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Hollywood Undead My black Dahlia music video

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This is a Music video that the we (oh baby productions) made of a song from a band in La.. Hollywood undead.
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Text Comments (552)
Frayed Ends of Sanity (2 days ago)
The cringe
marc milne (1 month ago)
Song touches my heart been cheated on in every relationship it makes me feel like I'm not good enough
tomato tomoto (1 year ago)
wtf is this?
Douglas Noonan Noonan (1 year ago)
Lmao.... wow... just wow...
JUndead6661 (1 year ago)
Here 2017
Golden FanGirl (1 year ago)
JUndead6661 Yii
Christian Avila (2 years ago)
wtf is this shit?
my favorite song is ruined
Ribbonchui (2 years ago)
Is this this the real music video?
geton mylevel (3 years ago)
Alexis Maki.. If im not mistaken his girl killed herself and his unborn child..
Kevin Thorn (3 years ago)
Hollister shirt lmao fking prep bitch
jaime figueroa (3 years ago)
that girl was ugly af anyway if i saw that i would have ignored packed my shit and say good luck buddy
Rebecca Dixon (4 years ago)
when I come home and see my bf cheat on me I totally start raping with no facial expression.... totally
Faith Dixon (4 years ago)
after watching this i just..... couldn't........ these acting and editing skills...... just......
Im McNasty (2 years ago)
It was 8 years ago chill
isellchurros (4 years ago)
dat horrible acting makes me want to go kill emos 
K Joy (4 years ago)
Stfu stupid little bitch!!!
Alexis Maki (5 years ago)
yes this song is about johnny and skye (charlie's sister) i think something happened and johnny wrote this song i think thats what i read online about the song
NeonBlack111 (5 years ago)
lol at the boner @0:23
Omen MOS (5 years ago)
hanging dead dude in background fail
earthdtorm34 (6 years ago)
it happens more often than you might think.
wickedclownking1000 (7 years ago)
i thought it was charlie scences sister
animefankid666 (7 years ago)
Omfg x'DDD
Raina Pervier (7 years ago)
the guy has a raging boner
Zackary Shull (7 years ago)
thumbs up if u saw that he was wearing blue jeans in the begining and wene she kicked him out he is wearing black jeans
MrBusted323 (7 years ago)
what a sad song...... LOL.
cherrylover1997 (7 years ago)
@UbuntuDragon I saw it too!! xD
UbuntuDragon (7 years ago)
am i the only one that noticed the dude at 0:23 had a raging boner?
jamie salas (7 years ago)
no emotion on the guys face -.-
Blake Smalls (7 years ago)
@IVengeYou Thats what i was saying xD
Christian Castelo (7 years ago)
you guyz ruind the fukin song..
josh morgan (7 years ago)
i posted this on my cheating exs facebook....she then later blocked me
kurruptSTL (7 years ago)
if i caught a girl doin that shit to me aint no way im comin back the sayin usually goes once a cheater always a cheater
this is gay
The Tanner Channel (7 years ago)
dude that guy had a boner! wtf
kmzriot92 (7 years ago)
@889pitbull J3T fucked charlie scenes sister watch the dvd to desperate measure befor my black dahlia
Lee Clark (7 years ago)
corny lol when u was lipsinging in the beginning u shoulda showed more EMOTION SINGING!
TheJmbo9876 (7 years ago)
man you need to be throwin furniture when ur singing man but i did like how u wer crying blood tho lol
Hutch60Xx (7 years ago)
It was allright. You didnt seem angry though, like how he makes it sound in his voice. You looked to calm :]
Dylan Wilson (7 years ago)
this is disrespectful to the band
Jake Hare (7 years ago)
umm is anyone goin to cut the guy in the back down or r we goin to keep singin
Omega0035 (7 years ago)
no joke this is like how every relationship ive been in ends up
lynngayearon (7 years ago)
i so feel this song, screw you and your lack of emotion in this one this is a song that you FEEL and you are not feeling this one, its like you just simply slapped it together there is no way i can watch this vid and feel like this person truley has even experienced anything CLOSE to the sorrow and pain bestowed into the whole meaning of why you have even listened to this song/lyrics delete yourself and get out :P
tobra11 (7 years ago)
you think this is emo? this is panzy shit compared to whitechapel
skatesause10 (7 years ago)
@MRawesomeNAD ur not emo u dumbfuck unless u hate urself and cut ur goth if u dont do that r tard
Deathpunkmassacre (7 years ago)
I only clicked on here because the icon showed a girl with a nice ass in jeans... >_> But she's fucking hot, The video would've been more better if you guys would've looked dramatic. like the singing/screaming part shoud've looked real by the guy screaming
Kevin Casas (7 years ago)
wow you guys are bad -_- and the fat guy thinks he's cool
Kevin Casas (7 years ago)
wow you guys are bad -_-
MRawesomeNAD (7 years ago)
no 4 all u faggots out there that are stereo types against emos 1st we dont all cut 2nt we arnt weak we are just strong enough to let go of sanity and 3rd this is a slow song not emo and 4th we are all different so suck on my beefy cock if u dissagree HU4L
j2theordanboy177 (7 years ago)
PEOPLE!! calm the fuck down, this is a home made video yes, but they took the time and effort to try and make a music video, maybe its not the greatist, but get off there fuckin backs
Mikkol32 (7 years ago)
The guy sucked at fake singing... No one had any emotions and you could tell there faking it... Not a big fan of this music video(fake)....
