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Casual Cutie Pie Makeup!

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Hello my foolish mortals~! I’m back with a new video! (So no I’m not dead yet lol) I put tons of effort into editing this video in particular and I’m pleased with the overall outcome! I wanted to show the beginners in the crowd an easy and effective cutie pie makeup look! The script I wrote for the voiceover was meant to be simple, so I hope those of you who are new to makeup can easily understand it! c: I’ve noticed a change in my fashion style and music taste recently, and I hope the video style and editing will reflect that. (Also, sorry about the shameless vixx promotion lol. I just love them so much ok) If you’ve got any questions or comments, feel free to talk away in the comments section! I’ll be happy to answer any questions for y’all! Thank you for your continued support~ I appreciate it so much! Uwu The music is amazing, isn’t it?! Crazy how many hidden gems there are in some royalty free playlists, haha! Here’s the music! Alone, Two Days Ago by Artificial.Music https://soundcloud.com/artificial-music Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/yuTPnUm7ro0 And So It Begins by Artificial.Music https://soundcloud.com/artificial-music Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/JpoEFiAJdxo
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Text Comments (3112)
You are so so so cute!
Heartless Me (18 hours ago)
Girl I have the same problem with my eyelid! But when I wear mascara it becomes less noticeable
people r sick (20 hours ago)
What's her instagram so I can show my support as a fan😋
Gianna Pantano (1 day ago)
So helpful and easy! Thank u! <3
weiwei (2 days ago)
Wait the way you apply foundation is actually really smart
Allen Allen (2 days ago)
I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP TUTORIALS. You look so funny and like you are really enjoying makeup. Always my favorite ones even if they don't fit my skin because I'm brown-skinned. I still enjoy them so much <3
LaDeathMachine (1 hour ago)
aww thank you so much! I'm glad you like them! <3 these tutorials can be adjusted according to skin tones! I use a lot of warm tones like orange, tan, and red because my skin has a warm, yellow undertone. You can always change up the eyeshadow shades according to your undertones!
jada marzetti (2 days ago)
Vixx is my life aesthetics ❤️
M Michelle (2 days ago)
“Shake it vigorously just like my body does when Vixx drops a new music video!” If this isn’t the truth😭😂
Emily (3 days ago)
ahhhhhhh you're so cute <3
Ruksa Fatima (4 days ago)
Ur Soooo Beautiful 😄
shruti Magar (4 days ago)
Why two primers?
my love life (6 days ago)
kookmon1 (6 days ago)
From 40 to 17
Кёса Фухтин (6 days ago)
👍❤🌸 cute
you hi (7 days ago)
Could you please do this makeup on someone who has very textured skin?
Paperdolls (7 days ago)
You look old
Jung_kookie (7 days ago)
She's so adorable even without makeup!
Zuri Lee (8 days ago)
Weird Time (8 days ago)
I'm obsessed with this video and can't stop pressing the reply button
N Ryan (9 days ago)
Oh god burn it with fire.
Trudy-Ann Whyte (9 days ago)
I liked the vid after she said "line of cokkk(caugh caugh)" haha
DāRk_GhØsTz (10 days ago)
Cutie pie? More like pewdiepie
What was the documentary
Jimin Park (11 days ago)
Are you... A kpop fan?!?! 😍😍
Jimin Park (9 days ago)
+Helen Prado Garro armi? Maybe army or armie?
Helen Prado Garro (10 days ago)
i love k pop, and I'm armi
Curtyana Randall (12 days ago)
4:38 "so first I apply a line of coke- *cough* I mean foundation" 💀💀💀
BloodInMyCoffeeSystem (12 days ago)
Gosh lol trying to work with my features to be cutesie is so hard. I have a french looking nose that sticks out for a mile, so my only option is to try and look all europeanly regal instead of like an anime girl which is what i want......... (>~<) I love your tip about the undereyes! I have very bad dark circles, I'll have to look for a peachy concealer too
mistery gurl (12 days ago)
Cutie 😍😍😘😘
Mrs. Nightmare (13 days ago)
My friends always call my lucky because I can always get my eyeliner near perfect 👌 lmao.
