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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Official Launch Trailer [HD]

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Releasing in India: January 3rd 2014 Twentieth Century Fox are delighted to announce the theatrical release of THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY. Directed by Ben Stiller, starring Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Shirley MacLaine, Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn and Sean Penn. In his secret life, Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) dreams big...really, really big. There's no challenge beyond his grasp, be it climbing a massive glacier or rescuing a senior citizen from an exploding building. When he's not daydreaming, the not-so-secret life of Walter Mitty is the opposite of his heroic alter-ego's; he's just an everyday guy facing imminent career downsizing, who's too timid to ask out his pretty co-worker (Kristen Wiig). But when Walter faces his ultimate real-world test, he springs into action on a global adventure exceeding anything even he could have dreamed of. Screen Story and Screenplay by Steve Conrad, produced by Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., John Goldwyn, Stuart Cornfeld, Ben Stiller. Presented by Fox Star India Studios India. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoxStarIndia Twitter: https://twitter.com/foxstarindia
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Text Comments (196)
mauro (2 years ago)
So far i had only seen more 'silly' movies starring Ben Stiller, funny but that's it. But I just watched this one and i loved it. Amazing scenes, inspirational and motivational. Highly recommend
franklin beldad (2 years ago)
just seen this movie on 9gag. right now...
Gayle Bell (2 years ago)
Does anyone think this is appropriate for the classroom of ESE 4-5th graders
Ludwig Borgkvist (2 years ago)
Anyone knows the song in the end? Like just as he jumps on the helicopter.
MD GeeZ (2 years ago)
The song's called 'step out'. The artist's name is way too long so I won't try to remember it!
Davcreate (3 years ago)
Looks good. I came to this from listening to the Jose Gonzales song.
nishit bhojkar (2 years ago)
Davcreate (3 years ago)
Saw it last night. Seeing Jose Gonzales was a way better experience.
FRESTEN (3 years ago)
me too man
Luna Lune (3 years ago)
Just watched the movie! It's so inspiring and motivating--I highly recommend it!
chris adrian barnido (3 years ago)
I LOVE the movie
Z.I.Q Royal (3 years ago)
What's the idea of this movie ?
nishit bhojkar (2 years ago)
Z.I.Q Royal
Chantae Guzman (2 years ago)
It's about an average man who works as a negative asset manager at Life. And this man's life is about boring as a blank piece of paper, and all he does is daydream of daring events that he takes part in. Then one day he didn't receive one of the photos for the cover of the magazine from the photographer. So he searches for the photographer by using some of his photos as clues to his whereabouts. In doing so he goes on an adventurous journey, travelling the world, meeting new people and doing daring things.This creating him into a whole new person. Boosting his confidence and self-esteem. Plus the soundtrack is great.
AverageUser (2 years ago)
it's about a average man that has done nothing with his life until he loses a image and he goes on an adventure to find this picture it's a inspiring story a must see
Niklas Waldemarson (3 years ago)
This film is on swedish Netflix, should I see it? 1:38 I've don't that once, embarrassing...
Anika Chhillar (3 years ago)
Amazing use of Bohemian Rhapsody. This trailer isn't even half as amazing as the movie.
Lost & Found (3 years ago)
Lot of people are secretly living a life of Walter Mitty. Great Lost & Found movie. It is in our playlist :)
Deccan knight111 (3 years ago)
Just saw this.....made me realize things I think i should do in life before it's too late.very cool movie
ilish craig (3 years ago)
does anyone know if he says anything after 'i used to have this idea of who i wanted to be, and what i wanted to do....' ????
Max Rubert (1 year ago)
ilish craig talks about how his dad died and he worked at papa johns
The8GatesOFFICIAL (4 years ago)
Can someone please tell me the song where he saves the dog
ilish craig (3 years ago)
+The8GatesOFFICIAL how do you NOT know that song?! it's a classic :P
gordymills (4 years ago)
@The8GatesOFFICIAL Queen - "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Alvin Aville (4 years ago)
Great movie, love the actors, love the story..... And very inspired
bassben04 (4 years ago)
This trailer, and only this particular cut, is Ben Stiller's Walter Mitty at its very best - it's a ridiculously well made and considered trailer. I was reduced to an emotional wreck in the cinema because of the way with which the central idea spoke to me. I think the film is decent but doesn't do the concept justice to the same extent.
