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12 Texting Rules Every Guy Should Know

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Text Comments (2282)
verosio n (1 year ago)
Jose doesn't have the zuniga balls to pin me
John parra (13 days ago)
But with rose gold and black...
Mohamed Mhad (1 month ago)
@Brandon Vu eyfjcz0m
NightBite —- (5 months ago)
Barack Obama are u real?
K Wesley (3 days ago)
Daniel Herrera (3 days ago)
After being ignored for two days she finally responds... I went to short and un interested. Now she texting me fast and often wtffff how does this Chinese mind game work haha
Abdul Moeez Ahmed (7 days ago)
Gonna Slide in dms the way this slides in sponsorships
ghost 1 (7 days ago)
6:20 min vid 40 sec for the intro 1:40 sec for the dumb sponsor Nice
The King (9 days ago)
In my opinion. I don’t really think there are rules to texting females because a lot of them are different. I’ve watched a ton of videos on rules of how to do this and that with girls, and the thing I’ve honestly learned from those is to just be myself. I still have a firm belief that there is someone for everyone so why change up and follow certain rules to impress this one girl when there’s another one who doesn’t really care as long as she got you 100%. I actually kinda follow some of the rules because they make sense, and they’re just naturally me. Trying to force myself to follow some rules from a lot of videos and sites (chill I was down bad😭) has kinda led to boring, and awkward conversations. Some things help like “be confident. Show eye contact and not act desperate” but things like “stop using abbreviations, stop using gifs, Don’t show your feelings” and all that mess doesn’t really help because some girls don’t mind. Shoot I’ve had a girl yesterday ask me to share how and why I felt the way I did from something 2 years ago and how it’s impacted me now. That girl has never texted me first (I never cared nor minded) but just being myself this girl out of nowhere text me out the blue asking what I’m doing and a lot of other stuff. God darn I wrote a lot😂 (I’ve been trying to take cursing completely out of my vocabulary and so far the past 2 weeks I been 8/10 strong. Slip up here and there but not very often)
Jared Sowers (9 days ago)
Man I wish I saw this last week!! Taking notes! 🙌
Clu7ch Deuce _ (12 days ago)
Thanks bro for the vid I have a problem with over texting 🤪
Allen CS (13 days ago)
And finally number 10 ✌✋✋. Nice!!!!
Syed Hassan (14 days ago)
Sure gonna work
D Sum (16 days ago)
Good advice,thanks Jose ☮
Meowy (17 days ago)
12 texting rules but there are 10
Joel Cullum (18 days ago)
A Bones (18 days ago)
How to get your hair so nice all the time.
Johnny Tsunami (18 days ago)
Guys if you turn on post notifications you get a 97 percent chance of getting a thiccc girlfriend, it worked for me 👍👍😂
Jumbo's Finest (19 days ago)
hey sorry if this was a little too late and sorry I got the cringe because of repeated pronunciation , it GIF not JIF
TheGenesect10 (19 days ago)
50 likes and I'll text my crush
packisbetter90 (21 days ago)
Nothing helps or makes a difference. They never text back suddenly every fucking time. I hate women and their stupid games
Lou Cuello (21 days ago)
Try to be as creative as you can and don't be extra. Simple. If you constantly have to analyze the vibe then there probably is none. If a girl is into you she'll reciprocate.
blackcat g. (21 days ago)
Holly shit...... She did it exactly text book, now I feel like an idiot I just realized I got fucked over by a bad bitch and believe every lie she said.
Al Florence Balinado (22 days ago)
I tried not to respond fast and it ended worse than i thought she got angry
GAJZER (22 days ago)
5:49 Jose forgot counting 😂
President Sad (25 days ago)
Well it’s too late now
Dark Evil (26 days ago)
The comments are more useful than the video
Sanket Kumar (26 days ago)
I liked your tip no. 8 the most....
Sai Shankar (28 days ago)
How to talk to a girl for more time
balor club (1 month ago)
Maaan speak little bit slowly
Mads Hyrup (1 month ago)
I ordered a bracelet from RG&B. It broke because one of the beads cut the string. I wrote to them multiple times, and never got a respons
Isosu Sudjc (1 month ago)
5 weeks ago I texted my crush And she hasn’t answered
alex (17 days ago)
Try again but sound like you forgot about her not texting back
Shay Patrick Cormac (19 days ago)
@Emily M nice?
Emily M (19 days ago)
Shay Patrick Cormac (20 days ago)
😧I feel you buddy
Juwangsang (1 month ago)
I will text 100 texts at the same time till the day i die
Howard Taylor (1 month ago)
Jose..... Good stuff..... As usual
Tranced One (1 month ago)
Borderline psycho 😂😂😂😂🏆
KaptainBasketball (1 month ago)
I send them essays with citations just to show them I'm intelligent
KaptainBasketball (1 month ago)
@Sheena M. I'm joking....
Sheena M. (1 month ago)
That just shows you're pretentious. It's cringy. Maybe send it when they're actually needing it for an assignment or research.
Neil Joseph (1 month ago)
Jose's a real one helping out the bros, love you g
daz ilais (1 month ago)
I suck at texting. FUXK
Hello I (1 month ago)
Nank you mam
Buruuj. Mohamud (1 month ago)
i don't andrstand english ..... exmple &action good🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gershwyn Gordon (1 month ago)
Thanks for the advice bro
PytonBite (1 month ago)
JIF'S?????????????????????????????????????????????????? GIF G I F GIF
Bailey Maule (1 month ago)
First time I ever asked a girl out was in primary school, she said ew and we never talked again
Milan Kunčak (1 month ago)
Bro,u are the best
ERRICK OKUTA (1 month ago)
Why do I always have to do everything..why can't he
Kebin Mendez (1 month ago)
ERRICK OKUTA mabye he’s not interested 😢
Addyson Smith (1 month ago)
It was only 10 not 12 😂😂
Neeta Radhey (1 month ago)
Cutya hindi me Mr sale
T K (2 months ago)
Any video on teeth ?
