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"questions" for men answered by woman

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buzz "EVERY MAN EVER IS MY EX BOYFRIEND" feed strikes again write your questions for feminists in the comments. original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_J0Ng5cUGg links; twitter: http://www.twitter.com/shoe0nhead patreon: https://www.patreon.com/shoe0nhead facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shoe0nhead askfm: http://ask.fm/shoe0nhead instagram: https://instagram.com/shoe0nhead/
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Shoe0nHead (11 months ago)
attention newfags. before you come here accusing me of stealing jokes from Dr Shaym’s video on this maybe check the video dates of our videos. thank you. enjoy your stay.
Jeremy Shaffer (6 days ago)
Your hilarious shoe..I wish I could meet a girl like you one day
Zzz (1 month ago)
I love you. When my people finish making time machine I will visit you😉
TheOneAndOnly Memesus (1 month ago)
Only if you were my sister. We could make feminist jokes all day.
sorry :I
Strelizia 002 (1 month ago)
Bad camera
Shinix :D (16 minutes ago)
You look and act like a female version of Cr1TiKaL
Solved DX (45 minutes ago)
I just want to say...you look like dva from overwatch. Im sorry
loser (4 hours ago)
A couple of them are valid questions but most are just stupid
Frying Pan14 (5 hours ago)
My question for feminists... Why are u guys so stupid? Also, focus more on yourself instead of something u have no clue about
AfroCow 8 (7 hours ago)
Why do you hate men feminist
BennyOnYoutube (7 hours ago)
Mrs Sh0e on head is the only reasonable person on YouTube
Nathan Colley (7 hours ago)
Female feminists working at Subway, how does it feel when a man tells you to make him a sandwich? Yes, I went there.
Carter Watts (9 hours ago)
_I feel _*_NOTHING_*
Patrick Cole (9 hours ago)
Nathaniel Smith (9 hours ago)
Your actually amazing.
Muhammad Diop (10 hours ago)
Female Birdman
Ronnie Gaming (10 hours ago)
Why don’t they do any research
Nicholas Hemingway (10 hours ago)
Dear, feminist you say want equality but your striving for the exact opposite see if a women even SAYS a man raped them then even before going to court they can have there life ruined but even if a women raped a man they get less sentence feminist say that the man 'enjoyed it ' but just with a women getting raped it can scar the man for life and there discouraged to tell anyone since apparently getting raped is sign of weakness also with domestic abuse men are told to man up and that's why the suicide rate is higher with men then women
deathspire gaming (11 hours ago)
Can her dad ear her reeee like a volicearaptor
Susie Gelin (13 hours ago)
how does it feel to hate men for things they have no control over? Why do you hate it when you get payed less then men but when you get payed more you think it's not a big deal? Those are my questions
Carlos Stephens (13 hours ago)
This one is woke
Ella Artenstein (15 hours ago)
I'm feminist but these questions are pretty dumb
Dakota magz (16 hours ago)
jhibbitt1 (16 hours ago)
"Are you a feminist because you couldn't get a boyfriend or because some asshole used you for sex one time?"
Icey4x (17 hours ago)
R u leafy’s sister?
Chinedu Anulugwo (17 hours ago)
Well, why do feminist bitch about men having it better than them when women actually have more privileges than men.Even socially!!! E.g Men cries People; boo hoo, man the fuck up!!. Women cries. People: ohh,sorry, let it out, what did HE do, etc.
Douglas Denham (18 hours ago)
We still build EVERYTHING. Mic drop
Bluhbluhblih 109 (20 hours ago)
She’s funny,oh wait
Brennan Archives 2 (21 hours ago)
Nice gorillaz instrumental
George Estep (23 hours ago)
I've returned to this video because laughing at Buzzfeed is eternal.
Fran Ivosevic (23 hours ago)
girl has a 10 fps camera but still good content damn
SamsungLG (1 day ago)
They're so pretentious, like they even lived through those theoretical people they all mentioned.
