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Harvard Study shows gender wage gap explained by work choices

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Harvard University deals another blow to the gender wage gap. ✔SUBSCRIBESTAR https://www.subscribestar.com/independent-man ✔IM SHOP: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/INDEPENDENTMAN ✔PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/IndependentMan ✔FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/IndependtMan ✔TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Independt_Man ✔MINDS https://www.minds.com/IndependentMan
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Independent Man (5 months ago)
Sources: Study: https://scholar.harvard.edu/files/bolotnyy/files/be_gendergap.pdf Article 1:https://fee.org/articles/harvard-study-gender-pay-gap-explained-entirely-by-work-choices-of-men-and-women/ Article 2: https://hotair.com/archives/2018/12/11/harvard-study-gender-wage-gap-result-differing-choices-made-men-women/ Wage Gap myth exposed by feminists: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/christina-hoff-sommers/wage-gap_b_2073804.html 2009 DOL report https://www.aei.org/publication/2009-dol-report-found-that-gender-wage-differences-are-explained-by-individual-choices-of-male-and-female-workers/
Rope (5 months ago)
Thank you! More ammo for me to send towards people who propagate this narrative! I'm Dutch and there have been several "studies" funded by women groups in my country. Most of them use averages over the ENTIRE workforce. They take no other considerations into account. Just look for these groups citing averages over the entire workforce and you can debunk their crap immediately. 1. Always look for cited studies. If there are none, toss them a comment requesting the studies they are citing. (This goes for anyone citing any kind of study to support their argument.) 2. In the study look for use averages across the entire workforce. Tell them averages mean nothing if you don't take preferences into account. 3. Consider the industries mentioned in the study and apply supply and demand rules for industry types. Higher amounts of workers in industries where there is low demand imply lower salaries. It is possible men just work in industries where there is high demand. Such as IT or industry in general. Which means higher salaries increasing the "average" across the entire population. 4. If there are no industries mentioned, tell them. Tell them to consider that it could be men favor industries matching their interest and that those industries might be full of high-paying jobs. Women might work in industries they favor yet those industries are full of low-paying jobs. Which you can't tell because the studies mention no industry-types. Personally I consider womens-groups to be trying to do the good thing. They just don't have any analytical background so they just pick and choose whatever supports their narrative. Eloquently destroying their non-sense won't make you come off as a misogynist because you're debating the cited studies. Not the activists goals.
Ciocan Cosmin (5 months ago)
Put it in the description as well, please
Scott Matthews (3 months ago)
It always comes down to personal choice, and therefore, personal responsibility. Choice, responsibility, hard work, and merit are the keys to success - NOT self-proclaimed victimization based on your genitalia.
Sanguine (4 months ago)
It almost seems like the less barriers you have, and the more free someone is, the more they make decisions based on their values and self interest..... 🙄
hooterville2 (4 months ago)
The truth is that if women really make .79 cents for every $1 men make than a LOT of women are being over paid.
great vid
DARRELL D (5 months ago)
Women always seem to make more for less....
Brother Bob (5 months ago)
Try telling a aussie woman she earns less than a man...😂😂😂 she will knock ya block off
Joshua Glass (5 months ago)
If girls are paid less, why aren’t they hired in every company. Would be cheaper for companies. And there you have the end to that question
EddieLivesOnLincoln (5 months ago)
Cool video, but I'm surprised you haven't been sued by Iron Maiden for your logo...
P Sher (5 months ago)
yeah or maybe math is just sexist.
Kristopher Hilton (5 months ago)
Ive argued with many people about this and they NEVER understand it. I also find in the cases I've seen like with my gf we worked together I made more because I worked harder and I made myself an asset so when it was time for a review I told them I wanted a raise or I would be leaving they made me the highest paid hourly employee in my dept.
John Robie (5 months ago)
“It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.” – Thomas Sowell
Jon Umine (5 months ago)
Inclusion through exclusion. "We *FEEL* women are paid less, so we *MUST* increase their wages" "We *FEEL* you're racist, so we're *Obligated* to be racist against you" "We *FEEL* oppressed, so it's *JUSTIFIED* to oppress you" "We *FEEL* attacked, so it's *COMPLETELY FINE* to attack others"
Dr. Jekyll (5 months ago)
I love this channel very data driven critical thinking approach to this topics. Very few people just concentrate on the data and objective analyzes instead of just pushing their agenda.
