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How to Know When a Girl Likes You (INSTANTLY)

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In this video you will learn how to know when a girl likes you and how to tell if a girl likes you in a few simple steps! Do you know how to attract girls easily and how to make someone fall in love? In this video , you will learn it all! // Music: "Straight" from Bensound.com Script from Tristan Reed of the TopThink team Animation from Nilesh Upadhyay of the TopThink team
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Text Comments (1826)
Matthew Dunbar (25 minutes ago)
What does it mean if she just wants to dive Right it the relationship bc me and this one girl just dove in to the relationship
Adam Quinn (3 hours ago)
so basically females are retarded
Cliff Wilson (8 hours ago)
Ja well I moved and live in a seperate state than the girl I like so... Why tf you still readin thi
TheXovoxo (11 hours ago)
Welp lost my chance time for my right hand!
Lucja Wojciechowska (15 hours ago)
Me trying to figure out if I like a guy or not
Soul of a Wolf (16 hours ago)
I’m a guy watching this and I do all things like girls do *nervous laughter*
Juliett A (16 hours ago)
Wow, some really good advice here. I've done almost all of these things to get a guys attention without even realizing I was doing some of them.
Sawyer (17 hours ago)
All these little games are tedious. Outgoing and honest people are far more attractive imo. If you like someone, tell them even if youre a women.
Madoka Lawliet (20 hours ago)
I once missed the green light...
Julius Bulvydas (21 hours ago)
oh man have I missed the lights..... fuck me man
Satyam Shrestha (1 day ago)
is there any whiteboard animation that is free or I can download a crack version of?
EgoGraalEra (1 day ago)
No thank you I’ll rather be alone
ednan9 (1 day ago)
This video is all babble and stupid. Be cool, be yourself, have a backbone, have a stable job or work hard in your business. The girl who will like you, will fall for you. She will chase you and give you ample clues- remember it’s always the girl who chooses. Yes, there are girls who may not like you or put you in friends zone - if they want a guy from certain culture or looks or a guy who will meet their needs or high or expectations, don’t worry about them.
P l i e r s (1 day ago)
bruh this dudes drawing on 100
Marvcohen (1 day ago)
If she stops what she is doing and makes me a sandwich, what should I do ?
kysike666 (1 day ago)
Stop putting these bitches on the pedestal! They will ruin you...
Clay Chandler (1 day ago)
Hahaha this is so lame so analytical BS there is this is just ridiculous I got this is going to make me puke I'm switching off this video
Dxpression (1 day ago)
You know it's over because you're watching this
Luiced Turtel (1 day ago)
one time a girl send me a dick pic
cuickoo (1 day ago)
Just here to say all of this is bs goes for all videos of this kind
apollon755 (1 day ago)
this question is for 15 years old boys or 40 years old.VIRGIN.!!
apollon755 (16 hours ago)
lmao hahhhhaaha...sure not virgin and over this ages ..
Sawyer (17 hours ago)
So which are you?
Fifawiat LY (1 day ago)
replying after almost 2 days ........ ok I should've known hhhhhhhhhhh shit
My luck this far has not been great. Every girl that has ever given me the green light this far have been the ones I'm not interested in myself. I guess next time I shouldn't be so picky. If there is next time.
Karson Daley (1 day ago)
What if she’s a hockey player and you’re not on speaking terms with the rest of the team. And the friends hate you
Fraud (2 days ago)
uh this is tough. If this is correct then I got like 4 girls that like me. wish me luck in the future
Ddstairclimber (2 days ago)
holy shit I knew this ( only since recently) , I missed out completely, there were many girls interested in me :(. I had 0, none . if you are wondering I am in the autism spectrum, one symptom of this condition is no understanding body language or nonverbal language
Swaglicious (2 days ago)
I've been dming this girl for the summer... and I stopped dming her recently since I thought she was disinterested/simply being nice as she used short comments without really engaging the convo :( After I stopped dming, I've seen her in school lately, and she avoids me as if she didn't even notice that I was there... What should I do?