Coob (2 months ago)
I lose on the sarcastic one ;(
DP Productions (2 months ago)
10 after 11?
Chewey from YT (2 months ago)
Im cringing because I did all of the negative things he said before
yx Viktor (2 months ago)
Sometimes I kill my game with the last one.
Shounakshudhi Agarwal (2 months ago)
Are u an indian?
Musfikur Tamal (2 months ago)
Bro... i can't you know start a conversation or get it going..it just ends... And i don't have nothing to say to her...I have a lot of girls on facebook but i can't keep a conversation going... What should i do?or what should i say to them to get the conversation going??? plz help or I'm gonna end up not having a date the whole semister...Most of my friends have dates... I am still alone.. HELP ME...
The Time TraVellER (2 months ago)
Everything Was going Smooth until Don't use Sarcasm Came😂
Izz Shabana (2 months ago)
How many sponsors does this man have
Stev Mm (2 months ago)
First time here and i like u video man keep it up
Pale Gamer (2 months ago)
Half his video is an ad
Pale Gamer (2 months ago)
Not hating just saying
Sans Tale (2 months ago)
I gotta admit, i really love rg&b
Ozumṣauce (2 months ago)
Is it ok that I start every conversation???
2rue (2 months ago)
What if she Replies with a Uh, uhm, gd, K etc....
DEVILGERIE (2 months ago)
oh man i freacking love you keep up bro =)
Fortnite God (2 months ago)
Half of the video was him talking was about rosegoldandblack like she is not gana see it when u are texting
Kanishk Aggarwal (2 months ago)
Which camera do you use??
SNOWYCREEPER (2 months ago)
But mine just says "cool" "haha"
John Smith (2 months ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga to flirt text with his mom
Cruz Dircio (2 months ago)
What if the girl text you first so you respond and she don’t text back🤔
ybkin (2 months ago)
Then she smoking crack
Anwar Saadad (2 months ago)
Best video but my recommendations is Use number like #1 #2 with concise definition text tnx keep moving
NotSimon (2 months ago)
Watching this before texting my crush🙈
WunTap (2 months ago)
NotSimon wait till she breaks up with him then slide in😏
NotSimon (2 months ago)
@WunTap she said that she likes me and that I am a very kind person. But she is interested in another guy already. I am really sad that I waited so long to text her. But I won't give up on her 😕💔
WunTap (2 months ago)
NotSimon how did it go my man
biological waste (2 months ago)
This guy can pull off any ad.
OPTICAL GAMER (2 months ago)
Ese she won't see want I'm wearing through the phone
Mar Jan (2 months ago)
Ok im a girl and i can confirm the emojis, also text often, if the girl doesnt text first shes probably just waiting for u to text first again.
SenSe Electrix (2 months ago)
U only did 10 not 12😂like if u agree
Meganaught (2 months ago)
It's Gif not Gif
Animesh Tiwari (2 months ago)
Who the hell fucks up in wear and where 😂
Kwesi Ofori (3 months ago)
Nicholas Yeo (3 months ago)
You just spent like a quarter to half of the video to advertise
Bobby Lobby (3 months ago)
I saw the thumb nail and I was like OH SHIT THATS ME
Sushi i (3 months ago)
My girlfriend called me retarted
Cainan _ (3 months ago)
I love how he says 10 at the end and still with his hands shows 12😂😂😂
UNG Kid (3 months ago)
The 1.4k dislikes are the women's secrets being revealed
D7HD (3 months ago)
Man said jif not gif
Akteruzzaman Ashik (3 months ago)
Make videos for teens..hey man make videos for teens
ANDY VO (3 months ago)
What happens if you text her but for some reason she didn’t get it (that’s what she says)
BLAIZING MONKEY (3 months ago)
You have lots of sponsor.
Tim Rasputkov (3 months ago)
Jose, did you just say "Jifs"?? Its Gifs lol
Mark Vargas (3 months ago)
What if it's hard to talk to someone or be interesting it's kinda hard
Tech GamingPH (3 months ago)
What does that mean if she replies "?"
Karthik B (3 months ago)
Bro I like u r shirt,please add link for buying .
L. C (3 months ago)
It’s G-ifs not J-ifs
Kun TV (3 months ago)
such a fuckin genuis man.....i will follow u forever
Ritik Aswani (3 months ago)
plzz make a video on how to get out of friendzone..
Siddhant Moitra (3 months ago)
Iam here only because on the bottem of thumbnail it says "Alex costa viewers watch this" anyone else ?
Paastel Poptart (3 months ago)
Number 11, and finally Number 10. Um, Jose you good?
Jeremy Toth (1 month ago)
I swear he did this in another video
Subzero PandaZ (3 months ago)
"send a jif" -Jose Zuniga
MówmiAdrian (3 months ago)
I've done the number 3 mistake recently :D To every guy reading this: Don't do it. She said she's busy and we can meet in future ;) future heh
Kamlesh K (3 months ago)
After 11th.........comes the 10 th tip...😂 what happened zuniga??
UrBoiMichael (4 months ago)
Thumbnail... I’m going to kill myself
Mads Rasmussen (4 months ago)
Im from Denmark and you are fucking wrong, emojis doesn’t help at all girls just think you are a huge looser
edgydeedgeplant (4 months ago)
"HAHAAHAHA" instead of "hahah"
Franz Jäger (4 months ago)
This guy is the indian version of alpha m.
S Varshith kumar (4 months ago)
Your Soo perfect bro ! Thanks for the guidelines

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