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BAY AREA EXODUS: U-Haul running out of trucks as Bay Area residents relocate outside the area

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U-Haul running out of trucks as Bay Area residents relocate outside the area
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Shazzy1228 (5 days ago)
Might as well just stuff your own car and sell off excess items. It cost a fortune to stay in Cali AND a fortune to get out of it. What a bummer =/
soco13466 (1 month ago)
California is on the bottom of my list, even just to visit. Stupid, shallow minded voters and political whoremongers have ruined the appeal. Besides, I insist on having the very ground I stand on not shake. Beggars, crooks (includes their govt) are like predators, so I will avoid being subjected to their abuse. Let the place secede or reform, one or the other.
joe smith (1 month ago)
Don’t we have price gouging laws. Also we don’t need California in other states
Jeremy Salas (3 months ago)
It’s too packed anyway. Good riddance
Steed Blackman (4 months ago)
"They hit you coming and going. Wait! No. Just GOING!
Electronics For Fun (5 months ago)
when we were leaving california pack rat was actually out of containers and u-haul and penske were low on trucks. we had to go a long way to get our truck and pack rat had to have more containers shipped in.
First Last (5 months ago)
Fagoot ass liberals
Southern Guitar Man (5 months ago)
You'll be back once you get a taste of the freezing temps and or horrible humidity.
TH3 KiiD (5 months ago)
California should be its own country, we would be the 5th richest nation in the world, I bet more people from different states would move here once we’re our own country, think about that’
Holo The Wise Wolf (6 months ago)
Don't move in San Diego. Don't want libtard pro sanctuary
Holo The Wise Wolf (6 months ago)
Bay area is flooding... *COUGH*
Mojave4ever (6 months ago)
It is rather surprising that the CA legislatures haven't moved to regulate U-Haul pricing on out-of-CA moves and force it to be comparable to any given opposite direction costs.
nachos (6 months ago)
it's a zero sum game, people can't move out unless someone else moves in. at least for homeowners. i guess renters are more mobile. it's not going to be a ghost town don't worry, the second you move out someone else immediately moves in. you won't be missed.
Craig Morrison (6 months ago)
Nice state to be from 🤩
The Cheeseburger_666 (6 months ago)
just drop a nuclear warhead on california. that would solve all problems. look at it this way, you won't have to deal with retard landlords ripping your finances off, you wouldn't have to deal with homeless people, you wouldn't have to deal with lib-tards, you wouldn't have to deal with these fucking bullshit tech companies that are full of dumbfuck man-bun wearing hipsters and millennial's but the most important one of them all you finally have free land. you wouldn't even have to pay a dime because it is rent-free. you can build a log cabin or a house on a land that is surrounded by nothing
"" U - HAULED - EM Outta there "" lol...
Bob jones (6 months ago)
Who is moving into all those empty housing units? If more people are leaving then coming in, rents should be going down not up.
Don denis (6 months ago)
Make sure all you who are leaving Calf. to say good bye to Jerry Brown.
brian keenan (8 months ago)
Left San Fran for Phoenix and it’s been wonderful
Jeff Tidwell (8 months ago)
Pelosi and Governor Moonbeams playground. U-Haul sucks I moved from California to North Carolina and use Penske three-quarters of the price U-Hauls probably owned by democrats
pork n beans (8 months ago)
Shithole city
j K (10 months ago)
Liberals. That's what happens when you let liberals run a state. It's all fun and games till liberals take charge. Suckers
Copper League Gaming (10 months ago)
nah, california is exporting middle class american's..they it's a GOOD thing..
Sonny likesDisney (10 months ago)
California and everyone in it equals pure shit.
twoyears23 (10 months ago)
Welcome to health, prosperity, goodness and righteousness good folks! Nobody want to be a part of that sick, pathetic disgrace of the far left liberal mindset any longer. It is all being exposed in every way for the poison it is. Welcome back to our white, Christian, conservative founding with the values and principles it brings. Welcome to seeing that President Trump is bringing these things back for us! Americans return to the good!
Libery One (11 months ago)
Wait until the BIGone...se how fast prices go down on houses.
Michael Smith (11 months ago)
SF is not very nice anymore--too many street people
iamchillydogg (11 months ago)
No stay there! They are going to spread their libtard ideas all over the country.
Edward Wells (11 months ago)
Why are they leaving? I mean they created that Liberal Paradise, right? It should be the perfect Liberal Utopia, right? If its so great, like they claim, shouldnt people be flocking to Commifornia instead of leaving it?
Tanya Redick (11 months ago)
Taxes and poor job security is one of the reasons. Homeless people pooping in the streets and drugs are other reasons. The rats who created this problem are fleeing the sinking ship.
