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[FREE] "Hazard" - Steel Banglez x Not3s x Mostack Type Beat | Prod. SjBeats

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This beat is free for non profit only w/ credit to me in the title (Prod. SjBeats) ______________________________________________________________ Social Media: insta: _sujan._ Contact: [email protected] _______________________________________________________________ IGNORE TAGS: Mist Mist Beat Mist Type Beat Mist Instrumental Mist Type Beat 2018 Mist Type Beat Free Mist Type Beats MoStack MoStack Beat MoStack Type Beat MoStack Instrumental MoStack Type Beat 2018 MoStack Type Beat Free MoStack Type Beats Steel Banglez Steel Banglez Beat Steel Banglez Type Beat Steel Banglez Instrumental Steel Banglez Type Beat 2018 Steel Banglez Type Beat Free Steel Banglez Type Beats Afrobeat Afrobeat Beat Afrobeat Type Beat Afrobeat Instrumental Afrobeat Type Beat 2018 Afrobeat Type Beat Free Afrobeat Type Beats Dancehall Dancehall Beat Dancehall Type Beat Dancehall Instrumental Dancehall Type Beat 2018 Dancehall Type Beat Free Dancehall Type Beats Beat Type Beat Instrumental Type Beat 2018 Type Beat Free Type Beats Uk Beat Uk Type Beat Uk Instrumental Uk Type Beat 2018 Uk Type Beat Free Uk Type Beats All rights reserved. Copyright © 2018 SjBeats
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Text Comments (20)
Ay Beats (6 months ago)
The melody😅😅 if you can make somin like that again then Leme collab
Ay Beats (6 months ago)
SjBeats Add me on snapchat or Instagram, let’s get some work done ✅
SjBeats (6 months ago)
Love bro!!! Will do!!!! 👍💯👊
Dre Z (2 months ago)
@SjBeats i made a track to this banger! 🔥🔥🔥 I will put credit and everything! Also i will post on insta too and tag you in the captions if thats ok?! 👍🏾
TEEZ BEATS (3 months ago)
where do you get your vocals from ?
TEEZ BEATS (3 months ago)
SjBeats (3 months ago)
Or record in your voice and edit it
SjBeats (3 months ago)
Chop acapella g
DJ HAX MUSIC (5 months ago)
Make more beats like this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
STACKS BEATS (5 months ago)
SjBeats (5 months ago)
thank you bro!!!!
Kenzie Hampton (6 months ago)
Wow🌊🤐Imma make us both famous when I get to work on this beat👀mark my words bro
Bestone (6 months ago)
You need my lyrics on this to BANG💥💥💥💥💥
SjBeats (6 months ago)
Loool 😂😂
mjproductions (6 months ago)
Cold g
SjBeats (6 months ago)
Safe bro! 👊💯💯🙏
sanjichopper0mobile (6 months ago)
nice beat bro. how youve found the vocals ?
SjBeats (6 months ago)
Chopping up accapella g
Sennz (6 months ago)
that vocal is madddd
SjBeats (6 months ago)
Safe broo!👊💯💎

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