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5 Biggest Problems EVERY Teen Faces

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Text Comments (1898)
Steaming Opossum (1 day ago)
I'm 14 and I'm not scared about what people say nowadays teenagers care about what the other person thinks to much I don't give a fuck what people think of me so I guess I'm different
Nothing Here (1 day ago)
Not all teenagers are guys and have erections
Smoothest sponsor plug ever
Divad 19 (1 day ago)
Sumonic (2 days ago)
This moment when notice the half of the video is adveetisement
Sumonic (2 days ago)
This moment when notice the half of the video is adveetisement
Ganga Raju (2 days ago)
i love to suck teenege guys cocks anyone intrested messege me 9010901601 my whats up number im from hyderabad
Black Panther (2 days ago)
No one gets lit advices like this guy
V2_Caycay _ (2 days ago)
But mine is super huge I can’t do anything I had to get up in class and this girl I liked looked at me so what i do
John Bayani (3 days ago)
I dont drink, i dont party. Because I'm not allowed and muslim
F0RTYF0X (3 days ago)
This hole video is an add
Space Bunns (4 days ago)
I use difringel for my acne it does cause skin peeling at first just use a thin layer and boom your skin is clear
CraftedWizardGirl (4 days ago)
Other teenagers: OH NO I HAVE 1 ACNE PIMPLE AAAAA Me: Wow 20 acne pimpels only. (I've seen people who have it worse tho but at my school I've only seen 1)
vanillamania gamer (6 days ago)
I don’t do drugs 🚬🔫
totallytwistd (7 days ago)
I hope its just me, but bro you need to talk a little slower. I feel like the whole video is you racing until the end..or racing to promote your sponsor. You have great communication skills and body language, but you need to either take longer breaths or talk a little slower. Either way your message and topics come off almost flawless. You do a good job. Sorry, after watching a bunch of your videos I had to say something. ;) :)
Alcioz C (7 days ago)
I am 14 i now girls are anoying as fuck
CKozak99 (8 days ago)
I always were a hoodie in school. Even in summer and gym just incase my thing dicides to get big so i pull my hoodie down.
CKozak99 (8 days ago)
You should of said
DirtDroper Yt (9 days ago)
Ur so good u saved my entire life make more totorials plsss
Principe Oscuro Gaming (10 days ago)
Who else things that the thumbneil is the 6th biggest problem,because I thing.That can happen to everyone in public and it feels bad.
Apolloguy 19 (10 days ago)
First, Why is this in my recommended lol Two, why did I get a cringe Wendy’s ad In Spanish
Filip S (11 days ago)
How the fuck are you supposed to make a “pocket flick” without somebody noticing first of all you need to use some force second there will be a split second where it sticks out for everyone to see...
guns of fun (12 days ago)
Ware a hoodie to cover the tent and but your hands in the hoodie works every time
poku bit (12 days ago)
Top 5!!!
Yahya John (13 days ago)
Love your vids hate the sponsors
nora hamd (13 days ago)
Don’t you ever wanna be that comment that has 1k cause I do 😂
Yakinator (13 days ago)
5 biggest problems. Has number 6. Bonus tip🤘
Dr Philly Jr (14 days ago)
Yo I’ve never had acne and I NEVER wash my face and guess what I wear makeup sometimes I guess I’m just a lucky guy only washing I do of my face is like in the shower
Felix Melto (14 days ago)
Too young to try it illegally
Noah Thorsen (15 days ago)
but im 11 and since i was 10 ive got that fucking boner since that
JBL BASS_939 (15 days ago)
Your right xdd I have erection out of nowhere
Jericho Apelo (15 days ago)
What are unexpected woody's?
Traction Boss (15 days ago)
Anyone here 2019
Darth Vader (15 days ago)
Eat healthy. Trust me, it helps everything.
lol lol (16 days ago)
I jus say no to anything prepresure
lol lol (16 days ago)
I dont eaven fucking care about how popular i am i just take out my phone and headphones and watch some youtube
kijou69 (16 days ago)
That video was great man.I watched some of your previous videos and you do great job.This guide was truly useful ,it changes my life.Thank you!
Karen Carnovale (16 days ago)
You all should try doxycycline works amazing on acne I have used it for 2 months now and I can definitely see improvements and I am seeing changes over then progression on my use 🙌🏻😁
well i'm not gonna be confidence because i'm shy and i'm a guy :(
drekobrbec knedli (16 days ago)
You sir has earned my like button.
Marcin Szeiba (16 days ago)
Stop the adverts! Speak, dont advertise. If you'll earn cash with videos without ads... respect.