Brian Trend (11 months ago)
liberals are the most dangerous people in the world.   Marxist scumbags
7A (11 months ago)
they ought to pay people to bring them back. are all the tv peeps trans???? or just ca???
Yucel Yildiz (11 months ago)
3 years in the Bay Area and and i can't wait to get out of here! It's not only unsafe and expensive it's also how people love to overpay for low quality and inconvenience. Food lines remind me of communist countries i see on tv.
Pamela Turner (11 months ago)
Head 'em up & move 'em.BaBye!
Ticky Tocky (11 months ago)
I wouldn't shed one tear if NK nuked the whole coast.
Alex M (11 months ago)
But aren't prices high because people are moving there?
JEM (11 months ago)
That guy said “It’s getting expensive out here.” That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one. It’s been expensive for years!
Music Forever (11 months ago)
That's why when I move i sell all my furnitures then when I get to my destination, I buy new ones. I might lose $1000 price difference but I'm winning at the end
swan (11 months ago)
2,000 to 4,000 you can buy a used one and own it for that price U-Haul smokein that stuff
Socialism is death to the Koch Brothers. Aristrocrat Propaganda is evident by blogs here. It works....keep up advocating the line.....insure the Billionaire Class.
1970 olds442 (11 months ago)
What a rip off. Stupid dumacrap state
Randy Mattote (11 months ago)
And if the people of California we're smart they start demanding the arrest Jerry Brown and his attorney General they know the running California into the ground they don't care to the people of California shouldn't care about Jerry Brown. But what the people of California should do is tell him the midterm elections is coming and that the people of California have woke up to the Democratic party and to him and that they will be voting Republican. This country cannot afford Democrats taking control anymore and the people have to stand up be assured once the people stand up and start asking the government to send in the military and arrest Jerry Brown it can and will happen but start now and during the midterm elections by voting Republican and saving your country and you were people.
GiggleBeard (11 months ago)
Matter of time before there's no one else to tax in Cali BUT the rich.
CaLxRoyalty (11 months ago)
California is FUCKED! Them letting all these immigrants in is raising prices on EVERYTHING! California is a sanctuary state and in the next 4-5yrs it’s gonna be worse
TheCynicalDouche (11 months ago)
The banks will own all of CA soon. Isn't that the plan?
TheManfromNibiru (1 year ago)
Theres a lot space up there in Bohemian Grove ! They done sold your Soul away for theres ! Now your lost in holocaust !
D Christina (1 year ago)
Rents and home sales have doubled in the Portland Oregon area- it's like a feeding frenzy here. Traffic is worse here than in the Bay Rea.
alterdestiny (1 year ago)
Why is everything so " high" in California !
alterdestiny (1 year ago)
Don't move out....
Hopefully they don't come to Colorado! At least not the western slope of Colorado!
Jonathan Thatcher (1 year ago)
Big mosquitoes and hurricanes in Florida, don’t come here. Mangroves n shit too, nasty stuff
American at Large (1 year ago)
Uhaul price gouging. It's probably illegal in most states.
tonygreene113 (1 year ago)
Excellent! Flee to Mexico!
quercus (1 year ago)
It is the same across the country if you can't afford where you live you have to move. There is nothing special about this made up problem.
La Fe de la Iglesia (1 year ago)
Donate all your stuff to Good Will (deductible), fill your gas tank, and don't look behind . . .
Edward Prince (1 year ago)
Hopefully, these are the conservatives of CA leaving for other states.
Agusta Sister (1 year ago)
Too bad other states dont do what california did to those who tried to move there...and the grapes of wrsth was a VERY VERY POLITIE AND SANITIZED VERSION WHAT THE CREEPY CALIFORNIANS DID...
J. Rose (1 year ago)
You white people always find a way to blame someone else for your problems, when the problems are being caused by people that look like you. And I know what's coming next, it's the Democrats fault. If you people are still to dumb or to brainwashed to see that both parties are working for the same people, and the outcome would have been the same if Republicans would have been in charge, then there is no hope for you. Wait and see what your-so-called saviour Trump does for you, it's going to be epic, and not in a good way. You steal people's land, and then get angry that those people want to return to the land that their ancestors lived on. Your rule on this planet is almost over, and Black and Brown people will finally be able to have a chance at real peace.
todd bates (1 year ago)
the george soros marxist, communist, democrat politicians no longer represent the actual american citizen, and the repubs arent that much better, they want you to move out, their policies are causing this, and it is their design on purpose, they want white people out, and even blacks are moving out
Hugh Janus (1 year ago)
Yeah California sucks... We knew that.
