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Tucker Carlson Blames Women Earning Higher Wages For 'Men In Decline': 'We Know It's True'

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The Fox News host 's first segment of 2019 focused on his belief that men are in decline in America and it is directly tied to women making more money.
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Jeff Brisson (2 months ago)
Big government was the problem? Haaahhh, the right is predictably stupid af
Jeff Brisson (2 months ago)
The right wonder why minorities and women hate them.
Jeff Brisson (15 days ago)
+A R That means almost 60% voted for other than trump. The majority of the country is center left.
A R (15 days ago)
"Women" as a whole do not hate the right.... 43% of the 2016 womens vote went for donald trump
AomiN (2 months ago)
maybe men should do something to me more attractive to women?, maybe men shouldn't commit crime and do drugs just because they can't have sex? maybe when women make more money it makes some men unhappy, but men who make a lot of money have strange tendence to sexually harass all women around them and they don't seem to care about their families!
A R (15 days ago)
How about women and men stay the fuck away from each other.... there are too many people of this planet anyway
The Coton (2 months ago)
You can also ask women to lower their standards too. That they should "woman up" and take one of the men who are proposing to her. She should be working her ass off to get her career going and be a good mother at the same time. Gender swap that statement and nobody cares. It would make perfect sense for everyone in fact.
Jessica M (2 months ago)
It amazes me how this trash gets on the air in the United States.
Strawman Akkad (2 months ago)
Jeff Brisson is black the new negro?
Jeff Brisson (2 months ago)
+Strawman Akkad Blacks? What is this, 1922?
Strawman Akkad (2 months ago)
Jeff Brisson not like those brilliant blacks & latinos lol
Jeff Brisson (2 months ago)
A lot of dumb Hicks in America
Strawman Akkad (2 months ago)
Jessica M yeah, corporations should be able to outsource as many jobs as they like.
jadewillowmilian (2 months ago)
Tucker needs to tell men to “pull themselves up by the bootstrap and take personal responsibility.”
EhCanadianGuy27 COD (2 months ago)
Thats now taboo - toxic masculinity
Lunar Orbit (2 months ago)
+Strawman Akkad sure
Strawman Akkad (2 months ago)
jadewillowmilian lol tone deaf, tucker has been attacking bootstrap theory for years. In this clip he was calling out capitalism for destroying families.
FierceONeill (2 months ago)
What’s wrong with weed?? This guy is a fucking asshole. Yes, all people who smoke weed are basically dead inside. 🙄
alienbob21 (2 months ago)
What the actual fuck. Rich people are supposed to help people get and stayed married? How does this guy exist?
JD123483 (2 months ago)
The craziest part about this segment is his espousing of some kind of governmental intervention to counteract usury practices. A far cry for a man who used to bleed libertarian ideals. Something that will be lost on you radically left minions.
DaughterOfArtemis (2 months ago)
Not gonna lie, he had me there for a while till he blamed women making more than men. Hes got a lot of great points here but marriage isnt magic, it doesn't fix everything. He's seeing the symptoms and them blaming anything except the real problem.
Strawman Akkad (2 months ago)
Jelly Flap You’re retarded. My gf of 4 years is a licensed and practicing psycho analyst. Yes, children’s relationships to their parents is the largest factor in creating ones symbolic understanding of the world.
Jelly Flap (2 months ago)
+Strawman Akkad Psychologists have never and will never say that. There are way too many contributing factors to know either way. Don't make comments about stuff you got no clue about.
Jelly Flap (2 months ago)
+JD123483 then why doesn't he cite those so called "facts"?
Strawman Akkad (2 months ago)
NekoKasumi He never blamed women, he blamed the “free market.” He then cited that the majority of women don’t want to marry men who make less than they do, he didn’t say they should, that would’ve been blaming them. He accepted their preference and then stated we as in government intervention into the market should do more to protect men’s jobs. Psychologists would disagree with you that family structure is irrelevant. In the field of mental health your relationships with your parents shape your symbolic world and how you perceive the world can be understood through your relationship with your parents. Nobody says if you’re raised by a single mother you’re 100% fucked 100% of the time but psychologists will say you’ll have a much harder time.
AshiStarshade (2 months ago)
+JD123483 Not nice ad hominem attacks. Written like a true unconstructive commenter.

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