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10 Things Men Wear Women Love - Gentleman's Gazette

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Want to put your best foot forward? Read the article here - https://gentl.mn/what-women-love 10 Things That Men Wear That Women Hate - https://gentl.mn/2EHHNUa GUIDES MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO: - To Wear Or Not To Wear a T-Shirt? https://gentl.mn/2zTfmNM - How A Suit Should Fit - https://gentl.mn/2zHQ58w - Capsule Wardrobe Guide for Men - https://gentl.mn/2lk8PZx - 100 USD vs. 500 USD Men’s Dress Shoes - https://gentl.mn/2zHjX52 - Men’s Dress Shirt Style Guide - https://gentl.mn/2i8sjLP - Cocktail Attire For Men - https://gentl.mn/2hexLgm - Guide to Classic Frames - https://gentl.mn/2yR1NyD - Sunglasses Guide for Men - https://gentl.mn/2yQEze6 - The Sweater Guide - https://gentl.mn/2xqeMpl - How to spot a quality suit - https://gentl.mn/2i8WHty SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Houndstooth Bourette Silk Tie in Burgundy Red Cream - https://gentl.mn/2yVGiyD 2. Wine Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange Silk Wool Medallion Pocket Square - https://gentl.mn/2gMDTzq 3. Light Blue Veronica Persica Boutonniere - https://gentl.mn/2zHh8AJ 4. Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Grey and Turquoise - https://gentl.mn/2z9YjKj 5. Eagle Claw Cufflinks with Carnelian Balls - https://gentl.mn/2yPturt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Style Guidelines 00:45 Take pride in your outward appearance 01:11 Dress up! 01:35 Embrace colors and patterns 02:25 Wear clothes that fit well 02:50 Don't always wear the same thing 03:14 Know what looks good on you 03:50 Dress like yourself 10 Pieces that instantly make you attractive to women 04:22 Real shoes 04:53 Crisp collared dress shirt 05:17 Fitted sweaters 05:36 Unique suit 06:47 Casual Jackets 07:58 Layers 08:18 Subtle cologne 09:03 Leather bag 09:24 Something that she picked out for you --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2zaflbt Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://gentl.mn/2zGZRI8 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2zaflbt
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Matthew Veltri (6 days ago)
In my experience women love casual looks too. It might be an age thing, but I know many, many women who say they find a man in a backwards baseball cap sexy. Or in a tank top at the beach showing off his arms. The #1 thing women have said they love to me is a man in a suit. The #2 is in a white t-shirt, so I would definitely disagree with the formality of this video. To be fair, I'm also much younger than Sven so I imagine that also plays a factor.
0:46 This could be from a maffia movie. Looking like a badass villain :)
Márk Arató (9 days ago)
Please never stop making these videos! This is my favourite channel!
Jo Eltham (10 days ago)
You have NOT got a big bum and thighs. Has someone told you this in the past?
Tyler Craig (11 days ago)
Don’t ever make an attempt at a political joke again smh.
Warren Brown (11 days ago)
Please turn the saxophone down a few decibels. Other than that, you're doing great.
Malgremor (12 days ago)
As for scent, Hoppe's #9 gun oil works for me...
Eurydike (18 days ago)
What do you think of gentlemen who wear patchouli based cologne?
ingrid (21 days ago)
You are so funny! Pls show examples of the DONT s! I love well dressed men that are clean and smell good or you can always shop at the Goodwill for amazing finds👍 ooh I love the linen safari jacket look what do you think about the guy who wears his alma mater gear daily 30 years post college? Ha love your jacket at 11.04! Timeless
Clarissa Spivey (22 days ago)
I'm really enjoying your videos and am wondering if you had some great recommendations for the feminine equivalent to your channel?
BrianPhase90 (22 days ago)
I can't get over those awesome shadow socks
BrianPhase90 (22 days ago)
Your wife is beautiful!
kirwi kirwinson (23 days ago)
Nothing manly about those gloves my guy.
