33zy (7 years ago)
this is one hell of a remix! needs more views NOW!
Erin S (7 years ago)
Perfect remix. My new favorite song for sure
TK Dave (7 years ago)
This would make such good dubstep if you remixed it.
KrewLife!! (7 years ago)
Eminem And Hollywood Undead Are The Best !!!!!!!!!
Sam Ramos (7 years ago)
Dude this is the best mix ever I'm not gonna stop hitting replay
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@doflamigo Thank you Greece :)
doflamigo (7 years ago)
Speaking From GREECE Fucking AWESOME Mix Great Job Man......
A Tea (7 years ago)
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@TheAnnaKnowles I've loved electronic for years, before it became cool here :) And I love Dubstep, but this isn't Dubstep.
Stefan Pantin (7 years ago)
@iKilledSantaOnEaster black man all the way XD
bloodicex (7 years ago)
Can someone put together the lyrics from the two songs in the order it is in this song? And post it? Thanks. <3
Saul Cyr (7 years ago)
@iKilledSantaOnEaster Awesome Black Man lol
Patrick (7 years ago)
Can you please make a remix of Hollywood Undead and Linkin Park?
Tiffany Gowers (7 years ago)
@legendkiller359 exactly what i was thinking......
Faces RS (7 years ago)
@iKilledSantaOnEaster haha black man
TheCoolGuitaristGuy (7 years ago)
@iKilledSantaOnEaster black man FTW XD
PigsAreBrutal (7 years ago)
Superman's Black Dahlia
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@iKilledSantaOnEaster Its at the beginning of the video. Black Superman - Lolol Herpa Derp..
iKilledSantaOnEaster (7 years ago)
this needs a title.. hmm.. Black Dahlia and superman... super dahlia? or Black Man?
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@sporaxbeast I get some directly from the artists :) but most of them are from sites like acapellas4u.co.uk
Jon Dean (7 years ago)
@punkraver16 one more thing, could you give me the source that you got the Acapellas from? I already know how to invert songs so they make somewhat of a low quality instrumental, but I have no idea how to do that in a reversed way to get just vocals. o:
Jon Dean (7 years ago)
@punkraver16 alright, thanks dude. This'll help a lot with mixing up songs
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@sporaxbeast You can ask and I'll tell you what I know. Well first I got all of the instrumentals + Acapellas I could, then downloaded full songs. Then cut 1/2 second - 30 second clips with the sounds I wanted and added it to the looped background + Bass sounds I had previously cut from the beginning or end of the Full songs (ie. Black Dahlia). Put the acapellas on top of that, edited the fuck out of it. Adjusted everything to match perfectly (Or tried), and posted it here.
Jon Dean (7 years ago)
@punkraver16 oh, haha nice scenario you got going on. I had no idea Mixcraft could do this kind of thing. Not asking for step by step instructions, but did you just cut the music tracks to the point where the vocals were separate or did you extract them? o:
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@sporaxbeast I actually didn't edit this shit. I kidnapped Eminem, Buffalo Bill, and the Boys from Hollywood Undead and MADE them make me this song. J-Dog got out of his handcuffs and punched me in the throat, then unlocked Eminem and Charlie, who stomped my face in. Then they all left but forgot this song, so I got to upload it. Haha ALL of my tracks were edited with Mixcraft 3.0, Lots of Cut/Copy/Paste/Repeat going on. All the tracks are done by ear.
Jon Dean (7 years ago)
dude, this is epic! i love it!! what program did you edit this with? :D
Viet Tran (7 years ago)
I love you! you are a god kind sir
bloodicex (7 years ago)
I read the title and didn't expect anything good. This was incredible. I plan on checking out the rest of your stuff. REALLY brilliant work. This beat is so nasty.
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@mostbelovedpigeon23 Fucking Magic Bro. :D
Anthony Magallon (7 years ago)
good remix but haha black super man im not raciest but if you think about the song i dont know i got a couple laughs out of the name
123CharlieScene (7 years ago)
Best HU remix I ever heard.
Sam Ramos (7 years ago)
Azuly GFX (7 years ago)
but fucking remix ever dude you got the skillz!
chowderrocks1 (7 years ago)
Scarlet Wolf (7 years ago)
@punkraver16  haha thankss andd that would be funny xD
Ian Kelly (7 years ago)
@stitchyroo Purevolume . com / Recycledskanks. The Link is in the description :) Or you can tell me where you live and I will bring you a cd. VERY CREEPILY
Scarlet Wolf (7 years ago)
@punkraver16 where can i download your mixes ?

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