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5 Traits ALL Women Find Irresistible | Characteristics Men Have They Cant RESIST!

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Text Comments (758)
Osamede Uzzi (9 days ago)
Honestly some girls like unattractive, and unintelligent boys. Probably because they have good personality. I am a bit strong and intelligent but no one wants me
Miata Tokyo built (25 days ago)
😂 a lazy slob
The AnkitNaha (26 days ago)
When I started watching Jose he was on 1M subscribers...and now 3.8M wow man😄
Arturo Herbert (1 month ago)
That watch looks good
Prince Fordyce (3 months ago)
Jose was so much more calm in 2016
Dragon Killer (7 months ago)
1. Throw on a ESNTL tee and you'll instantly have every girl throwing themself after you
Eric Shen Li (7 months ago)
.... Hmm now I know why my loved one likes me
Yeah he nailed it.
Clint Zuleger (7 months ago)
1:38. Especially if she is a zombie. 😂
Rock21 (8 months ago)
Wait, so you're telling me they don't like obnoxious shrimpy white guys who constantly say gay jokes at the top of his voice?
AmericPet (8 months ago)
All five are good but goals right off the bat aren't always necessary. A sense that the person wants to better themselves or is considering the future is enough. That they aren't stuck, that they are dreaming is a good sign. The other four are a definite yes!
Anthony taylor (9 months ago)
Again my ex left me for a convicted murderer how am I suppose to be happy when I know that's going on? Kinda hard to be happy or someone to be around when I lost her to someone like that, its fucked with me and my head for 4 months now ,I haven't been the same
Anthony taylor (9 months ago)
Then answer me this please why would my ex wife leave me for a convicted murderer serving life in prison? What's goal oriented about that ?
me (9 months ago)
This is also good for when you're about to go out for an interview. Treating a woman like you would treat your boss is key. If you don't treat your boss well, you won't treat a woman well. Don't have a job? You still have a boss... It's your mom and dad! Learn to stop fearing your parents by forgiving them, then you will have courage
Daniel Bongon (9 months ago)
I get it now! these are traits that are irresistible to women not girls.
Glady Santana (9 months ago)
step 1 be rich
Tomic Tv (10 months ago)
I love them shirts man .. where can I get some ?
Benjamin Lim (11 months ago)
I am a singaporean can I Also get one of these watches?
Luis Prado (1 year ago)
Nigga just said fuck it and put an ad right at the beginning.
Shobhit Sonkar (1 year ago)
Hey dude your code for the fifth “TMF” it doesn’t applies
[BOT] skrub (1 year ago)
I'm chubby tho ;(
Deagan Du Plessis (1 year ago)
Bra I'm 15 and have a 70% average and almost 6 foot and athletic but I don't have a girl HELP ME !!!
Anton io (1 year ago)
This guy would be a good dad. No homo
newbieshelper (1 year ago)
Thank God I live in Asia. Women here still find slightly awkward guys attractive. Its a sign that you sincerely likes her.
Tips for Teens (1 year ago)
Jose I've been following your channel and I have almost all the collections of your video. I want to say that you are doing a great work and because of it I recommended some of my friends to your channel. Keep up the good work
Jub Jub (1 year ago)
I like insecure depressed guys that dye there hair and cuss alot and if they are close friends with me
Isigiel Cruz-Lopez (1 year ago)
dude ur hell a goooooood giving tips
Alexia Montagnon (1 year ago)
It is now 6 girls 😂
swan (1 year ago)
999.99999999999% of women in every culture likes in a man is his wallet
Mercer Elric (1 year ago)
How's your hair so glossy?
Duke Lawas (1 year ago)
1. confidence 2. be smart 3. be attractive 4. goal oriented 5. sense of humor
5th trait: Buying from The 5th watches
Charif Hasnaoui (1 year ago)
Please name of the background music?
faiksami karagöz (1 year ago)
where did you get your shirt from
Rashi Gupta (1 year ago)
The one man who has all these qualities is a dream really!
Dea Justin (1 year ago)
You are right,you nailded it.
Noah Brady (1 year ago)
How to date women: be confident How to gain confidence: date women Fuck
cslcojoco (1 year ago)
As a woman, my opinion: yes, definitely: brains, hard-working, sense of humour. Less important: confidence. Everyone says this, but insecurities in a guy can be far more attractive than arrogance. In fact, I find the insecurities endearing. And looks: less important to women than to men in the attractiveness equation. That's how I see it, anyway.
