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Everyday Anime Girl Makeup!

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Does anyone actually read descriptions anymore? :'^) Hellooooo! Before anyone asks, yes, my nails are real and I do them myself lol. It's been so long since I've done an anime-related look so I decided to show you guys my go-to anime-esque makeup! It has a strong 90's anime girl feel without feeling too costume-y! Imagine anime girl cosplay makeup, but more wearable for an everyday kind of basis! I hope you find my tips and tricks helpful! c: I spent a LOT of time editing this video, and considering that I'm a novice in editing and don't have money for expensive equipment, I hope you enjoy the effort I put into it anyways! ~ Oh, I also briefly explain why I take long breaks from youtube! The real reason is quite personal and difficult to explain, but thank you for being so understanding! ^x^ All products are listed in the video, but if you have any questions or comments feel free to tell me! I love reading your messages heheh!
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LaDeathMachine (5 months ago)
Whoaaaaa! This is my very first video to hit over a million views! I'm so flattered! Thank you all so much for watching and flooding me with kind comments! Some of you even hit up my Insta DMs to let me know about the million views! Ahhh thank you soooo much! <3 I'm currently editing the newest video, so I'll try to finish it asap for y'all! c:
rosa paredes (1 month ago)
How old are you darling?
sunset vanila fox chan (3 months ago)
u look so pretty with and with out makeup
Rosemary Vigil (3 months ago)
I uhh, live your videos! They make me laugh. Thanks for being cool and fun
Jennifer Dyer (4 months ago)
LaDeathMachine What skincare products do you use??
Shalini Upadhyay (4 months ago)
LaDeathMachine hiii nice makeup done by u..I just want to know what’s ur contacts lenses Color and from wich brand??
これらの鍬 (2 days ago)
Angelica RODE (2 days ago)
How are you so pretty without makeup!!?
babyheonlee (2 days ago)
i like how she says her nails are real in the description (which im sure no one was really going to ask if they were, fake nails are pretty normal) but you can see her real nail under it at around 4:24. dont get me wrong shes super cute and the nails are pretty but i dont see the point lying about this... it's one of the first things in the description too...
babyheonlee (1 day ago)
+dasi chuchu ah i see, thank you!
dasi chuchu (2 days ago)
No、that's product under her thumb. Those are her natural nails.
Ahalya shrestha (3 days ago)
I did it
Aime B (5 days ago)
thank you so much for this video I will definitely be trying it out
my love life (6 days ago)
Wow!!!!you're so pretty😍😍😍😍
SqiD Sushi (6 days ago)
So the mirror still has the plastic wrapper on it.
CHIN HOPE (7 days ago)
Oh my! Do you like vixx!!!😂💕💕💕💕💕 I'm starlight 😂💕💕💕
حلكهة ...وعدساتهة يجنن
Morgan Johnson (7 days ago)
What shade is the lip tint? It's so pretty!
L P (8 days ago)
I guess there is a protecting foil on that mirror, this is why it's blurry
N Ryan (9 days ago)
Youre annoying asf
Balbuena White (10 days ago)
Power of make up
Rama Yui (10 days ago)
awww this is so cutee i will do this kind of make up! thnksss
Otaku 4life (10 days ago)
So we're just NOT gonna talk about how she has a BTS phone case
Katelyn MSP (10 days ago)
Reev Parish (10 days ago)
U slightly looks like Park Bom from 2ne1
Оч неприятный глас местами. А мейк потрясающий<3
mistery gurl (12 days ago)
So natural....with or without makeup..😉
Yasmin Nuhein (13 days ago)
you have beautiful fingers
Lalisa Kim (13 days ago)
Are you using eyelid tape?
Bea Marquez (14 days ago)
Min sumi민수미 (15 days ago)
5:23 Mai’s arm... If it is what I think it is then it must be old as it’s healed but visible.
