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Google Audit Finds REVERSE Wage Gap, Women Get MORE Than MEN

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Text Comments (2267)
MrSnapy1 (4 hours ago)
Toxic Feminism its a thing!
J Snake (20 hours ago)
I feel like a civil war or a war would solve this honestly
Shaun Pearce (2 days ago)
I’m not surprised. It is the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. Or the person that complains the most that gets the money. Men in general are cared for less by society. Men are also less likely to complain and be very vocal about anything. And lastly, I believe a lot of men have low standards. I can’t say how it was in the past, but it seems like a lot of men have less ambition and drive than women. I believe that has to do with America in general ‘soul crushing’ men into guilt and submission. If you grow up hearing something long enough, you start to believe it. And so you get what you expect in life. Girls today seem to grow up with a lot more praise than boys. They grow up expecting more, demanding more, pushing for more, and in general, the world tends to respond with more.
DeadNinjutsu (2 days ago)
Wait... feminists are dishonest? What else have you not told me? xD
LegendaryBattalion (3 days ago)
This society is so unbalanced.
TheBashar327 (3 days ago)
Life doesn't get worse for women when they get older- life gets more fair and starts treating them more equally too men rather than more special. And even then they still get treated better when they get old. look at the ratio of homeless old women to homeless old men.
dark asia (3 days ago)
its not that we devalue older women we overvalue young women
Kindu White (3 days ago)
Your analogy makes it sound like "Harris and Bergeron"
aphilipdent (3 days ago)
Ed Koch said it best "I don't care if it's a fireman or firewoman! As long as they can carry a 250lb mayor out of danger"
redeyed ronin (3 days ago)
Equality is a myth. Everyone should have equal opportunity, but should also realize that the outcome won't be equal because people are all different. Why is this concept so difficult for people to accept?
The left sees the world as: White men VS everyone else
FatGuy InBasement (3 days ago)
Isn't this a lawsuit waiting to happen base on company previous comments/policy if they don't correct wage gap
Tim Solinski (4 days ago)
Why the heck is this surprising it would be otherwise... The reason for that is quite simple, woman in this sort of positions are very persistent and skillful. If they weren't, they simply wouldn't be there. Natural they are better in wage negotiations. _(and yes, tits have something to do with that, but instincts are natural so deal with it 🙄)_
Carl Clements (4 days ago)
Wait a minute. I thought gender does not exist?
Volvirth (4 days ago)
Here's why men get paid less: _Men don't constantly complain, bitch and whine about everything, so they get left behind in a conversation about wages._
Angelo Lorenzo (4 days ago)
Bartending is an obvious example of this. Tips aside, it's much more likely that a woman would be hired for being attractive rather than their ability to do the job.
Thomson Jack (4 days ago)
Doc Comeau (4 days ago)
If women can't find love while young they aren't physically capable of giving children. That makes them useless as a new partner. This is biology.
Matt Britzius (4 days ago)
Lol. The term reverse wage gap illustrates the problem. A wage gap is a wage gap. Doesn't matter what the demographic details are.
Some One (4 days ago)
LoL. Want to see a very money lucrative industry that women dominate and are getting paid way more, go to any streamer service. Twitch, youtube, etc, and look at the bewbie stars that have taken over the service.
Martin (4 days ago)
But that's totally fair because of reparations for the past. https://discord-store.com/storage/emojis/dumb.png
Alex Park (4 days ago)
What a shock. And women want a man who earns more. Where are all the good men?
Casey Jones (4 days ago)
Theres no such thing as reverse wage gap. its just a wage gap when women get more.
Raiden Dot (4 days ago)
It's real nice when they run around the bush when all they had to do was quote the metric, and point out women are being overpaid. Then they say men get significantly more of the raises... which inputs two things; 1) They needed 69% more raises to be put "in line" with overpaid women, and 2) They don't point that metric out because equality isn't fair, women need all the payouts they can, it's not enough that they have maternity leave!
vawa-ID (4 days ago)
women in third world countries work their ass off to earn more, meanwhile, in first world country, they complain to gain more. I guess complaining is a skill set.
Hyper Hektor (5 days ago)
11:20 imagine a mixed political correct poker turnament with females, they get 2,0x more chips at the start for females & transexuals and another +50% when part of a ethnic "minority" , and another +50% if part of a religious "minority" , and another +50% if part of a sexual "minority" , so we would see increasingly transexual muslim lesbians in the Top10 xD
Where are the angry feminists about men being underpaid? Oh! RIGHT they only care about females.
Andres Abastante (5 days ago)
Tim describes himself as a left wing individual... but, is he?
ThisGuyfj (5 days ago)
Haha good stuff man but I got confused when you started talking about Poker 😅
The Maphio (5 days ago)
One leftard myth after another ending straight in the trash, where they belong. What a surprise.
Gnostic Demon (5 days ago)
You mean in a service economy having youth, beauty, and tits is a massive advantage? No way!
Lil Gat (5 days ago)
I'm getting my popcorn ready for this
David Martinez (5 days ago)
Vampe (5 days ago)
Mostly men are at the top of society. Mostly men are also at the bottom of society (which is far more) Do they truly want "equality" ?