Vexyvin DaGamer (1 year ago)
does anyone else notice how he looks off to our right during the video. I think its the part that hes supose to say
ZadyB (1 year ago)
I wonder why Jose thinks only 5 girl "always" watch his show? I guess you can add me as #6
ZadyB (1 year ago)
I wonder why Jose thinks only 5 girl "always" watch his show? I guess you can add me as #6
Sienna Almanza (1 year ago)
things that turn girls 1::dont always follow them or text them 2:dont try to act tough 3dont try to impress them ITS SO ANNOYING 4,dont wear tmato stem hair (bonus) 5:dont always have a straight face smile more it makes me happy
Anthony_IsLit (1 year ago)
Sienna Almanza what if you don't have a great smile
Archies_ Exotics (1 year ago)
Top tip how to not get girls: 1.be more like me:'(
referral madness (1 year ago)
Here's 5 things girls don't find attractive in men, in no particular order. 1)A guy who is broke 2)A guy who is bisexual 3)A guy with no drive or ambition 4)A guy who is ugly af 5)A guy with no confidence Avoid there's 5 things at all costs
xXDarkHavok-x Dark (1 year ago)
Technically every one is attractive it just has to do with the will to be handsome or cute
Kalani Spurlock (1 year ago)
I personally like either light eyes dark hair or light hair dark eyes😍 broad shoulders. Tall.
I don't know why I'm subscribed I'm a girl but I mean things still interesting.
Ur Mum (1 year ago)
1 Confidence 2 Knowledge 3 Looks/hygiene 4 Has goals 5 Humor
Kaine Kerrick (1 year ago)
Thomas S. (1 year ago)
I almost thought the fifth point is a watch from the fifth xD
WASUP WASUP (1 year ago)
What about color eyes or dimples or frekles man those are traits too!
Dr Johnson Hungwell (1 year ago)
Money , material things, social status, unemployed and lazy boosts your chances , if you're in jail or wanted or a dirtbag you'll have them fighting over you
Jackson Pippert (1 year ago)
1:37 zombie confirmed
Cyber Crusader (1 year ago)
Girls approach me a lot but I mess up or make friendships help
Khilad887 Kumar (1 year ago)
0.00001 activated
AlphaXWolf (1 year ago)
Hey Jose great videos I love them and they have taught me a lot so keep doing this ur making me get it down now but I promise I'm not abusing the power.
Paula Cortés Coloma (1 year ago)
If a girl looks nice it is because she takes care of herself, so she will look for a guy who takes care of himself. Many guys are complaining because women are shallow because they don't like them, so they can make an effort and follow José's tips.
gargi v (1 year ago)
jose you are irresistible👍
These all are foolish things friends I am from India basically I'm afghan Hindu I before was not so attractive bet when I get attractive and handsome I was rude creepy then also girls loved me nowadays girls only care about looks only that is a harsh truth
miracle brightness (1 year ago)
not bad video
Faze kool-aid Z (1 year ago)
If I had a dollar every time he mentioned that fifth watch I would of been rich
Zach Burkle (1 year ago)
Faze kool-aid Z if I had a dollar for every time he mentioned Fifth Watches I would have enough to finally afford one.
Delorean Fisher (1 year ago)
Nailed it!
Niccolo Narvaez (1 year ago)
As always, thanks bro🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻 really helps me a lot
Hasiger Hase (1 year ago)
As a woman I can tell you that a guy is irresistible when #1 he takes what he wants in life. That inludes cheaters. They are highly attractive to women, no matter how much they deny it, because they give women the feeling they have a chance at proving that they are the better, worthier woman. A cheater will have 100 women throwing themselves at him before a virgin can get even one into bed, and their looks or bank account will not matter in the equation. Which leads us straight to #2 A guy who is wanted by or at least getting attention from other girls or women is attractive, no matter how ugly or useless he is. He can be dumb, broke, uneducated, smelly, a compulsive liar, violent, a douche, a mentally ill mess, it does not matter, as long as others want him and/or at least he acts the opposite of a doormat with her. Doormats are a turn off, a thousand times more than bad teeth, smelling of sweat or stinky feet or whatever bad thing you could come up with. No woman wants a doormat unless she wants control instead of sex. Which leads us back to #1 Women in general hate doormats. He can brag ridiculously and insist he is always right, as long as he is the #1 to himself in action and gives her plenty of big empty compliments and promises, the average female will fall for him. Most women dont admit even to themselves how they function. A man who is perfectly groomed and amazingly handsome is actually a total turn off to most females, sorry. Women feel unwell with a guy who is better and more obsessive than themselves in the looks department, because all women feel insecure about their looks, even the most beautiful ones. It is true though that a man can easily make up for an ugly face with a good body, or that good clothes or a nice car can make up somewhat for an ugly body. I know extremely short, extremely ugly men, even with bad breath, who are not into talking much, nor are they funny or generous, but they take what they want, and that way they have no shortage of women lining up for them. You can call them confident, and they are, but confidence is not enough to describe what is going on there. Intelligence is really far down on the list of attractiveness. The average woman prefers the man who insists he is right even when he is talking dumb shit and knows nothing at all and finds the know it all boring and annyoing. Talk about handy instead! A guy who can repair everything is hot! A guy who can recite Shakespeare and discuss in Latin about how many eggs a spider can lay but can not even assemble an ikea piece of furniture is surely not attractive to 99% of women. Let us just take you as example. You are hot af, perfectly groomed and have many subscribers, but have less fangirls than unkempt messes of guys I have seen on here with just a few hundred subs. You are great to look at, truly handsome, but you are simply too smooth to be a great hit. Actually I as a woman suspect that you must be gay, and even that should get you plenty of fangirls. Nothing against gays, bisexual, whoever. Besides, fangirls do not present the normal female population with their pretty pathetic and sickly obsession with somewhat famous males. Not to offend anyone, but that is how it is. Fangirling is a mental illness. It is impressive and funny how they tell you on command that your every word is correct. They are obviously out of their mind and not able to judge.