Bianca Evans (17 days ago)
Omg pls tell me how u made your nose look smaller!!!!! 💕💕❤️❤️💖
Gacha Journey (17 days ago)
Since I'm young I can't wear makeup till I'm 15 I'm saving up money for makeup and cospkays cuz I know kitties well she won't buy them for me:-\
CM Derp (18 days ago)
Your fucking eyes look infected....
gravity (19 days ago)
u sound exactly like d.va
noor.ducrot (19 days ago)
You were already cute without makeup
bongsoon na (20 days ago)
Omg i did the same eyeshadow but backword colur
Jasmine Torres (22 days ago)
I just noticed the mirror
Hảo Diễn Nguyễn (23 days ago)
Oh BTS 😮😮😮😮
lore lizzu (23 days ago)
AAAAH your makeup is so cute! One time I tried anime girl makeup for school...everyone asked if I was okay, so maybe it didn't turn out that great (;v;) But these tips are awesome, can't wait to try anime makeup part two!
Kristie Turner (23 days ago)
Ight so im African American and I followed your tutorial with just a few changes and wowz it turned out awesome
LaDeathMachine (21 days ago)
Yaaay! I'm glad it worked out for you~!
Noora Nasser (24 days ago)
The mirror is blurry cause there is a plastic thing you need to take it off
abigail (24 days ago)
such pretty eye shapes!
LaDeathMachine (21 days ago)
aww, thank you!
OW Iyvone (25 days ago)
What product brand do you get your contact lenses from? Your eyes look beautiful.
Sura Au (25 days ago)
omg you are so cute im gona dieeeeeee
Kelie Wassel (26 days ago)
That's kpop make up
Kelie Wassel no it isn’t
Daisy Myint (26 days ago)
and there's i see 6VIXX on the back of your mirror. Please tell me you're a Japanese Starlight.
LaDeathMachine (21 days ago)
Close! I'm a Vietnamese starlight!
jenjenjen (27 days ago)
I love your nails holy shit they're everything I want mine to be
Army bts (27 days ago)
Hhhay (V) in your phone are you army like me
채카이 (28 days ago)
おお、あなたの化粧が私の良いものには可愛すぎる 🍒🍒
cosmo_rebeljdal97 (28 days ago)
I feel like you should be an English dub anime voice actor. You have the voice for it.
You are so cute!!!!!
NoJustNo AJ (30 days ago)
I want all these palettes!! Ah Agh
erzhena (30 days ago)
why don't you do make up like this?
Qr Danny (1 month ago)
You're so cute!!!
Jeon Kermane kookie (1 month ago)
When you look for your left or right you look like Park boom 💜😐💔😇👅💜💜
Karen Flores (1 month ago)
you a monbebe?
C Barrett (1 month ago)
Not only does she look like an anime character, she sounds like one too! She's a real anime character for sure lol
Lisa Diaz (1 month ago)
You’re adorable!!! 💕
shina mash (1 month ago)
She is so pretty😍
Sandra Pinto (1 month ago)
She is so kute omg
Winry Mittens (1 month ago)
You sound like D.Va from Overwatch.
Sehun Wife (1 month ago)
honey da (1 month ago)
your voice are beautiful !