Thomas Patrick Parker (25 days ago)
My girlfriend told me the way I dressed was part of what attracted her to me. We dated 3-4 months before she ever saw me in a t shirt. And that was because I helped her move! One thing I think Sven eludes to but doesnt hit head on is that women appreciate EFFORT. They aren't going to lecture you for wearing the wrong tie or shirt but the fact you like them enough to wear a tie says a lot.
acorn sucks (26 days ago)
Trump is a badass.
YeOldeScience (29 days ago)
Interesting video. I would say that if you are into this sort of thing, go for it. But you don't have to do this stuff to get women. I don't wear fashionable clothes. I married a beautiful, intelligent woman. We've been together for 13 years now. I was wearing old camo army pants and a t-shirt and I hadn't shaved in 3 days at the time we met. Clothes don't make a man who he is. And if you put a suit on a bum, he's still just a bum in a suit.
Dean Miah (29 days ago)
I would love to know your opinion on Ralph Lauren's bow tie and jeans in the recent New York Anniversary party?
malevolenceXXXensues (29 days ago)
you make the plain gray t shirt look good.
Ric Ferr (1 month ago)
Beautiful couple. Congratulations !
William Rundle (1 month ago)
women are like onion, they have layers.
Maria Smith (1 month ago)
Just a quick question for anyone listening: Is there a YouTube channel like this for us ladies?
Khozam Azzam (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like G-eazy?
Is it me or the clothes he present are clothes that ppl used to wear like 50 years ago ?
Michael Ferguson (1 month ago)
Every successful man has a suit lol. I make over 100k a year in concrete and don't own one. Dressed impeccably when poor but have focused so much on the trade. I admit it is time to improve. Have done some clothes shopping with assistance of these videos.
Dr. Fittentick (1 month ago)
Overall your attitude, character, manners and humor is what really attracts woman. At least thats my experience. My exgirlfriend, a beatiful,educated and overall lovely woman first saw me in a tshirt, jeans and sneakers. And still she fell for me and we had 3 amazing years together :)
Dr. Fittentick (1 month ago)
It all depends to which kind of woman you want to appear attractive! Guys with sweatpants and jerseys still get woman, and there are probably woman who are really into this "style" ;)
Ruslan Nikolov (1 month ago)
You think being more like women makes them like you?
SuperLegolas66 (1 month ago)
Hvostik The Great (1 month ago)
Did you collaborate with your mother on this video?
Patty N (1 month ago)
I loved the red gloves you were wearing ; I would have definitely regarded you as a man of style. As a woman, I can tell you something I truly dislike. When a man removes his suit jacket for any reason and is wearing a short sleeved dress shirt. It spoils the whole look.
Sydney Austin (1 month ago)
My god!.. the Cologne here in Colombia. You need a frickn gas mask.. And that back pack makes me buss out laughing!.. Goober!
Leo Moscato (1 month ago)
I will say this. This guy is definitely entertaining and a bit motivating. However I never saw anyone who looks so bad in the suit or anything he wears. Horrible
Shining Sakura (1 month ago)
In the world of kimono I have learned that too many patterns in the pieces you put together(sewn in or decorated on) is too many patterns. OH MY RETINAS is everyone's response when they look at you.... The same goes for western clothing. Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should. A good rule of thumb is, 1 bold pattern (color or sewn in), and the rest plain, if there is more than 4 pieces, you can throw in a little more than subtle pattern (sewn into the fabric, plain color) The less seen the pattern, the better. If it is just 3 parts, You should keep the patterns at ONE only or it is overkill.
C.O. Jones (2 months ago)
Sven, your ensemble today is exceptionally appealing! You look very nice, and I love the boutonnière. I enjoy your videos because they give me wonderful gift ideas for my husband.
Denio93 (2 months ago)
Where do you find a lapel flower?
HRHooChicken (2 months ago)
Victoria Richard does amazing ties. Very different but good.
Cubanito (2 months ago)
You are such a amazing husband.
