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Is the Gender Pay Gap Real?

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In which John examines the complex and tangled question of the gender wage gap, and looks at some of the reasons why women who work full time are paid less than men who work full time. Sources: The pay gap increases as workers age, and there is a pay gap across all education and experience levels and in almost all professions. Also, the pay gap is larger for women of color, across all education and experience levels: http://www.aauw.org/files/2015/02/The-Simple-Truth_Spring-2015.pdf The size of the gender pay gap depends on how you calculate it, but discrimination is a big factor in the pay gap: http://blog.dol.gov/2012/06/07/myth-busting-the-pay-gap/ and http://www.jec.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/9118a9ef-0771-4777-9c1f-8232fe70a45c/compendium---sans-appendix.pdf The gender wage gap for MBA graduates increases over time: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-10-20/the-real-cost-of-an-mba-is-different-for-men-and-women Women's pay goes down on average relative to men once there are kids in a family; men's pay goes up. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/five-myths-about-the-gender-pay-gap/2014/07/25/9e5cff34-fcd5-11e3-8176-f2c941cf35f1_story.html A really interesting, nuanced interview with an economist who studies the gender pay gap: http://freakonomics.com/2016/01/07/the-true-story-of-the-gender-pay-gap-a-new-freakonomics-radio-podcast/ The wage gap won't close at this rate until 2056: http://www.iwpr.org/publications/pubs/the-gender-wage-gap-2012/ An analysis of the role race plays in the gender wage gap: http://www.aauw.org/research/the-simple-truth-about-the-gender-pay-gap/ The gender wage gap is 10 cents in New Zealand, and 37 cents in South Korea: http://www.oecd.org/gender/data/genderwagegap.htm The exhaustive and at times exhausting wikipedia article about the gender wage gap: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_pay_gap_in_the_United_States In the U.S. (and most countries), most unpaid work is done by women: http://www.oecd.org/gender/data/balancingpaidworkunpaidworkandleisure.htm There's a pay gap among librarians, and male librarians are disproportionately likely to become directors: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2014/07/careers/payday-lj-salary-survey-2014/#_ and http://www.ala.org/research/librarystaffstats/diversity/libdirectors Great overall information (if a limited data set) from payscale: http://www.payscale.com/data-packages/gender-pay-gap/job-type ---- Subscribe to our newsletter! http://nerdfighteria.com/newsletter/ And join the community at http://nerdfighteria.com http://effyeahnerdfighters.com Help transcribe videos - http://nerdfighteria.info John's twitter - http://twitter.com/johngreen John's tumblr - http://fishingboatproceeds.tumblr.com Hank's twitter - http://twitter.com/hankgreen Hank's tumblr - http://edwardspoonhands.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (16784)
Matthew Roeszler (19 minutes ago)
if women can get paid less (which is illegal) why don't they hire just women and have hundreds of thousands more profit?
N1C0L4Sisafrog (7 hours ago)
just have no moms and two dads lol
UndertaleSkeleBros (1 day ago)
the issue isnt that there isnt some disparity but its saying that that disparity is somehow sexist its not and heres why The earnings gap that appears is 1: not that big and 2: not sexist, the gender pay gap does not take into account allot of things such as langth of time working at said company, schooling gotten before employment, experience gotten before employment, hours worked(men on average work longer hours), vacation days taken, fighting for that higher wage, company you work for and all that leads to, yes men on average make more, but men on average tend to work longer hours in the week, taken less time off in the year, fight harder for pay incresses, work more dangrous jobs, and tend to be more likely to go for STEM fields in school women on average tend to work less hours then men, tend to take more time off then men especially is they are expecting parents, tend to be more compliant with fighting for higher wages, tend to work lower paying but generally safer jobs, and tend to CHOOSE not to go after stem degrees this all combined leads to men on average getting paid more, cause women and men make different choices in the life they choose to live it is not sexist
awesomedude123 Davis (2 days ago)
Also it is proven that women tend to take more time off and that means that they don't get as many paid hours as men
koda malamute (3 days ago)
You have a way better chance to get into a good college if ur a woman/ of color
Jer Bee (4 days ago)
Say it with me folks—Having a child (or children) is a choice. It is not something that gets forced into anyone regardless of whether or not there's familial/social pressure present in the scenario. IF you are not ready to have children, DO NOT HAVE children. IF you wanna focus on your career first before starting a family, FOCUS ON YOUR CAREER FIRST. People often leave out the concepts of agency and personal responsibility in these discussions, opting instead to focus on fabricated power structures that make it "impossible" for them to choose the option that they really want to choose. Also, with regards to the "saddling women up with most of the unpaid work", you would have to be some upper middle class or upper class person to even take into account gender roles when providing for your family. The fact of the matter is that whoever makes a larger hourly wage (or annual salary) HAS TO BE THE ONE who works while the other person in the relationship takes care of the kids. We do not have the luxury of picking and choosing who gets to work and who doesn't based on someone's gender because there are bills to pay and children to raise. IF you make more money than your partner and you are able to work, you should go work.
