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Girlz Dem Luv We - Shaggy feat. Mavado (Official Music Video)

3613 ratings | 983557 views
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Text Comments (161)
Ed Shivers (8 days ago)
My women has a big crush on shaggy
Delon Thomas (1 month ago)
Remember mi tell u gully murda this tune voices shaggy we love dancehall
Saddam Aladin (2 months ago)
anyone 2019?
Tiney coner Willians (4 months ago)
2019 stright👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼
shanely sambola (6 months ago)
Ledmore Matthias (7 months ago)
gwaan watch yo gyal spend every dime girls dem love we
Indominus youth (7 months ago)
0:12 who is ?? Gaza mi say
gio icon (11 months ago)
Still hot shaggy gully god
baljit pal (11 months ago)
Mmmmuuaaa......Love this song..
Omar Groves (1 year ago)
This video came out when i was with ManTits Ro, "baby when you coming home...pity him nuh that another man a hux out are belly like coconut" This was a part of the shame em hit from military man & lady frame mo-fraudo. in other words "nobody never was a barber"
cool personality (1 year ago)
2018 still a blaze
Antony Kamau (1 year ago)
bounty killer pull it pull it pull it
IMPULSA TV (1 year ago)
mellany maria (1 year ago)
ooooo wineeeeeeee dem hirlz luve
no waite girl all black girls
Safa صوفي (2 years ago)
Who know mavado from where
Omar Papis Messi (1 year ago)
Safa صوفي jameca
Billionaire Concepts (2 years ago)
is that Cecile in the video? 1:57 and 2:27
unruly Don (1 year ago)
Alex Wesley yea
Kenny Hawkes (2 years ago)
yooo a Play this drvin around town banging ....
ashley cotten (2 years ago)
This is my song by Shaggy featuring Mavado☺
Billionaire Concepts (2 years ago)
that girl at 3:00 shes the cutest in the vid, daaaaamn
Sepp Schoß (2 years ago)
ich versteh bei 0:08 immer "ah ja er is da teflon" :D
Ritmo Equis (2 years ago)
No idiots kickin girls, the correct way!
Marie Wynter (3 years ago)
movado a di baddest sing j inna di worl
Christiano Delgado (3 years ago)
This shit fiya
DLourinho11 (3 years ago)
Abdelfatah Khalil (3 years ago)
Mark Jordan (3 years ago)
it saw me
arafat issah (3 years ago)
yes,i whot to bee Iluminati
Gribouille Fripouille (3 years ago)
Ke Chambre (4 years ago)
Song is fire, video is sewage. I need all dance-hall and hip hop artist to give us  more creativity with these videos. You pull some of the most exquisite beauties in the world and stuff them in a strip club or just a club period. WE HAVE SEEN IT BEFORE PLEASE GIVE US SOMETHING NEW. A simple but DIFFERENT concept would have done for this video for instance the girls chasing them around in a humorous way or something just not this this. It's like waking up every morning for a bowl of white porridge and raw broccoli.  What good is a beautiful canvas without "vibrant colors"? I was a hip hop baby and now my taste buds are telling me that "today's" Similac is wack.
Eloquence Inc (2 years ago)
Check out Sean Paul's videos...
Da Royal General (4 years ago)
definately ovaz wey yah sey......respect.
yaadiegal89 (4 years ago)
killa use one word and kill it, de man haard.
Da Royal General (4 years ago)
Cecilio Atencio (5 years ago)
what riddim is?
lewis EDWARDS (5 years ago)
Its a dancehall thing zeen
Edwin Torres (5 years ago)
Shaggy (y)
jaharmyful tall (5 years ago)
nice tune
İhsan Tuncay (5 years ago)
T U R K E Y :))
Nefritara (5 years ago)
0:12-0:13 :))
Nefritara (5 years ago)
They are nice together!!
jaffar ali (5 years ago)
shanelautan (5 years ago)
claude james (5 years ago)
yes de girlzz dem love me...str8
DaSheeK407 (5 years ago)
nice calabo
Daniel Jesberger (6 years ago)
Maaaaaad Tune Me cant stop hearing it
Lily (6 years ago)
luis pinto (6 years ago)
Honey M (6 years ago)
Hot49Gal (6 years ago)
I love this riddim!!