Golden glow (1 day ago)
abin joseph (1 day ago)
She is funnier than Amy Schumer period.
vladan jevtic (1 day ago)
Tell women rapers that no means no as well...(that was directed to the feminist in the video you're reacting)
BetoSauriuz GG (1 day ago)
How does it feels to be in a video for people answering your no base questions *Stupid Feminists* huh...
Chewy Crab (1 day ago)
9:25 wtf was that sound
S-Fang 55 (1 day ago)
Why do you hate men unless they have big dick?
YEA!!! B (1 day ago)
I lost it when you said "why is number changing?" I picture the camera guy at buzzfeed bringing it up like somebody "hey somebody made a typo"
EnjoyedGerm9474 (1 day ago)
My absolute #1 question for feminists: why the FUCK...YOU SO...DAMN...STUPID
XX Yourmam (1 day ago)
How does it feel to make false allegations against men
waynehd999 (1 day ago)
In retrospect, i view the ideal philosophy of an gender specific grouping for a irrelevant cause such as equallity (because everyone is already equal(kinda???)) Irrelevant. Individuality, common sense, and dignity are concepts the majority refuse to understand or even practice. There is no reason for a discrimination of gender from either parties because the experience and ideals of one typically dont equal anothers perfectly. There is always a slew or perpendicular thought of an individual topic then will normally not equal anothers interpretation. That being said. My question is, "why do you care? I am not you and you are not me." What ever happened to minding your own business?
uW Au (1 day ago)
I love your Mr.Meeseeks shirt
stxnl3y_735 (1 day ago)
The wage gap is real but there are many variables that feminists don't consider and it actually made me pissed
Grunt Nato (1 day ago)
0:26: *happens* Me: it doesn't really feel like anything IDK if it is supposed to......
Reeq Lol (1 day ago)
My question for feminists "How does it feel to be the reason men don't want to talk to or be near girls?"
xoKenny (1 day ago)
They are going through crippling depression because they realized... *their questions were accurately answered by a FEMALE.*
Oscar Johansson (1 day ago)
Most men aren't your stereotypical "Kyle".
Cloey Mosley (1 day ago)
I like how much of an attitude you’ve got! And I swear I’m not being sarcastic.
How it feels being vegan?
Mx-ThE-WeeB-LoRD 69 (1 day ago)
Why are Men who hit women seen as jerks, but when women hit men they are seen as bosses?
BagOfChips (1 day ago)
The perfect girl doesnt exi-
Justice Clark (1 day ago)
Question for feminism: why the hell do you hate men so much without them y’all don’t even exist
Mike Diller (1 day ago)
Why are feminists such bitches
Justice Clark (1 day ago)
7:23 because their fuckin hot
Justice Clark (1 day ago)
You’re the hero we don’t deserve but we need
Justice Clark (1 day ago)
“Why do you always say you don’t wanna watch a movie or tv show because it stars a female” Watch the batwoman trailer and you’ll see why most of female led stuff is bad.
Lepsih (1 day ago)
hows it feel to be the same sex as annabelle
ace (1 day ago)
How does feel to be the same sex as Amy Schumer
Dysis ORB (2 days ago)
11k dislikes, hmm? Wonder who those could be.
How does it feel to b**ch about men b**chin?
AV3R3ST (2 days ago)
Amasomekid 2 (2 days ago)
t ruin some ones life of false accusations when poroven not true, sometimes just by going to a feminist news station
Amasomekid 2 (2 days ago)
how does it feel to work less hours then men have a 1/10 the chance of death then man making 80 cents for every dollar a man works
Amasomekid 2 (2 days ago)
how does it feel to rape a minor then sue for child support
Isaiah Stutheit (2 days ago)
Question for Feminists: How does it feel to be able to ruin a man's whole live and drive them to commit suicide?
Daniel Stoica (2 days ago)
I "checked my privilege" as a straight white male with a well paying full time job, a house, a wife that works a good paying full time job, and a kid. Now what? What am I supposed to do with all my "origional sin = dirty privelage"? Should I wear black face and cross dress so I can better understand how hard it is to be a trans black woman? (Bad idea). What do you want from me Feminists? Feel bad so you can out compete me easier?