Jordan Roberts (5 months ago)
So wait, you mean it's more nuanced than a simple statement such as "women earn less than men"? You don't say.... glad I didn't get into $150k of student debt just to figure this out.
theivory1 (5 months ago)
There is no wage gap. In fact, in my profession, Engineering, a woman owned firm is much more likely to be awarded large contracts from large entities because the government that subsidizes said large entity requires it. That or a minority owned firm. Same treatment. So the reality in the Engineering world is there is a gap, i.e., women and minorities get more quality work.
MSXPERTFOX (5 months ago)
Great, they just proved men work harder and make better choices thus earning more money.
kylejiahsmith (5 months ago)
So basically, as I've said all along,if women want more money, all they need to do is work
T Gamer (5 months ago)
The funny thing is you can call this "Debunked" and caused by "work choices" but how do we actually know this for sure? The problem is that people look at the numbers and make theories based on those numbers. But numbers are not all that is at play here, in this video the only thing you compared were meaningless data and while most of it is correct the entire point of the video is to try to prove there is no true earnings gap however the data doesn't account for people. People discriminate, people offer overtime to either those who they believe will get more work done, who they know personally needs it and/or they want to hang with on shift. Because of this there is an overwhelming amount of men offered overtime and an underwhelming amount of woman offered overtime. Why? Because a man that works hard is viewed as a good honest hard working person, but a woman that works hard is looked at as a bitch or as a stuck up person who's up their own ass. This is where the gap truely come in as people who are viewed this way are less likely to be offered overtime however all of those woman who like less hours still exist. Exploring the numbers doesn't actually do anything if you don't know where the numbers came from. Yes, by law woman are protected, but discrimination exists and since it's not technically provable employers will continue to get away with it. As for my above comment, this has already been observed by a number of sources.
Independent Man (5 months ago)
Considering the level of stupidity in this comment I can only speculate that you're about 14 years old or you didn't bother to read the paper. No one is given preference when it comes to overtime. Everybody has equal opportunity to apply for overtime. Making absurd statements like "Because a man that works hard is viewed as a good honest hard working person, but a woman that works hard is looked at as a bitch or as a stuck up person who's up their own ass" is not going to cut it. And even if you could produce such evidence it doesn't apply in this case as their is no discrimination with respect to how overtime is allocated. Do some basic reading before you stick your foot in your mouth.
Steamed Meatball (5 months ago)
so nothing new... thats what a lot of people already said multiple times but Harvard just proved it. will it change anything? probably no because those feminists that actually believe in the wage gap are ignorant and they'll probably say its a lie of the patriarchy or something stupid like that
MrQwerkafleeg (5 months ago)
Can we discuss the gender wage gap in tennis? Where women earn the same as men for doing 3/5th of the work?
Hen Peckley (5 months ago)
So, yer back... welcome. Glad to ya, aussie. The world needs more you.
kizaru melon (5 months ago)
now, why are there male millionaire and billionaires? CAUSE WOMEN ARE OUT GETTING DRUNK AND SELF VALIDATING while men are working hard EASY! CHOICES!
Morgan Ngo (5 months ago)
You can cite 100 other studies showing that if we factor in differences in job choices, how often women negotiate, etc., it wouldn't come close to explain that the wage gap exists. Every studies similar to this one simply explore the symptoms, not the cause why women make different choices than men. Because socially many women are expected to stay at home to take care of children, in many countries women are not given the same education opportunities like men do (recent famous scandal of Tokyo Medical university purposefully lower female candidates score down and boost male candidates', for decades). That is the real wage gap. This, is hardly the real story.
Tom Varrette (5 months ago)
WHAT??? You mean Construction workers and Miners make MORE than housekeepers and wait staff?? ............and it took a WHOLE HARVARD STUDY TO FUCKING FIGURE THIS OUT?????? .........FYI i am a construction worker. save your money and just ask one of us next time
Nykoooo1 (5 months ago)
"it's real insofar as it does measure Something, it's just that that Something is utterly meaningless because it doesn't tell you anything about whether men and women are treated equally with respect to pay" Priceless. Will use this sentence a lot when i debate feminists
I am King in my castle (5 months ago)
All my working life if I work with the women who was on the same position she will make per hour the same amount of money.
