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5 Reasons You Should STOP Wearing a Watch

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Text Comments (1643)
DreamBigg (5 hours ago)
Hahahaha I was really thinking, Wtf what I'm I reading? Is he drunk xD nvm all good hahaha. Live your vids man
top.cricket. com (7 hours ago)
By seeing title i think vincero stopped sponsor by seeing the title😂😂😂
thando ngubane (15 hours ago)
I LOVE u my guy your videos are very much helpful but the ads its getting worse i don't learn nor remember that much of the video because of the ad (buy the watch) i love your work men but just make the ads a little short so our minds don't really miss the massage of the overall video thank you for the video though nice points
le.meme.machine._mp4 (19 hours ago)
MVMT Watches has left the chat.
Funko Kingdom (20 hours ago)
What about Fitbit for phone one then
aman pradhan (23 hours ago)
How do u dress up so perfectly plz share us
GLXY Swift (1 day ago)
Are we going to act like we never saw his watch collection
jsdk vlogs (1 day ago)
I had already bought a rolex watch so keep quit
Chris Vh (1 day ago)
My mate broke his arm at the gym because he was wearing a watch
Rhys Jones (1 day ago)
Whaches are the best
And in another video you are here saying which watch to wear... Crap
Gain It (2 days ago)
Man you scared me for a minute I thought you gone insane by telling us not to wear a watch
Artin Wayne (2 days ago)
Couldn't belive my own eyes seeing jose have this as his title
Andres :u (2 days ago)
Jajaj se me hace raro que hables en inglés :v Siempre veo tus vídeos en español
Ramiz Salman (3 days ago)
You wear the Royal Oak all the time,the only time you wear vincero is when you sponsor them
Adam Jelacic (3 days ago)
Who the fuck will carry watch on joging
Aiden Kwok (3 days ago)
Jose is the type of Zuniga to wear the same watch and pretend he has many watches by swapping the strap
Andy Do (3 days ago)
I wear a watch because it's a tool I need.
Lindsey Nopes (3 days ago)
I can't believe anybody would take tips from a vain d bag liar such as this.
Armann Ali (3 days ago)
Half The Video is an Ad. And The Ad Was a Load of Bullshit.
Darki Productionz (3 days ago)
U are selling watches all the time and now we shuldn t wear them
Paul Hourmiz (3 days ago)
Dont wear watches but buy one
Snapbomb !! (3 days ago)
Syth Zautrum (3 days ago)
Lol, we where it to see the time
REDZ EDZ (3 days ago)
This fkn idiot makes videos about watches telling people you have to wear watches (just because he was payed and received the watch for free and now DONT WEAR WATCHES STFU BRO stop making money off of stupid people
BoiCodigo (3 days ago)
After advertising watches, he makes a video about not wearing one
Idir D (3 days ago)
5 reasons why i should stop watching this video.....
Tim Schwaiger (3 days ago)
5 Reasons you should to stop making videos 😂
THE SHY BOY (4 days ago)
I'd never stop wearing a watch.
Kvng Danel (4 days ago)
You know what just get yourself an Apple Watch cause nobody wants to see you and call you a grandpa 🤣🤣
Aniq Anuar (4 days ago)
mans rocking ap and made a video on why NOT to wear a watch BUT gets a sponsorship from a watch company
Loa (4 days ago)
Whats the appropiate size for a watch? Im new in this channel so if you already made a video about that let me know please
Supastar PROD. (4 days ago)
New Patek on my wrist
Dean Azmi (4 days ago)
David Theletsane (4 days ago)
We Love You But This Is A Click Bait.. Not Appreciated!!!
she said (4 days ago)
Jose Zuniga. The type of Zuniga to make a video to stop wearing a watch but sponsors vincero watches in the description and in the video.
Jesus Mendoza (4 days ago)
I love your energy but man nowadays you’ve just become a human infomercial
Adnan Andersson (4 days ago)
And we know that u got a Diamond watch and more and u still talking sht unsubbed
Adnan Andersson (4 days ago)
Comes from the Guy that drives an Mercedes 😂😂 yeah no status at all
Adnan Andersson (4 days ago)
U fake asf
SloopBird (4 days ago)
Watches are for telling the time on your right or left arm.
Tyree Desravines (4 days ago)
I used to wear that watch even if it wasn’t working
Zesty meme (4 days ago)
Teachingmensfashion: I love watches, buy this one. Watch company: we no longer sponsor you. Teachingmensfashion: *stop wearing watches*
Rahim ullah Raja (4 days ago)
Fashion statement and style.
Rahim ullah Raja (4 days ago)
And watch the time on mobile phone.
Rahim ullah Raja (4 days ago)
Don't get embers even your watch is not working just wear it as a fashion statement. Even take out its diles of second,hour and minutes and rock with it.
King Shady (4 days ago)
Is it okay if I'm more of a bracelet kinda guy?