Lyllies (13 days ago)
I am loving your voice but most of all your humor - Dep-th ^_^ 7:59
Annie F. (13 days ago)
i wish i was pretty as you! beautiful with and without make up!
alittlebitjam (13 days ago)
Shuntone (13 days ago)
Taehyung is my Bias (14 days ago)
Where are you from? Love the make up tutorial. I like it how you explained why you did everything.
NC SINO (14 days ago)
broo I love your videos!! And the fact that you're American Asian, I have a lot of friends like that and I love them. I'm American Latina and we always talk about being half American and It's so fun! Anyway though, ily and your makeup is sooo good <3
aurelie sene (9 days ago)
She is kit half though, american is just her nationality
angeles valdez (14 days ago)
...hhhhh you’re ... precious .. ;_;
kedd (15 days ago)
your commentary is the beeessst. i haven't watched a full make up tutorial in years haha
Sofie W (15 days ago)
I really wanna do makeup like this but i don’t wanna look like a weeb/koreaboo since I’m American/Russian... I don’t wanna be Asian I just wanna look cute and I don’t really like western makeup cuz it’s too intense in I’m too young for that stuff I’m only 13 😂😭
〜もも〜 (14 days ago)
I would suggest mainly doing makeup like foundation, concealer, blush if your 13. Eye makeup can be pretty difficult and complicated and when i tried to do it when younger i did not do well 😂 Mascara is pretty easy tho. And don't worry about looking like a weeb/koreaboo, most people would just think that you have cute makeup and as long as you don't give yourself fake mono-lids you won't look like a weeb/koreaboo
JoJean Strawberry (15 days ago)
You're so cute aaaaa
Sarah Milligan (15 days ago)
Oh my goshhh where did you get those earringsss???
Sarah Milligan (15 days ago)
Wait I watched to the end never mind 😂
PolishArmy (15 days ago)
Asha Lee Brown (15 days ago)
I didn't notice my biases until the end, had to replay just to look at them again lmfao
Kai Chan (16 days ago)
Can we be friends haha!!! Let’s be awkward af!
kaz park (16 days ago)
also shes so cute uwu
kaz park (16 days ago)
Cocopie's Munchkin (16 days ago)
Gurlllll i just love the sassy attitude u have oh and btw, i knowwww im probably years late to tell u this but I LOVE UR "GIRL TO GUY" MAKEUP TUTORIAL SWOOPP MUCHHHHH!!!!! UR DA BESTTTT💖💖💖💖💖💖
lucytaehyung 22 (16 days ago)
Que tierna que kawaiii
Mistyshadowzz Aj (16 days ago)
ika mumuso chan (16 days ago)
Your'e ugly without make up
Catcuss 13 (16 days ago)
Slay those designer bags girl
dad jokes (16 days ago)
*a line of coke-*
Reverse Falls (17 days ago)
This is so helpful
kpop n animetrash (17 days ago)
it rlly is super cute XD
notice me Senpai (18 days ago)
I know this is random but i love your earrings omg ♡.♡
JiminYouNiceKeepGoing (19 days ago)
lmao you're so funny and cute i'm subbing
Mirai Kokai (20 days ago)
One problem: i'm not asian. I'll never ne able to look cute bruh. xD
Maria Yanez (20 days ago)
My mom has the way better than sex mascara and one day I saw it and I was like WTF IS THIS!!! 😮
xx JuviaLock xx (21 days ago)
YOU'RE SO CUTE AND YOU STAN VIXX AHHHH WE STAN A QUEEN, I just discovered you, and I love you❤
RAE (21 days ago)
what shade of fenty foundation is she using? ;__; i have yellowish undertones in my fair skin as well and i can only buy it online so im not sure which shade to purchase...
jongdae (21 days ago)
i thought this was uploaded in 2013 but then i saw the upload date ,,,
Ken bats (21 days ago)
She's one of my favorite YouTuber and she's quite good in speaking English very sweet and clear ..and she has sense of humor too
You Are So Beautiful.
