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How to Get a Girl That's Hotter Than You (Even if You're Ugly)

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Text Comments (1364)
Master (2 days ago)
Is jose the type of zuniga... Wait this is og....
SHIRAZ SHAHID (2 days ago)
how to compliment a girl whom you have met for the first time and dont know anything about her ?
Karolis Raišelis (5 days ago)
Already fucked up the second step thanks to my shyness
Almuthanna Ahmed (19 days ago)
How do i approach a co-worker i barley know her phone extension?
technology channel (25 days ago)
what to do if i want girlfriend if im 13 and im fat and ugly?
Evan Lynch (29 days ago)
Repent for your sins
Nehemiah Williams (1 month ago)
fam i got a watch on now
DJ_ ED (1 month ago)
I can only pick up women when I raise my eyebrows, what do I do?
Hema Verma (1 month ago)
What about you you are 10 and dress like 3 so 13/10
MTL 15 (1 month ago)
Phil Adams (2 months ago)
I want that shirt so bad.
Different 1 (2 months ago)
Only idiots give numbers to peoople. These numbers don't exist. It is totally subjective.
我SKYGROUND (2 months ago)
That title made me laugh to death I have no ideas why😂😂
Sarah Deeks (2 months ago)
Bro you introduced that sponsor neatly man! 👌
Melissa Cervantes (2 months ago)
Ps girls also fined it attractive in a white shirt ._. Just saying as a girl.
Wes (2 months ago)
wear an undershirt. weirdy nipple man.
SamSingh (2 months ago)
1) Fart in front of her( she will notice that)
Altaïr Ya (3 months ago)
Normal modern women can't keep their attentions to one guy,why? Because they will be distracted with all guys they approach them
swaggboy Clemente (3 months ago)
What happened if you already did number 3 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ how to fix it ??
Cool Ghost (4 months ago)
What is it with you and watches????
Melissa Jimenez (4 months ago)
I need help with talking I talk to her a little bit and that’s it and I need to talk to her more
Aydin Diaby (4 months ago)
What song is he playing in the video?
AndRoit 0 (5 months ago)
Azrael Jones (5 months ago)
Hey, thank you for your advice. I actually was able to get with this girl that I had wanted to for a very long time. Seven months later, we're now engaged! Turns out we have a lot more in common than I would have thought! Wish I had told you that sooner. Thank you very much!
Timothy Ellis (5 months ago)
Just get a new hairstyle to make her talk to you
EliteCaca (5 months ago)
I’m ugly and I’m proud
irving Vazquez (5 months ago)
Jose got me a lot girls thanks jose
Joseph Kolbin (5 months ago)
Sorry for my bad English girl
Joseph Kolbin (5 months ago)
Ok so just .......you know what do do with her in a room with a bed
Galvarino (5 months ago)
Bruv how to make you hIr
Joseph Kolbin (5 months ago)
Just kiss her
Adidas Psycho (6 months ago)
"she already said no if you think she's out of your league" women like confidence.
Roshan Kandel (6 months ago)
u pass the ad easily and with interesting
Stamaths Xontrogianhs (7 months ago)
Jose the kind of jeniga to teach a math teacher how to do maths
DragonGuy259 (7 months ago)
1’s who dress like 10’s are still ugly. Like me
Mark Lopez (7 months ago)
Shang Chen
Mark Lopez (7 months ago)
Shang Chen
Mark Lopez (7 months ago)
Shang Chen
Mark Lopez (7 months ago)
Shang Chen
Bessaa Wassim (7 months ago)
( even if you are ugly) yaep !! Thats for me ..
Dank Anchovy (7 months ago)
I understand the math.
Adrian T (7 months ago)
Jose is straight nippin through that shirt LMAO😂!
DJBLEND 4FSP (8 months ago)
If shes taken but shes a fucking hoe you already know shes going to say yes
ujqw (8 months ago)
My trick for getting girls just print out fake cash and approach the target and say want a Lamborghini
The Door (8 months ago)
I just tell her I’m a surgeon
Jenn Marshall (8 months ago)
Product plug 🙄
id fk (8 months ago)
What about a girl a little older
NOOFIZ (9 months ago)
LOL Unlock Her Legs. I learnt to get girls and seduce them from this guy. :D <3 http://bit.ly/2zGN0dI
Tiddy Sucker (9 months ago)
so how's advertising going
JJaydenC Vlogs (9 months ago)
I cant im to shy😭
Daniel Jordan (9 months ago)
Getting a credit card then going on a spree with that site
Amit Kumar (9 months ago)
Don't write if u are ugly for just attract the people's . In other way you are saying that we are ugly . Anyway nice video content ❤
Mohammed Bin Al-Khalifa (9 months ago)
I just pull out my fat wallet and that’s it
SqueezY- tube (10 months ago)
But the avargae guy will have problems on bed
Unknown ? (10 months ago)
5+5 is 10 Minus 2 that’s 8 quick mafs
Elijah Threads (10 months ago)
If she doesn't have that ring.
Jacques Parent (10 months ago)
Hey Jose thanks for all the videos you completely changed my life!
CJ Playz (10 months ago)
She is made out of fairy dust... HER NAME IS BILLIE BOB DUDE
Felix Tiger (10 months ago)
The first tip is paramount...