Steve Morris (4 years ago)
"Life is about courage and going into the unknown"
Brian Rapp (4 years ago)
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Rajat Toshniwal (4 years ago)
Start Living, Each moment of it.
Mylonix Shade (4 years ago)
Hey can anyone tell me what is the music when he was that ice man?
BeInterested (4 years ago)
Dirty paws
Chloe Ann (4 years ago)
I watched this and it was amazing! The atmosphere of the film was outstanding :)
Chloe Ann (4 years ago)
@Sujit Nair omg that made me laugh :D
Mojo Jojo (4 years ago)
This movie was so deep , I saw adele rolling in it. 
Gene Bautista (4 years ago)
This is my favourite film right now<3 I wrote an article about how amazing it is, check it out! http://www.squidoo.com/life-changing-film-the-secret-life-of-walter-mitty
oppai (4 years ago)
Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men
Samay Thapa (4 years ago)
A very artistic movie. Unique and creative.
Dontfold (4 years ago)
Song at 1:05 ?
Marion Quilino (4 years ago)
dirty paws - of monsters and men
FromVenus (5 years ago)
I kept being reminded on Mr Furious though :-P
FromVenus (5 years ago)
Wonderful movie
Shiv Sethi (5 years ago)
this film has such a deeper underlying meaning
sayhi2yourmum4me (5 years ago)
Ben Stiller is a perfectionist. I will enjoy watching this tonight.
Mike Valbuena (5 years ago)
Loved it!
KingreX32 (5 years ago)
This looks great. I love the zoned out scenes. They look good.
SRIYA RAY (5 years ago)
I'll watch this movie sitting on The seats of the aeroplane comfortabley while going to Scandinavia on 29th of May
Clarice May Cregger (5 years ago)
WE get so comfortable( same routine) in life that we forget that the challenges/adventures are actually what makes us realize that life is REAL!
Clarice May Cregger (5 years ago)
This movie remind me of me! OMG this movie so good eye opener!
05Rudey (5 years ago)
Love the film, makes me want to grab the rucksack and see the world while I'm able.
William Westerlund (5 years ago)
What the name of the song that starts 1.02?
R MCK (5 years ago)
I love the part when he pushes the bloke out the window. I'm not usually a big Ben Stiller fan but he is very different in this and I really like the humour in the film. MAYBE IT'S JUST BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE HIS CHARACTER DOES IN THE FILM.
srkambbs srkambbs (5 years ago)
I just went to the theatre to watch this movie ...... Daydreaming
101stopmotion (5 years ago)
Sara Salazar (5 years ago)
Amazing movie!
dal (5 years ago)
I swear to god this movie is so incredibly inspring and it's funny and it's just perf and it my fav of all time bc it made me happy and before I watched the movie I was so inspired bc of the trailer bc the trailer is even inspiring so is the song I mean now I wanna leave all this drama going on my life and travel the world and just feel happy about everything
Kalle Jillheden (5 years ago)
Whats the song that starts at 2:06 ??
Gene Squatch (4 years ago)
LIFE ;D 2:40
Kalle Jillheden (5 years ago)
@Pétur Andri Yes thank you!!
amirul aqmal (5 years ago)
this movie is totally related to me.. wow.. thank you
ribit (5 years ago)
the second song is dirty paws - Of monsters and men
Spacemonkeymojo (5 years ago)
This movie was being advertised as I was getting ready to go overseas for the first time in several years, to a continent where I didn't speak any of the language and which isn't as developed as where I currently live. I felt exactly like Walter Mitty before I left! Except that I don't zone out :D Can't wait to see this! 