Notbananagunz4 -man (2 days ago)
Feminist question :how would you like to die yourself?
Christopher Drachus (2 days ago)
I like this youtuber, shes like a squirrel 'w'
sOgGy SaNdWiCh (2 days ago)
Women are better at giving birth! *no shit sherlock*
Why are you a whale feminist
Twiggy Pan Cake (2 days ago)
How does it feel to be the same sex as your broke homie me from over seas
Daniel Rawlinson (2 days ago)
Nice vid
isaac jones (2 days ago)
Haven't laughed that hard that hard in in a long time. Subscribed. Ps I also think I'm the funny one. But I know I'm also the annoying one and play dumb. Ps I'm also dumb. Or am I? Yes I am.
Although I saw dr shayms vido first and has, and don't mean to be offensive or sexist, a stronger argument, I noticed he stole a lot of your jokes and the "leave feminist questions in the comments" thing.
Emre Çağıl (2 days ago)
3:58 XDDDD
bAKGround (2 days ago)
Be careful she's a hero
_IamAsh10n _ (2 days ago)
Why has this generation gone to complete shit? and these feminists all of a sudden whine about every little thing instead of doing something about it. Feminazis are absolutely disgusting
Dragon_King 118 (3 days ago)
How does it feel to be the same gender as Stefanie Rabatsch?
Adam Tuka (3 days ago)
So mf funny
vincent. (3 days ago)
90,000th comment hell yeah
hydro dog (3 days ago)
hey feminists what would you do if we made a group of men to counteract you or would you call that sexist too
IDK miner (3 days ago)
I'm glad I didn't skip over your video because I'm surprised that your so funny. Get it? Duh. Vatalaquaaaahhhhh!!!!!
Random 411 (3 days ago)
The table have turned
Dylan Alexander (3 days ago)
How dose it feel to be a disgrace to ma.... human kind, sorry did i almost offend you?
Kaleb Ashworth (3 days ago)
Questions for feminists 1. How does it feel to not be made fun of for having emotions 2. How does it feel to have REAL privalge 3. How does it feel to be able to rape a teenage boy or a man and be able to sue him for child support 4. How does it feel to use incorect statistics 5. How does it feel to be a mooron
Daniel Cabrera (3 days ago)
Period shaming?
Thibaut Demyttenaere (3 days ago)
It feel great to see that there is women in this World who are not brainwashed by féminazi
Vilesentry (3 days ago)
Shouldn't you be making grandbabies? Btw, did I tell you about how good my genes are? Mind if I flex for a bit?
CSF1307 (3 days ago)
You’re hilarious subbed
Corey (3 days ago)
I'm just curious why sexual dimorphism is seen as a bad thing. Most species have it to some degree. Also, if it doesn't exist, open this jar of pickles please.
Ahaha the wage gap button was funny enough and then you threw it, perfect. Btw my first time watching any of your vids, grade A nice!
Mausjupitet Kindich (3 days ago)
Question to feminist
Athena Schreck (3 days ago)
Questions for feminists: WHY R U CANCER
Nathaniel Godin (3 days ago)
I think u might be my favorite human ever
jykerion dawson (3 days ago)
How does it feel to be the most hated type of people in the 🌎 (to feminists)
Bryan Santy (3 days ago)
Hey ur funny o wait i should better shut up or im rapist lmao 😂
GamerDude Jake (3 days ago)
How does it feel to hate half of the population for reasons outside their control? That's less compassionate than Thanos. Thanos, however an idiot, thought he was saving the other half, and was indiscriminate.
Owen Powell - Melder (3 days ago)
not a question for feminists, just a statement: I wanted to say you are so pretty
THA. CHRizz (3 days ago)
God vid
69,000,000 views (3 days ago)
The peferct girl doesn't exis-
MJW238 (3 days ago)
What counts as ‘too many’ sexual partners?
MJW238 (3 days ago)
Thanks for confirming my views.
Magpie Smyth (4 days ago)
Why do all feminists hate their dads..

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