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Ben Shapiro: There's no Wage Gap Between Men And Women

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM-iXdE0vY0
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Rich Brake (4 months ago)
I've had over 40 jobs in my life, and have never seen men paid more than women...it's bullshit!
Buchanan Games (5 months ago)
Livjot Singh (10 months ago)
Isn’t the wage gap about how women get payed less for the same amount of work? How men get more raises, of course men make more money bc of hours and higher paying jobs but do men get paid more than women for the same jobs & hours?
Youtube Admin (6 months ago)
Livjot Singh what's up dumb ass, actually retain the information in the video instead of trying to be a special snowflake
brandon McCall (7 months ago)
Its represented that way to be misleading and sound like a man working next to a woman doing the same job gets paid more cause he’s a guy, correct me if I’m wrong but you’re probably referring to the stat that for every dollar a man makes a woman makes 79 cents which is misleading cause they didn’t measure hourly pay what they did is take the median salary of all full time male earners and the median salary of all female workers to and found woman made 79% of the money men did so that’s where the stat 79 cents on the dollar comes from but that’s not gender discrimination it’s job choice like Ben pointed out I mean I’m an electrician a really high paying job that is also dangerous and oddly enough I haven’t met a woman electrician yet, and on the flip side all throughout high school I had two male teachers and on average an electrician makes way more money than a teacher.
NOOT NOOT PENGUINO (10 months ago)
Check a law called equal pay act also companies dont give a shit about gender so if women were payed less for same job surely they would be hiring more women.
massi maggi (10 months ago)
Livjot Singh women get paid less because they arent actually doing the same job. Ones you take into account every factor you will notice the wage gap is bullshit, I used to think like you but then i realized that the whole wage gap is a lie
Bryon Gray (1 year ago)
The Time Magazine article he quotes... "...according to a new analysis of 2,000 communities by a market research company, in 147 out of 150 of the biggest cities in the U.S., the median full-time salaries of young women are 8% higher than those of the guys in their peer group..." ...so the demographic is actually larger than what he says there.
Bnei Israel (7 months ago)
denpratt (1 year ago)
Linked to in comments of "How did myth of gender wage gap start?" https://www.quora.com/How-did-the-myth-of-the-Gender-Wage-Gap-77-cents-to-a-dollar-start/answer/Dennis-Pratt-3?srid=uY3qw

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