TUNUPDITING (4 days ago)
cant stand hearing this ass hole sim
Boneamps (5 days ago)
Answer to the title of the Video: No. The gender pay gap is not real. Learn probability and statistics (even the wikipedia article will do) and you'll understand.
carlindelco (7 days ago)
You mentioned something that is antithetical to family destroying the family structure me go out into the harsh environment and women stay home division of duties Everybody wins It will NEVER be even as long ans men are men working overtime and taking riskier jobs and women having babies and taking lower paying but an education that has longer shelf life then tech which go into more and stay continuously employed
Hefty Alan (7 days ago)
Reconciliation of gender pay gap = choice.
Bruce Lindman (8 days ago)
Sorry, continued fail. You still don't understand the pay gap. Full time is a considered to be just 35 hours per week. Unexplained <> discrimination. There is no pay gap. Keep trying....
Conquintzy (10 days ago)
What do you call a female rapper? 77 Cent
Leigh C. (11 days ago)
Wage gap is not a myth but more nuanced and not just a result of sexism, chauvinism or the patriarchy. There is definitely a child penalty for women who choose to have kids. Also on average I think women feel less sure of themselves and therefore do not always seek higher positions or demand their fair market value as much as men.
Andrew Rudy (11 days ago)
One of the many things you're still missing is that smaller discrepancy is still not necessarily attributable to bias. It could be perception. If one employee works overtime every week and another leaves right at 5, the one with longer hours may not just get paid overtime but also a pay boost for their attitude and commitment. As well they should.
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D Solis (12 days ago)
You are not taking into account personality type. There is a certain type of personality that makes you choose to be a librarian, and there is another personality type that makes you Manager of the library. The former is overly represented in women but the later is overly represented in men. The likelihood to have a certain personality type is linked to biological reasons, as far as we know now.
Andrew Rudy (12 days ago)
I live with a bunch of guys and guess what, we ALL spend very little time doing labor at home. Our house is messy and we don't care. It works just fine. It's almost like the reason guys do less house work is because that doesn't matter to them. Women do more because they want things neat and tidy. I would put money down that the unpaid labor Gap is also about choices. I don't think women HAVE to do that work. They would just feel uncomfortable living with the standards that most guys live with.
KNOCEANMUSIC (15 days ago)
So it's an EARNINGS gap. Gotcha.
Vinicyus Anchieta (16 days ago)
If I had seen this video 3 years ago I would have fallen for it. Thank God Jordan Peterson brought us the truth.
Beeba Swan (16 days ago)
The question on my mind is not if there is one , but why would there be one?.
Luke R (16 days ago)
So you said yourself, the main reason for the disparity is societal and women take on more unpaid roles and take time off work for motherhood. Why then are companies being forced to report their "gender pay gap" data and pressured to place women in higher roles (regardless of being the best suited person for the role) when the problem is societal and shared unpaid roles should be encouraged through government policy?
The gender pay gap is primarily caused by most women taking the easiest jobs with the shortest hours. Women tend to work less and have care focused jobs, thus they get paid less than most men.
Rani Sun (18 days ago)
If women are paid less, shouldn't organisations be hiring more women?
Tiff 182 (18 days ago)
This ain't it
ooDirtyMickoo (19 days ago)
this video never mentions *genetic difference*
ooDirtyMickoo (19 days ago)
isnt there iq distribution differences between men and women at large, like couldn't that be an explanation for the 4 to 8% disparity. like men are slightly more likely to be geniuses and far more likely to be forbes top 500 earners which may skew results.
