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Michael Myers & Jamie Lloyd - Black Dahlia

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I made this video because I'm such a HUGE Fan of the HALLOWEEN Movies and this is a Hollywood Undead song and I think it fits for Halloween. To me it dose. (Terrordrome The Game: Rise Of The Boogeymen Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Terrordrome-The-Game-Rise-Of-The-Boogeymen/187319841330893
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Text Comments (134)
PZ10 -Sky (2 months ago)
Wait a minuted,why is Michael Myers want to kill Jamie,she just a little kid and scare,I just watch it but I feeling sad,she call Michael Myers is uncle,and bogeyman?how is possible like that!😿
Lol Kid (3 months ago)
Edith Myers (3 months ago)
Wow nice song! This is inspiring me
Louis Estrada (4 months ago)
I Love this song make more
okan aydoğan (5 months ago)
MUCK MUCK MUCK MUCK MUCK MUCK MUCK 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😎😎😎😎
okan Aydoğan (6 months ago)
1:22 nice mask
Cassandra Thrush (1 year ago)
love hallowwn
Alan Trejos (1 year ago)
Me gustó la mitad de la canción y la mitad del vídeo
Celinda Jio (1 year ago)
there is a movie its called halloween
Autumn Lee (1 year ago)
Chuck Martin (1 year ago)
That is so sad and I will try to go to my house and be safe and lock the doors and windows and never let him in ever again
AzizKhoskohh (1 year ago)
thx i love it
Benjamin Blazevic (2 years ago)
I can dance and sing all day
Imani Sanders (2 years ago)
i love micheal Myers and Jamie. i Wonder that jamie is safe playing Michael myers and i love micheal Myers. when i saw somebody who was in the jail what guns when the cops was shooting the guy and he was like eating the boots
Amy Headington (2 years ago)
Imani Sanders Amya aro banana amysar. AMY. AARONS 930
Thomas Carleton (2 years ago)
omg people that look like Michael with the mask is probably there dad
Karina Hernandez (2 years ago)
Que bonita niña
Angelica Conn (2 years ago)
Eu Ru I but me love me love local Pooh and type
DJ gamer (2 years ago)
Rose Smith (2 years ago)
i ilke this song❤❤❤👊👊
Delores Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I like your videos
icis mcguire ddss (2 years ago)
icis mcguire ddss (2 years ago)
I love it so much
be wild (2 years ago)
i love the song and im a fan of Michael myers
be wild you killers
Tanika Lark (2 years ago)
She has a sister
pink princess (2 years ago)
this stuff is not real so get ofer of it
pink princess (2 years ago)
this stuff is not real so get ofer of it
Dr. Steve Brule (2 years ago)
Wtf is this music 😂😂😂
The_Humble _Reka (2 years ago)
horrible and stupid song it sound HORRIBLE
my dick turned pink (2 years ago)
I just want to be loved
Amy Headington (2 years ago)
joki amy
icis mcguire ddss (2 years ago)
boski williams (2 years ago)
Jamie Lloyd (2 years ago)
Thank You For Making This Video Of Me
MsTee Guru (2 years ago)
the song is aswome
Richard Durrin (2 years ago)
' o8
melinda ramos (2 years ago)
No Tsna Ysns Udnd Odns Pdns Abdm vdns
melinda ramos (2 years ago)
@melinda ramos
melinda ramos (2 years ago)
No Tsna Ysns Udks Odns Pdns
neil johnson (2 years ago)
I just don't get why move serial killers don't remember there family lets say Jason when he wasn't dead he had a best best friend named Johnny not Johnny cage -_-, So later Jason died and John tried save him then Jason meets him and puts a name like a picture of himself to his best friend and then kills him because those guys don't care about family they kill them I DONT GET IT man.
Louis Tomlinson Is bae (2 years ago)
Deidra Guy (2 years ago)
globoyjuice squad (2 years ago)
micheal take care of your nephew dumbass
Jordan Perkins (2 years ago)
what is this song?
Bryan Atenco (2 years ago)
icis mcguire d
Zoe Rilla (2 years ago)
icis mcguire ddss (2 years ago)
Paige A)shop
MR Changa (2 years ago)
SML girl (2 years ago)
+Jordan Perkins the song is black dahlia
Marisol Salinas (2 years ago)
michael myers is the best killer ever i love his movies
tyler ragan (2 years ago)
Marisol Salinas Jason is the best killer Michael is the 2 best killer like them both a lot
Donna Chacey (3 years ago)
I like scary stuff
Anderw perez (2 years ago)
funky Michael kill
Miranda Marker (3 years ago)
I love this song and movie
Scot Bradburn (1 year ago)
Miranda Marker dumb head
Jordan Perkins Hollywood undead black Dahlia
Jordan Perkins (2 years ago)
what song is it?
Roxana Gracias (3 years ago)
KURTIS LUETH (3 years ago)
Oscar Leon (3 years ago)
wow just wow😄
Jocelyn Carson (3 years ago)
MarkGhost Productions (3 years ago)
bones21742 (2 years ago)
MarkGhost Productions omg
Your welcome @MarkGhost Productions
MarkGhost Productions (3 years ago)
@oWoFan19 thank you
Hollywood Undead - Black Dahlia +MarkGhost Productions
Victoria Long (3 years ago)
Skynet Tuấn (3 years ago)
i like the song
Lyn Woodbury (3 years ago)
My life sucks and my whole family died by a crazed murderer and i am going to go live with my whole family again. I missed my family but then my so called "friends" said that i should join them so that is what i am going to do. If any of you guys want to stop then please do because I am going to kill myself on Halloween night.
bones21742 (2 years ago)
Amy Headington good
Amy Headington (2 years ago)
Dominique Baird amys
Dominique Baird (2 years ago)
Lyn Woodbury I'm so sorry for you😢😢
Forbidden_Knight345 (3 years ago)
+Lyn Woodbury your joking right? please say yes. killing your self is never the answer
Tre McAfee (4 years ago)
this I my only song that I luv I listen to it all the time because it has my two favorite thing Halloween(Michael Myers) and my favorite song  :P
Larkamus (4 years ago)
purely awesome
Tre McAfee (4 years ago)
yea it is i luv dis song 
Raiken Xion (5 years ago)
I think they should make a movie just purely about Jamie and Micheal's connection, like a Interquel set between Halloween 4 and 5. It was a really interesting Idea.
