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The Spectacular Now Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Shailene Woodley Movie HD

78023 ratings | 17491816 views
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Text Comments (4512)
Ace Romeo (6 hours ago)
Someone is so going to use this for a Tris & Peter fanmade love story.
Ryan King (23 hours ago)
I've only just seen this trailer in 2019. And it sucks. I needed this at least 2 years earlier.
Anthony Vargas (1 day ago)
What song is that called in the background??
Saul Goodman (4 days ago)
this movie slaps
Sais (6 days ago)
Creepyyyyy 😂😂🙄
Kros Monnky (11 days ago)
Any one who wants to watch this movie I got A Secret For You Click Read More She dies
Payton Hemmer (14 days ago)
First 4 than caleb and now Peter. HMMMMM
Kaycee Montes (15 days ago)
One of the best
Stupid Mermaid (15 days ago)
Wow how have I never heard of this movie!? And two of them are from divergent!
Lilz Xo (16 days ago)
What age is this
XxLoyalRabbitxX (18 days ago)
What is the song called?!
Where can I watch this now? 😂🤨
Lori Hyslop (22 days ago)
“What’s your story?” - did the fault in our stars steal that?
danial sheikh (22 days ago)
This movie will teach any teenager the most important lesson of his life The Now is beautiful but you want a future
Devin Williams (1 month ago)
Reminds me a bit of "Say Anything."
philosophical monk (1 month ago)
Dear universe,I want to have a woman like Shailene Woodley,in this life,next lives too....
Luiss lamm (1 month ago)
hello subelo completo y en español
FaZe BLOOD (1 month ago)
Didn’t need to make the movie so sad at the end I was thinking imagine that happened to me if I was sutter but my favorite movie
Miku Hatsune (1 month ago)
the car scene brought me here WTF!
Dayana Ludueña (1 month ago)
Alguien tiene la peli completa?
April Long (1 month ago)
Anybody realize the whole movie he stay drinking out that cup
ThePerfect Potato (1 month ago)
I don’t wanna waste my time so I’m just gonna ask Is this a good movie
Abby grace (1 month ago)
She's been with like 3 of the main characters in divergent.!!!!!!! 😁😁
zenia _stamp (1 month ago)
Is it worth it?I want to watch this movie but I'm not sure...
Ruby Fletcher (1 month ago)
weird seeing peter being so nice lol
Paige Lowe (1 month ago)
Does she die when she gets hit?
Leland Barker (1 month ago)
Everyone knows this isn’t divergent right? Who gives a crap who her characters kissed in her other movies! Get the f over it already!
Leland Barker (1 month ago)
Why doesn’t Netflix let you comment? Hummm. Anyway this movie was refreshingly good. Screw up kids navigate through life and don’t royally f up their lives. 3.5 stars
Mr Logical (1 month ago)
*THE SULTAN, George Bruno sent me here.*
Tara Idk (1 month ago)
So in this movie they're lovers lol
Extin Meyer (1 month ago)
My girlfriend told me to look this movie up since it shares many similarities with us and our relationship. And heck she's right.
R Rohithkn (1 month ago)
its a fabulous movie loved it i strongly recommend the people who come to see review of the movie to watch this movie ... go straight away the movie without reading any other comments
im a girl (2 months ago)
December? 2018 anyone?😂
Kylie Jenner (2 months ago)
I swear i can't even LOOK at peter y didn't someone tell me about this BEFORE reading and watching divergent is she hazel with her brother tris with tobias or idek with peter!! MAKE UP UR MIND GIRL!!!
PatCS (2 months ago)
Go watch it right the fuck now. It's truly spectacular
giul sandss (2 months ago)
best movie
flopa tico (2 months ago)
A cena final apareceu no trailer ❤
Isabel Batye (2 months ago)
List trailer kind of reminds me of the Fault in Our Stars
Isabel Fraga Sousa (2 months ago)
honestly what a forgettable movie I completely forgot I watched it and it wasn't even that long ago, I actually even liked it but it's just... forgettable you know?
Ansim H (2 months ago)
1:06 okay??? Really like again?😂
Poppy PT (2 months ago)
This was just before they filmed Divergent together.
Mood Forever (2 months ago)
He was horrible to her
The Last Knight (3 months ago)
DaMn shaileneeee slow ur role skjsksjsks
Marianne Macharia (3 months ago)
This movie was so boring The acting was bland af
bách ber (3 months ago)
đến giờ ms bt phim này
Alba P.S (3 months ago)
Que película tan mala no la recomiendo para nada
Alana Campbell (3 months ago)
wish i could've watched the trailer before seeing the movie. would've been a lot quicker
Its like a wattpad story 😂
danial sheikh (3 months ago)
Did anyone realize the end of trailer is the end of the movie
Eicah Hime (3 months ago)
2018, still waiting for Eric tho.
