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5 Biggest Problems EVERY Teen Faces

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Text Comments (2066)
Eternal (2 days ago)
hey homies just a tip: if you have a boner flex one or both of your legs for about a minute and the blood will flow away from your dick and to your leg i got you bros ❤️
Pros of having a small wiener It doesnt get exposed when you get a woody lmao
Jacob Donkey (6 days ago)
You are my role model and I look up to u as my big brother I never seen to have
Benjamin Zhao (7 days ago)
Cheesy (10 days ago)
Follow me on insta: kkasperr1 : sorry for self prom. Can i Get 50 followers in one night?❤️❤️❤️🔥
Lil Pump (11 days ago)
What is his hair cut called
Aleksandar Bisenić (12 days ago)
Breathe dude lololol
Dear Battery (12 days ago)
Salmon left the chat
Tom Return (13 days ago)
The first one😂😂😂
Abi Fraser (13 days ago)
I don’t get boners,coz im a girl lol
true x fan (12 days ago)
Jobro110 (13 days ago)
*this thumbnail*
Axel Martinez (13 days ago)
I lost it when you said "raging samon" 💀😂
Christopher Griffin (13 days ago)
6. No money because you’re too young for a job an old enough to “work”
Omega The Boss (14 days ago)
the begining 😂😂wtf?
Anonymous12YT (14 days ago)
She watch porn for trumbnail or what
arvinder sharma (14 days ago)
Your past😅
Forrest Vernier (15 days ago)
Omg i freaking died at 0.48 setting a camp
Cesar G Zuniga (15 days ago)
Bruh heres a tip from a 14 year old boy about rejection, ight so all you need to do is be a bad boy basicly ight that gets girls wet asf man, ive never been rejected in middle school thanks to being a bad kid like its that easy and also u need to act tough in front of girls so for example: theres this older kid whos a dickhead all u need to do is act normal like him being a big jock dont bother u
Era Lunarr ツ (15 days ago)
the acorn app saves you change... Me:gets app developers: it’s 10 dollars a month
Maxopotamus2004 - (15 days ago)
the thumbnail is so true though
Very useful
theofficialrich 2 (16 days ago)
Thank u I'm teenager going Tru all that shit
Tom Tanjili (17 days ago)
Love this boy so much
Deli Face (17 days ago)
Beginning of the video: I already went through all of this 5:23 : voice crack
drink up (18 days ago)
Adam Norton (18 days ago)
Most teenagers, I’m not like most teenagers. Two different reasons... 🤭😕😬🙁
diagamer 2314 (19 days ago)
Leave me buddy what you said for number one totally agreeable I can't tell you how many times does this happen to me still does actually my problem is though it isn't for like 30 seconds I got to wait like 7 to 10 minutes
diagamer 2314 (19 days ago)
What is up with all these my mom and my dad ads aren't they dead already yeah I'm just getting tired of seeing them it's just annoying
Lockdown (19 days ago)
I’d prefer to let it stick out cause idgaf
Jean Deléuze (20 days ago)
Yu the best man that pic of u gave alot of hope to a godly face like yours
Nicholas Baker (20 days ago)
Sorry for yelling
Nicholas Baker (20 days ago)
Hennary Miller (20 days ago)
He looks like that singer named miguel
Bob Burnan (20 days ago)
I put tiege hanley on my cat and the thing became a fucking Doberman.
lil john (21 days ago)
Thank you so much, I'm 13 and this shit happens to me every day
Lonzo679 (22 days ago)
*smol pepe*
Build Anything (22 days ago)
I'm just soooo socially awkward 😥
B4XXTR4X!!! en Tijuana (22 days ago)
The first one i was like FINALLY I KNOW WHAT TO DO
XxSPRITALxX (24 days ago)
What if my big dog is too big???
xxvg (25 days ago)
I hope I glow up like jose
landry allen (26 days ago)
You should write a book
Play Toys (26 days ago)
Rassie Smith (27 days ago)
does he ever take naps
DarK Raptor (28 days ago)
Wait. Next year is middle school for me? Can someone help me out with what the heck the puberty I’m gonna go through?
gamer guy (1 month ago)
Raging salmon
BILAL AHMED (1 month ago)
Ad ends 3:35
Alex Chavez (1 month ago)
I’m 15 and I don’t have acne
VateFendi (1 month ago)
0:30 happens to me every time in algebra 😂
Bree Z (1 month ago)
Came here for the relatable thumbnail
Papi Jose (1 month ago)
My dick too big, i can’t hide my boners
WolffTM (1 month ago)
1:54 "you probably already heard of Tiege Hanley before " yeah we did... but why..? OWH YEAH MAYBE BECAUSE YOU'VE BEEN SUCKING THEIR GODDAMN DICK FOR THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS!