Inconsistent Content (2 months ago)
Oké first, carrying dead animal carcasses is outdated and disgusting. If you get a proper backpack, you'll look like a respectable adult. Second, matching tie and pocket square(which is called a pochet) is fine. They make sets for a reason
Doctor L. (1 month ago)
And also backpacks will not look good with any sort of formal/semi formal wear.
Doctor L. (1 month ago)
Wearing matching tie and pocket square combinations seem boring and unimaginative.
Andre Lake (2 months ago)
The vaule added by this channel is exceptional however we clearly move in different circles
chaska mena (2 months ago)
I´m a girl I don´t know why I´m watching this but I love it! keep it up Raphael, I love the way you explain things!
noahjh847 (2 months ago)
You have the best mens style channel better than alpha M and realmenrealstyle because your channel is straight quality
Manuel Rosales (2 months ago)
do you only wear suits or other clothes that are for 50 year old men
Huymy Nguyen (2 months ago)
Hi, I love your content. I am short (5’4”). What do you think about short guys wearing double breasted suit? Thank you
navarrolevel7 (2 months ago)
That flower 🌸 is awful
Adolf Hitmaker (2 months ago)
You forgot the #1 thing women really care about: a nice leather wallet stuffed with bills and cards tied to a big account. If you have that you can wear a garbage bag and a propeller beanie with crocs on your feet and still get laid.
Mythicregard (20 days ago)
Ingrid Dubbel (1 month ago)
Not in my universe.
You and your beautiful wife make a very handsome couple. Cheers good Sir.
Liza Elliott (2 months ago)
I can terribly relate to 3:43
Ernest Kovach (2 months ago)
Interesting. Thank you.
James Wilbraham (2 months ago)
Trousers are too short. 😕 That apart, looking good. 👍
Franziska Adam (2 months ago)
Even as a women I'm in love with this Channel😍 why is there no Channel like this for women? Greetings from Germany
Franziska Adam (1 month ago)
+Vienna1902 hey danke für deine Antwort😀 Justines kanal habe ich schon länger abonniert aber danke für den Tipp mit Audrie Coynes Kanal😘
Vienna1902 (1 month ago)
There are, Franziska. Check Justine Leconte's and Audrie Coyne's channels for instance. BTW, I am a woman too and a subscriber over here. Great work Sven Raphael! Grretings from Vienna :-)
black current (2 months ago)
Used to work in 1039
Thomas Richardson (3 months ago)
One thing to bear in mind is the difference in what women look for in short and long term mates. All of this video applies very well to finding a long term gf, but some of these tips may not matter or even make you look unattractive if you're looking for a fling
TheNeckasaurus (3 months ago)
Sven, I played rugby and have the typical build you see in that. Very thick neck, and I mean thick, and a trapezoid upper body. It's hard to find button up shirts that don't choke me and sometimes forces me to get shirts that are much too large so that my neck fits. Any recommendations? Thanks.
Brian Merritt (3 months ago)
As much as I like attracting women, I am NOT wearing those thick-rimmed dork glasses. Plenty of people pull them off, but these days too many hipsters wear them (often non-prescription ones just to look intellectual). I Like the way I look in thin-rimmed 90's glasses. I'd rather wear 2 monocles than a set of plastic rims.
William Hardin (3 months ago)
"I have a big bum and big thighs." -Sven
Garlic Girl (3 months ago)
For me as a woman, no matter a man's style, sporty, athletic, classic or old skool, he must be neat, clean and well groomed. You can have a suit on and look disheveled which will take away from the suit. I have seen men in neat, clean and ironed jeans and properly fitted shirt and clean shoes and lined hair cut and clean shaven that look great! We all have a style but being clean and well groomed is paramount to women and knowing what to wear for what occasions is key. Thank you so much for educating us. I am not sure if fathers, uncles etc are teaching these ideas to young men anymore.
