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Ben Is Back Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

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Check out the official Ben is Back Trailer starring Julia Roberts! Let us know what you think in the comments below. ► Buy Tickets to Ben is Back: https://www.fandango.com/ben-is-back-213738/movie-overview?cmp=MCYT_YouTube_Desc US Release Date: December 7, 2018 Starring: Julia Roberts, Kathryn Newton, Lucas Hedges Directed By: Peter Hedges Synopsis: 19 year-old Ben Burns (Lucas Hedges) unexpectedly returns home to his family's suburban home on Christmas Eve morning. Ben’s mother, Holly (Julia Roberts), is relieved and welcoming but wary of her son staying clean. Over a turbulent 24 hours, new truths are revealed, and a mother's undying love for her son is tested as she does everything in her power to keep him safe. Ben is Back also stars Courtney B. Vance (The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story) and Kathryn Newton (Lady Bird). Watch More Trailers: ► In Theaters This Week: http://bit.ly/2ExQ1Lb ► Drama Trailers: http://bit.ly/2ARA8Nk ► Indie Trailers: http://bit.ly/2Ey7fYy Fuel Your Movie Obsession: ► Subscribe to MOVIECLIPS TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/2CNniBy ► Watch Movieclips ORIGINALS: http://bit.ly/2D3sipV ► Like us on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2DikvkY ► Follow us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2mgkaHb ► Follow us on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2mg0VNU The Fandango MOVIECLIPS TRAILERS channel delivers hot new trailers, teasers, and sneak peeks for all the best upcoming movies. Subscribe to stay up to date on everything coming to theaters and your favorite streaming platform. #BenisBack #JuliaRoberts #LucasHedges
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Text Comments (64)
AlRHEAD (28 minutes ago)
Lol monotone guy cant act OR must be a movie about autism.
Justin Eves (1 day ago)
This looks very good I can't wait to see it
Hencha (1 day ago)
Peter hedges has a really bright future infront of him,dude is one of the most talanted upcoming actors
Dude Amine (23 hours ago)
You mean Lucas. Peter is his dad and the director
Alex Fulmer (1 day ago)
ATHUL C JOHN (2 days ago)
Ben is front
Shaktima Brien (2 days ago)
"My God" line twice in the trailer. Can't stand the American cliche anymore. The whole thing comes out as an exploitative emotional mother/son's drama.
Shiva Deb (2 days ago)
I just needed to know the name of the song..... Would be really thankful
Shiva Deb (2 days ago)
+Paul Gidney Thanks brother
Paul Gidney (2 days ago)
"Sink Or Swim" · Lee DeWyze
Ben DeGorro (3 days ago)
The movie will be ending with the Mother victory over Ben by stripping her son's confidence to nihil. Ben is Back and turned to be basement dweller weebo and for the rest of his life playing hentai games and sleeping with anime girl pillow.
Dabid Mcdoo (3 days ago)
Should just call it 'Merry Motherfucking Christmas'
MovieMusicMania (3 days ago)
this has to be one of the worst trailers I've ever seen. I saw the movie at TIFF and I thought it was phenomenal (better than beautiful boy, the other drug addiction movie coming out this year). This trailer doesn't to it any justice
mighty Mc bubbles (3 days ago)
This is a very bad trailer
MovieMusicMania (3 days ago)
bad trailer for a great movie
Mechi Barron (3 days ago)
This guy is now in all the movies, whi did he blow?
UselessBrick (4 days ago)
Alex Cisneros (4 days ago)
this redhead dude been working. saw him in that one award winner with Casey Affleck then lady bird now this with Roberts. y'all smell that? the smell of a future academy award nominee
I guess you mean winner? Cause he got nominated for the one with Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)
Vishal Ramawat (4 days ago)
Julia is back ...
Adrian Nadim (4 days ago)
I was just in a regular trailer-marathon and stumble upon this trailer without any expectation/thought about it (other then 'Ben' from the title reminds me of Batman. Don't know.) But halfthrough watching this trailer -- and getting to know what the movie is all about, i got emotional. Hoping a lot from this movie and can't wait for it.
Jay StCloud (4 days ago)
Who the f**k is Ben?
TimeIdle (4 days ago)
Another good year for Lucas. Last year he was in two BP nominees (Lady Bird and 3BB), the previous nominated for Manchester. Now in two more contenders in Boy Erased and this.
Clicked so fast, thought the thumbnail was Jesse Einsenburg
yeah.. me too
Paint It black (4 days ago)
The dimension lol! IKR I thought I was the only one thinking that. I didn't realize it wasn't him until I took a really close look
BEYOND THE REEL (4 days ago)
Wow, This is one powerful trailer where it actually made teary eye and wave of emotions kicking in. Now, this is a movie trailer. I felt and feel for the kid as he tries to move on in his life.
SILVIU GAMING (4 days ago)
subscribe to my chanel if you like my videos
Δ Is The NΔME (4 days ago)
What Ben ? Ben 10 ? Ben Franklin ? Ben The Thing ? Ben the Killer from I know what you fuck last summer ? Ben Kingsley ? Uncle Ben Spidey ?
bhoumik4 (4 days ago)
Starring Van Jones
niv arad (4 days ago)
“Just tell me son were do you want me to bury you” DAMN
Raeann Peck (8 hours ago)
I buried mine last year.
jordy morgan (1 day ago)
my mom has said something similar to me. this movie is going to move a lot of people, hopefully inspire.
Joseph Tierney (4 days ago)
BEAST WOLF (4 days ago)
clearly he's not the problem here *Watches the trailer* Looks I jumped the gun too soon their pal
Sumith Peiris (4 days ago)
Lucas and Julia are great
Mike B (4 days ago)
So the powers of addiction can't be cured by Julia Roberts.... OR CAN THEY!?
Stacy Hauser (4 days ago)
Julia looks really good here. The last shot of her reminds me of that feeling when you're still rooting for someone even though you know that they are almost bound to fail.
Parul Singh (4 days ago)
White Cat (4 days ago)
i can totally feel this movie... i just follow the wrong person, she hated it but she never abandon me.. 😢
Aaron Southan (4 days ago)
Lucas Hedges is usually a rather... questionable actor (he was the worst part of Three Billboards) but he looks better in this, maybe because he is the lead. Nothing against the kid, rooting for him and all but have not been impressed by other performences i've seen from him.
Junaid Inam (4 days ago)
Wait till you see Boy Erased. 😍
Marc Burn (4 days ago)
He's a good actor, hes good in 3billboards, and have you seen Manchester by the sea?
Scottie Sippin (4 days ago)
Read to fast..thought it said Men in Black..
Dalkophobia (4 days ago)
Looks.. pretty meh.
Ryan Khanna (4 days ago)
Pretty sappy trailer but the actual film is very good
MovieMusicMania (3 days ago)
Ryan Khanna (3 days ago)
+Luna Lovegood TIFF
Luna Lovegood (3 days ago)
how did you watch it
Luka Skender (4 days ago)
*Sees title* Oh glad he's back *Watches trailer* Oh...
Progressive Universe (4 days ago)
Read comment See 20 likes Think he said something smart Oh...
Brian Ajax Wintor (4 days ago)
Men in black prequel
DCPD 87 (4 days ago)
That was already made. MIB 3
Wootwoot (4 days ago)
almost first...
Kyota Tsushima (4 days ago)
Seth C (4 days ago)
Lol guess im the first. Movie looks good :)

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