Justin Minervini (8 years ago)
Atleast put emotion into it! shit! you just look like a bunch of white boys trying to rap
roderick turner (8 years ago)
anyone else notice the guy hangin in the tree O_o
ryan pittman (8 years ago)
no jonny 3 tears fucked dueces sister thats wat its about
Bobby Rough (8 years ago)
He was supposed to kill her!
Austin Pereira (8 years ago)
Gagged and Bound (8 years ago)
Great Vid! *Thumbs Up*
Louis (8 years ago)
that chicks not even good looking -.- and the guys who try singing look like theyre fuckin stoned
Slyfox104 (8 years ago)
@imurjesus1 Damn it! Can't UNsee!
Lilly Fox (8 years ago)
@OblivionKhaos i hear you on that
Lilly Fox (8 years ago)
Wave E (8 years ago)
hahahahahaah Boner boy
J K (8 years ago)
For fuck sakes... Wrong band, I'm looking for the black dahlia murder...
falloutworldrecord (8 years ago)
Lol... The when the guy prepared his song for months when he came in at the begining XD Good job anyway.
ItzMrGreenz (8 years ago)
@WaldosBrother ahhh yes yes it all makes sense now...i think next time i have a break up i will try this i technique very skillfull..... oh and say hi to waldo for me :p
ItzMrGreenz (8 years ago)
k so heres how its gonna work... im gonna stand here and start randomly singing while u stand thereand act like you care k? good
Apaathyy (8 years ago)
ahhh FAT FUCKING Charlie Scene lol
ter418 (8 years ago)
i wonder if that boner in the begining was planned or not
Calicho95 (8 years ago)
awesome video red3
xMonkeyShitx (8 years ago)
That girl has a nice bum. 'nuffsaidtbh.
xMonkeyShitx (8 years ago)
@PSNpwnsXBL hahahaha, +1
Purpleflurp Dragon (8 years ago)
did anyone else notice the guy with the boner switched his pants 0:23 1:04
Theamanjadon (8 years ago)
scooby19833 (8 years ago)
song was good but fakers always ruin it! you will never be good as them you freakin poser.quit ruining good music videos
christine Littrel (8 years ago)
@imurjesus1 ya haha\
Bill Olson (8 years ago)
KNOWYOURIDIOT (8 years ago)
green screen fail
lonelyuchiha2 (8 years ago)
-_-...The hell did you do to "Black Dahlia" and HU? This sucks (No offense) but there's no soul in it...No emotion when you're lip singing...
Theamanjadon (8 years ago)
@imurjesus1 HAHAHAHAHA
Scorpion (8 years ago)
no spirit into it ruined it
Heartmelt4 (8 years ago)
@seekerentertainment because its relating to true shit that ppl like me and everyone else hav gone through
toastedgstring123 (8 years ago)
@imurjesus1 Lol the fake one
Tobias Nielsen (8 years ago)
omg a boner!
Jose Aruizu (8 years ago)
pretty lame video in the song he has anger you say the lyrics like its a normal day lmfao
Marcman134 (8 years ago)
@sephiroth21347 its funny when the guy is hanging
Marcman134 (8 years ago)
why is there a fat ass there? like in the band there aint no fat person
chibitails (8 years ago)
Mega Boner!!!
Brandon Camejo (8 years ago)
@jimmysmom33 true
Greederino (8 years ago)
Good song.... Kinda ruined with the fail vidd tbh >.>
twinvipers18 (8 years ago)
@DrakeVonDeath agreed and the obp ... really? comon guys...
Ruvim Kurmel (8 years ago)
bbbbbuuulll shhhhhhhiiiiiiiiitttttttttt
WWE BlackestFire19 (8 years ago)
1:06 she's sexy
Incredibly Parr (8 years ago)
darkconner2 (8 years ago)
332 people decided to push the wrong thumb because theyre too stupid to realize that if you don't like it,you shouldn't look it up.
David Hernandez (8 years ago)
Nice video bro. I don't know if u made another but this one was pretty awesome really is like the song. :D
JOBOB335 (8 years ago)
@rightround45 or at least he is fat enough
JOBOB335 (8 years ago)
@rightround45 im pretty sure he is.
Drew Couch (8 years ago)
im pretty sure charlie scene isnt that fat
Pinky 🙂 (8 years ago)
This is great forget about the haters ! there wanabe's keep doing this .
hope granberry (8 years ago)
damn that chick is hott and all yall haters that hate on dis video yall r jealous!
Aenorn (8 years ago)
I'm sorry. This really does suck badly. It does have potential, if it was done by professionals. It's not your fault though. Not all the way. That dumbass kid in the white hat though, you need to smack him. He can't even walk cool. You'd have been better off letting him kill himself.
PrinzDew (8 years ago)
Hear the screams in the music? Sing with that kind of emotion, feel the pain.

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