Spudd Webb (10 months ago)
Well it worked,-kind of-.I called her in my house i asked for her phone number she denied and hit me with a purse and i locked her in the bedroom.
Electro Games (10 months ago)
manuel 524 (10 months ago)
The only think the ONLY think is you musst by you go to her and talk dont tink about to day say it
Philip • (11 months ago)
Dont relly want to say this.... but your watch sponsor gave me a girlfriend....
Virgin Machine (11 months ago)
Thank you, Really helped!
YOMOMOMAMA (11 months ago)
Yea the 10 can dress+3 later for the 5 loser sad life
Aiden Davidson (11 months ago)
Got a girl
Nahiyan (11 months ago)
That math made no sense...retake algebra
Amit Sati (11 months ago)
Hey bro.... I have a question. Will u answer?????
Amit Sati (11 months ago)
Really helpful.... Thanks from India....
Mgtow (11 months ago)
Never Do With A Woman: Never pay to bail a woman out of jail. Never lend money. Never get married. Never be with a woman that spends more money than she saves. Never pay a woman's bills. Never co-sign on a credit card. Never get too attached to a woman. Never get involved in a expensive long distance relationship. Never get too attached to a woman's pet. Never leave too much stuff at her house. Never get in a serious relationship before 25. Never buy strange women drinks at the bar. Never get involved with co-workers that could jeopardize your job. Never be dependent on a woman.  Never get too involved with women without studying her family & friends. Never get into any kind of legal relationship with a woman. Never get involved with single moms. Never put a woman on a pedestal. Never get involved with a woman that doesn't have custody of her kids. Never get involved with a woman with more debt than you. Never get involved with high drama spoiled women.
GrimFate (11 months ago)
same lol! im ugly... as hhhhheeeckkkkk... and I've known here for a very long time... and shes my freind. i mean... shes not freindzoneing me... yet... but i act like the best person ever.. like im funny... and im honest... and i have jokes... like she laughs at every joke i say... but... i feel like... shes the best person ever... like honestly the best person i know... i like her alot
Steel Nerves (11 months ago)
Thanks. She blocked me on whatsapp.
mick (11 months ago)
My Zunigga
Maholy Bounkham (11 months ago)
Nice thanks brother
typical watcher (11 months ago)
It really works
TheClassic Gents (11 months ago)
Loving it :D
Unknown Face (11 months ago)
Jose will be a brilliant Mathematics tutor
Don Uprising (1 year ago)
The finger ring.
Edgar Pabellon (1 year ago)
Out of my league? They are all out of my league
Ali Al Halawani (1 year ago)
I told her she had aids She laughed..
Roxanne Higa (1 year ago)
You are so so nice video 😎
Roxanne Higa (1 year ago)
Hamad Ali (1 year ago)
Easy kidnap her; she will always look at you and attention to what are you doing. So she can escape without u knowing.
Mina Attia (1 year ago)
he's nipping
Alex Muthemba (1 year ago)
Jose Kul
Lush Channel (1 year ago)
I love all your vids and you helped me get girls to like me
preet sahib (1 year ago)
Free nips😁
Newll (1 year ago)
All that girls have to say is "Hey you wanna fuck?"
Luis Blanc (1 year ago)
If im rich is 100 extra points
ROCKETRY XZACH (1 year ago)
Thanks man. Your videos are kind of starting to cure my lack of confidence. I'm already planning on approaching my crush and starting a small convo with her. I so needed this video bro. You really are " Z neega ". Lol ;)
Hamzah (1 year ago)
What if you are beond ugly?
Adolph Hitler (1 year ago)
you have a really thin neck.. ive only just noticed
MaKerL1fe (1 year ago)
That s funny. I dress like a 7 and look like a 9 and i can t find girls that are 5 overall. I got the 6 pack and i don t fear being near girls. But i just can t seem to find any. Now i managed to find a more average looking girl which i only fuck since she has a boyfriend. A little sexual partner but no relationship. Fuck this shit and my personality is very polite to girls, a gentleman if you will, i don t swear near them, neither call any of them. Eh, i ll just be thinking it s their loss if they prefer skinny fat douchebags with some confidence treating them like shit.
Sonja McLean (1 year ago)
I had a crush after school I said I like u next day she said she like me like a boss easy😎
Ultra GamerX (1 year ago)
Ok so this is basically what I've been told my life and this is my 7 steps to get a girl way hotter than you 😍.. 1.You have have a lot of money a sports car a mansion and you will instantly grab her attention. 2.Be Famous and she might get attracted if she's a fan. 3.Approach her don't forget your fifth watch or else you'll instantly be rejected. 4.Flex on her with that sports car and money 💰. 5.Take her to the mall and let her spend all your money 6.Take her to your mansion and Use Jose zunigas tips. 7.If you were dressed up you got laid your welcome. (please do not actually do this it was just a joke).
Ronda (1 year ago)
It`s more about looks. Ugly guys dont`t have chance to be honest
ΚΑΠΠΑ ΧΙ 1312 (1 year ago)
You my friend are wrong!!! The secret to this is not to give a damn and then she will want your attention, so talk to her once or twice, make sure you got smth common and then dont give a damn (she will get a crush on you) ofcourse tho you can make eye contact
Kartik Jain (1 year ago)
Please make a video for a girl which is older
TryNotToLaughVines (1 year ago)
I ugly
GOATosleep (1 year ago)
1:47 Quick mafs

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