BeFirm BeFair667 (20 days ago)
How would you respond to my concern: That the left in America, which is the culture of the public square, is using an extreme version of the argument to advance social policy?
hairythe tablefry (20 days ago)
Men have always done the harder (and higher paying) work since the beginning of time. It has nothing to do with systemic discrimination, it's just evolution. If you have a problem with it then sue biology
TIB1973 (20 days ago)
So, pay women for their non job, non pay hours?  Ok, so if I am single and do all that stuff myself should the company pay me more?   Cleaning and house chores is a marriage/relationship issue not an employer or pay issue.
Steven Lengenfelder (21 days ago)
I can handle 4-8%. That seems more then fair. Matter of fact until divorce laws are EQUAL and millions of men dont go into financial poverty paying alimony, child support and getting held hostage I believe the pay gap should be 50%. Unexplained. Until they can explain how the family court system is fair. No I don't have children. Just seen many men destroyed by women. Oh, and let's bring up lost productivity by women getting pregnant. Less time to dedicate to work. Less logical brains. Weaker. Less intelligent on average. #metoo work accusations. Just not worth it to hire a woman. That's real talk.
Black Bull (23 days ago)
A "simps" reasoning for the wage gap. There is no wage gap. I need to see the numbers of an organization or occupation that pays a man and woman different wages in which they work the same hours and have the same responsibilities within their occupation.
Mrigank (24 days ago)
Joseph Young (24 days ago)
Wow SciShow.... Slow down on clones.
Alfrado Rheaume (25 days ago)
I could listen to this man's voice for hours
Layton .J (27 days ago)
Jordan Peterson. *The Debate Has Ended*
Arzoo Singh (27 days ago)
The question is how you calculate it ? Put this as a simple question lets say a man and women Joins a Company with same expertise are they given different salary ? As in You are men you get 10,000 more then women or since you are promoted as CEO as women you get less .. So, where is the Wage Gap? Maybe in sports. Maybe in Media . Whenever a question is raised be unbiased be a men and women and ask the question as in a specific one ? Can you please explain this gender gap ,how the calculation is made? Understanding that there are some issue and as neutral man and women that should be addressed but things should be seen in right and unbiased manner and balanced manner be it man or women as we are all equal .
Joey Streety (1 month ago)
Women with color dont make as much because 55% of single black mothers live in poverty
Joey Streety (25 days ago)
+DolphinsWIthIgloos definetly
DolphinsWIthIgloos (26 days ago)
Being single and being a mother is definitely a path to poverty.
SilverflameYoshi83 (1 month ago)
My sister went and said the pay gap is real since workers are too scared to say what they make. She said that she made two dollars more than a male coworker and it's easy for companies to get away with this since no one says what they make, I'm not political so I just go and hear from both sides and see what they think. I'm not well informed enough to have a debate on the topic.
Eric Sidewater (1 month ago)
Disproportionate is such a ambiguous term used to imply that it's unfair
Mira Tarnish (1 month ago)
Ok, so basically the pay gap needs to be relabelled and people need to put a bit more thought into solutions? Basically, unlike how it is usually described, it is actually based not on employers simply paying women less for the exact same job, but of the higher paying employers preferring men? And the added factor of housework being considered unpaid work. My thoughts are that we women need to work hard to break into the high paying careers to close the gap. If we are naturally equal to men in every way, we should be able to work just as well in the same jobs. We could ask the world to adjust for us, or we could work hard to bring all women up to the level of equality. There may be unfair boundaries in the way, but at least it would be more respectable to overcome those than ask for them to be removed. Especially if it's up for debate whether they are even real boundaries or not.
Jgeezzy88 (1 month ago)
You guys are so damn far left.
whatever (1 month ago)
+Jgeezzy88 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkTz_4RInf0 in this vid 7:58 to 8:22 and 10:06 to 10:30 you will have your answer and i recommend to watch the entire vid and you try to debunk it
Jgeezzy88 (1 month ago)
+ganeshrvgk how do you think?
ganeshrvgk (1 month ago)
+Jgeezzy88 hey dude moderates now are 1990s conservatives
Jgeezzy88 (1 month ago)
+ganeshrvgk obama is not on the right. politicians are not trending towards the right. dude, literally 5 years ago, obama and lead democrats were calling for a wall.
ganeshrvgk (1 month ago)
Your wrong here's why Obama is on the right polticans are very going right far a moderate now is on the right this guy is a centrist or a bit left
Wheeler 2218 (1 month ago)
If you're not going to do a job by job comparison, then your research is useless.