Mark Warner (5 years ago)
Great movie
Willy Souza (5 years ago)
For me? Simply the most inspiring movie of the last year. Thank you for this =)
nishit bhojkar (2 years ago)
Willy Souza
nishit bhojkar (2 years ago)
Willy Souza
Tung Duong (5 years ago)
what is the song from 0:00- 0:28
Alex (5 years ago)
love love LOVED this movie. the music and cinematography...just great.
Adeline Teo (5 years ago)
Best movie in 2013!
Redeem the Nation (5 years ago)
OH and the second song is called "Step Out" by Ben Gonzalez!!!
Simon Eriksson (3 years ago)
*José González
Redeem the Nation (5 years ago)
BEST MOVIE IVE SEEN IN YEARS......no trash no sex.....well written and directed....the soundtrack is awesome...the scenes are beautifully shot and the cast played to their roles perfectly....Great Job directing and acting on Ben Stillers....very talented...truly inspired me to get out and live!!!!Fun Fun date night movie!!!
Redeem the Nation (5 years ago)
BEST MOVIE IVE SEEN IN YEARS......no trash no sex.....well written and directed....the soundtrack is awesome...the scenes are beautifully shot and the cast played to their roles perfectly....Great Job directing and acting on Ben Stillers....very talented...truly inspired me to get out and live!!!!Fun Fun date night movie!!!
Joaquin Avaria (5 years ago)
Increíble película :D
Nicolás Espinoza (5 years ago)
3 words: Go watch it
Michael Atkinson (5 years ago)
Movie extremely underrated
As a person who suffers from ADD, I can totally relate to this film.
Bill Jones (5 years ago)
I have seen this film only 1s and yet its already my favourer movie
Charissa Ng (5 years ago)
What is the song playing at 2.22?
c alex (5 years ago)
rly a good movie, I loved it
Katie Bo (5 years ago)
So I was definitely thinking about seeing this tomorrow, is it a yes or no?
Katie Bo (5 years ago)
haha, yes! that fight scene though! I would've liked to have seen him travel the world, but I guess you can't really do that in a 2 hour film? lol, but I was very happy with what they made! Great movie!
marci hajas (5 years ago)
it's very polarizing experience. it's a very well executed feel-good movie with some over the top elements (the fighting scene esp). the main complaint i've heard that they could've done way more with the imaginations turning into actual adventures thing, which is understandable i guess. i recommend it for everyone though, because it's hard to guess how they'll react:) 
Katie Bo (5 years ago)
I actually went and saw it and thought it was amazing! thank you guys for giving me the great advice, and it truly was a great experience and I wish the film would have gotten more recognition and praise.
James Cooke (5 years ago)
@NeL L I fail to understand how you can find this film boring? It's about a road to self-discovery, as well as being an uplifting film. One could also go as far to say that films like these are dying out, given the reference to LIFE down-sizing and going solely online. How many films would make this quote from the film, "Beautiful things don't ask for attention", so powerful? I strongly disagree, but respect, your opinion.
Pedro A. Neto (5 years ago)
if you are soulful and actually think of your life and what you want to do with it.. it's an awesome movie. If you are looking for entertainment... don't see it. Watch a comedy or something.
angelica cain (5 years ago)
Im gonna die if I can't see this movie soon.
Chloe Ward (5 years ago)
I saw that in cinemas it's great everyone should see it
Nur Amirah (5 years ago)
Seriously awesome!! I had to watch it again.. n well said, it is worth.. :)
2K17rüįńęr (5 years ago)
say this movie when I was high... trippy. but it was just incredible. 