Simon Farmer (5 months ago)
Brilliant work, thank you.
Bruno B (5 months ago)
So, why are those choices made is never part of the question is it?
Bruno B (5 months ago)
After preferences are mentioned, there is no further elaboration.
Billy Bussey Studios (5 months ago)
I was an Uber driver for almost a year. The main reason I made more than a woman was that I was willing to pick up crazy drunks at 4am that are unpredictable and sometimes wild and want to party still and make you do all kinds of dumb shit but....are willing to pay high surge prices. Some women just should not be the ones driving those people around. I made like half of my income from those fares in the end.
ShallWeLet's (5 months ago)
Let me guess all the down votes are from women?
SubnoizeSpartan (5 months ago)
Nobody can seem to give one example of this with proof but I hear about the rumor just about every day. Pathetic leftist agenda...
Bri Elli (5 months ago)
You can close the wage gap by guaranteeing paternity as well as maternity leave; they've done that in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, etc., leaving only a difference of 3 cents on the dollar.
pink toes (5 months ago)
pink toes (5 months ago)
the weak and the strong force are clearly racist. equality among atoms!
Adrenaline Junkie (5 months ago)
So the progressive feminists were lying and exaggerating the wage gap is due to active discrimination. What a surprise.
Joe McGuire (5 months ago)
Mathew Hale (5 months ago)
An Australian study by Mary Stephen found similar effects a few years ago. When a plethora of variables are accounted for (or "time invariant unobserved individual heterogeneity" as she wrote it) the gender wage gap is found to still exist in the Australian economy. A massive 4% wage gap is unaccounted for by all the variables - and could therefore be construed as gender bias on the data. There is a gap, according to her research, but it is considerably smaller than the 20% 'average' commonly cited. I'm ignorant of the math, but does anyone know if a 4% deviation counts as "statistically significant" or not?
Independent Man (5 months ago)
You can't conclude that what is residual is discrimination unless you've accounted for every single factor, which no study does.
Hugh Jazz (5 months ago)
It's easy. Want to earn like a man? Work like a man.
craig ross (5 months ago)
Women aren't earning less than men. Men are earning more than Women, by their own choice.
Ben (5 months ago)
I never hear about a former husband being awarded alimony, so I guess some things just aren't equal.
Orange Chicken (5 months ago)
This video is COLD HARD FACTS. But it will be ignored because it's not flashy enough. Should've opened with a montage of strippers, bro
marie brown (5 months ago)
in other news, water is wet
Samir Gómez Novelo (5 months ago)
Are you telling me that reality works in a logical manner and frminists were wrong all this time? No, man. You need to analize this data in a way that acomodates feminists logic so the world can keep its orbit around the sun.
Greg Russell (5 months ago)
If this were my video. I'd disable comments. Holy hell the number of deplorable people commenting here is sad. I'm certainly not condoning the behavior of a far left extreme feminist... but do the people here think they are actually any better?
dimitris davos (5 months ago)
it simple when a woman is single as long as she makes it she doesnt have a problem while men always want to have some extra money just in case and when married both will work as much as possible cause they are a fimily especially with kids that they must protect
dimitris davos (5 months ago)
and thats why men earn more
William Osterkamp (5 months ago)
Work choices and career choices, I work in a Field more filled by women and I get less money than other men.
Dana S (5 months ago)
56 liberals disliked this.
Great Scott! (5 months ago)
There is a gender EARNINGS gap. But women are not PAID less.
TheLoneCabbage (5 months ago)
Silly Harvard and their "statistics". I FEEL there is a wage gap, and everyone knows muh feelings trump facts.
Perry Latocki (5 months ago)
" it vanishes and what remains..." Uhh huh, you don't say?
VenomousCompany (5 months ago)
If you take in all the factors of men and woman working similar roles. Woman on average actually get paid more. But Men are not allowed a voice anymore in today's society. Woman had a bigger say in Medieval society than men have now.
Man from Shadow (5 months ago)
Not remotely true.