CobbleKing (1 month ago)
Very true
r1me (1 month ago)
There is no such thing. Not here. Not in the USA. Not anywhere. If a man and a woman do the exact same job they will get the exact pay.
Michael Davis (1 month ago)
"There's no reason for the social order to saddle women with most of the world's unpaid work." Most of the women I know generally enjoy care taking and doing unpaid work. So I don't believe that society is forcing women to make these choices. The question shouldn't be "Why do women do most of the unpaid work?" but instead be "Why don't we as a society value and respect unpaid work as much as we do paid work?"
BILL PAXTON (1 month ago)
Women work less hours and easier jobs so why shouldnt they take care of more of the house work? You also didnt mention women are happier being at home and raising children.
Jason Mulligan (1 month ago)
My girlfriend says it’s not a thing....she needs a youtube channel I guess....
Jason Mulligan (1 month ago)
77 cents to the dollar. A mere ratio. Now how many more men are working?
Aryan Hegde (1 month ago)
Your an idiot, with no apostrophe
Jeremy John (1 month ago)
Why the f is this propaganda on my recommended?
iAidanugget (1 month ago)
Has everyone just forgotten about the Equal Pay Act of 1963 signed by John F. Kennedy?
Crestfire (1 month ago)
Gender gap is false. The lowest paying college majors like art, music, philosophy have more female graduates than men. The highest paying college majors like engineering, finance, medicine have more male graduates than women.
XxShrekLover68xX (1 month ago)
Disgusting how you can make a six minute video and not even bring up the ogre wage gap once. Of course you wouldn't dare make and comments about how hard it is to be an ogre in today's society, you uncultured swine. Disliked.
HM Kim (1 month ago)
0:23 um...that went well....
Blake Ross (1 month ago)
LOJIK (1 month ago)
No it is not real
david downey (1 month ago)
This is like watching Mr. Rogers inviting me to join a pyramid scheme. I love you so much you credible cute ball of wonderful, will you please stop saying crazy shit?
Now he's somewhat right the pay gap is also cause of there choices in there work
kalvie mutapi (1 month ago)
when you started taking statistics as a whole world thats where you lost your credibility for me cus each nations are much different
Blake Ross (1 month ago)
He had a chart showing the differences between countries really early on in the video...
Travelcrip (1 month ago)
For someone I thought relatively intelligent you can't think clearly on the issue.
Andrew Van Sickle (1 month ago)
so you claim the wage gap is very real, but then explain why women make less on average, leaving only 4-8% to genuine sexism? if women made that 4-8% more, eliminating the discrimination, they would still complain even though the real reasons women make less are presented.
Sam Fuller (1 month ago)
Housework is not work unless it's your job and you get paid to do it for others. There are plenty of people who don't do housework and they live in a squalor. When a man works on his car on the weekend, he isn't doing unpaid mechanic work, he is fixing his car because he enjoys it. When women spend hours cleaning the house, generally it's because they enjoy having a clean house. Playing with your kids isn't unpaid babysitting either.
DKBlaze (1 month ago)
You lost my respect today.
Blake Ross (1 month ago)
Why? What he said is essentially the same as a lot of academic literature, which use the Oaxaca–Blinder decomposition to determine unexplained differences in wage. Did you find an issue with those methods? If so, I'd like to know because I am supposed to use the Oaxaca - Blinder in one of my classes
vic demize (1 month ago)
Unless some company has released payroll information that a man and a woman doing the exact same job with the Same education and experience are paid differently based on gender then you only have a theory. It is intellectually dishonest to take all women and all men and say women make less than men on average. You don't pay the stewardess the same as the pilots, or pay the nurses the same as the dr's and then suggest their is a gender pay gap in these scenarios. Hope this video helped you get laid though👍
vic demize (1 month ago)
It is complex. No way either of us will convince the other in this setting or any other to be honest. These is plenty of information available on you tube and elsewhere to validate my opinion, and most of that is based on the argument that you don't have all the information so you don't have proof. It is against the law to do what you are suggesting, and I don't see any CEO's going to jail, so you have just an opinion and cant prove anything. You have an opinion just like me, but the burden of proof is on you and your side. There is no way possible for you to find all the information it would take to prove an issue as complex as this one. Therefore I think you were told you are a victim and you took the bait. I think this is far more damaging to women than explaining why there is differences between men and women. Not that 1 is smarter or works harder, but that we choose different careers when free to do so. So back to my original point unless some business has released all their financial information publically and you can prove a man and a woman who have the same education, same experience, same yrs of service, work the same number of hrs, and are paid differently based on gender than you have nothing. People far smarter than me have spent careers looking into this, and all they have are assumptions, and people just regurgitate it without honestly hearing any counter point. I'm not suggesting that is you, I'm sure you are a strong, brilliant person. I just don't have any sympathy for excuses that cant be validated. Thanks for trying to remain civil within a complex issue. We will just agree to disagree.