Alyssa Lopez (1 year ago)
Traits I find irresistable: genuine or honest, kind and compassionate, gentleman with good manners, intelligent, funny, goal driven and self motivated, humble, and takes care of himself (grooming, fitness, eats healthy, doesn't smoke or do drugs, etc.)
Emkay The Kid (1 year ago)
broe can't stop watching ur channel
Dylan Kelly (1 year ago)
Vid starts at 0:58
waleed shahid (1 year ago)
Guhan S M (1 year ago)
0:34 ....Yeah....All the time!!
sijan subedi (1 year ago)
I always skip the promoter because i cant afford😣😣😣
Im a girl and i agree on all the advice he gave. 100%
Zah'keem Smith (1 year ago)
Do girls like a guy that sings but not attractive
Mrutyunjay Rout (1 year ago)
1. confidence 2. smartness 3. attractiveness 4.proper life goal 5. sense of humour
heroin rat (7 months ago)
heroin rat (7 months ago)
its intelligence not smartness
rando gaming (9 months ago)
Mrutyunjay Rout I'm pretty set just #4 is fucking with me
Kihara Waweru (1 year ago)
+ bieng fit
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Jose the type of nigga to advertise fifth watch on funeral
Stan Marsh (1 year ago)
Jose the type of zunigga to shoe shine leather belts
Leo C (1 year ago)
I am female, & I can agree with you.👍😉
Roberto!!! (1 year ago)
This is easily my favorite channel on YouTube
Youri watson (1 year ago)
4.03 the Fifth one😂
Renee Simpson (1 year ago)
nailed it👌
Kevin Dejesus (1 year ago)
And finally the fifth one....speaking of fifth it's time to show our sponsor. So the fifth has these new watches that they release every fifth of the month.
Reymart Abude (1 year ago)
Was the thumbnail a pun? I kinda laughed at it
Lifegoeson (1 year ago)
Female here! Your list is good but if I could just add another one in, it would be kindness/compassion. A guy who is noticeably kind to the people in his life and around him is automatically much more attractive.
AmericanGamer21 (1 year ago)
Where are these T Shirts from
Steph Lewis (1 year ago)
But you gotta focus
Leah Weaver (1 year ago)
Hell stone gamer War (1 year ago)
The psychology behind all this is interesting lol Advise try to make sure u don't use psychopathic charm on the girl u want I have don't so at one point but it wasn't on purpose
Hell stone gamer War (1 year ago)
Didn't even read the title of this vid and wow wtf lol
MrParkerman6 (1 year ago)
I have none of these traits.
MrParkerman6 (1 year ago)
Women like confidence? That sounds shallow as fuck to me!
nicole chaves (1 year ago)
literally these are alll right for me 😭
Cynthia Navarrete (1 year ago)
All of this is correct ✔️♥️
ISAAC Trawick (1 year ago)
Cynthia Navarrete u cute
Is1 Spang (1 year ago)
no offense I am sick of hearing about the fifth.
Camille Robinson (1 year ago)
Accurate list 😂👌🏾
Chris Wass (1 year ago)
you must be one of the 5. good to know this is confirmed by a woman. haha
MoneyMarcMes (1 year ago)
I have seen a lot of hot babes married to fat guys so what gives?
LILIANA SURIEL (1 year ago)
you nailed it!!!! confidence is key
you’re cool, but (1 year ago)
Speaking as a girl, lemme tell ya. 1) A handsome guy 2) A rich/wealthy guy (some girls) 3) (For some girls) A dick/fuckboy 4) A fit guy, (gym or athletics) 5) A musician (some girls) 6) A fictional character or a celebrity. (some girls) 7) A funny guy 8) (For some girls) A nice respectful guy 9) A nerd/videogamer (some girls) 10) A confident (sometimes cocky) guy (some girls)
Ivanator 194 (1 year ago)
Half of his videos is him advertising shit
neuroxplorein (1 year ago)
Spot on. I would say the list even had the right order. All of these are almost necessary for a serious partner.
Mrdjan Jozic (1 year ago)
This video was crap everybody here knows this
Enrique Espinoza (1 year ago)
Where does he get these shirts

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