Deep Wells Live (2 days ago)
does all this have an age limit on it? hell seems like very high school to me
TROLL MMA (2 days ago)
girls are deceptive and a pain in the ass . Go to the third world where they do not have that option . American western. women are horrible and the may be setting you up for a false rape charge . Western women are not worth my time .
StarWarFan (2 days ago)
Bruh I just clicked foe the hot thumbnail.
The one you said "play with her hair" what if she like, i dont know how to say it, she grabs her hair and just pulls it lightly? Does that count?
kiyonexus (2 days ago)
Was this video produced by a woman? Fucking rambling on and on about nothing.... Men get straight to the point. 9 fucking minutes of nothing.... 7:11 yes, she sends me nudes... I think she likes me or is a damn slut whore.
yoplaitmajor (2 days ago)
Guys, it's simple. Either go all-out or accept life as a hermit. No in-between. Women respond to commitment. There are no rules beyond this. The "tips" here are for your benefit, not hers. The tips test your commitment, not hers. If you are even slightly non-committal, she's gone. 100. All day. All night. Or fugetabbodit.
Eric Wilkins (2 days ago)
This shit is hilarious. To summarize for those wondering, in order to know a chick likes you, have have to be a mind-reader, judge actions that could be taken as either love or aggression, and be super attractive and have money and a big dick. Have all of those things and she likes you. Seriously though what a joke. How does a guy tell you he likes you? He says I like you. How does a girl do it? WELP, YOU NEED A PHD IN PSYCHOLOGY, MENTALISM, LIE DETECTION, FORENSICS, ETC...
fr0d (2 days ago)
WTF this is so hard, i go back to ROBLOX OOF
TheAnimatedDuck (2 days ago)
I will be single forver
David Monahan (3 days ago)
basic comment sense
memeboi animeboi (3 days ago)
Does the girl like me, to start off first she was shy but then almost every say when I play with my homies she is usually sitting near by does it mean she likes me
Saxophone Batman (3 days ago)
okay so not sure if your instructions were the best. After watching this I realized my xbox 360 was always looking at me and checking me out but was to shy to approach me and talk. So I started the conversation and it went well. It got to the point of where I caressed her power button and she gave me the green light. So of course after getting the green light I put my dick in the disc tray. It really hurt and I'll never do it again.
SILV3R (3 days ago)
Peeps came here for the thumbnail
Peter Chan Jr (3 days ago)
interesting lol
Kelsey Miller (3 days ago)
Can I ask a question if a girl says to me who would you pick for a best friend out of two The girl that asked the question(my crush) Or This other girl I speak to which happens to be my cousin's girlfriend who do I pick
JBDUDE 101 (3 days ago)
Literally I’m just like that even though I’m a boy but she has a bf but she is like that too what do I do?
Asad Mirza (3 days ago)
Wheres her just having casual conversations with you
SaiyanGod96 (3 days ago)
She invited me to her house at night. But I wasn't sure if she is a friend or she wants something more?
xNoah420 (3 days ago)
You cant tell me that 1.003.790 people think that there's a girl that could like them XD
HERES JONNY (3 days ago)
Bro thanks for the tips but what if she doesn't even reply me for like two weeks?
William Butler (3 days ago)
what if shes a lesbian !
Gorgar (4 days ago)
never happened to me
ultra allstar (4 days ago)
Fuck i am friendzoned by celesti
Ju ju (4 days ago)
And how do you know this? Your a dude (btw I'm bored so that's why I'm here.... I'm not gay)
Justin Stanbery (4 days ago)
Nun of them likes me fuck em
D0land0 (4 days ago)
if you need a girl to run her hand through your hair before you notice shes into you, you might have aspergers
Cake301 (4 days ago)
Jasper Saures (4 days ago)
Oh ho ho, my girl classmate that seats next to me adjusts her clothes and I like her... I hope she actually likes me
Jasper Saures (4 days ago)
How to know if a girl likes you. stare at her for a long time if she blushes then maybe she likes you, if she looks or stares at you alot that could mean she likes you.
