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"questions" for men answered by woman

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buzz "EVERY MAN EVER IS MY EX BOYFRIEND" feed strikes again write your questions for feminists in the comments. original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_J0Ng5cUGg links; twitter: http://www.twitter.com/shoe0nhead patreon: https://www.patreon.com/shoe0nhead facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shoe0nhead askfm: http://ask.fm/shoe0nhead instagram: https://instagram.com/shoe0nhead/
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Text Comments (95622)
Shoe0nHead (9 months ago)
attention newfags. before you come here accusing me of stealing jokes from Dr Shaym’s video on this maybe check the video dates of our videos. thank you. enjoy your stay.
time traveler
Hey Jamie (1 month ago)
+Zhampted If she were going to fix her video quality, she would have done it years ago. It's not her brand. Go educate yourself about branding.
Moonman (52 minutes ago)
When watching a Buzzfeed video: high blood pressure intensifies
yuuki (1 hour ago)
I'm a women a "little" obsessed with gay men I mean can't I ?
Vaas Gaming.Inc (2 hours ago)
Alright feminists, you push for equality between men and women. Right? So why is it a problem when people like 8 ball jacket fight violent bitches ?
nightwolf Gaming (2 hours ago)
I have a question for feminists how's it like to suck a di...wait a minute I'm pretty a majority of feminists are probably lesbian and probably wouldn't go anywhere near one so nevermind
Madden boi (2 hours ago)
6:10 I'm dying
Benjamin O'Neal (2 hours ago)
Question: Why does basic logic escape feminism?
amir (3 hours ago)
Didnt see the video. Came here to dislike.
*[FeelsRestricted]* (3 hours ago)
Question for feminists: How can you stand by this movement of gender equality when you or many fellow feminists are so anti-men?
yuuki (1 hour ago)
well you can ask the same thing to muslim or cristian how can you stand to be religious whan their are so many extremist who kill or rape people. Yes their are extremisme everywhere be that does not mean the movement is " bad " we need feminisme their are still lot of contry where women are slave even in america forced marriage still exist in some state you can't discredit a whole mouvement because of some "lot" annoying people.
*[FeelsRestricted]* (4 hours ago)
3:56 hilarious!!!! Im dying! 🤣🤣🤣
Opus The Dog (4 hours ago)
Extreme respect for “kids with guns” (a gorillaz song in the background look it up)
Why do all women say stupid things sometimes? Particularly the female ones. Also...never mind
SPICY GameZ (6 hours ago)
6:25 Why is it your first intention to belive the accusation
Small bean music (7 hours ago)
The only time a man has been told good job for sleeping with a bunch of women is sam from cheers a 1970s show
Nathaniel Gorman (8 hours ago)
My question for feminists- why are you retarded
Rod Keays (8 hours ago)
These women have made a lot of bad choices. No wonder they're pissed.
Steve Andriese (9 hours ago)
You go girl. You are awesome.
Austin Shadow (9 hours ago)
On the contrary I never thought you stole I think you both have great videos
der Lean (9 hours ago)
I mean, I am a feminist, (male) but radical feminism really is stupid. I think genderpaygap is a problem though
Idk A name (10 hours ago)
9:20 ha
Bryan Whitby (11 hours ago)
Funny stuff, you get a sub from me.
Tonick 220 (12 hours ago)
Bitch I am a: -Mei, maeve, moji, tracer, neith, artemis, lux ,ahri, brigitte and moira main. - touhou fan - chara lover (I think shes a girl) - hermione granger lover - UTAU fan. Who the fuck you are to say men dont like female elements in games or books? MOJI IS A FEAMALE RABBIT SO IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SEXUAL ATTRACTION.
R-I-P Rei (12 hours ago)
Question for Feminists: How does it feel to tell people how strong and independent you are, but the second a man opens his mouth you turn into a bubbling pile of emotions?