Othor (3 months ago)
After leaving Shaffer, things became better for Neiman
Cuál es nombre del tono de mensajes que le tienen ellos a la computadora ?? Cuando chatean x la compu cual es el nombre del rigtone??
Lauren Dorminey (4 months ago)
I get that if you read the book the movie makes perfect sense, but for someone that has not read the book this movie was a complete waste of my time especially for them to end the movie the way they did. I am HIGHLY disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!
The trash can (4 months ago)
I prefer Tris and her brother tbh
C H (4 months ago)
Song - Feel Again, One Republic
Julia-Rose Gamble (4 months ago)
Does anybody know the song used in this trailer???
Timothae Timothae (4 months ago)
pretty sure i've watched this a year ago but i don't completely remember wth this movie is about.
Nate Anthony (4 months ago)
Great movie. I cant believe I just now found it
Matthew Rodriquez (4 months ago)
Who's next her father
Báb Déli (5 months ago)
It was a really good movie with important depth and great acting.
Claudia M (5 months ago)
its terrible boring really boring....
Jacob Stewart (5 months ago)
Just rewatched it. And im still pissed he didnt get on that bus with her.
Manuel (5 months ago)
Shailene Woodley is a great actress
以濤 以濤 (5 months ago)
love this movie!
Arletta Pen (5 months ago)
Just watched this movie on boxxy software and should say that this is the coming of age movie of our time!!!
Skoih (5 months ago)
A god damn dream.
Dârshäñ gaming (5 months ago)
Suggest me some more movies like this
humanmoron (5 months ago)
3.0 out of 5
Sydney - Music (6 months ago)
it’s weird how she was in this, and the fault in our stars, and divergent, and all three guys she’s with are in divergent 😂
Sydney - Music (6 months ago)
ew peter and tris!? wth
Isaiah Bains (6 months ago)
Lolz I watched divergent before this seeing them Hate eachother
Rohith Sanu (6 months ago)
which is the background song
broly (6 months ago)
this movie was great
Martez Govan (6 months ago)
Amy for the second time lol
Malu Rose (6 months ago)
The fact they went from a movie how they were against each other to a movie where there Inlove is life just how her and Ansel elgourt went from a romantic movie where they like each other to a movie where there siblings is life
noa reisner (6 months ago)
Are'nt they both from divergent?
1ls376 (6 months ago)
Just watched on NF, great movie
Leah Augustine (6 months ago)
I love this movie. My date night treat to my WTF girl side
Rachel Hartjes (6 months ago)
I swear this guy is the doppelganger for a young Chris Penn. The guy that played Willard in the original 'Footloose'. Wow!
Carlye . (6 months ago)
Omg I saw that car scene on Instagram and I really wanted to know the movie
Phoebe Isobel (6 months ago)
Peter and Tris reunited again
Bona Limbong (6 months ago)
what song is in this trailer?
inez (6 months ago)
Good movie, it's just sucks that it had to end with a cliff hanger
Mxxna (6 months ago)
currently watching this and i’m kinda bored. came to watch the trailer for motivation to finish but i didn’t get any
Bangahly Touray (6 months ago)
That’s my actual high school wtf
Corek BleedingHollow (6 months ago)
24 and still never had a girlfriend. Why?
honeymuffinx (6 months ago)
i was expecting this movie to be better. i mean it was good but idkk
Erin Smith (6 months ago)
Anjelique Mortonson (6 months ago)
Im so mad that he died in the end😣, anyone else?
The Handsome Alien (6 months ago)
It's on Netflix now , that's why I'm here to check out the trailer
N14 Purple (6 months ago)
Have you guys ever noticed that the main characters from divergent are always in the same movies ? An example: the fault in our starts
k Culpeper (6 months ago)
"Whats your story?" The fault in our star The spectacular now
Mahi Kumar (6 months ago)
OMG!!! The greatest enemies romance here??? She ditched Four...and she even dated caleb. Truly Divergent💯
Mike (6 months ago)
Coach Taylor?
Faidon Papadopoulos (7 months ago)
Marcela Lundgren (7 months ago)
Spoiler she gets run over by a car
Dushaun Lewis (7 months ago)
I don't like trailers that basically sums up the whole movie
Boob Hunter (7 months ago)
Good movie
Fuat Forbear (7 months ago)
this tariler beatufiul and music-what name tariler music?
Sľ Z (7 months ago)
A Gemini can relate.

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