SPLITT MUSIC (6 years ago)
doraphiletas (6 years ago)
Idian utile (6 years ago)
is that ceceil
N.H HACI (6 years ago)
i like... super hit
Idian utile (6 years ago)
love this song
Irshaad ibraahim (6 years ago)
bullet bullet
MyMarzoo (6 years ago)
maaadd i like it
Kerron Garcia (6 years ago)
rude boy tune
Throy Thompson (6 years ago)
it bad nuh true
Throy Thompson (6 years ago)
tune sell off bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
millicent kamasah (6 years ago)
the girls de bee
millicent kamasah (6 years ago)
i love this song
Kay Westbrooks (6 years ago)
joseph nwache (6 years ago)
i love movida voiceeeeeeeeee is the best jamaica
Loony BinBin (6 years ago)
Mavado make this tune dread ;)
jhonatan Dimate (6 years ago)
severa mano de perras tan ricas
Rosey Florestal (6 years ago)
Lawwwwddddd I only watch this video because of Mavado !! DAMN !!!
millicent kamasah (6 years ago)
i love all girls
millicent kamasah (6 years ago)
this is what is call video
achilleus kigala (6 years ago)
mavado is good
Soufyane Djelloul (6 years ago)
1:28 Rihanna lol
Lahir Garuda (6 years ago)
i heard 3 powerfull voices 1= Bounty Killa 2= Mavado 3=Shaggy
toes poes (6 years ago)
i love this damn song ,,,,i listen it everyday ,,,,,freaking good
TetrapakProdzekt (6 years ago)
i didn't realize that...i am surely the most non-racist man alive
sj pierc (6 years ago)
why is the best music often so underrated!
indonesiacrippp (6 years ago)
Every gyal ah mineee, errrry gyal ah mine EVERY GYAL COME AN WINE
Michelle Fletcher (6 years ago)
Lovin it so much this music wicked
LtgetlesUs (6 years ago)
why this video doesnt have a million view
Malick Diop (6 years ago)
It misse your virtual face arround the wall
nunebabe_est.89 YOLO (6 years ago)
Maddddddd tune!!
bigdon69able (6 years ago)
3:24 omggggggggggg sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilhhhhhhhhhhhh
Clown Magazine (6 years ago)
Slick 'n' sexy video, nothing but the best from Shaggy with this tune!
Armand Christel Nenet (6 years ago)
yes shaggy tes mortel mon frere se son la tueeee
MyDickiebird (6 years ago)
can't get enough of this tune.....{Shaggy for life}
Tony Montorner (6 years ago)
girl in glasses (Y) !!! gud jobb
DJ DNA Jah (6 years ago)
17 gays
gully side boooooo!
EPMWND (6 years ago)
hahahahahaha....best comment!!!!! XD XD
Likando Maboshe (7 years ago)
lets see you get as many girls...... iam sure u cant...
Likando Maboshe (7 years ago)
Vasil Burnaski (7 years ago)
3:23 anyone noticed Chipmunk?
chaka zoulu (7 years ago)
EPMWND (7 years ago)
this song is a single....the riddim has no name!
EPMWND (7 years ago)
yepp....thats cecile!!!!!
harrymic75 (7 years ago)
alot actually....
Irfan mALIK (7 years ago)
Gold song
asher lodhi (7 years ago)
Come on people atleast bring this up to Million views
XsweetstarliteX (7 years ago)
chipmunk? wtf.
CotesMusik (7 years ago)
"Another Man A Ucks Out Har Belly Like A Coconut" Dah talk deh bad yuh fuck!
raineray1 (7 years ago)
love it
Voshi (7 years ago)
shaggy :D good one
Ray-Ann Takahashi (7 years ago)
mi in love

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