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Everyday Anime Girl Makeup!

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Does anyone actually read descriptions anymore? :'^) Hellooooo! Before anyone asks, yes, my nails are real and I do them myself lol. It's been so long since I've done an anime-related look so I decided to show you guys my go-to anime-esque makeup! It has a strong 90's anime girl feel without feeling too costume-y! Imagine anime girl cosplay makeup, but more wearable for an everyday kind of basis! I hope you find my tips and tricks helpful! c: I spent a LOT of time editing this video, and considering that I'm a novice in editing and don't have money for expensive equipment, I hope you enjoy the effort I put into it anyways! ~ Oh, I also briefly explain why I take long breaks from youtube! The real reason is quite personal and difficult to explain, but thank you for being so understanding! ^x^ All products are listed in the video, but if you have any questions or comments feel free to tell me! I love reading your messages heheh!
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LaDeathMachine (8 months ago)
Whoaaaaa! This is my very first video to hit over a million views! I'm so flattered! Thank you all so much for watching and flooding me with kind comments! Some of you even hit up my Insta DMs to let me know about the million views! Ahhh thank you soooo much! <3 I'm currently editing the newest video, so I'll try to finish it asap for y'all! c:
Caiya Bryant (6 days ago)
Contact lenses?
Nightcore song's (2 months ago)
You look like park bom from 2ne1
rosa paredes (3 months ago)
How old are you darling?
sunset vanila fox chan (5 months ago)
u look so pretty with and with out makeup
Rosemary Vigil (6 months ago)
I uhh, live your videos! They make me laugh. Thanks for being cool and fun
No FeElS (7 hours ago)
ıyyy bts ayna mı ne boksa
I need your instagram please
Mark Tuan (2 days ago)
you resemble Park Bom. You so cute <3
Kittyvlogsgaming (4 days ago)
please do a gothy look!!
iloveCats AndFish (4 days ago)
Your so pretty! Kawaii!
DAPHNE (4 days ago)
It's like so much makeup but when you're finished with the look it looks like you barely used makeup. HOW?!?!? I ALREADY LOOK LIKE A DRAG QUEEN WHEN I POP ON SOME LASHES
Honey bee (4 days ago)
You are so cute 😊🌸🌹🌼
yowongi. (6 days ago)
vixx <3
nina nouna (6 days ago)
From the pic i thought you're a doll
V 123 (6 days ago)
why is nobody talking about how she pulled the concealers out of her shirt? Anyways, I’ve only seen a couple of your videos, and I love you and your style! Your voice is so cute lol❤️ lots of love
PixelatedGal (6 days ago)
I’m pull a park bom 😹😹 I think park bom has creepy big eyes but not hate
Little Luna (7 days ago)
The mirror is blurry because you’re supposed to peel the sticker off of it.
Colonel Roy Mustang (7 days ago)
I love everything japanese but why do people always have to try sooo hard & make it insanely cringey
Hanah Eviota (7 days ago)
Waahhh! I just saw VIXX. Any starlight here?
You’re so cute
Ayuki Neko (9 days ago)
The mirror is blurry because it has protective film on it 😂
Sarah Stefan (9 days ago)
“I prefer my lashes like I prefer my idols... thiccc” 😂 SAME SISTA SAME
anne。 。 (10 days ago)
yo imagine some girl you pick up comes home with you and its all good, then the next morning she look like a completely different person like "who tf are you?"
Yoona Mii (10 days ago)
Do you love BTS ? are you Army?
I'm Wandaa (10 days ago)
Omg, ty so much, I searched so much for this
Bunny Cupcake (10 days ago)
She looks so different without makeup but beautiful
Jolly Bird (10 days ago)
You’re too cuteee 💞💞💞
Taylor Wymer (11 days ago)
So cute will do
cabdi ung (11 days ago)
WOW i realy like your amime make up and do you now your voice look like anime voice really.
Dinner TiMe (11 days ago)
Power of makeup
JoanaEspacial (11 days ago)
My actual question is: WHICH ARE YOUR LENS??? I love them, and I think they are a point in you make up.
Mermaids 101 (11 days ago)
She’s allowed to she’s asian
Zulianita ZuTaJoTa (12 days ago)
can you take the detail of your product used in description box, and where you buy thats
My self Is here (12 days ago)
Your so cute
My self Is here (12 days ago)
You see I like my lashes how I like my idols...THICCC That’s a whole mood sis
My self Is here (12 days ago)
Your eyeliner is more strait than me and I’m actually strait
Pastel Neko (16 days ago)
I really love this look, because it even works on my round eyes, it looks a little different on my eyes but it still looks bomb. Thank you for this tutorial
NAY Histara (16 days ago)
7:14 hello there our Wonho MONSTA X!! 😂😂😂😂
Baby wonho:3
Kitty_ Kat (18 days ago)
I'm 10 I don't do makeup But I have a photoshoot later and I wanna look kyoooot
Animal Hearted (20 days ago)
I wuv ur voice!!!