Vampe (5 days ago)
Men get paid 77c on the dollar- "Surprising conclusion - Women make more" LOL. Surprising to who ?
Anthony Campbell (5 days ago)
It's been proven young women make more than young men.
Anthony Campbell (5 days ago)
And it's because they want those young females for thier looks. Plain and simple. Some cute girl that sits in a chair and answers a phone makes more than a guy doing work that will require a back surgery later on in life. But yet shes making a shit ton more for far easier and less body wrecking work.
TheOnePabb (5 days ago)
"Don't worry guys we may have been paying them less and giving everyone else positive discrimination but dudes are still keeping everyone else down in nebulous ways"
Sometimes Cynical (5 days ago)
Considering that a lot of you guys get demonetised from youtube, I wonder why I am seeing a ton of ad videos still. Tim what is your input on this? Are your videos being demonetised while your viewers are still watching ads? Or is it that your videos aren't being demonetised? Try creating a fresh account and check for yourself. I get on average 3-5 ads on your videos + banner ads.
Demosthenes (5 days ago)
Your Prometheus analogy was spot on, well said.
Carter McHugh (5 days ago)
Can’t wait to hit my feminist economics teacher with this today
MrMaelstorm (5 days ago)
HA ! When your own bs backfires. Good job google. You did a good job.
Tyler Crick (5 days ago)
Smart guy.
Alexander Brandt (5 days ago)
There's no such thing as a wage gap. To the extent that what we're talking about is not discrimination based on these categories, these categories are completely arbitrary and no equity should be expected. No one ever complains that 30 year old white men from Philadelphia have different occupations than 30 year old white men from Dallas, because that would be arbitrary. This too is arbitrary.
Geert Matthys (5 days ago)
it's harder getting a job as a man, women get cushy government job instantly
Daffyd Landegge (6 days ago)
Women are just going to have to suck it up and deal with it, instead of being whiny adult-little girls. Aren't they the ones enjoying rejecting guys for the most insignificant, petty of all things and over superficialities anyway. Boo-hoo about them being cast to the curbside for younger adult-little girls who are fun to play with for avwhile... only to eventually be replaced with a fresh face and body. These types have given no empathy, and will eventually get none. All the decent adult women will enjoy their interactions with the male counterpart, which is why they dont rise up to "combat" these "masculine evils".
TheShorterboy (6 days ago)
everywhere they have done this they get the same result, after 40 years of bs what would you expect
DaKussh (6 days ago)
*REVERSE wage gap*.... that click bait tho, I'm disappointed on you Tim, you perfectly know is a fallacy to call "reverse" to these type of social constructs, like saying reverse racism.
gas-powered-crusader (6 days ago)
Feminists are so twisted.
SOAPSTONE BIRD (6 days ago)
And they wonder why men go MGTOW!
Ómi Völuson Hansen (6 days ago)
"Waman" 100% 👌
MG Cookies (6 days ago)
Well, time to get my lazy ass up and study...
Huey Iroquois (6 days ago)
The only surprise here is that the video is two weeks old, but it hasn't been demonetized yet.
Sunshine Starcraft (6 days ago)
Your poker analogy is retarded. To win with a bad hand in poker you have to lie. If you lie to earn money or power in real life you get your ass sued and you end up in prison.
Karol Jeske (6 days ago)
Man I wish my life got better at 25 or 30 or 40.
Sid Spanos (6 days ago)
Society is the big bad witch that gives the little snowflake the apple and she is sleeping till reality as the hansom prince comes along and gives them a rude awakening, main stream media are the 7 dwarfs that she constantly takes for granted. This was bound to surface eventually. Great video!
Tokes Alotta (6 days ago)
I can tell you that men, and especially white men have more obstacles in the corporate world these days.
crystalizer 32 (6 days ago)
white men have more obstacles in the western world period
Tokes Alotta (6 days ago)
Speaking of sneaky. That's what censorship, and pushing agendas does -- it promotes sneaky people.
The the guy says no u
Michael Ptasnik (7 days ago)
Any woman in the service industry is going to make more. A woman in sales is going to make more. A woman who starts her own YouTube Channel is going to get 10x as many followers. Any entry level job is going to value women more.
Xavier Garnier (7 days ago)
In my opinion, women are not valued 'less' as they get older per se. It seems, rather, they are valued more 'normally' as they get older. Technically less than they may have been valued in their youth, but not in any way perceived as 'less valuable' than the average.
AB0L1SH3D (7 days ago)
superiority = supremacy those crying are feminist supremacist. 100% anti equal rights for all and can arguably be considered the most racist and oppressive movement the world has ever seen.
Travis (7 days ago)
Im just here for comments.. we all knew this..
Lincoln deming (7 days ago)
Wait! What if they have suited Jack Sevens huh, yeah, huh, what now smarty pants!?
Bhoj Kawre (7 days ago)
4:18 So It's unfair to not pay much attention to women when they become unattractive BUT it's perfectly fine to treat men as garbage when they are unattractive.