Jelle Van Eijk (1 month ago)
​ vic demize you're sure? good for you for asking your dr how much she gets paid. I think to determine who is actually right, the information in your comments is not necessarily all that matters (although it's amazing that you find that you somehow put more in yours), what matters more is that you engage with the points that other people make, can you engage with the idea that it's actually possible to spot trends if you study something with advanced statistical knowledge (rather than halfly engaging with the joke I made) and by compensating for factors that people use to diminish the claims you make. Or can you at least show which of these various studies that are in the video description are intelletually dishonest and comparing nurses to doctors? (rather than looking at people with the same education, job etc. and still showing that there is definitive discrimination in the workforce). ps. I agree with how you raise your children but that has nothing to do with whether or not there is a gender bias in the system.
vic demize (1 month ago)
Lol. Glad I offended you. Winners find a way and losers find an excuse. I didn't say all men are pilots, I've just never seen a woman pilot. I have a female dr and I'm sure she makes just as much as the Male drs In The practice. I don't remember insinuating I was an intellectual, but I did put more information in my comment than you did so we will let the readers decide. If you act like a victim you will be treated like 1. I don't want that for my daughter.
Jelle Van Eijk (1 month ago)
I like how you think that sexism doesn't exist and then explain it by referring to men as pilots and women as stewardesses as well as saying men are are doctors and women nurses. These studies look at a big number of cases and actually look at the education levels and experience as well, they then look at a trend that is common across multiple companies and see that there is consistency in the way women get paid less than men, if you don't understand econometrics or that it is possible to exclude variables from eachother, don't try to act like a fucking intellectual
FinnishCunt (1 month ago)
4:34 Men are more likely to ask for a raise/to be higher
HowToDrawEmAll (1 month ago)
Women pay for about 0% of the dates.
TheReactor8 (1 month ago)
Imbacil. It to hard to fight either evil or ignorant propaganda. The pay gap is already debunked: Woman earn more in the US until she is 26 years old. Yes a reversed pay gap. You can check this it isnt hard. This guy is a lying SOB.
Blake Ross (27 days ago)
Jelle Van Eijk hahaha
Jelle Van Eijk (27 days ago)
+Blake Ross well in his defence, it is very hard to manufacture evidence
Blake Ross (1 month ago)
+Jelle Van Eijk I feel like we're not going to get any haha
Blake Ross (1 month ago)
Do you have any sources for that?
Jelle Van Eijk (1 month ago)
where is the proof?
Justin Worboys (1 month ago)
Very well researched... Too bad this makes you alt-right now.
William WINSOR (1 month ago)
Would this not mean that it is more of an earnings gap not pay gap?
Mikey Mic (1 month ago)
sebek2242 (1 month ago)
It seems complicated only because everybody is afraid to mention the elephant in the room. Men on average are better at almost everything compared to average female.
Joshua Traffanstedt (1 month ago)
Should a male logger (the most dangerous profession in the united states) make the same as a female office worker? Nope.
Julian Hans Halbeisen (1 month ago)
bs. Don't you think a smart man like Elon Musk would only hire black women to safe a lot of money ?
Ece Ceyda Yenel (1 month ago)
there is gender gap everywhere
Princess Emerald (1 month ago)
Because employers pay women less. Female dominated careers are automatically viewed as less important.
TheTurinturumbar (1 month ago)
Actually, gender discrimination is a crime and the companies are innocent until proven guilty so no, you can't just say it's because of discrimination. You actually have to prove it.
Benjamin Kelble (1 month ago)
Females, on average, also spend way more than 16% of any given guy's money. So....
