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How to Know When a Girl Likes You (INSTANTLY)

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In this video you will learn how to know when a girl likes you and how to tell if a girl likes you in a few simple steps! Do you know how to attract girls easily and how to make someone fall in love? In this video , you will learn it all! // Music: "Straight" from Bensound.com Script from Tristan Reed of the TopThink team Animation from Nilesh Upadhyay of the TopThink team
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Text Comments (5806)
WavvyB (15 hours ago)
When she’s that $20 bill you pull out your wallet
Ghosty - (2 days ago)
Tough sad times
toukka 27 (2 days ago)
O so she likes me
LOL 98HD (2 days ago)
Dragon slayer (2 days ago)
This doesn't help me...............AT ALL!!!!!!!
Matteo Kippie (2 days ago)
why do she have to change every thing about her
Micro799 (3 days ago)
I stared at the thumbnail for 10 minutes straight
Ryan Starnes (3 days ago)
Ok so I like a girl but she is five years younger then me what should I do
Yehia Essa (3 days ago)
We all are fuckin nerds🙌🤦🏼‍♂️
BallerTheSnake (3 days ago)
I was talking to this girl I like and she was giving me this weird but cute look while walking down the haul to the cafeteria and when I went to sit down she squished in between me and my friend just to talk to me for a whole 40 minutes and I’ve been texting and getting stuck in those texts everyday What should I do?
Oh, shit.... Most of this comes from a girl I know I’m kinda into...
AllSortsYT (5 days ago)
My feet will be uncomfortable in girls shoes
Towne Gaming 2.0 (5 days ago)
One time a girl asked me out, I didn’t know if she liked me
If u never had a girlfriend your a noob
Smörgåstårta 420 (6 days ago)
A straight dude getting all these signs... from another dude.
Smörgåstårta 420 (6 days ago)
I see everyone but Justin Y here... I guess you know what that means...
kaeylaxo (6 days ago)
Ive just never been able to express that I like him. He also seems to be very "torpe"
shadow hawk (6 days ago)
Wanna know who else is good for knowing if a girl likes you?.... A GIRL
Tanner Rowe (6 days ago)
So basically girls are traffic lights
kyle (7 days ago)
All girls are fucking ass holes thay just want to fuck u over and waste your [email protected]
For me the first time I met this girl if she talks to me she always smile but it was like 3weeks then if she sees my she doesn't smile and now I think she didn't love me anymore😭😭
HuggableTeddybear XD (8 days ago)
You know what the sexiest thing is? Seeing a girl wearing one off your shirts with no pants on
Oliver Moors (8 days ago)
Damn, the texting part is where i lost hope 😂
TheOneBadAssGamer (8 days ago)
stay thirsty my friends
Chaz O-Taylor (9 days ago)
Guys I like this girl and, according to this video, she probably likes me. But I don’t know how to move things forward, any suggestions?
Chaz O-Taylor (8 days ago)
Mihai 21 thank you man, I’ll see how it goes
Mihai 21 (8 days ago)
Next time you talk to her ask her out. If she says yes maybe at the date if you feel ready tell her you like her.
Katherine Kauffman (9 days ago)
As a girl I like to go watch these videos to see if they're actually accurate. Oh, playing with my hair means I'm nervous or bored. I've never tried to hug a guy I like, but I'm also a lot more subtle and introverted then most girls. Whenever I've had to opportunity to get the number of the guy I like, I usually take longer to respond. HOWEVER, it's become I over analyze what I should say. "What if that comes across the wrong way? What if I say the wrong thing? What if I seem like I really like him and appear desperate or something?" I also don't text the guy funny images or pictures. Part of the reason is, I'm not really on social media. I do try to make my texts a moderate length to keep the conversation going though. Other than the things I mentioned, it's pretty accurate. This is just how I react to a guy I like though. It's a little different for each girl and her personality.
Rebeccq Moldovan (9 days ago)
Common fucking sense duh
Rebeccq Moldovan (9 days ago)
Are people not being pussies both men and women
Rebeccq Moldovan (9 days ago)
Thats how
TheOtherOne_YT (10 days ago)
Sub me
J jay (10 days ago)
7:37 That’s not a mountain bike mate😂
Nathan McElligott (11 days ago)
Welp, guess I''m fucked.
