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The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty 1947 Trailer

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A re-imagining of the 2013 film trailer using footage from the 1947 version of the film.
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Text Comments (90)
_atp3417 _ (1 month ago)
On my NJSLA test
Axel Wolstenholme (1 month ago)
Oh cool, the whole clip or just a short segment of it?
Joel Mitchell (1 month ago)
Wanted to reat the book Saw it was 32 pages
Pooja Menon (2 months ago)
This clip is in NJSLA
irfanimp (6 months ago)
stupid music
Мarcelo Reyes (8 months ago)
Como puedo ver esta pelicula completa
Мarcelo Reyes (11 months ago)
Quisiera ver esta pelicula en español es muy bonita
LegalizadoGamer (1 year ago)
Darboiux (1 year ago)
Whats with the soundtrack ??????????????????
Michael Amanfo (4 months ago)
Monsters of men
Axel Wolstenholme (1 year ago)
Patrick Darby McClintock hi, I edited this trailer in the same style as the new remake with the same music and similar cuts. Hope that answers your question :)
Julia Aleksandra (1 year ago)
WHERE OH WHERE can I find the 1947 version?? I've seen the 2013 remake but THIS looks utterly amazing! Could someone tell me where to find it please?
Powered by Moonlight (1 year ago)
No i wanna see the original walter mitty film version!
Adolfo Auditore (2 years ago)
like si eres un soñador como el......... jejeje
fly2breath (2 years ago)
Why does his airplane has swastikas on the side???
Axel Wolstenholme (2 years ago)
q2breath there is a swastika for every nazi plane he has destroyed.
Dennis Ross IV (3 years ago)
Inspires me every time i watch it. :)
John Doe (3 years ago)
This is amazing man great job.
staboogie031 (3 years ago)
I AM Walter Mitty.. ;)
VanillaLimeCoke (3 years ago)
You killed it with that modern rock music.
Adrin Guinn (2 years ago)
VanillaLimeCoke frustrated the shit out of me too. i had 3 millennials here and was excited to show them the clip as none had even heard of it... oh well... lol
johnarcheus (3 years ago)
btw, this isnt the actual trailer. its fan-made. you can see in the end it says "2013" in small letters
johnarcheus (3 years ago)
@tedbash sorry, description was edited and changed after my comment, it used to not say anything. sorry for the misunderstanding
tedbash (3 years ago)
+johnarcheus You are truly intelligent and able to read the description.
johnarcheus (3 years ago)
@A Sierra thank you i know.
johnarcheus (3 years ago)
he's hallucinating... i thought, from the new movie, that walter supposed to just have a great realistic imagination, but from here, you can clearly see that he's a hallucinating mental.
John Carnes (1 year ago)
Different movies, different characters.
Kurly Kam (3 years ago)
Brilliant trailer. I love what you've done here!
amy clarke (3 years ago)
Great film ☺
mini cat of minecarft (3 years ago)
A Koala with Shades (4 years ago)
Sad thing is Walter Mitty in the 50s would be in reality locked up, drugged, and electro shocked in a mental 'hospital' and stuck in this cuckoo's nest until he died.
Arth Maindarkar (1 year ago)
No, not really...
Brian Rapp (4 years ago)
1960 to 1979 PHIL RAPP my hero del Mar grandaddy who wrote this 1946 movie the secret life of Walter nitty with Danny Kate and lovely virgiana mayo loved watching me Brian rapp Beverly high caption 1975 FOOTBALL and surfing teams state beach tower 18 the peak at sugarmans reef rules Phil drank primo beers around the fire pit 17 st and ocean frount our beach house with me and Marta hersh my del Mar surf girl we were so cal water baby's blonde long haired surf and fishing kids we. Love Sean Penn Malibu colony cool cat and Ben Stiler mahallo to Phil Rapp in Del Mar heaven and Marta hersh canyonlocalfilmscom save the Luau bamboo bar
Make Way (4 years ago)
Nazi aircraft caught at 1:20 lol
Gael Gendre (1 year ago)
Make Way it's not a Nazi aircraft. It's an English plane with Nazi symbols representing the number of Nazi airplanes it took down
Benny Marshell Tears (4 years ago)
What's the song name ??
LegalizadoGamer (1 year ago)
Benny Marshell Tears (4 years ago)
Oh I see , thnx :)
Sam Pon (4 years ago)
of monsters and men - dirty paws
Marie Takeda (4 years ago)
Sorry but the original is better.
Allie May (4 years ago)
I absolutely agree, I grew up watching the original- it was amazing.
Ishna (4 years ago)
You're not Axel Christmas!
brian vail (4 years ago)
Maybe, someday, a version true to James Thurber's short story will be made
johnarcheus (3 years ago)
+brian vail i hope not. it wasnt better than the new movie.
