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7 Everyday Things That Are Bad For Your Health

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Text Comments (828)
Andrew Kerslake (1 month ago)
You should go to the Doctors 🥼 if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. 1. The cause might be something sinister 2. To say it’s embarrassing to talk to your Doctor about such issues is utter nonsense.
lucas carlsen (2 months ago)
The doctor in Denmark is free
Pablo Lopez (3 months ago)
Can you stop sponsers like bet you’ll get hella views if you don’t get Sponsers that’s how you know your desperate for money
MemeItWasTaken (3 months ago)
Dead ass I’m 13 and I’ve been watching porn since I was 4
ChaosRazer Plays (3 months ago)
And here i am watching this at 1:34am(night) ;-;
GamerZ026 (4 months ago)
We are your bros, Jose👊
dan iel (4 months ago)
it's alway the same intro "I love you guys, I hate that you do this"
purple smitty (5 months ago)
gamer bhai (5 months ago)
you are a very good big brother I am from India love you💓💓💓🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Roel Salva (5 months ago)
1:27 lmao 😂😂🤣🤣
Thadson (5 months ago)
Fun Fact :D It's impossible to have good posture in school. The tables are too low and the chairs suck.
Armerame Delos Reyes (5 months ago)
hi i like you wats your instagram
sebastian møller (5 months ago)
Josh Etherton (5 months ago)
Jose what necklace are you wearing?
Mikkel Jensen (5 months ago)
3:42 in Denmark we don’t pay for the medical bill
Luke (5 months ago)
I don’t have to worry about that last one I don’t sit down, I lay down on my bed
pepe (5 months ago)
Luke with a pillow on your head?
Moises Gomez (6 months ago)
José is my favorite brother.
Michael Abraham (6 months ago)
Hi brother
Luis Vargas (6 months ago)
Where is that necklace from?
Furkan Aksöz (6 months ago)
I did not understand 2 can someone summarize it pls
Jeff Delgado (6 months ago)
Ecoli turns ogres into pickles
gur Geismar (6 months ago)
I have heard that saggy underwear with no support for ur balls over time can cause your balls to sag and get to a position in which they are lower than they used to . Is it just a myth or is it actually true? Thanks 4 everything you done;))))
Santiago Blanco (6 months ago)
Daniel Rodriguez (6 months ago)
bro how can I stop biting... wtf
Inspire2018 (6 months ago)
Please Upload English Subtitle.it Doesn't Support English Yet
Jovi Teh (6 months ago)
Watches this video right before sleeping... Oops
Javier Prasetyo (6 months ago)
You have 3.2 m brothers, Love your vids
D DJ (6 months ago)
I like you
ShafzLFC (6 months ago)
Jose, where can I get the necklace you are wearing?
Mario Vasquez (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for giving me these advise
The Resistance (6 months ago)
I agree with u about sitting all day, but in school every time I try to get up and walk, the teacher always yell at me for getting up.
Mikkel Glad (6 months ago)
Denmark also gets it free
hassaan haroon (6 months ago)
What do i do: Jose: dont watch youtube videos before sleeping Me:(watching jose's video before my sleep)...
Nils Hedstrom (6 months ago)
Only thing of these 7 bad things I do is watching my computer/tv before I sleep, I do that basically every night it it's very hard to not do it
wolf rider4321 (6 months ago)
0:00 he forgot how to talk.
rapid vids (6 months ago)
And about lips u put video
rapid vids (6 months ago)
rapid vids (6 months ago)
wanderlust .__. (6 months ago)
Jose please do a video for teens. Love from India✌🏻️😊
Mankaran Singh (6 months ago)
Badassaltr (6 months ago)
Jose : Don't watch porn ME: Puts down phone on which pornhub is turned on ...
AKAJK (6 months ago)
When you realize you do all of these😂
Mohan SC (6 months ago)
what if i like eating my nails 😅
ram chowdary (6 months ago)
Bro give good tips for loosing thigh weight
eduardo cardona (6 months ago)
Jose the type of zuniga that beriotp agarifo zimbada jowelpeño antaroks di mamplost. Att: Groger pepeso
Slash mute (6 months ago)
Who watch pubg ad when starting the video
Thomas Wallace (6 months ago)
do a video on hollister.
Bashaarath Rabbi (6 months ago)
2:03 Don't you just so good that don't do or have any of those things?
Nick A (6 months ago)
Where did you get the necklace?