Walter Rowland (11 days ago)
This advice coming from a guy makes me extremely skeptical.
lucas corber (11 days ago)
SHIT!!! There was this girl I liked, still do, who expressed all of these and then the other day I saw her wearing another guys sweatshirt and hanging out with him a lot.
MyPumpDid6ix9ine (11 days ago)
I play fortnite girls are a waist of time right now fortnite is better than girls like if agree
Tristan Martin (9 days ago)
+MyPumpDid6ix9ine ok. it was just a joke.
MyPumpDid6ix9ine (9 days ago)
Tristan Martin I didn’t I was on somethin so I clicked on it and said that
Tristan Martin (10 days ago)
then why watch the video
chowin (13 days ago)
"how to know when a girl likes you instantly"? She doesn't 😂
Stab n flab (13 days ago)
Playing with hair is a tick for most girls you git xD
Sharon Barnett-Lewis (13 days ago)
A girl came straight up to me said I like u i said I don’t like u bye she start crying
James Franklin (14 days ago)
My light still on red and it's been on red for over 8 years after my divorce
Paiin (15 days ago)
Damn well alot of girls like me ._.
Cowboy vlogs (15 days ago)
I only clicked this because of the thumbnail
Sir. Zayk (15 days ago)
Here's how, you fucking don't dumbass. Everyone is unique and have different thoughts, no way in hell can you just know.
Silver Swagger (15 days ago)
1:20 That's what she said
Clorox Bleach Cristals (15 days ago)
Got so many green lights and she still says I’m only a friend. She’s fucking complicated 😒
Free VBucks (15 days ago)
This video is gay lmfao
Girble Turky (16 days ago)
1. When she tells you I like you
Unimportant Person (16 days ago)
Honesty i cant talk to girls like i use too when i was in my younger years i could do it without thought and usally get a girl i liked to like me but now i have crippling anxiety and i cant talk to no one especially not females do you have any anwsers for this
Lindy Gunter (16 days ago)
Dont expose us!!!!😷😷
Blacc P.A (16 days ago)
Wow you niggas in the comments be having horrible mentalities which is probably the one reason y’all aren’t getting girls.
Chris Howie (16 days ago)
How to know when a girl likes you? It's a shame they can't just tell you.
Omgitsmikale (16 days ago)
Remember when I used to look this up in 7th grade smh
George st (16 days ago)
The only girl that likes me is my mom......
joyadeceren (16 days ago)
I'm so fucking dense in that matter
Trust_Is_All_You_Need (16 days ago)
Is it bad that I’m watching this the day after I broke up with my gf
Trust_Is_All_You_Need (16 days ago)
relax, that happen to me too.
GamerPro 80 (17 days ago)
Where u got that thumbnail pic from? whats its name?
Lind_Koxha (17 days ago)
So then every girl likes me? Because they talk yo me the same way you did say in the video
Levi Mills-Wilcox (17 days ago)
But not everything
Levi Mills-Wilcox (17 days ago)
Some girl at my school does the same thing when she is around me
secluded platypus (17 days ago)
Elias Axelsson (18 days ago)
Woody Woodman (18 days ago)
I came here purely to read the comments and I'm not disappointed
RealLastReplay Jesus (18 days ago)
Whelp, im dieing a virgin
Isaiah De La Cruz (18 days ago)
Bro I missed the green light too
Interesting story because it doesn't put this video in at all. It was locker break and I was moving from graphics to gym my friend actually gave me a hint by saying "aren't you going to ask him?" I heard my name so i turned towards him and he winked at me. Thankfully he was also in gym with me so I decided to ask him what the fuck that was about (my exact words) and he straight up told me this girl had a crush on me. I think she was in "the early stages" and I think she still is because she won't admit it.
TEO ST (18 days ago)
A girl kissed me and I asked her if she wants to be my girl an she told me that she sees me as a friend. What can I do?
Leam PlayZ (19 days ago)
Just came for the clickbait
Roger Nattaq (19 days ago)
One thing that they always leave stuff be hide and has to come back or leave something that no one or you find it and months later like where this come from lol
Nate_________ (19 days ago)
A girl like me and everyone new it but I never asked her out
Michael Russell (19 days ago)
I wish I would've seen this video about a month ago, ****
Grace I guess (19 days ago)
John Huestis (19 days ago)
Sooooooo stereotypical
Krisu 22 (19 days ago)
He broke the code: ”girls are pretty mich like traffic lights”
Kurtis Miller (20 days ago)
Relationships = meaningless. End of story. Why?: Because a relationship takes a lifetime of willingness and dedication. All your hobbies are likely to come to a nearly complete stop. Plus, you take a big risk in the modern age of cheating or worse. And all you'd get is months or even years of follow-up depression. That's the reason it's meaningless. I know there's people who disagree and see love as a good thing and worth the risk, but as someone who has been turned into a heartless monster due to failures on top failures, all I've got is advice AGAINST a relationship. Who knows maybe it will work out differently for you and I am simply not meant to be involved with another.