Shasank Pyakurel (5 days ago)
a girl does these but when I purposed her she said no
elshadow (5 days ago)
But do you like me tho
Devin Brooks (5 days ago)
This girl said she liked bionicles (and so do i) but she came over and started taking off her clothes
Sawyer (17 hours ago)
Dude, Bionicles AND boobs? sounds like you got it made.
Ben Pham (5 days ago)
Summary: -Be patient -Have common sense -Trust your gut
andvas1994 (5 days ago)
Some might call me a morron... But i'm a guy whos intentionally let the Green light turn red again several times. Not really because i was scared. Sure i was a bit... But it honestly never fealt right. This one time i was over at a Girls place. She had her other friend over (Another Girl). She pretty much did everything to make me understand that she wanted me. She was ajusting her clothes and moving closer to me and trying to be as atractive as possible. Now let me just tell you that this was one hell of a babe... Like LEGIT! She was too damn hot for any straight male to reject. She looked down her pants several times as she slowly moved towards me... My friend ended up going to bed. But this other girl wanted us to watch another movie. It was just the two of us left there... She ended up lying on my lap. At this point the light wasn't just Green. It was attacking me. But i just let her lie on my lap and enjoy the film. I spoke to her in a nice and calm way. We laughed and had fun. But i made no atempts... But i could have. She was so ready for it. Trust me, i wanted to put my hand on her. I could have and gotten away with it... But i didn't. When i finally left the that morning she smiled and me and said goodbye. She looked very happy. Like ''That went well'' kind of happy. My friend followed me out and... Well, she was the one i was into. Never got the green ligt with her. But i'm not someone to just grab the first girl that drops her panties for me. No matter how hot i think she is. I don't want that... I mean sure i do want to as instict tells me to do it. But i personally don't think it's right. Well, what ever, i later spoke with that friend. And she told me that the girl i had on my Lap really liked me... And that she tought i was really really nice. And that.... Well, she had big time respect for me. I later leartn why. She had a boyfriend. But they where arguing. Wich is why she was at my friends place that time i believe. So she was needy. And she wanted to get some much needed human contact. But i remained respectful. And what that got me was a ton of respect. I mean does it feel as good as doing the thing? No... But it does give you a sense of honor that does make you feel better about yourself in the long run. My point is, the light may turn green. But that doesn't mean you should go for it all the time. Humans are complicated creatures. And trust me... If you're the one that just takes every green light served. You'll hurt yourself in the long run. Atleast if you live in a small town such as i do. Girls talk... You much rather have them talk about the guy who didn't take your honor at a moment of weaknes then the guy that just banged you right there in her friends living room. I find way more pleasure in having a girls respect and find that one special one just every once in a while then to get all the girls that are weak at that very moment. This guy i know just offered me to go bang a girl he knows with him.... Yeah, not my cup of tea....
Vampyre (5 days ago)
Wait, I have the power to make a gamer girl? Dope.
dsl scout (5 days ago)
There is a girl who I finally mustered up the courage to tell her I liked her. She said she had no clue I liked her. Long story short, I still really really like her, but we'll probably be just friends. And it felt great to finally tell her even though we both agreed that we shouldn't date each other for fear of being unable to hang out with our tight circle of friends at the same time.
YELLOW me (5 days ago)
about the hair what if she put hijab on 😂
kiwiboy wazzzaa (6 days ago)
Ha thx because I know a girl who said she use to like me but I am hoping she still likes me because I still like her and today I got a cute smile from her☺️
Michael Darby (6 days ago)
ok but you can look at a traffic light and see if it's red or green
adamzez (6 days ago)
so shes not into me at all. ok great
NW Tapz Gamez (7 days ago)
Does it count if they always tell everyone else who she likes but they never tell you?
Bashful the Bleak (7 days ago)
She'll let you take a dump on her chest...