Alvaro Garavito (7 days ago)
Joseph Mantler (8 days ago)
Tim, it isn't about equality. Identity Politics is about Power. Empowering identities is far more lucrative than any equity they could ever attain. Why do you think Leftist policies always seem to result in less education, fewer skills, and broken families?
Joseph Mantler (8 days ago)
Sooo… it's not that they are making more than their male counterparts... it's that they could be making even MORE more than their male counterparts?
Blaine Fiasco (8 days ago)
Leprechaun Jack (8 days ago)
PhotonBread (8 days ago)
The poker analogy is spot on. Not everybody is dealt a good hand but not every flop has a face
antoineanfk (8 days ago)
You won't see this study on the MSM or TYT...
Jesse (8 days ago)
3:50 LOL, it’s called “The Wall”, Tim, and it is undefeated.
scumucs (8 days ago)
i dont like the right, but seriously, FCUK THE LEFT!!!!!!!!!
Victory Saber (8 days ago)
Pornstars are all female. The men are just faces. The women make all the money and the guys are just lucky to get some?
Louis J Wiese (8 days ago)
This is really funny Men, in the West, are by far the most unvalued and unappreciated group. And a wage gap is not a problem in the first place. Hire the best for the job, and you will still have wage gaps. Because some people are better at weightlifting, others at sprinting, others at accounting, others at engineering, etc.
yandere waifu (8 days ago)
FallenSnowWolf (8 days ago)
No woman do not lose their value as they get older, their value just balances out. As woman get older they start to get treated like how men are treated their old age. Also women will treat younger men better then they will treat older men that is because we look at younger people as innocent and that we treat them a little better.
Sith'ari Azithoth (9 days ago)
*Holy shit! Are you kidding? I'm flabbergasted! Im shocked! This is unbelievelable! Unfathomable! Incomprehensible!* J/k it's 100% predictable.
Drunkn (9 days ago)
So your saying, its not " white privilege " but "gender privilege?"
lethalsilverdragon (9 days ago)
After watching hundreds of your videos I have come to the conclusion that humanity just needs to be replaced by machines.
Random User (9 days ago)
Adam B (9 days ago)
Modern feminism is pure cancer.
noodleking 92 (9 days ago)
At the start, when you said "thank you Google" it set off my Google Voice Assistant. I don't know how you did it, I can't even get it to do work
Stan A.C.E (9 days ago)
In conclusion, Google knows that that field is dominated by men so they decided to take advantage of the "uneceseray feminism" trend and use it as a tactic to save some cash.
Its Crayon (10 days ago)
Ok the “reverse wage gap” isn’t a thing it’s just a wage gap but considering how society is today it is somewhat reasonable
Andrew Baier (10 days ago)
The rant you had going on at 4:20 (started earlier) is really true. Saw a video, a couple of week ago of some twitch thot who just sat there eating a snack calling her viewers maggots for not donating to her. She really expects people to watch some ho sit and eat.
Wolfgang Breitenseher (10 days ago)
That's not surprising at all. Men are always in a disadvantage. Not only in family court, also in jobs. We get the dirty, dangerous things to do, while women think they have a job by walking through air conditioned offices on high heels.
Roshea (10 days ago)
I knew about this 8 years ago when the push for women in stem fields became noticeable. Always knew this wage gap stuff was malarkey, it's not like its the 60s or mad men style casual workplace sexual harrassment.
TiconderogaX (11 days ago)
Pay discrimination is ILLEGAL. It doesn't matter if it's based on sex, religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. If a woman believes her pay is discriminatory, she should sue. Otherwise, STFU.
FearWicked (11 days ago)
Notice this didn't blow up because Google owns YouTube 😷
jimcola99 Buchanan (11 days ago)
Anybody else notice the exact match searches are gone? Am I the only one upset about this? You could put a search term in double quotes and find an exact phrase.
Suman Kumar (11 days ago)
Yup saw it on news. These sjw and nasty feminists are whiny little bitches.
Owen Cooper Sfx (12 days ago)
These Udemy ads are pretty obnoxious....
DNK Mac (12 days ago)
breaking news FemReich discriminates men..on other news the fire is hot.
Kajun Kashawn (12 days ago)
Men: I earned my position in this company. Women: I deserve my position in this company. Do you deserve what you earn, or earn what you deserve?
Fudpucky (12 days ago)
There's always a massive gap in my wages after the weekend. I've been trying to figure it out for ages. I thought it was alcohol and weed, but now I know it's feminism that's to blame. Damn you feminism, you cheeky bitch!
Equality will put women at a disadvantage in many areas, because if the playing field is level, men are likely to come on top.
Yes, reverse pay gap, reverse racism is a bad term. These terms demonizes a particular group.Just call it gender pay gap or racism.
Giin (12 days ago)
So, according to your analogy, when one skilled person succeeds at the top, all those below him benefit. So what I'm hearing, is that trickle down economics works? I'm surprised at you, Tim.
Knob Jobs (12 days ago)
If I worked at Google I would be more concerned with just keeping my job. All those sjw's would have me on eggshells 24/7.

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