Sarosh Shah (22 days ago)
Fernanda Díaz (22 days ago)
i went to vixx concert in Chile they r just amaizing c:
Jailene Garcia (22 days ago)
Okay but why do you sound like an anime character....or is it just me
Sanchez Renria (22 days ago)
Hi ladeathmachine what color your colourpop super shock please what iwant follow your makeup
LOVE (22 days ago)
This makeup look like an idol makeup 😍🌹
Angel Estoesta (23 days ago)
Am i the only one who thinks that her voice sounds like those eng dubs in anime?
s a n r i o (23 days ago)
alisha hussain (23 days ago)
you are the only youtuber i know that is actually FUNNY for once lmao im trying this
• Naomy • (24 days ago)
Hum ... Algum br aqui ?? ._.)
The Derp Squad (24 days ago)
Wait did she cover up her under eye bags to put bags on top of them
Ava Bunnycorn (24 days ago)
lol my favriote part if the video was "I'm American, I an't speak no French, blurcrimer
Air-chan (25 days ago)
ok you kinda gave yourself eyeballs
Lyn Rose (25 days ago)
I have that peach palette :3
Lyn Rose (21 days ago)
LaDeathMachine yess
LaDeathMachine (21 days ago)
Ain't it great? It smells sooo good!
Dike Head (25 days ago)
What's the shade of the liquid eyeshadow?
Kana Chan (25 days ago)
I thought it said Casual Pew Die Pie makeup xD
broken oppar (25 days ago)
I suck at these types of looks I just end up looking like some druggie
MagicalDoesArt YT (25 days ago)
Gay bar: OVER 9000!
Cyanna Miranda (25 days ago)
Chuck Norris
Jun (25 days ago)
Hehe now i can catfish guys 🥰🥰 i’ll add more makeup
Moulin’s Subliminals (25 days ago)
Ur so cute without make up
yu na (26 days ago)
wtf is wrong with you lol
Femme Fetale (26 days ago)
Says u
Cecilia Carlsson (26 days ago)
Thumbnail looks like "Power Up" Irene, I love love love thisss 💗💗💗
Miss Overthinker (26 days ago)
Small detail but I love how you include the prices of your products. One of my major problems with the beauty community is that the gurus NEVER mention the prices because they either get it for free or don’t think it’s important for some reason when maybe 95% if the stuff they promote is hella expensive so it’s really refreshing and helpful to see someone just list the price so you know if 1) want the product and 2) can afford it
LaDeathMachine (21 days ago)
aww, thank you so much! It takes some extra effort to design the product cards and edit them in, so I'm so happy that they're useful! Makeup prices are very first thing I consider when I go shopping (since it can be so expensive x_x), so I'm just helping fellow makeup fans, heheh!
Gekyume x (26 days ago)
1:05 oh wow...
Lilly Who? (26 days ago)
I came here for makeup and found a fellow starlight :,)
Gabs Hye (26 days ago)
Your passion towards Vixx made me subscribe
arnold crespo (26 days ago)
Your so pretty
S. Dimas (26 days ago)
Osea se hecho un chingo de maquillaje en sus ojeras para dibujar otras ojeras?? WTF?
A Name (26 days ago)
Wow you’re so adorable x3
Anna :3 (26 days ago)
you are vErY Humble
mogeee (27 days ago)
your voice is so cute aaaa!!!
Adventures In love (27 days ago)
Lol I just found you I love you already subbed
KaiDaLemon (27 days ago)
"A line of coke- I mean foundation.. "
breathing soul (27 days ago)
Aaaa, i wish i could do makeup as well of you, you look so beautiful!
TheAngelic Emerald (27 days ago)
I feel like if you wore this out in any country besides Japan and Korea you'd be bullied but anyways ur super cute >^<
Weeb (27 days ago)
Your voice reminds me of tohru in the english dub of fruits basket <3
Leepop pop (27 days ago)
You already look cute without makeup

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