ScoopDogg1867 (1 month ago)
Yes! In porn women get paid a lot more than men
Kylie Chappel (2 months ago)
It's disheartening that people are willing to ignore the entire video, facts, and actual contributors to the wage gap just to distinguish themselves as anti-radical-feminism. It's not propaganda that some women choose low-paying careers, and often work paid jobs less in order to care for children. It's not propaganda that women are often overlooked for supervising positions. It's not propaganda that working mothers are discriminated against by being offered lower wages than male applicants with the same exact resume. Those are facts supported by actual studies. What IS propaganda is holding to your unfounded beliefs in the face of facts, and then spreading it around using logical fallacies in the comment section of YouTube.
Kylie Chappel (26 days ago)
+Blake Ross You'll have to let me know what you find. Either way, the results will be interesting!
Blake Ross (27 days ago)
+Kylie Chappel No worries at all! I am actually supposed to test for a gender wage gap in one of my classes and I'm going to control for managerial status. I know! I feel the same way. It's really too bad because it's actually a problem and dismissing it as "propaganda" or a "myth" only makes it worse. I really didn't expect the comment section on one of vlogbrothers videos to be like this. Haha I guess not. I don't even think most of them care about sources if it goes against what they already believe. Although I did see one guy was quite upset because John put a Wikipedia link in the description along with his other references.
Kylie Chappel (1 month ago)
+Blake Ross Thank you! I had no idea that some studies had a control when it came to status, thanks for letting me know, I'll have to look at them. Honestly, I don't expect much logical thought from YouTube comments, but I am saddened to see that one of the more educated corners of the internet is so wrapped up in fake news. Not to mention... Does anyone really think that the man who (partially) runs CrashCourse doesn't know what a legitimate source is? CrashCourse, the channel they show in high school and college as a source of real education? I'm astounded.
Blake Ross (1 month ago)
Really nicely said! It's really too bad that your comment hasn't gotten more attention. A lot of studies control for occupation and managerial status, and still find that a significant gender wage gap. It's so frustrating when the comment section is filled with uneducated opinions.
Julian (2 months ago)
There is a janitorial pay gap too, janitors get payed %5-%15 percent what doctors get payed. That is literally the same as the gender pay gap. Women don't work as much overtime as men, nor do they go into fields with higher pay. It's fundamentally women's choices that create a "pay gap" women want men who make as much money as possible, and men want sexual access to women to increase their sexual market value men must raise their income.
Lavender Huang (2 months ago)
JEB BY (2 months ago)
There is a gender pay gap. But that is simply due to the difference in Genders. Yes, the two real Genders not the mental genders.
mikeincatford1 (2 months ago)
Get on public transport at 5:30 am and 11:00 pm there will be 80-100% men going to and coming back from work.
bebbalex (2 months ago)
So by “unpaid hours” you mean the time a woman spends on housework or taking care of their own children? I’m so glad you didn’t host Crash Course Economics.
david Kells (2 months ago)
Thank you! I will inform my female employer That she must now pay me to Clean my house (plus super)
Ruairidh McMillan (2 months ago)
Our society does not unilaterally construct gender. You aknowledge divergencies in choice and then select sociological factors as the standalone influence which shapes human behaviour. You're omitting factors, why? Politics? That isn't conducive to anyone's benefit, especially women.
Lets get this straight. The pay gap IS real, but its not about discrimination. For instance, you said men DON’T work more hours than women, but you are also counting the hours of unpaid “work” that women take part in WHICH REALLY ISN’T WORK! So that lowers the amount of hours women work, since it really isn’t apart of any sort of job, meaning we are closer to the amount of money women “really deserve”. Now lets get to the jobs that women tend to work in. Women tend to work domestic service jobs, while men tend to work blue collar jobs. You can go ahead and take an easy guess as to which one pays more. First of all, the average annual salary statistics between male and females don’t even take into account the hours worked or jobs/positions worked in the first place, so there is no point in assuming any of that. Every time someone makes an argument about the pay gap being based on discrimination, they miss one or two facts about the statistics and it completely invalidates what they are saying. You could also say “well it doesn’t help that social norms exist so that explains why women work so many ‘unpaid work hours’”, but clearly if people cared so much about social norms in the first place they would be gone by now. Once people realize a social norm isn’t, well, normal, then it is no longer a norm. Simple stuff people. The pay gap is based on life choices, not discrimination.