Daggaron (4 days ago)
Stop wearing watches, it's outdated but do buy our watches XD
Spacek Tv (4 days ago)
Teaching men marketing
Useless Name (4 days ago)
I have a 5 $ clock and i am happy with it
Juanito productions (4 days ago)
Neymar does that
Adrian Lao (4 days ago)
700$ "using money wisely" damnn.. we aint even rich kids
Stark GRB (4 days ago)
I bought a watch 2 weeks ago now you telling me 5 reasons not to wear a watch?
steve matterson (4 days ago)
Forget your phone 😒 seriously you insane who does that i jog with my phone plus your phone has a on screen clock and no one gets upset when you look at your phone for the time i have not owned a watch in like 3yrs. But everything else you say is on point.
rishikesh jadhav (4 days ago)
Charlie Bodin (4 days ago)
My friend has a rolex but he cant tell the time
rishikesh jadhav (4 days ago)
Don't buy Vencero from that official website IT'LL CHARGE U 100's of $ .....Buy it from ALI BABA, YOU'LL GET IT FOR 15-30 BUCKS !
Andy1119 (5 days ago)
currently can't wear a watch as I have carpal tunnel and it agitates it... :(
harman singh (5 days ago)
Wtf first thezzz guys say you should wear and now the compleet opposite. #dontknowwhattoupload. Out of idea's unsubscribe
Jerrell Davis (5 days ago)
What kind of shirt is that??
Jd•Singh (5 days ago)
Phntm27 (5 days ago)
you're a fucking moron
Dion Water (5 days ago)
when I see someone wearing a watch it says to me, they are responsible, manages their time well, punctual and has self-respect, class, considerate of other people's time.
Dion Water (5 days ago)
this guys advice is very uhhh BULLSHIT. he seems to think he knows everything. I wouldn't take advice from this guy.
Winson Jim (5 days ago)
The title should have been "5 reasons why you should stop buying Rolex"
Beiyao Ji (5 days ago)
dude your videos are buried with sponsorships now, not saying it's not good, but i miss the time when it was only sincere suggestions/recommendations that are useful for guys and not promoting for other companies all the time. just saying :)
PunjabiGuy 506 (5 days ago)
Wtf happened to the fifth watch sponsor????
TonY x3x (5 days ago)
lol based on the thumbs downs you can tell some people might’ve not watched the video app the way thru. i was a lil lost a first too then i was like aight bet lol i’ll take my thumbs down back
J Rod (5 days ago)
J Rod (5 days ago)
"I don't do it for the flex" constantly flexes his AP and Rolex along with his sports cars, come on dude at least don't be a hypocrit lol
Eby Smalls (5 days ago)
Jose you were my hero once upon a time...... But I don't like how you are pushing sponsors on us.... Please go back too being you
Roland Hernandez (5 days ago)
So buy the one you sponsor.
Roland Hernandez (5 days ago)
A watch is a men thing. Nothing to do with money. You are wrong, nothing to do with messing with your style, Some of the stuff you say is just stupid man.
Theo S (5 days ago)
And this is the kind of videos that fit in the lazy/useless category of Youtube made ONLY for the sake of advertising a mediocre sponsor
Kikman (5 days ago)
Jose I know you looked up satire which is why u posted this
Ruth Fairweather (5 days ago)
I will never stop.....
Mr. Solomon (5 days ago)
This Zunigga is becoming kinda fake, NGL. He acts different now. All he cares about is sponsorships now. ._.
I have a small wrist for a watch
Cihad Marangoz (5 days ago)
He completely sold his soul..
Diego Benitez (5 days ago)
Is this october fools?
Freddy S. (5 days ago)
Worst/dumbest video ever made by TMF. I'd never be caught dead wearing a vincero. EVER! Ill stick to my Rolex, Raymond Weil, Tissot, omega,citizen and seikos thanks 🤘🤘🤘
Adil Al-zadjali (5 days ago)
Sponsor all the time this make you keep going but you become sheep man sorry to say it this last option ill go for if really love them sell ur good watches
Raul Roman (5 days ago)
The Fifth and Vincero doesn’t like this
CEGHY CEGHY (5 days ago)
So much diamonds on my bust down Ooh, fuck, what's the time?
Darrius Sutton (5 days ago)
Well when you decide that you want to stop wearing your watches I will gladly take your AP off your hands
GorcStew (5 days ago)
It is an informative video but he should really change the title to "advantages and disadvantages of wearing a watch"...because you can't plug a watch in a video with a title like this it is flat out hypocrisy :(
King (5 days ago)
It's April 1???? ummm
khan virus (5 days ago)
brother if you talk slowly . other country people may understand easily
Alex Alex (5 days ago)
Vincero IceBox
A Scott (5 days ago)
Jose is the type of Zuniga to say " Hey bro, buy a watch but dont buy a watch. It's easier and saves money" !!
Don Z Dryver (5 days ago)
I can get a Rolex at the local flea market for $10.
Fahim Tanvir (5 days ago)
Bro u are messed up stop ur trash talk !!
I wear a watch, that is 1$
Desmond Soo (5 days ago)
No next time say owh it just spoilt just now before you approach
Michael Hallwax (5 days ago)
So don't wear them when you are going to the gym. BUT wear them when you go for a run. What?
Michael Hallwax (5 days ago)
In the long run that watches are not very rentable. It would be better to save a little bit money and then buy a Seiko, Tissot etc.
BENTLEY HD (5 days ago)
When you stop getting ad money from watch companies
Lil g (5 days ago)
First u said that you should wear a watch and now u say don't
Albion Shabani (6 days ago)
Jose the type of Zyniga to make a 5 reasons to not wear a watch video and then plugs Vincero?
tom jerry (6 days ago)
You often wearing AP Royal Oak and now you say to not buying expensive watch?

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