Faith Nelson (3 months ago)
for pocket squares/scarves i would most certainly go to the thrift. hardly anyone buys these things and they can be had for a song [$1]............i do have a question though; why is it that 99% of the time, ties are just the tiniest bit askew? i see this on newscasters, celebs and hate to say it, even here.
Zulaiha Ali (3 months ago)
Barking Spider (3 months ago)
You are wearing pleated pants. Oh the irony. 🙄
A K (3 months ago)
Where did you get the first sweater, the beige/white one with the stripes?
logos (3 months ago)
all well and good but too hot here in Oz!
DaMissionaryMan (3 months ago)
Please don't rub your cologne in. It breaks down the oils and makes it not last as long. Also, have you considered maybe trying something like a pompadour haircut? Still classy but would add some volume to your hair and really help it stand up to the rest of your phenomenal outfits!
Jonathan Olakunle (3 months ago)
Wow! You have a beautiful wife!!
JAZZ MAN (3 months ago)
If you’re wearing a plain coloured tie, a patterned pocket square is fine, but not patterned tie and patterned square together. Same with jacket/coat and shirt. Patterned coat and plain shirt, but not both.
SuperRipper1234 (3 months ago)
very good channel just found out about it
thistlenstar (4 months ago)
I can't provide a link, but, some years ago there was a study to find out what articles of men's clothing women found attractive. Number one was a kilt! My wife concurs. Fortunately, I do have a family tartan, but, alas, the colors are not my best. Pocket squares and ties, especially bow ties, are a handy way for men to introduce a note of expression and color. Although I have to go back a few decades to my days as a bachelor, there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when a woman reaches forward and unties your bow tie with a deft yank at the loose end. It is a singular experience.
Dalton Rimbert (4 months ago)
Where do you get those gloves?
Todd Victorson (4 months ago)
Dont think i would take advice from a guy wearing a double breasted suit which went out of style in the 1980's.
Garry Arms (4 months ago)
Wow, your wife is so cute,, 😍😍
Daniel Brinlee (4 months ago)
Love the look of the double breasted if it is tailored and well fitting. Just that little extra vs the 2 button.
Lucifer Sam (4 months ago)
This guy knows his craft, and his style is very classic. The problem is that in my opinion, his wardrobe is aimed at old men, like what my grandpa would wear. Now, some of his items I would wear, but just some.
fryelee11 (4 months ago)
I like my combinations better!  I work at a hospital and I dress up everyday.  Today I'm wearing florsheim burgundy, grey Perris Ellis slacks (slim fit), I left the coat at home, (too hot in Arizona), burgundy Calvin Klien shirt, grey Pierre Cardin tie with black dots.  I'm bald, clean shaven wearing cologne, (Aqua Di Gio) and after work, I'm headed to a Country and Western bar.  I'll be the only black guy there.
Jean Kennedy (5 months ago)
Personally, I couldn't care LESS what a man wears -- just as long as he takes it off...... Seriously, people who obsess about bits of cloth people wrap around themselves for modesty and warmth are like people who buy things and are just too thrilled with the bag it came in. *Unwrap him* and get DOWN.
Stylish (11 days ago)
wrong channel, sir. this is for mannered gents who respect women.
Dorein Paul Emmanuel (5 months ago)
Are you Jew sir
Joyce Fitzgerald (5 months ago)
Thank you a million times, Sven. Many women value effort and care over genetic gifts--so personal style can outweigh traditional masculine beauty in the most surprising ways if a man wants to look attractive to women. Men can create their own handsomeness, even if they are not born handsome. So I encourage experimentation with all these tips!
lostsoldier212 (5 months ago)
Man! Your sock game is always on point! Great sox my friend.