CheeseitzGaming 265 (20 days ago)
Wow, I never knew how universal a black sharpie was.
The gamer Boy .!. (20 days ago)
My situation is crazy she live far away from me and we talk everyday but she isn’t single but she acts like she likes me😑
Miguel Arruda (20 days ago)
Bro, the video is good, but everyone know this things, I thought that u would be more specific, but this things that u said are of the comum sense
SCARV SCAR A (20 days ago)
Size mattars not
Wilmarie Ramirez (20 days ago)
1.i woke up 2.i went to school 3.told my crush i like her 4.she said she likes me too Read 2,3,4,1in that order
No Name (19 days ago)
Thanks for that lmao
Skull Skinner (21 days ago)
I don't know why I'm watching this.. I literally have a girlfriend
Rockryu (21 days ago)
Uh. I don't really get hugs but she makes sure to greet me every morning. She also poked me and ran, but she's asexual. Sooooooo
Ma321in Ecv4ant (22 days ago)
WTF i am not a stalker i can't know that 4:08
cobalt bros (23 days ago)
umm the boy next to me at math class dose these things to me
Blizard (23 days ago)
These traits are all in my best friend but she says I’m like a brother to her was I friendzoned
Tarik Oulmou (23 days ago)
Fuck girls
Hawkster17 (24 days ago)
Big yikes
Fier-Ce (24 days ago)
As a bi-sexual female I have come here to tell you all that most of this is bullshit. A lot of girls do act difficult on purpose though, girls who do this aren't worth your time no matter how hot they look.
Pizza Turtle728 (24 days ago)
99.99999999999% chance he is a virgin right?
Harlen David (24 days ago)
I've noticed three of them
Fuck I think I missed my shot. She was so shy she ran before she talked to me So I just thought let's just go back with my friends
Andi1550 (25 days ago)
omg just say i like you, whats the fucking problem!?!?!?
Purple Guy (25 days ago)
I love my life so much! My crush (who is probably the most popular girl in my grade) has a crush on me! Most other popular girls have a crush on me. I’m so happy.
MaxMaxGaming 12 (16 days ago)
Purple Guy your a lucky bastard
Ernest Dornowski (25 days ago)
**active now** Me: hey how is your day **active 1m ago**
Tatta 23 (26 days ago)
If a girl likes you it means she likes someone else.
Moon Light (26 days ago)
Ive smashed many, many girls in my life and Im not exactly attractive. This may seem counterproductive but if ur not attractive, dont show her that she attracts you. Treat her like any girl who doesnt attract you. Practice saying funny things. Once shes comfortable and sees ur not drooling over her, thats the moment to go for it. Say something like 'um, you look really uh, u know, u look ummmm, yea nevermind. And change the topic quickly. Chances are, she'll be curious and ask u 'what?'. Thats when u say 'well I just think u look amazing but I dont want to scare you away with compliments cause I was gonna ask if u can come to the movies with me on the weekend.' She'll find it sweet and will know ur checking her out. Build on that
The Grinder (26 days ago)
6:09 that’s what I do 😂
The Grinder (26 days ago)
3:37 she’s giving you head 😎
Infecti (26 days ago)
I have a short memory so how the hell can I remember this.
FleXx Lugar (26 days ago)
If she approaches you & says hello. Women Never greet men first unless they NEED something like a car ride or money
somka_mgtow (26 days ago)
Who gives a fuck what she likes
Grab your lotion boys, it’s gonna be another one of those nights.
LOL 98HD (2 days ago)
JEWNYA (10 days ago)
Joe G (13 days ago)
[S.B.F.C] STREET BRAWL FIGHT CLUB you dirty boy 😂
Passion 99 (27 days ago)
Erase bad teaching
Tono P (27 days ago)
Note to self. MAKE SURE IT IS A BIOLOGICAL FEMALE before proceeding to second base.

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