Alex Roman (12 hours ago)
Unattractive ladies tend to say “the all is men fault.. and pretty ladies’” I personally disagree with unattractive ladies. Am I dirty sexist now?🤔
YaoMengLiew (14 hours ago)
I dread it everyday whenever I am in downtown Oakland and surrounding by countless "triggered women". It doesn't help at all when there are so many delusional feminine boys. Feels like walking down street and seeing a woman and you smile only to get a rude mean distasteful look that you eventually stop smiling at women. Now they are complaining that men here are not taking enough initiative or not being man enough to ask them out. With so many enjoyable thing in life and especially in the bay area where most men are in the engineering, tech and startup field that yes many are doing well. With all that money, yes we are enjoying ourselves and the last thing I need a guy is a woman hindering my happiness. This only gets worst now that I am in my mid 30's. The pressure to settle down not from my parents but from the opposite sex and the belittling that I get more often than not through countless dates where they lay out my fucking 2 year plans with them! Misery doesn't need company!
Paul Fernandez (15 hours ago)
The only real oppression is mom wanting grand babies.... Haha poor June
mdhization (16 hours ago)
I like your brain.
Gen Rai (16 hours ago)
I have one question to Feminists, because it is like all Feminists see in being a Man is all perks, so do really know how its like to be a Man and the pressure of it
Hamzah Ally (16 hours ago)
How it feels to get kicked in the balls u feminist will never know
Early 20th century feminism = good 21st century feminism = bad
Hamzah Ally (17 hours ago)
Hey I got a question for you guys. Now if a girl sleeps with another man that makes her a slut. But if a guy sleeps with another woman what does that make him??
Jack Crater (17 hours ago)
I love this girl
kblackav8or (17 hours ago)
Without a double standard these feminists wouldn't have any. In 10 years (or less) they will all be in therapy.. or angry and lonely because no one can stand to be around them.
fuck yea, so funny, thank you
Perlice Louie Orbello (18 hours ago)
Yep, perfect girl
Jeremy Rhodes (20 hours ago)
Jorge Alberto (20 hours ago)
I love u ❤
Quan Minh Tran (21 hours ago)
Finally someone who understands. Preach.
kaito tatsuya (21 hours ago)
Finally a reasonable woman....Will you marry me.
The Mad Gemish (22 hours ago)
Thank you being honest.
Anime and Manga (1 day ago)
Question for feminists Why do you complain about manspreading, calling it oppression, when in Saudi Arabia, women can’t even drive. I’m no Islamophobe, I’m Muslim myself, I just hate Arabia’s royal family
RE\/ SquidSkillz (1 day ago)
How many feminist does it take to screw in a light bulb? 1 to bitch at men till they fix it
Anant Sananikone (1 day ago)
For those who have repetadley heard that men have never done anything for society i have a list here AHEM Ghandi, einstein, tesla, martin luther king , Buddha, jesus, (religous symbols in general that are male count) Lincoln, Socrates, plato, devinci, caperencus, bhor, godd howard, sun zu, my boy jhon denver, alan ada, Michael jordon?, alfred nobel (contributed funds to further cause of peace despite inventing dynamite), that dude in scotland that stoped a terrorist bombing single handed by punching the dude in the nuts so hard he broke his entire wrist, ehhhhhhhhh jefferson counts, im blanking but the us medic in ww2 that saved what 50 soldeirs, i could go on but my memory stinks feel free to complete the list or use any one of these names in an argument.
Pheng Yang (1 day ago)
Boobs between your legs LOL best analogy ever!
Arpan Chakraborty (1 day ago)
damm girl !!
Phenomenal XzC (1 day ago)
U right lesbians r hot duh....
Riah Reviews (1 day ago)
I don’t like Trump AT ALL but gosh the Hitler thing is overreacting
Country Bumpkin (1 day ago)
No homo but dude I frikkin LOVE you!
lich kontez (1 day ago)
I'm the same gender as hitler
Jacob Durner (1 day ago)
9:20 I love that part like lmao
HackermanACK (1 day ago)
Asscancer.. I'm gonna steal that
Hermes Trismegistus (1 day ago)
Holy shit. A funny chick.
Dhanar Putra (1 day ago)
Why you look like 75% of Jennifer-Love Hewitt ?
Diddles My Mo (1 day ago)
Why do you fight discrimination with discrimination, feminists? If you tell someone "stop fucking swearing" would that be realistic?
War Josh 56 (1 day ago)
Hey feminist do you like big black cock
Hog A (1 day ago)
I kindof want a rabbit
Tristan Foss (1 day ago)
Men and women have their differences, but as long as you're normal, you will hate BuzzFeed.
prashant jha (1 day ago)
What priviliges are they talking about? Compare them with their priviliges
Orzelaa (1 day ago)
My question to feminists: Why are you so fucking ignorant?