TRT VITOR (5 months ago)
the problem is that brainwashed mentally soft people WANT to believe in gender oppression etc, else they have nothing to 'fight against' or 'fight for'. in essence they would have to start working WITH men, toward a future for ALL
TaxEvasion (5 months ago)
Milo Yianopulos has been explaining this for years.
lasentinal (5 months ago)
Great channel, but for this message and others like it, to be heard by a wider audience, I think that there needs to be a channel with a different name, with a sensible female, narrating the identical script. Keep up the good work.
Colin George Jenkins (5 months ago)
Why don't you do one on the life of Alan
Independent Man (5 months ago)
Alan who?
John (5 months ago)
harvard? next week: guys who made the study forced to resign due to hate speech towards women
Netaj Hill (5 months ago)
43 angry whamen
DANNY BOY (5 months ago)
feminists should be forced to change that name.....they have not represented the female majority since the 60s
Dan (5 months ago)
Right now I’m an engineering student at a state university. When I walk into a 100 person engineering class, maybe 6-7 out of 100 will be girls. But when I walk into my elective liberal arts class I’d say about 80% of the class is female. Yet nobody talks about that
Colin Terry (5 months ago)
What's the alimony/child support gap?
V Star 1300 Adventures (5 months ago)
Gender pay gap is a myth. You can't get away in this country with paying women less than you do men based solely on gender. The very premise of claiming that happens based on gender is one of the most deceitful things the left has in the tool box.
Numinous (5 months ago)
Great to see the truth coming out of Harvard, which is known to be a hotbed of leftist ideology. This is an example of true intellectual integrity.
NuffxSaid (5 months ago)
39 people hate facts
voiceofreason452 (5 months ago)
I'm a public servant, I make the same amount an hour as my male counterparts, I"ve seen their pay stubs and they've seen mine. I chose not to have kids, I worked a lot of more OT and have made more than some of them some years. So yes, women who chose to have children definitely will make less money. So not a wage gap, just like more and more people saying, its the choice of job women take and having children...
Reyner Godoy (5 months ago)
Normally, women drive like shit, there's no need for any research about it to be able to agree that it's true
Reyner Godoy (5 months ago)
PS: sorry women, you know its true
Cho Sen 1 (5 months ago)
isn't it utterly fascinating that women rarely, if at all, comment on videos like this one? it's almost as if they inherently understand that there is nothing they could possibly say that would refute the objective facts stated here in .....
Wiremu Hohepa (5 months ago)
This is a good explanation, although it's a bit boring. The title might be a tiny bit misleading though, because people might assume that the difference in wage/earnings averaged across different jobs can be explained ENTIRELY by JUST individual choices. I think that this is very clear and accurate about when men and women do the same job but individual women might choose to work lower-paying jobs. I have heard the argument that women (obviously) don't choose types of jobs because they're lower paying, but they are lower paying because more women choose them. It seems as though if STEM fields had higher proportions of women then they would have had less prestige, because that is a trend across places where women work in different fields. Many people think that teachers and nurses would be payed more if those jobs were seen as men's jobs.
BiPolarB33r (5 months ago)
so, Harvard did a study on something that is just plain old common sense and perspective logic. #sjw!=sense
Taran Singh (5 months ago)
Makes sense. But feminist won't agree anyway
jwl1278 (5 months ago)
At 1:22 you say 6.6% instead of 6.6 cents.
Cho Sen 1 (5 months ago)
+ZombieTex you made the very offensive mistake of following clear logic vs taking feelings/emotions into account ... shame on you for being a clear headed heterosexual white male who chose to recognize an objective fact instead of a subjective belief ...
jwl1278 (5 months ago)
@ZombieTex It doesn't say anything about "per dollar", it say 6.6 cents which implies that amount over the entire wage.
ZombieTex (5 months ago)
When you're talking about one dollar, 6.6 cents is 6.6%.
Josh Smith (5 months ago)
The pay gap ( if there is one ) shouldn't depend on the total take home or earned per paycheck, but instead hourly or salary for the same jobs. If two openings are available in the same position, they it shouldn't matter the gender, but based on expertise and experience. This is the flaw of the "gender pay gap" as it seems to be based on total wages earned and not hourly or salary earnings which doesn't include paid time off or overtime.
