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Potential Bad Boy - You're Mine [Feat. Yush]

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Potential Bad Boy - You're Mine [Feat. Yush] - You're Mine / Terror To Your Ears Zglorbaff Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zglorbaff/110786202354535 COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: If you don't want your song to be on my channel, send me a private message and I will remove it by all means, PLEASE DO NOT JUST REPORT MY CHANNEL
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Text Comments (60)
Nathan Pullen (1 month ago)
Someone take me back to year 10 in school sipping mad dog 2020 wit a resin zoot in the hand and skanking the summer holidayz away 😂
Leo Bless (5 months ago)
This song was played 7 times at a party this year 2019. Gwarn Potential Bad bloodclart boy!!
cc s (6 months ago)
EDM Producer (9 months ago)
Who sang the reggae version of this?
Christopher Lumbreras (1 year ago)
Ravi Bhojwani (1 year ago)
Mr Burns (1 year ago)
Was the soundtrack to the first innovation in the sun.what memories 18 years old rushing my tits off all week 👌🏼👌🏼
Yes man, this one
Chris Marsh (1 year ago)
J Boy (2 years ago)
Summer is comingggggg
M N (2 years ago)
If this song doesn't put a smile on your face, you have no face
Ben Twyning (2 years ago)
I dont care what anybody says, it has to be said that England do make the best music around
Timothy Lyes-Robinson (19 days ago)
Takuya Ogawa it is.
Timothy Lyes-Robinson (19 days ago)
Ben Twyning we do😉😎
Ed Porter (7 months ago)
Agreed, from Atlanta.
Takuya Ogawa (9 months ago)
true, i swear garage is UK tho ?
ncshuriken (1 year ago)
UK is the home of pretty much all the biggest digital music genres except Garage & AFAIK House which we adapted from their foundations and made our own take on it but what matters is we all get to spread that shit around the world, wherever it comes from, whoever made it first, all that really matters is we propagate the sound. Look at Dub & Reggae (started in Jamaica & UK), you can't hardly go anywhere in the world where theres not a Dub & Reggae scene these days, and thats how I like it! Worldwide!!
Leo Rocks (2 years ago)
BIG raas tune!!
Ross McGrath (2 years ago)
High Si (2 years ago)
Love my baby ,,, Si n jakkii. Bonnie n Clyde. I love youuuuuuuuu.
jakkii bourne (2 years ago)
Bonnie&Clyde RideTillWeDie 18/07/13
JOSHAAYBOII (2 years ago)
Saturday 6/8/16 Me and three others raving along to this track stuck in Thorpe Parks car park! Love this track!!
JOSHAAYBOII (2 years ago)
+Michael Fleckney it true beacsue its funny
Michael Fleckney (2 years ago)
+Josh Headland it's funny cause it's true
JOSHAAYBOII (2 years ago)
+Michael Fleckney YEEESSSS MAAAATE!!
Michael Fleckney (2 years ago)
Pahahaha can't get enough of this tune, we're gonna double the hits in no time
JOSHAAYBOII (2 years ago)
+Michael Fleckney No Waaay! ahahahaa
diego sales (3 years ago)
can anyone reccomend me more song like this or something like this?
Dean Ludlow (7 months ago)
Chopstick dubplate. Born on road, Kelvin 373
james lane (2 years ago)
diego sales shy fx
Auspicious (3 years ago)
check out benny page and maduk both dnb djs just different styles, one is the jungle sound the others the liquid :)
Ben Cadler (3 years ago)
fuckinl love potential badboy tracks!!!BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!
Wesley I'oeuille (3 years ago)
Pistol1783 (3 years ago)
2 fools dislike this
heather lander (3 years ago)
I have both digital download on my phone and cd for at home
Pistol1783 (3 years ago)
Wicked I'm guessing you have it on cd or digital? I wish they would still press vinyl i would grab it right away but I'm still going to buy the cd for sure
heather lander (3 years ago)
Yes I know have a copy
Pistol1783 (3 years ago)
Lol yes they do, just in case you didn't know the new potential badboy album is really good
heather lander (3 years ago)
+Pistol1783 they need shooting in my book
Mr 10 / 10 (3 years ago)
still goin innnnn!!
Oscar Stewart (3 years ago)
absolute long shot but the intro reminds me of another banger, not sure if its dnb but its feels like a bate tune - think its the repetative snare, its got some nice vocals
Craig Shaw (2 years ago)
It could be Q project -champion sound (alliance remix)
Oscar Stewart (3 years ago)
+Oscar stewart packe +same or similar chord sequence
akindele13 (8 months ago)
2004/2005 last great period in Jungle/D&B for me. i remember bugging Bailey to playing this when he came to DC
Kolendo (3 years ago)
+akindele13 So true, but from this era I think Diary of a Digital Soundboy is my all-time favourite dnb LP.
remydee123 (3 years ago)
jheeeeeeez when the pills gots you loving eveeeeryboday
sleezy (1 year ago)
fuck pills n shit bro smoke ganja
MarkAH29 (3 years ago)
who doesnt like this tune??? Sum new age never grew up with d&b dubstep cock suck lolz
Rashidah Muhammad (3 years ago)
Such a banger😎😎😎
Jade Smith (4 years ago)
The memories!
James Toyne (4 years ago)
Got the love for this track and always did ... ez
the7thfirm (5 years ago)
what this guy said!
Jbreggs7 (5 years ago)
Adam Paul Gregory (5 years ago)
With you there daddy
DJSTANKDADDY (5 years ago)
This track reminds me of good fuckin' times!
Jamie Geezer (11 months ago)
Too right! 👍😎💪👊🍻👏
Kjell Duracell (6 years ago)
Love this song <3
GutterSlime420 (6 years ago)

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