Fatima Mohamad (1 month ago)
جميلة جداا
lpskitfit (1 month ago)
Are your eyes naturally blue? Theyre so pretty 😶😶
Raymond Naulak (1 month ago)
Awwwww soooo cuteeee😢😢😢😅😅😀😀😁😁😄😄
Alina Lovely (1 month ago)
Ребят , если отыскиваете российский комент , то он здесь 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Galaxiaas (1 month ago)
How did you even get that hair cut?!? It's so anime like!!!💖💖💖💖
Hazel 2005 (1 month ago)
10:13 lol
오주 (1 month ago)
I think you should take off the sticker on mirror
Ko Yu Jin (1 month ago)
I just saw the primer at Walmart for two dollars... LMFAO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ko Yu Jin (2 days ago)
Myah Lyttle (2 days ago)
I'm sure that you mean something similar to the primer 😂
CuteAsCandy (1 month ago)
xbeemybeaz (1 month ago)
What is that name of that leanses? uwu they are so cute <3
Lil I ki (1 month ago)
a vixx fan i’m screaming😔😔👊🏼💗
Emily Persaud (1 month ago)
Super cute 😍😘🐱🐽🐼
Clover Blue (1 month ago)
thanks for making this vid...I am just a beginner, I hope I could use this trick in our Xmas party 😉👍👏👏👏
Holy Bangtan (1 month ago)
There is a sticker on the mirror
makala kaluau (1 month ago)
I need this look when I go to Tokyo and chin and jupan
も も (24 days ago)
Jupan →Japan
Kiari ! (1 month ago)
I tried this , it looked okay but not as good as yours 💕 I wish I could do makeup like you
Yeontan's Eyebrows (1 month ago)
Practice makes perfect, just keep on trying out new looks you like and you'll surely improve💕
N. Secreto (1 month ago)
Lindo maquillaje
Just Teddy (1 month ago)
JenniLeeann (1 month ago)
You’re so cute! I just want to give you a hug 💖
Kimkim Xiumin (1 month ago)
oh my god !!!
Mark Travers (1 month ago)
I think you're even more beautiful without the make up
Tori Akuma (1 month ago)
Lmao you’re so cute 💕 don’t mind these haters saying you’re cringey, it’s your personality and it’s different, some people can be Jerks and judge. I absolutely love you’re videos and you’re perky/silly attitude, it’s so cute. I love the video btw!
Diana Setia Ningrum (1 month ago)
Umm..What's the name of soft lens did u use??
The Hanging Tree (1 month ago)
I love this so much! You’re so pretty. Great tutorial. Only thing is.... **icantdrawineyebrows**
AsheKoh (1 month ago)
Hellooo~~~ what contact lens are you wearing? /// <3
ravon ahlulbait (1 month ago)
Like park bom ha ha ha lol
Ayano Yuki (1 month ago)
A lot of ppl mute her bc they say it's better but I don't think so I watch it in my big head phones paying actual attention to this and what she is saying she is cute and adorbs :3
Aime B (5 days ago)
I'm listening to this on my big ass speaker 😁
+Yoon Bomi I called ARMY to the owner of this comment my friend not u. So sorry but I'm not going to shut up really sorry, forgive me plzz if I did something wrong. Sorry🙏😔
Yoon Bomi (28 days ago)
Arman Nabil shut up
Moon Lexi (1 month ago)
People are so hater nowadays
VIviane Viana (1 month ago)
Shin Selly (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed your video, especially with that VIXX picture and that thicque Wonho suddenly popped out of nowhere xD
N Ryan (1 month ago)
Ewww you are so cringe
Yeontan's Eyebrows (1 month ago)
Ewww you are so rude
Lil Potato (1 month ago)
Your makeup is pretty cool. but ur voice is a bit cringy for me. no hate:D
Tu Luu (1 month ago)
Without your bangs, all I can see is Park Bom
Morgan Burton (1 month ago)
The Mirror Has a plastic sheet on it you just have to peel it off
Sherli Cocom (1 month ago)
I like your vixx mirror😍👌
susama mirdha (2 months ago)
I really liked it.. but i dont know what ll look gud on me
Roblox Manhat (2 months ago)
you sound like an anime girl and you look like one so lovely <3
저나루 (2 months ago)
애굣쌸 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Twice OnCe Taekook (2 months ago)
Park Bom 😳😳😳
Kathrynie Chhakzz (2 months ago)
Stop tryna act cute... it's annoying fck off
Sarah Smiles (2 months ago)
i like my eyelashes like i like my idols... thicque MEEE
Rommel Mocorro (2 months ago)
Omg you're cute wtf

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