Doug Patterson (5 months ago)
Thank you for producing a video to explain this paper. I also appreciate that you you have a web link to the paper referenced. On a related note I will note that in an intimate relationship a man still has social pressure to earn more thhan woman. In large part this is due to hypergamy. A minority of woman are willing to marry or even date men who earn noticeably less than them.
Connor Terrill (5 months ago)
Competence gap
Peter Magro (5 months ago)
One have to compare the same jobs at the same employer. I will not be surprised if there remains a small gap but most off it for sure is because women and men work in different jobs often and women work much more part time. Often law forbids different pay due to gender, I think it is therefore not pay per hour or 8 hour day that is the real difference overall...
Ali Hassan (5 months ago)
what u just said is BLASPHEMY, never speak of it again
James Edwards (5 months ago)
but does this explain the pay disparity between occupations primarily done by men compared to those principally done by women?
Independent Man (5 months ago)
Did you watch the video? And if you did, how the hell could you ask this question?
berner (5 months ago)
I had a co-worker trying to tell me that women are paid less than men. So I said "You're confusing wages with earnings". He cocked his head with a confused look on his face and said "What does that mean?" and when I tried to explain it, he just stuck to his guns. However he did start to derail when I asked him "So what you're saying is that the company we work for, is a criminal organization?" and he said "Well, uh, yeah they could be". I could have kept going and told him "Then why don't you go in to HR and tell them they're breaking the law?" or "Talk to the women that work here and pay them an additional 28% out of your own pocket to make up for the money they're not making?" and pretty much anything else along those lines.
louisphilippe1100 (5 months ago)
It's true that men are paid more than women on average. But one of the problem with these Women Gender Studies majors is that they don't understand Mathematics and Statistics. Averages are very ambiguous ways to represent statistics. Here is an example : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John owns a company and boast that he pays his employee a average salary of 300,000$ a year. This would mean that John pays his employee far better than his competitor that pays its employees 120,000$ on average. Let's look at John's company. John has five employees, including himself, that work at John's company. Let's break down each salary by individuals: employee 1 : 25,000$ employee 2 : 25,000$ employee 3 : 25,000$ employee 4 : 25,000$ John 5 : 1,400,000$ Taking the average, we can say (25,000*4 + 1,400,000)/5 = 300,000$ average. But as demonstrated, John clearly is hiding something crucial about his average wages. He is over inflating the average. While it's true that the average salary of employees is 300,000$, we can clearly see that besides John, literally everyone else is making poverty wage. There are many ways to prove an average but i will disprove my average using a median. If we take the median of the 5 employees who work at John's company, we get 25,000$ bang on. This, clearly shows that the average is NOT significant by any stretch of the imagination. (you can look up what a median is if you want to understand why it proves or disproves the significance of a given average). But again, there are plenty of other ways to prove or disprove the significance in statistics. I just did a simple disprove. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Point being, these Women Gender Studies majors fail to prove or disprove the significance of that average between men and women's salary. And why would they? It's in their best partisan gains not to do so. But wait, i'm still not done debunking. I will now tell what everyone has been told about the misleadings of the wage gap. There is still a hole in the argument because these Women Gender Studies completely ignored the fact that the researches which prove a wage gap also explained that the results is due to differences in wages for different jobs and different amounts of time worked. The study that these feminist like to quote clearly stated that the results do not imply that women earn less than men if they work the same job and the same amount of time. I'm honestly not surprised that Women Gender Studies with their voodoo research could not figure out the clear biases in their own research. They literally mislead their own research to push their narratives. Those feminist remind me of someone who was saying that meat is bad for health because the article he went over showed a correlation between people eating meat and not living a healthy life. But the article also clearly mentioned their biases and said that their results are misleading at best and should be taken with a grain of salt. I actually find their research appalling at best. If 90% of female babies died this year compared to male babies at birth, would any of you jump straight to the conclusion that hospitals are sexist and racist? Or would you dig in a little deeper to see WHY female babies die at an alarming rate in contrast to male babies. These feminist are jumping straight to the conclusion that hospitals are sexist, you didn't catch my vibe. It's a disgusting way to analyze a situation because rather than actually solve the problem, they create a false narrative that won't actually save any babies.
Opportunity costs. Moving on.