Iain Moufarrij (1 day ago)
I would like the mammal shown at the end of the video.
I make good content (1 day ago)
How does it feel to be the same gender as teresa may?
I make good content (1 day ago)
My question is...... why are you fucking feminists. Plys they are trying to stop rape but hold signs at campains saying rape me.
Jeremy (1 day ago)
Redneck Machines (1 day ago)
Why are they so stupid
Bob Semple tank (1 day ago)
How does it feel to always be the victim of something
Dragonclaw 353 (1 day ago)
Question for feminist: Why do you hate men
Matthias G (1 day ago)
3:59 Yes very good
What's it like sharing the same gender with Donald Trump his wife?
MurasakiTsukimaru (1 day ago)
Cursing casually is fine. Cursing for emphasis is fine. Cursing multiple times per sentence makes you look like a middle schooler.
daddyrichten (1 day ago)
"Why can't I sleep with as many people as I want to without being judged?" That depends. Why can't men be 5'4" and have no income or no education without being judged? It's called PREFERENCE. Also, exactly how many people do you want to sleep with and why does that number matter so much to you? I as a man can answer those questions.
SquidyKitty (1 day ago)
"how does it feel to be the same gender as Donald Trump?" Umm... What exactly do expect them to about it? 😂
SquidyKitty (1 day ago)
Also I'm not saying that transgender is invalid. I just think it's dumb to hate men simply because Donald Trump is a man.
Corey Brass (1 day ago)
Seriously though here is the question is really like an answer to... Why do you think being a guy is so awesome and why do you think life is so much easier for us?
Corey Brass (1 day ago)
What does it feel like to know that we would still be in the Garden of Edan if you hadn't gotten us kicked out?
Corey Brass (1 day ago)
What does it feel like to know that if you call the cops and claim domestic violence I will go to jail and potentially lose my job?
Scott Morgan (1 day ago)
8:07 I need that button
Moongaming Sunking (1 day ago)
Thank you for not being a feminist 👍🏾
chapinrey (1 day ago)
Am also the same gender as the creater and almighty Gos himself !😂
Jim Ivey (1 day ago)
Pretty darn funny 😄
Bowser's Unterhose (1 day ago)
how does it fell to have the same gender as eleanor of auquitaine
SOVIET DUCK (1 day ago)
Is that kids with guns by the gorillaz in the background I now love you more
2- D (1 day ago)
Is the background music “kids with guns”??
Alex Paul (2 days ago)
This is what i call bitching all those bitches do ! Some women are not called bitches because of the sex they had with men because of them bitching like this! I wanna slap those women ! I feel offended ! It all sounds plain stupid ! Wanna slap them !
Alex Paul (2 days ago)
Wow!!! Literally!!!! Amaze balls! 😂😎👏
Mahmoud Gabbani (2 days ago)
Took me less than a minute to subscribe
Plaza Tales (2 days ago)
Feminists... *are you insane*
Wolfix Savage (2 days ago)
My question or feminists: Why did your dad waist money on your moms dresses instead of birth control?
Your Pal (2 days ago)
Trigger warning: FACTS! Love it!
AMP'D GRAFF (2 days ago)
Glad this was on my recommend
AMP'D GRAFF (2 days ago)
Half of the statements they make can go for a male as well like fat shaming. MEN ARE FAT TOO THEY DONT SAY SHIT BC THEYRE NORMAL
AMP'D GRAFF (2 days ago)
U are the female we need
BOB (2 days ago)
you go girl
TheMilkKid (2 days ago)
I’m so glad I’m not the only girl that doesn’t modern feminists. Amen, sister.
Why feminist do their dye your hair so much? And how often do they workout???
bretty boi (2 days ago)
hai how does it feel to be a biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch
Brad G (2 days ago)
I have a question for them...How does it feel to get a promotion over someone more qualified, because you're a woman, and the company is trying to be politically correct?
Brad G (2 days ago)
Same question, but for non-white men?  White men are the most discriminated against, but we can't say that.  It would be politically incorrect, or we would be accused of being white nationalists that are sexists and racists.
Brad G (2 days ago)
You are awesome!  Thank you for NOT being one of them!
shawn foogle (2 days ago)
Thought you were the feminists, but then i watched. 🎈😌👍
Sepulchore (2 days ago)
4:06 is awesome xD

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