Alfredo Perezgb (2 years ago)
Raiken Xion i agrre
zpacheco11 (2 years ago)
Raiken Xion nnk
Patrick Pittman (2 years ago)
Raiken Xion ddhdhdfhdjdjfjdjdjjuefdjdhfhrhfhru
Patrick Pittman (2 years ago)
Raiken Xion hdhdhdnddujfjfhfjcncjfjccbfjfhjfjfjfjfjfjjfjfujfjfikefkjjirjfNc
Adriana Sepulveda (2 years ago)
Raiken Xion and I
Im watching AMC fear fest right now. =)
Hard Corp. Kimberly (5 years ago)
i lissning to it rite now
Hard Corp. Kimberly (5 years ago)
this song is aosom
Rachael Tilger (5 years ago)
jamine is michael myers niece she has his curse michael in jamine bedroom look picture of her mom laurie and her as a baby opening is good too.
Dennis Bautista (5 years ago)
nice song
Dylan Johnson (6 years ago)
how mutch dose the move cost
Grace Barfield (6 years ago)
Mouna Da (1 year ago)
Grace Barfield ._. Ok
Livi sama (6 years ago)
michael myers michael shmyers i can set better traps probebly i just dont wanna try
The name of the song is called Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead.
poloman cashout (6 years ago)
you got a twitter
Han kars (6 years ago)
Great vid awsome song lol and love 1:20 lol
clearascrystal24 (6 years ago)
its great editing i love it make more you have such professionsl talent for it. I use sony vegas i think i overdo effects in my vids that is why i like simple video lik urs :)
Nicole T (6 years ago)
Laurie Strode did not give a shit about Jamie Lloyd her daughter she doesnt give a ship about her fuck Laurie Strode [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck Laurie
TheLuca2001 (6 years ago)
A fake cry (this represents he has little humanity left).
andrew alarcon (6 years ago)
oh my gosh that is not right! im sorry i just had to say that. hehe
Eilyah (6 years ago)
Colleen Foley (6 years ago)
Watch Halloween 6 producers cut,it explains everything.Make sure it's the producers cut that you watch,not the regular one.
Colleen Foley (6 years ago)
She would have been if he hadn't got her in Halloween 6.
fernieeeeee (7 years ago)
4 and 5 are actually some of my favorite.
eviscerated body parts (7 years ago)
She is one fucking strong badass girl.
Karla M (7 years ago)
say i love this song sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssso much
Karla M (7 years ago)
tina is sooooo nice she gave her live to jamie
@kingsnake23 Thank you Kingsnake23 I'm glad you like it.
TheHolyGopher (7 years ago)
@andycapp1995 He did but they both survived. You'll notice Loomis's burnt face in the movies after it.
@owofan19 Yes it is =)
andrew o connell (7 years ago)
did dr.samuel loomis not blow him self up in the 2nd halloween movie to kill micheal myers
andrew o connell (7 years ago)
@KakashisOnlyGirl1 no it was it was dr.samuel loomis
Husky Heaven (7 years ago)
ok let me get this straight michael is trying to kill his nece
neil johnson (2 years ago)
michaels goal: Kill all of his family members before Halloween. I don't know I make stupid comments and people just bitch at me Because of my opinions
MrXrivas (7 years ago)
hiovbmnlka iu io
Husky Heaven (7 years ago)
yes this is from halloween 5
Husky Heaven (7 years ago)
it was michael myers in the back dummy
@Pradakingg This is Halloween 4 and 5
JuniorWorld .Vision (7 years ago)
is this from halloween 5?
Aimee Leal (7 years ago)
why would he be trying to kill his own neice!!!! Thats just not right!!!
neil johnson (2 years ago)
Because Michael turned into a Physcopath and beginning kill his family.
patrick jackson (7 years ago)
halloween? michael myers will never die.
isma (8 years ago)
@owofan19 thanks ^^
Rafael Espindola (8 years ago)
@ismaeldu25 This song is called Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead.
isma (8 years ago)
what is this song??
Lexie Ferriero (8 years ago)
And Ellie Cornell is awesome too.
Lexie Ferriero (8 years ago)
There is no words to describe this movie because it's erring awesome I know its like from 1988 but it's amazing. Danielle harris are the most best actresses ever. -3 Halloween 5 and this video especially. Great job:)
OutcomeUnknown (8 years ago)
@Kelsy53 Ahhh i get it sweet ;D And poor Michael crying </3 never knew that tough son of a bitch had a heart to show an emotion like that, I'll watch the 5th one now thanks helped alot :D
OutcomeUnknown (8 years ago)
I saw the ending of halloween 4 Where Jamie turns out to be a killer ? Does that continue in halloween 5 cos i never got on to watching that, And why did she turn out to be a killer all of a sudden ?!
neil johnson (2 years ago)
Her uncle is Michael Myers
neil johnson (2 years ago)
She wanted be like her uncle I guess

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