LOLBROS GAMING (1 month ago)
Me in morning while it's school... 7:30 AM.. Me in morning while summer vacation... 4:30 AM.. If ya know the reason why..
WJ-MTB™ (13 days ago)
Its stress
Syed Kaif (1 month ago)
Wait where is he from?
Månî Käntáñ (1 month ago)
I was socially awkward too!
Månî Käntáñ (1 month ago)
I never had acne
The Mash Up Studio (1 month ago)
you should make a q and a video, my question: are you gay?, no offense if you are, cuz i am, and i get it if its to personal, but you really have gay vibes
Edracson (1 month ago)
Everytime I wake up in the morning my shit become 25 feet long
BowWow Studioz (1 month ago)
Am I the only girl watching this 😂
ItsCartoon (10 days ago)
BowWow Studioz stop being annoying... pussy
Greg Smith (16 days ago)
carol roberts (1 month ago)
Neo Mare (1 month ago)
Can you buy these things in south africa
Saima Williams (1 month ago)
bro I am from Namibia and I don't think we can
NuTzu HD (1 month ago)
What is bad in vaping, tell me pls?Ruined famylies????
Caleb Diaz (1 month ago)
I try to fit in but some people in school are bad and rude😡
TYRANT ML (1 month ago)
0:04 😂😂
Ashutosh Jaiswal (1 month ago)
Ashutosh Jaiswal (1 month ago)
Roberson 3 (1 month ago)
I died on the first one
knowledge of time (1 month ago)
I love it when these videos are recommended for me
Lil Leslie (1 month ago)
0:04 jose you look like that one mexican who thinks he has the n-word pass.
Venaldo10 (1 month ago)
Bill Coty (1 month ago)
I wish you were around when I was a teen. lol
Lucas Torres (1 month ago)
No battle and I’m 12 😂
deep chaurasia (1 month ago)
Aren't you indian ??
James SAP (1 month ago)
The boner one is too true
xTriXKillerx (1 month ago)
Sometimes when I’m in a subway station i see girls look at my PP and I don’t know wheather to be flattered or embarrassed
SnowWolf Killer (1 month ago)
Bonars... sigh..
Cezar Ovidiu (1 month ago)
You were cute
Tyler Viohl (1 month ago)
I love the front page😂
niekas as (1 month ago)
I love waking at 5:12 and im 14. I only need 5 -7 hours of sleep
Derek Roblox (1 month ago)
Joseph merg (1 month ago)
In my school i don't really care about anything and girl come after me i dont go after them.
Bret Michaels Fanpage (1 month ago)
When #1 happens to me I just get up😂😂😂😂
Trii loveee (1 month ago)
Can girls use this acne product?
ASIM KHAN (1 month ago)
Be careful who you call ugly in the high school
Liam Lindner (1 month ago)
I can say one thing... I don't drink, smoke, partake in any form of recreational drugs of any kind or eat any junk food. I am not joining club 27.
Liam Lindner (1 month ago)
1. Tent Pole. 2. Blue Steel. 3. Full Salute. 4. Throbbing whistle. 5. Pocket Rocket. 6. Raging salmon. This is a thoroughly researched list of all the synonyms Jose used instead of simply saying erection/penis. Good day!
HGFT-Gürkan Tunçay (1 month ago)
Accep that your not a TEEN
Ali Hamid (1 month ago)
your teenage pic gave me hope
Månî Käntáñ (1 month ago)
Is that you at 0:8
WesołyOguras (1 month ago)
period is worse
PIYUSH SINGH (1 month ago)
Thanks brother for your advice really appreciate that
Fallen Knight (1 month ago)
Hahhahhahahhaahh, man your videos are amazing and are super helpful, THANK YOU !! 😂😂
Walter Esese (1 month ago)
Blue steel 😂
Random Vids (1 month ago)
His beard is unevenly shaved lol
Tiege Hanley (1 month ago)
So girl had boners too 🤔
Fredelyn Cuantioso (1 month ago)
In the Thumbnail, is it really Jose?
Jacob (1 month ago)
When you don’t have pockets
SuperJukes (1 month ago)
Um Yeah what if my junk is to big to put in my waistband??
Javier Cortez (1 month ago)
And now yu look 🔥🔥🔥🔥
shunthosh luxmykanth (1 month ago)
Thanks alot bro 💕 Keep giving awesome videos as always
Noah Hutchison (1 month ago)
do you have any videos on how you get your hair the way you do? thanks!
The Neon Llama (2 months ago)
Josè showing that he likes his own photo lol
我SKYGROUND (2 months ago)
What’s acne ?

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