Respect For Religions (20 days ago)
Everyone see my comment 🔫 Follow me please 🙏😢 i need your helpe (2019)
Respect For Religions (20 days ago)
Everyone see my comment 🔫 Follow me please 🙏😢 i need a helpe (2019)
Mika el (20 days ago)
Mana pergi bulu kening 😂😂😂 geli plk aku tgk 😆😆
Karen Park (20 days ago)
Park bom?😍💕
Warda Gohar (21 days ago)
She is so weird and cringy I wanna slap her😞😝
Momichiko (13 days ago)
Your use of emojis plus the rude comment are so weird and cringy. Check yourself
Mikel Landa (18 days ago)
Why are you talking? Lmao
Danny jay (22 days ago)
i see something BTS 😀😀😀😀😀😄
Tae Tae Febreze (23 days ago)
*james Charles has left the chat*
lil vampy (24 days ago)
i love ur voice !! so adorable
Jimin Cuty (24 days ago)
She looks like min yoongi from bts or am i treblin
Francisca Realg4life (24 days ago)
La wna fea
Goure BaD (25 days ago)
Very pretty❣️
jacks kitten (26 days ago)
s i c k l y
jelisaveta stojanovic (27 days ago)
Ur beautiful before makeup
Whatever you (27 days ago)
Your natural face is so gorgeous
Venus Child (29 days ago)
I just found your channel and I already love ittt
Ayaka Amethyst (29 days ago)
your beautiful without makeup :3
bilang aw (30 days ago)
Is that vixx? Haha, btw this kinda makeup suit her well
AALIYAH BUN (30 days ago)
I wonder I weaboos used your tutorial for themselves and failed miserably. Btw I’m just saying that they are pretty annoying and I love your vids ❤
Nagisa Furukawa (1 month ago)
If you listen to this one and then listen to her “big japanese dolly eyes tutorial” why is her voice so different.. like in this one it sounds forced to sound cute and then in the other one she has like a deep feminine voice?
Aya chakir (1 month ago)
Ommmg so cute ❤❤❤❤❤
Aya chakir (1 month ago)
I loove the makeup tuturiol ❤❤❤
Sinyou Rita (1 month ago)
خلعتني فاللول تحول جدري يخلعو بلا مكياج🐸💔
Via (1 month ago)
kinda late but anyone notice how she looks like soojin from Idle??
May R (1 month ago)
I need to know what contacts those are they’re beautiful
Courtney Davin (1 month ago)
aww you sweet little bean there is a sticker on the mirror that's why its blurry silly!! hehe uwu
Tiny Sludge (1 month ago)
You remind me of Usagi (Sailor Moon)
Lea Kaderova (1 month ago)
welder after night shift
Anna Janna (1 month ago)
Ela poderia ser dubladora de animes que topper
Laura Lopez (1 month ago)
You’ve come a long way and you look beautiful now I remember when u were younger and wanted to cosplay hatsune miku
Honnelyn Alayon (1 month ago)
VIXX on the mirror
Chong Seo (1 month ago)
‥♪→☆ ¥11〆
CracksDhead (1 month ago)
The art of deception.
Raouia Boudjemaa (1 month ago)
1st step : already look like an anime character
Tiana Tiana (1 month ago)
Raouia Boudjemaa nope! she had colored lenses (possibly circle lenses) and double eye-lid tape! don’t bring urself down like that u can do it too
Elma fjrj (1 month ago)
0:54 VIXX😍😍
، ، (1 month ago)
Yugen Alien (1 month ago)
Me gustan mucho sus videos,pero su forma de hablar no tanto
lian taehyung (1 month ago)
Alyx Gray (1 month ago)
Lol it’s blurry because there’s a protective film that you peel off on it 😂
i dk (1 month ago)
Ivy Bhgr (1 month ago)
Makeup artists are searching for job now sweetie,because you fired them❤️ *(**7:13** INTENSE MONBEBE SCREAMING)*
Hale K (1 month ago)
wish i was this pretty omg xo <3~
Minami Yuki (1 month ago)
So cutee
CJ kook (1 month ago)
Omg I have the play color eyes
김민지 (1 month ago)
3:23 Eye
What's a kitten (1 month ago)
Your supposed to pull the foggy stuff off it's a mirror protector
There might be a film on the mirror
Agnes Salsabilla (1 month ago)
Cute af
niki spenceley (1 month ago)
the "really blurry mirror" have a packaging sticker on it cx
army -super tata (1 month ago)
no entendí nada por qué soy un aska en inglés pero me encantó el vídeo y eso es lo que importa
Jungkook vs. Kookie (1 month ago)
A good quality camera!she deserves it!
DelaneyJane00 (1 month ago)
wonho is indeed, thicc 🤤
Maria Gonzalez Mendoza (1 month ago)
NotKatsuki Bakugou (2 months ago)
Number of things I didnt have 1. Curler 2. fake lashes 3. highlighter 4. lipstick/balm/gloss 5. primer Almost everything
Same but I don't need lip balm
Pastel Neko (16 days ago)
Same except the lipbalm
nonbeanery (25 days ago)
you don’t have lip balm? you have chapped dry nasty lips?
Angel Yang (2 months ago)
This is me everytime i do makeup....
Anna JuVy (2 months ago)
I thought she could be cuter without makeup😂
Zoe Rae (2 months ago)
With as much concealer you used you might as well have used foundation.
Leong Yen Fong (2 months ago)
mobile legend layla's voice??
Kookie Sun (2 months ago)
I got a new makeup eyeshadow palette. When I get home I’m gonna try the techniques you’ve taught me in your videos. I love your makeup so much. I’m mixed, but my features look more Korean so I think this will work
RhuiPH (2 months ago)
Weaboo Jones is here.
진 진내 이름 (2 months ago)
I will make same you 😂😂
Echo Ryu (2 months ago)
"i also ended up making them as uneved as possible.. ye know. for fun" IM CHOKING
Nadine Abalos (2 months ago)
Ohmygosh I love your voice! Subbed right away!
Her voice is so cute

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