pfb03 (2 months ago)
No one ever seems to consider that women's sexual options don't correlate much with the money they earn, whereas a man's sexual options strongly correlates to how much money he earns. Maybe that is a driver of motivation or lack there of.
michael einhorn (2 months ago)
even the word wage gap is a lie. its an income gap, that doesn't even account for hours worked.
michael einhorn (2 months ago)
3:23 who is suppossed to pay for this work why would anyone expect to be payed for work they do for themselves. This is the sense of entitlement behind wage gap protests. It is a protest against personal responsibility. the pay gap is not a complex question. A simple statistic of a multivar analysis can do it. Its not a fuzzy issue. every single factor added to this analysis shrinks the divide. factoring in personality specifically agreeability (likelyhood to ask for raise) shrinks it to almost zero. There is debate over whether the difference in agreeability is natural or societal, but even if it is societal the blame falls squarely on parents (possibly public schools), NOT employers.
Dakota Church (2 months ago)
You wanted not to stir up debate, but all the people in the comments have been indoctrinated to not believe evidence and proof if it doesn't line up with what they want. I also like how many of them are completely misrepresenting some of your arguments, like the one about the disproportionate amount of household work based on stereotypical gender roles. The comments on this video are trash, and proof of why we need more education.
Blake Ross (1 month ago)
OsamaBin NuggetMan (2 months ago)
GOD (2 months ago)
*if you had a friend who works harder than someone else. Would you pay that person more?*
Hexed Hero (2 months ago)
I’m sorry, you’re a very bright man and very educational but anything controversial you should just stay out of to save your reputation. You’re only stirring up drama and feeding the fire. I’m sorry but there will always be a pay gap. You do a good job at trying to be unbiased but everyone will see bias in something so complicated and controversial. You do a good job at explaining your views but for a man of your caliber I’m saddened to hear this from you. go look at a construction site, I can guarantee that there isn’t a single woman there, and if there is, she’s the architect. And when a woman enters a field that is dominated by men, yes they’re paid less because the quality of work isn’t expected to be as good. But the same works the other way around, a man is usually worse in the veterinarian field. This field is dominated by women and when men enter this field they are usually paid less because the quality of work is expected to be less of that than a woman’s.
Jack Kemp (2 months ago)
You established that women make choices that take time way from work, especially if they have families. Yet when it comes to being hired less or hired for lower paying jobs you ignore what you already established and assume that the employers choices are made out of discrimination 5:22 against woman and mothers created by "our social order and how we *construct* gender." Considering that it's so natural to see women as the victim when the causes of the gaps aren't clear, isn't that evidence of "systemic bias" in favor of women.
Christian Dilger (2 months ago)
Tried to explain how there is no pay gap and he got mad and told me there is with no evidence. He doesn't change his mind about anything lol.
Paul (2 months ago)
Wow those comments listed at the begining of the video, it's good to know there weren't any reasoned criticisms with correctly place apostrophes posted in reply to your earlier video.
Floyd Mullins (2 months ago)
Then I have a question. Mentioned was the unpaid labor that women do. I thought having children was their choice, so now they need money for their choices? Also, if women were to get paid for that labor and the man does half wouldn't mean he still would be paid more? Just using the feminist logic. He would need to get paid as well. Equality.
Jordan (2 months ago)
Oh yeah, the completely made up wage gap, what about the very real work place death and suicide gaps?
Jordan (2 months ago)
Sad to see such a successful and popular man so misled. Wake up.
Pudding (2 months ago)
weather the pay gap is real or not depends on how you define it. if you say that women are paid less for the same job for the same hours, that is wrong. If you say that the pay gap is just the difference in overall earnings between men and women, then it does exist.
Unknown_Pringle69 (2 months ago)
Men statistically do work more hours actually......
Tenti Ninjai (2 months ago)
You say women do unpaid work, but you're really not considering the fact that a stay at home wife has access to the wages the working husband makes. So if you take into account that a family mans wages is to be split between a number of people, with the line of logic you're taking here we could also argue that men don't really make as much as you're saying they do because they're supporting a number of different people with it. It only seems fair to mention this if you want to put so much emphasis on 'unpaid' work even though they have access to the wages their partners earn and spend a lot of it on clothes, make-up and other female products..

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