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Tank - I Love Them Girls

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Tank - I Love Them Girls
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Text Comments (43)
Chris B (2 months ago)
Bumping this shit in 2019
Sierra (3 months ago)
My shit
ashak614 (4 months ago)
She got that booty quaking that booty 😩
Paul Williams (9 months ago)
Jamming 2018
Anthony Mosby (1 year ago)
still jammin'🔥 in 2018
Justin McLisky (1 year ago)
V3TN-_P3CKH4M (1 year ago)
Tank's vocals are tight but I still prefer Marques Houston's Stripclub
Emory Mitchell (11 days ago)
Octavia Oglesby (1 year ago)
Kasey Jordan (2 years ago)
I finally found it
Keishon Simmons (2 years ago)
jamming in 2017
April Campbell (2 years ago)
you know she work that body yessss tank
Nagrom D. (2 years ago)
jamming in 2016!!
Charlee A (4 years ago)
man finally found this track, great song for your girl to strip 2 for you fellas
Tifton Watson (4 years ago)
Should've been on the album 
Brandi Bran (10 months ago)
Tifton Watson it was wasn't it?
jameccia norah (6 years ago)
Like If You Still Listeninq To This Sonq In 2012!!!
Brandi Bran (10 months ago)
jameccia norah how 'bout 2018?? STILL BANGIN'!!!
SKYGXDS XNLYPLZ (7 years ago)
marques houston version is better
Brandi Bran (10 months ago)
But Tanks is the original!
Shawn coolchild (11 months ago)
SKYGXDS XNLYPLZ hell nah this one is
gabor (7 years ago)
nice, but the timbaland remix is better.
RandomToughGuy (7 years ago)
Meme Deion (7 years ago)
i want this song so bad ugh i cant find a download link are anything some one please tell me where i can get this song please :) ....
David Nesmith (7 months ago)
Go to loudtronix.me and type the song name in and the artist
Redd C (7 years ago)
My song still in 2011........She work that body
7Whoisthis (7 years ago)
I need to work at a strip club
Sevin WilsonTV (8 years ago)
@THATGUY352 lol marques remade the song with the underdogs
thebargster (8 years ago)
@dashergirl13 not on the album considering its just a demo for marques houston, think its called strip club on his album
educ8tddiva (8 years ago)
@sj4 amen!
ericakane02 (8 years ago)
This song has been my ringtone for ever!!! Never gets old
Pretti Dimps (8 years ago)
@thuginbitch2 Okaaay... dis is my shyt like foreeall it's been a min ;)
ucantknockthehustle (8 years ago)
@THATGUY352 it was originally tank's song but he gave it to marques houston & MH renamed it "strip club"
Carla Angelena (8 years ago)
This song is for my boyfriend!!! HE KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!
MuzicMuzic88 (9 years ago)
he is so fine
Chloe Lincoln (9 years ago)
Chloe Lincoln (9 years ago)
MAN I CAnt find this on limewire thanks for the upload
dashergirl13 (10 years ago)
And this wasn't on your album because...? Much better than the Timbaland remix!
thebargster (10 years ago)
he is, its called aggressive/beginning. its supposed to drop in a couple months
Robert B (10 years ago)
tank, that doesn't sound very R'n B
Star Forward (10 years ago)
I want to see this dude in concert!!! I swear he is beast, period. I never knew that MH had this song ... I got the album with the remix and I had to replace it with this song. I love it.
sexgd4evar (11 years ago)
this song makes me hot
bigmohen (11 years ago)
tank is tight . his new album aint that good and that's pretty suck . his old albums are tight .

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