San Francisco Love (1 year ago)
It is expensive:/ but the pay is great, this is why I stay
Miami (1 year ago)
"running out of trucks" cut to a lot full of trucks
Ducati M (1 year ago)
This is what happens when you have liberals running a state, people want to run for the hills
berner (1 year ago)
Boy those legally owned AR15's sure are driving the rent up
Hillman (1 year ago)
Homes prices are not the only reason so many are leaving SF
Coin Stacks (1 year ago)
Hillman crime?
Der Chetto (1 year ago)
we need to build a wall around socal to stop this cancer from spreading
Scott Franco (1 year ago)
Yogi Berra used to say: That place is too crowded... nobody goes there anymore.
Mike Baxter (1 year ago)
90% of there trucks that drive OUT ... someone has to bring 'em back EMPTY! :(
Abdi Hussein (1 year ago)
I always tell people not to buy expensive household items unless you're a homeowner. Buy them at your own risk, lest they become a liability to maneuver.
Jeremy Serwer (1 year ago)
Been back too SF for nearly 3 months and I already hate it! You pay so much for everything and you nothing in return. Big mistake coming here, so if you're thinking about it, just don't!
USMC proud (1 year ago)
illegals are good how?
Matthew Meek (1 year ago)
Dumbasses dont realize 700,000 have moved to san fran in the last 5 years alone, population is exploding
NathansHVAC (1 year ago)
That's what you call a blue wave.
xee doll (1 year ago)
Go Californians!! The smart ones are getting the hell out!
Skinnymarks (1 year ago)
So if more people are moving out than moving in. Why isn't that stabilizing the housing market? Or even dropping prices from the excess homesn
GameN'Guitar (1 year ago)
I really do feel bad for the good and sane people that are still living in California. Get out of there while you guys can, but leave the California insanity there.
Billy Ritchie (1 year ago)
Gee I wonder why
Mac Mcleod (1 year ago)
Too expensive. Sums it up nicely. Rich people are buying up all the prettiest land around the world. Lift tickets at the resort I went to this weekend we're $53 when I started skiing at that Resort. They were $160 now and the owner of the restaurant we went to said the billionaires are buying out the millionaires now.
Ploppy Squirts-a-lot (1 year ago)
Pack a bag and walk out of the Gay area
MPSecare (1 year ago)
it takes a really fucked up state to make Florida look good
Martin (1 year ago)
Seems like a business opportunity to me...if you don't have a job atm, spend the weekend driving trucks back and forth...
gmc9753 (1 year ago)
I'm surprised California hasn't created an exodus tax to make it too expensive for people to leave!
Korri Galbraith (1 year ago)
Ok folks, we just need to buy out the moving van companies and close all the California locations. That will keep most of them there. How are we gonna do this? Who's starting the gofundme? I don't care if we make a dollar on our purchase. It's good money spent if we lose every penny. As long as they can't leave California.
Steve L (1 year ago)
I am originally from the Bay Area I bought a brand new house in Florida in 2010 for great price that couldn’t buy me a shack in the Bay Area
Gent Bar (1 year ago)
solar clapson (1 year ago)
A bloody travesty. 😈😭
Ace Report (1 year ago)
Maybe they are leaving because of all the human feces on the streets. If you’re neighborhood has a poop map, then, it’s probably time to go to a cleaner place.
Rob D (1 year ago)
If they don't change the way they vote they will be moving again soon.
Bill Nguyen (1 year ago)
Bay area is the best place to live.
Andy Price (1 year ago)
voting has consequences enjoy libatards
OakhillSailor (1 year ago)
Republicans get triggered when they see people with more money than them. Especially if you're a liberal.
Dani Marie (1 year ago)
California is expensive depending on where you live and fresh water availability is hitting more states than just them.
james (1 year ago)
Definitely swap truck's at the first cheap U-Haul on you way
wyntre sorrow (1 year ago)
dont use uhaul and make multiple trips if u have too.
Redrum (1 year ago)
Yet they bring more poor in. Drug dealers, rapists, terrorist bring em all in yee haaw !
That Guy (1 year ago)
I hope the libtards that voted for the stupidity are stuck in that hellhole for life! Play stupid games; win stupid prizes.
David Mason (1 year ago)
Taxing and regulating working people to death to support immigrants and welfare programs. Abandon those houses for high rent so democrats can turn them into section eight.
rexxx cooters (1 year ago)
What did you expect the bay area has always been known for blanking people in the ass.
Cecil Henry (1 year ago)
Diversity™ means chasing DOWN the last White person. Enough. Some basic truths: Access to White people is not a human right https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DZYsI_WWkAE8w5B.jpg
Bone Jones (1 year ago)
People are leaving because of Fukushima and the cascadia zone. Get out of the West now and away from coastlines! Stay away from major cities! You’ve been warned don’t cry like a bitch when you lose everything

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