Patrick Grant (5 years ago)
that's awesome the new movie was really great!!!
corthew (5 years ago)
I love the point the new movie insisted on making. "Walter Mitty" is a term thrown around to suggest a dreamer who never accomplishes anything. But anyone who has every really known a Walter Mitty knows the its very much the reverse. The dreamers are the first ones on the moon or traveling faster than sound or light. They fight dragons while the rest of the world cowers in fear. The Walter Mitty's of the world are the ones most likely to save the baby in the burning building or to insist that faster than light travel is possible and this is how it can be done... Because they can already see it happening. When everyone else closes their eyes to the impossible, Walter Mitty finally opens his eyes and brings his dreams to life. "Ground control to Major Tom..."
Jacob Bodnovits (3 months ago)
Wrong Walter Mitty
Adamast (10 months ago)
That's what we dream and so much more jumping from one dream to the next.
Johnny C (1 year ago)
Or maybe I should take the literal meaning and get out of my comfort zone because there is no need to dissociate from life if is an adventure :) I'm thinking too much!!
Johnny C (1 year ago)
Yes that's nice. :) However, Walter Mitty is a daydreamer as a way to cope, it's like taking drugs except his mind is the dealer. The whole thing about him finally making those dreams a reality is not realistic for someone who actually does this. When Walter jumps into that helicopter, he completely change character into a man with experience and a drive to achieve fantastic things (that's really great, but I don't see him as Walter Mitty anymore). I think your message is great for the masses, but not for people with the condition (though it's not considered a diagnosable disorder). Life is beautiful enough as it is. I prefer to think that in the scenes where tracks down the photographer, he is actually coming to terms with his fantasies. He finally leaves those fantasies behind when he realizes that he is actually already a pretty great guy who deserves to take pride in his job and take a chance with the girl. So I think your interpretation of the latter half of the movie is great, people who envision a challenging goal for themselves should be encouraged, and those who achieve their dreams are inspirational. And I also agree that 'Walter Mitty's' aren't lazy people who are all talk and no do. Instead, I see them as people who daydream as a way to cope with insecurities, such as low self-esteem. I'm no expert, but I think a happy ending for them is to recognize everything those daydreams represent, can be found in their day to day life and pursuits.
jsilence418 (1 year ago)
corthew you're right about one thing, if you think man actually went to the moon, you are a dreamer.
freetobeme03 (5 years ago)
Danny Kaye FOREVER.
Allie May (4 years ago)
I am a big Danny Kaye fan- also loved him in The Inspector General!
Jacob Britton (5 years ago)
Wow dat was kinda sick! =D
alex flores (5 years ago)
never seen the original version....but the remake was absolutely amazing 
basket cas3 (29 days ago)
William J. Mendes don’t be stupid
Starhunter Terra (2 years ago)
He pulls it off actually. Obviously the original has a fresh first charm that remakes can never top.
William J. Mendes (4 years ago)
@alex flores  Can't top the original with Mr. Danny Kaye.  Ben Stiller......really??????   YAWN.
MsFoghat (5 years ago)
Orale, no sabia que ya existia esta peli. Gracias por el video
alejandro Vazquez (5 years ago)
name of song? please
蔡宜宸 (5 years ago)
Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men
J.N Turner (5 years ago)
Mike Ray (5 years ago)
I just watched the old Walter Mitty last night..... It was sooooooooo slow to switch scenes..... And i watch allot of old and new movies i bet the new one is 100% better, but you have to admit this one did have good acting, could not stand the singing parts!!! DX
William J. Mendes (4 years ago)
@Isaac James  Are you in a race or you watching a movie? There's plenty of humor and continuity in the original and the singing parts are ACTUALLY done without autotone or click tracs (  YIKES.... it's not fake. ) You got one thing right....thank GOD they race through the remake......Ben Stiller???????   YAWN.
snobbishnewt10 (5 years ago)
Lovely moving hybrid, so pefectly done.
AaronLens (5 years ago)
he's re imagining the new trailer. this is the music from the new trailer
John Larson (5 years ago)
I like.
IMnotFATbutUare (5 years ago)
why would you even change the soundtrack?
RioSuave451 (5 years ago)
top job. just love it
YTRulesFromNM (5 years ago)
What's with this terrible music?
I like it...
YoungNonsense (1 year ago)
YTRulesFromNM lmao, same thing i was wondering i couldnt even watch it.
GuyNamedJordan (5 years ago)
was hoping someone would do this. You have my thanks
Matt Carr (5 years ago)
Pause at 1:18. John Cena?
monkeyg333 (5 years ago)
Awesome job! I was skeptical when I first heard about the remake of Walter Mitty because I've always loved the original version but the new one actually looks like it's going to be pretty good.
J.R. Horsting (5 years ago)
nice. loved that movie.
Matches Malone (5 years ago)
you did a really great job man. props to you
Miguel Moreno (5 years ago)
Can you do this with the second trailer they released?
Generation Soundtrack (5 years ago)

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