Stuart Swindell (5 years ago)
what is the name of he song at 1:02
Brosgamer DK (5 years ago)
Dirty paws - of monsters and men :) 
llaquarll (5 years ago)
So many great details in this film... Love it a lot
thelolman68 (5 years ago)
I like ben stiller but didnt like this movie it really bored me to be honest
Colorefy (5 years ago)
Such an amazing movie! I really loved it.
iJust_Nguyen (5 years ago)
What if the whole movie is just a fantasy of his? :o
angelica cain (5 years ago)
If it was and i went to the theater and watched it. I would throw my left over popcorn and the bucket at people while screaming. " HOLY CRAP! THEY JUST PUSHED MY LIMITS!" Cuz it would suck thinking the whole time it was him really doing that stuff...
Miuxu (5 years ago)
such a great movie!
toliaskiller (5 years ago)
what is the name of the song at the end
toliaskiller (5 years ago)
@Dan  Thanks
Lohaksama (5 years ago)
Step out, by Jose gonzalez
Emma McLaughlin (5 years ago)
I saw it today. (what a great birthday present)
josh wayne (5 years ago)
Queen bohemian rhapsody
Sarah Azzam (5 years ago)
This is really amazing movie I have been to the cinema today it was really great &deep movie ican watch it many times again ;)
Papion Silva (5 years ago)
Fantastic movie. Best ones of this year so far.
bridgette. Vlogs (5 years ago)
Such a great movie :)
Tina (5 years ago)
I saw this just yesterday it was so deep and thoughtful and amazing I loved it
Avital Van Der Wiele (5 years ago)
What is the song called when he jumps into the building? Queen - ....
Avital Van Der Wiele (5 years ago)
DanieL Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Bohemian Rhapsody
It's a good film, full of significant sentences, a must
artsjn (5 years ago)
anyone else cried a river while watching this? ;_; I did
L Bolanos (5 years ago)
Just saw this last night. Great movie directed by himself, Ben Stiller.
vivaloriflamme (5 years ago)
everybody's dream, reality for few
Verda Khan (5 years ago)
Excellent movie. A must watch!
Nicholas Korda (5 years ago)
John Smith (5 years ago)
This movie is going to confuse the shit out of me!
Rachael Woods (5 years ago)
What's the name of the song near the end, not Dirty Paws?
Ben Hewitt (5 years ago)
I know, it's awesome!
Rachael Woods (5 years ago)
Ah, thanks, it was annoying me, it's a good song :)
Ben Hewitt (5 years ago)
Step Out - Jose Gonzalez ;) 
Deadforeva (5 years ago)
i would so watch this movie if ben stiller wasn't in it. i fucking hate ben stiller.
TeacherOfIsrael (5 years ago)
Is this movie based on what a Pisces moon man do when we have to escape to another reality?
kirasimailuver (5 years ago)
Whats the song near the end? Not dirty paws
Alaa Adham (5 years ago)
 Jose Gonzalez - Step Outside
Jose Díaz (5 years ago)
dirty paws of monsters and men
koolcid2598 (5 years ago)
Looks like such a good movie
Elliot Boudreau (5 years ago)
It sure was. Incredible, actually.
Nikhil Kumar (5 years ago)
cant wait breath taking views and trailer
EpitomeProductionz (5 years ago)
life changing inspiration comes at a price :)
louiskoko (5 years ago)
I googled it and found this: "This Week's Tune(s): It’s brand new, and as of just yet we’re not sure of the title (update: it's rumored to be called "Step Outside"), but it’s a new track from Jose Gonzalez and St. Vincent. Gonzalez is contributing vocals to the film’s score, and this particular song lends the second half of this new trailer the necessary soaring lilt."
Damian Markland (5 years ago)
Stop dreaming, start living... And come pay $15 dollars to sit on your ass and watch this movie.
Narender Kumar (5 years ago)
Shougo Amakusa (5 years ago)
Trailer looks awesome. Few movies these days explore the human psyche in interesting ways. I'd really like to watch this movie when it comes out... and I don't watch too many movies these days. Hopefully it won't be one in which the trailer shows just the best bits from the actual movie.
Saurav Tiru (5 years ago)
My mouth the whole time was :O
panda3man (5 years ago)
Omg! Can't get enough from 2:05 to the end!!!!! The music makes that part superb!

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