Dheeraj singh (17 days ago)
You are so handsome
lovely pevin (17 days ago)
Ur aa stylish god😍
Bill Hopkins (17 days ago)
this one time in 9th grade I got boner in class and it was like police Barton hard and I knew if I got up it would be so obvious and this was 7th hour and it was like mid week so long story short I ended up with sum extra credit for studying after school
Zombie Slayer (17 days ago)
I feel bad for those females watching this lol😆
Hunter Dawdy (17 days ago)
I just wear baggy sweatshirt
Reese Parkes (18 days ago)
Or for number one wear a hoodie and put ur phone in the hoodie and it will just look like ur phone
Alex Rye (18 days ago)
Experiment Alot Is Right I Just Found Out Im Gay
Ahijah Stewart (18 days ago)
I'm nine and I already face the first one
Mario Brown (18 days ago)
The nicknames for a erection he gave had me dying for some reason "raging salmon"
CRiME GAMING (19 days ago)
You glow up
Kyurem (19 days ago)
I stay up until 5:30am
QBU licious (19 days ago)
Why am I so different?
KoNtRoL FREEK (19 days ago)
Great video bro, u just gained a new sub
lol i'm bad (19 days ago)
and you don't have to be a teenager for thumbnail
teaduey sings (20 days ago)
Can you stop spinning all the time?..... i am verry dizzy😖
Abdullah Bader. (20 days ago)
His skin looks so hotttt
jetski -star (20 days ago)
Patriots_ Legends (20 days ago)
That’s me
Mark M (20 days ago)
You dont need to explain the schlong pull we are pros
I think your videos are sick man, keep it up!
BJ Daniel (21 days ago)
Guy, u are the beessssstttttt, thanks, honestly, THANK U.
Jesse and Julie Wente (22 days ago)
AmericanClassicMusic (22 days ago)
Well don't wear skintight pants and number 1 is easily fixable.
Brian Schlaf (22 days ago)
I always wake up at 4:00am ever sense I was born never slept in like most teenagers and I’m fine
Brian Schlaf (22 days ago)
I’m 20 and still get acne
Jarrett Elliott (23 days ago)
Hey I’m almost 12 and I’m fighting it already what are you talking about Just teens no.
Xtreme Music (23 days ago)
I m also a teenager bro
Estoy en la secundaria
Y soy un YouTuber
Solo tengo 10 y no tengo escutche de eso
Just in case y'all spanish/espanol out there
I'm only 10 and I haven't heard of it and I'm a YouTuber I'm in middle school too
Oh top biggest 6 huh WELL THAT SAYS 5 HUNNY
Damon Denton-Snape (23 days ago)
I take it this is sponsored by Tiege Hanley 😂
Evan Parker (24 days ago)
How to be fit
Yadiel Torres (24 days ago)
Timothy Withers (24 days ago)
You look like guava juice
Uriah Heramb (25 days ago)
Some of my friends vaoe smoke weed cigarettes and drink sadly... I'm 12
Kim Taetae (29 days ago)
What a Boner. 😏
Da Vinci (30 days ago)
How bout back acne
Gacha_music :d (30 days ago)
Teen girls prob 1- period 2-bra 3-single 4-everything 💔😊
Josh Wiralgo (30 days ago)
I am now a teenager and my parents told me to try Beer, so when someone told me to try it i can say no cause i've tried it before
Clifford Hallett (1 month ago)
0:40 Jose Doppleganger
ッsky (1 month ago)
Stiffie is the worst bruh emajine ur mom sees u with a stiffie
Edwin Gomez (1 month ago)
I don't suffer from acne
Maeseo Thornton (1 month ago)
Thank u i needed this
Jorgie Rodriguez (1 month ago)
What is the face scrub thing you're using? I need one.
Hemant Singh (1 month ago)
What are girls doing here??
Vibrant Robust (1 month ago)
Bro, are you a American Indian
Dech Sams (1 month ago)
I have no problem at all I'm simple ha ha ha....no need
helookalikaman79 (1 month ago)
Cure the erection issue with the right underwear https://www.kingstyleunderwear.com/series-c
Daniel Jannetts (1 month ago)
Fuck puberty
Spencer (2 months ago)
i used tiege hanley, im 15 ive been using for a month i still have acne
The Fat yeezus (2 months ago)
Henry porter (2 months ago)
Whats fapping
Carlos Silva (19 days ago)
Masturbating. Jacking off
Roel Salva (2 months ago)
Ive got woodies when my teacher called my name to recite a poem.. what a coincidence!
Andrew Shiah (2 months ago)
Damn young Jose with the cleanest line up and brows
A ivar (2 months ago)
Literally came for the thumbnail 😍
Ryxn VII (2 months ago)
I ate some Tiege Hanley yesterday when i was 5'3, When I Woke Up Today.. BOOM! 6'6 Big Boiii

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