James Fleming (5 months ago)
Only the highly educated would spend money and time on the obvious.Men also work harder.And like everywhere else ,they can be held accountable.I bet that wasn't in the study.Theyre lucky I'm not interviewing them.I'd force them into telling the ENTIRE truth.Not the american version of it.
dave evans (5 months ago)
You have missed the most significant factor. The world of work has been designed for men and male characteristics. The workplace values male characteristics and choices more than those of women.
Independent Man (5 months ago)
What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
Ken Allan (5 months ago)
The so-called wage gap or gender pay gap is becoming a farce as more relevant information comes to light. It is specially farcical when would-be-experts are now advising us all that men should take more unpaid leave, accept more part-time employment and work less overtime to offset the wage-gap. The net effect would be that women's earnings over-all would be unaffected. The only losers would be the employers who need the work done and men who would have less earnings.
Wubaluba Dubdub (5 months ago)
No one cares about male wellbeing. Thats why we're the ones on the front line
Donald Robertson (5 months ago)
Probably said somewhere in the comments already, but worth repeating, the research paper was authored by two women. If the feminists were somewhat honest and said there was a wage gap of 5-7% because of 'discrimination' or choices that were forced upon them because of being a woman (single mother has less opportunity for overtime/shift work, much more of them then single fathers) I would agree with them and be willing to discuss what tweaks to the system could be made to make up the difference. So long as they tout the 21% gap, I'll keep saying b.s. and stop arguing because they won't listen.
GSXR 750 (5 months ago)
I work at an aerospace company as an engineer. Very few female engineers there. Guessing 10/1 male/female.
Justin Gorman (5 months ago)
Ah yes, the gap of the gaps.
Sargon Face Saaad (5 months ago)
So basically its like saying: OMG! This male over here who works as a politician is making more than this woman over here that works at a daycare! *WAGE GAP, GUYS!!!*
Serathis (5 months ago)
What about the spending gap? A woman has to spend only 88 cents to spend a 1$
Nick Mess (5 months ago)
JRD DoubleU (5 months ago)
Women are a privilege class.
nnneh1 (5 months ago)
Great argument. I just wish your channel wasn't called Independent Man - I can;t forward this to my sisters!
Independent Man (5 months ago)
You sound like a pussy.
Omer Sapir (5 months ago)
You say a lot of interesting facts and analysis, but you're talking too fast. Also, figures and graphs are better than text as support (text forces me to read and listen at the same, but you already say what's in the text) And if you do have to use text, know that it is too small for mobile.
Craig Jones (5 months ago)
Toxic masculinity, patriarchy, go!
Alex Palmer (5 months ago)
Men have a penis women have a vagina.
Lemmy Winks (5 months ago)
If the wage gap were real, female unemployment would be zero.
Dan Hostetler (5 months ago)
I think verbiage matters. An intentional or discriminatory Gender wage/pay gap is a myth. There is a difference in a salary, wages, pay and then total income. The gender wage gap is derived by non-academics taking the total sum of gendered annual income and divided by the number of people in that gender. With no factors or filters to account for differences int he work force. Which would be horrifically wrong as it assumes ceteris paribus "all things being equal" not on a small scale which would be taught in school. But applies it on a massively large scale of hundreds of millions of people with too many differences and a job spectrum from minimum wage to multi million dollar earners. Different jobs pay different salaries. Working different hours yields different salaries. Different education yields different jobs. Vacation and sick time often do not have a universal amount usable to each employee across all jobs and levels. These are such basic facts every employee has experienced and knows. That not taking them into account is willful ignorance and intentional skewing of data calculations.
RPM Inc (5 months ago)
In my house, there is a 100% pay gap. My wife earns zero cents of every dollar I earn. Did I mention that I work out the house and she takes care of my family? 😀
Andy Kapsar (5 months ago)
so, once again, facts prove a narrative isnt as simple as it appears, but it wont stop the machine from pushing the agenda anyway.
Rob Wastman (5 months ago)
You are applying logic to an issue that has a lot of emotion attached to it. It doesn’t feel right that women make less than men. It’s just not fair.
John Jacob (5 months ago)
With so much information like this available I still can't understand how people are still making the silly argument of gender wage gap.

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