WolfPudding Nunthuk (6 months ago)
Hola big brother
shashank gowda (6 months ago)
I'll click on the like button..even before starting of the video.. Bcoz I know that u make best videos
shashank gowda (6 months ago)
Yeah true
rishikesh jadhav (6 months ago)
My bro would never recommend me to buy craps like The V - MVMT - Vencero -PMD -RG N B !
ABuDalaBashu NebA (6 months ago)
Hey big bro can u lend me some money ?
Edward C2 (6 months ago)
Cant move been playing black ops 4 8 hours a day
a.lexios (6 months ago)
But is it worth putting down your phone late at night if you’re watching Jose?
Muhammad Adde (6 months ago)
its sad how i was biting my nails as he said not to
Akash (6 months ago)
frequently masturbating to porn can contribute to ED by desensitizing you to certain imagery and physical intimacy. Some neurological effects of porn have been studied. However, no research exists proving that watching porn can cause a physical response that results in ED.
G games (6 months ago)
Like si ven su canal en español o si vienen de ahí
R O N I N (6 months ago)
bouncy hair
editsbyhuan (6 months ago)
See I feel by thi eh ba ba bih bye by this point I have been doing this with you guys for so long. 0:00
David Platero Hernandez (6 months ago)
ur amazin Jose!!💪🏽
jose maria sequeira (6 months ago)
Yo Jose. Do bald people need shampoo and conditioner?
Cris Jr (6 months ago)
No entiendo ni madres pero vine desde estiló de hombre
Brady Deutsch (6 months ago)
When are the fall fashion videos coming Thursday boots?
Ghost Strikes (6 months ago)
You gain extra muscle more than before.....good job mate
Deangelo Jobson (6 months ago)
Let it rip
Carlos Roberto (6 months ago)
damn it... pornhub window now closed ...
zoyten (6 months ago)
You are like a GOD to men lol
Jason Fallen (6 months ago)
Got a solution for E.D..... viagra
RANKfrom96 (6 months ago)
Thats my bro, Jose the Czuniga💪
Abhay Naique (6 months ago)
Can you make video for fat people fashion
1:18 I was waiting for u to be like "BUT THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR QUIET FARTS.COM WE CAN DISGUISE UR FARTS" Really missed a USP there bro
Vegito 1 (6 months ago)
Jose is my brother and Alpha M. is my dad!
Captain turtle butt (6 months ago)
Always fart in elevators or crowds. Always funny
saroop sandhu (6 months ago)
The part about eating too much protein. Thats an interesting topic. Wish you could do a separate video about that.
Shahnawaz Sadath (6 months ago)
Love from srilanka
Da bi (6 months ago)
Jose are u still following the same workout plan ??(the 12 week plan)
Ephraim Muwowo (6 months ago)
thanks bruhv
Masham Haider (6 months ago)
What song u listening on Instagram
Masham Haider (6 months ago)
On speakers
George Schirra (6 months ago)
Great advice 👌🏼 - I use to over consume protein and had the WORST stomach pains and bloating
Moreno De Jong (6 months ago)
Thanks, brother!
Arun B (6 months ago)
Supr Brww aa😍😘
KRAZY CRAZY (6 months ago)
Another video yeah thats my zuniga.🔥
Zac W. (6 months ago)
Oh God! I’ve held in my sneezes since I was 6!
RadenAxis (6 months ago)
In england you can haha unlucky America
MTS Voetbal (6 months ago)
Where did you get that necklace from? It's beautiful
J D (6 months ago)
Make a video on how to stop mastrubating
Renu Kapoor (6 months ago)
can you tell how to fit shirt's arms
The Gaming Laboratory (6 months ago)
You're like a big brother for me
Suhas Karched (6 months ago)
Jose can you make a video about what to do to get your crush to like you for middle school especially
ibrahim rakkah (6 months ago)
Thank you for being against filthy industry like porn
Day Chase (6 months ago)
Idk how people unlike videos. I mean.... why you watching the video from the first???
Carlos Cacal (6 months ago)
Just use anti blue light app. To be never missed on jose's daily videos
love ajingkoy (6 months ago)
When porn is life..hahaha
Carlos Cacal (6 months ago)
Stop watching porn instead just watch jose's video
Carlos Cacal (6 months ago)
The Beard is on Fire!
Lefteris Glantz (6 months ago)
What if I was sitting all day long,watching porn before sleep and bitting my nails while I am holding my gas???
IPray ForU (6 months ago)
the shirt is sick..
Ashitosh Thingle (6 months ago)
Joe Corpus (6 months ago)
Watching this kind of video's helped more than my school.

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