Toggery // Kryonix (7 days ago)
why am i watching this im only 10
Elijah Reinke (7 days ago)
bro why was i recommended this
Queendom livin (7 days ago)
I am a girl amd I'm sorry to say girls are complicated.i feel bad for the guy who likes me because I don't do any of these things except smile when he talks to me l even refuse to give him my number😭
Styler8 Gaming (7 days ago)
4:50 Yeah she acts differently around me. She talks to other people, but she ignores me kill me please😭
Space Jam (7 days ago)
a girl stared at me tons and when i got back her parents were talking about me, when she stared at me i felt akward but i like her. what do i do? am i to late?
The life of Donovan (8 days ago)
Thank u this helps a lot thank u
Koker 336 (8 days ago)
Yep it happened alot but i don't date much so they lost interest.
Beaver_Jr Plays (8 days ago)
Yea fucked up
Chad Freeman (8 days ago)
Video makes some good points. @MarcusT: Nah man, hit up "Unbreakable Confidence com".... You're right.. money and looks help.. but it's not everything. Read that guide.. I met my soon-to-be wife using what that course teaches. Sooo good, man.
BlackBird Gaming (8 days ago)
Desperate MFs watch these vids all day long
Blue Johnson (8 days ago)
The one that says if it doesn’t take long to respond to your text isn’t always true. Sometimes if she’s kinda shy, she’ll want to make sure she doesn’t say something stupid so she won’t respond to you until she’s found something to say... dang girls are complicated.
Lee Jinxter (8 days ago)
Not my proudest fap
Leocomander (8 days ago)
That’s quite the mountain bikep
Leocomander (8 days ago)
Wow this video is great it just showed me that no ones interested.
Nate d gr8 (8 days ago)
You can bypass everything here if you have lots of 💰
Russell Westbrook (9 days ago)
Instructions were unclear, got penis stuck in a vagina.
armando how (9 days ago)
Olivia Jane (9 days ago)
listen here if you trust this video ur fucking retarded, you know a girl likes you when she starts the conversation. That’s just about the only way of telling, girls will not respond to boys that they like, they don’t want to seem desperate. Also I send emojis ironically all the time to anyone. Girls will not go out of there way to talk bc yet again they don’t want to seem desperate or let you know, oh but the stuff about the friends is true. Just a tip
Cursingprawn85YT (9 days ago)
I got number 2! It’s go time!
Apache Revenant (9 days ago)
What if you only have one class with her and you both make eye contact every day but your to shy to talk to her? Any help?
Little Light (9 days ago)
When the red light never changes to green 😤
Theramchepser (9 days ago)
4:03 What if she has no hair?
Jindujun (9 days ago)
my traffic light seems to malfunction lmao
J Wiro (9 days ago)
This only for guys over 6ft. I'm out.
Nikola Kovacs (9 days ago)
This is worthless
Dank memes21121 (9 days ago)
And also take a look at her pupils because if when she’s looking at you and the pupils get wider, it might mean that she likes what she sees
Ginger Cow (10 days ago)
None of these are true All girls are different we aren't just some robots 😐🤔
Danger Zone (10 days ago)
Never assume a girl likes you, assume she wants you, and think that there is no other guy she could get besides you, She is incapable of getting any other guy, That is the key.
Danger Zone (10 days ago)
You make it sound so, Dumb, all you do is, say oh i like that girl let me go say hi.... Ifd she says hi tell her you would like to take her out, if she says yes, which they usually do because, hey you're paying, Then boom you got a date, if she says no, then ask someone else. And dont get excited about the date, just be cool, Dont try impress her, dont try anything just throw caution to the wind and stop thinking and take the lead...... DOnt ask her where to go, take her somewhere and if it sucks just say that it sucked and go somewhere else.... Its really not hard.
Gebeld Worden (10 days ago)
But what if the light is orange
WiselyMarioBrother (11 days ago)
One time a girl said they like me but im not sure if they like me how can i know

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