Student of Universe (5 months ago)
Man you dress really good 👍
Spencer Townsend (5 months ago)
True story: the other day I was spending time with a girl from orchestra, and she gave me a hug before we parted ways. We had spent time together before, but this time when she hugged me, she said that I smelled wonderful! Gentlemen, it's amazing what drugstore cologne can do. :) Great video, Raphael!
david le (14 days ago)
Spencer Townsend my boy
gazpodz (5 months ago)
Sven, you need a v-neck jumper with a tie. It's a faux pas to wear a crew neck with a tie :-)
Matt T (5 months ago)
I prefer the rosette for the lapel more sutble and provides a cohesive look as opposed to a focal point, that the boutonniere creates.
Warren Rhinerson (5 months ago)
As a man who likes President Trump, i appreciate that joke. Well done sir
Happytoplaystuff (6 months ago)
Wuts with the sub titles. Can people actually not understand him?
Lucy Terrier (6 months ago)
I found that many of those tips make men look too feminine. Sorry, not for me.
Doctor L. (1 month ago)
Lucy Terrier J disagree, I think a suit isone of the manliest things a man could wear.
Cyril Ignatius Kendrick (6 months ago)
I really like this combination; dark brown jacket and gray pants. And the tie and burgundy shoes both work very well with it. Simple, straight forward and classy.
Woody Reece (6 months ago)
Would u recommend shoe passion for low budget shoes ??? Cobbler union are little over my budget .. thank-you
Kenneth C (6 months ago)
Hi Sven, I really enjoy watching your videos, and I think you are very knowledgable in terms of classic menswear. I can tell by most of your outfit choices, that you are inspired mainly by vintage (20's-40's) men's fashion. Although, I very much enjoy wearing loafers, oxfords, button down shirts, suits and more non casual clothing like you do, I find that much of your advice comes from a very limited selection. Much of the style choices that you present, although great and insightful, only encompass a very limited spectrum of men's style and clothing. A lot of the style choices such as fedoras, loud chalk stripe double breasted suits, boutonniere lapel pins, pocket watches, light coloured seersucker suits, and high cuffed slacks are somewhat dated, and may not look as natural as they once did when worn. Although, I agree that women like a man who is dressed nicely. Dressing 'nicely' does not always mean button shirts and polos, with slacks and lace ups. One can dress nicely even with simple jeans and sneakers, a well fitted t-shirt and a leather jacket. If you are always dressed to the nines with neckties and loafers, you can often be perceived as being square and unapproachable/ impersonal. I think that men's style, and what may look good is what one makes of it. As long as they look comfortable and proud in what they are wearing, regardless of what it is. Personally, I absolutely love wearing a nice navy three piece suit with tassel loafers, but sometimes I also like wearing comfortably fitted sweats, my Air Force Ones and a black t-shirt. It just all depends on what kind of style I am feeling like during the day. Women often like men who have variety in their style options. :-)
Shamzy Mgtow (6 months ago)
Sir, I respectfully disagree. The PRIMARY reason a man dressed dapper is his self-respect. Impressing women is a consequence of a man's self-respect, impressing women MUST NEVER be the primary reason for dressing dapper. This would be self-disrespect. Thank you kindly, sir.
David Greenleaf (11 days ago)
Shamzy origin surename dozen
Brian Merritt (3 months ago)
Yeah, but there's nothing wrong with taking women's taste into account. I agree with you. I will NEVER be caught DEAD wearing those thick, plastic rimmed hipster glasses, I'm sticking with my wire-framed ones. At the same time, it can't hurt to at least consider the advice. There are certain objectives when it comes to flattering a male body.
WalkOn Bye (4 months ago)
I agree with you 100%. As a fellow MGTOW traveller self respect is our golden rule. Dressing well, taking care of yourself and living the good life is the reward.
Arthur H (6 months ago)
You didn’t listen to what he said instead you decided to create a mission statement.
Duke Of Prunes (6 months ago)
Shamzy Mgtow I agree 100%. Dress well for YOU! In this age, few single women are worth the bother. I thank God every night that I married my wife 15 years ago! 👰
The Old Soul (6 months ago)
Such a nice video. I myself love this style, it makes men look much more put together and mature. Too bad I don't know any boys my age who dress like that.
Please don't put that picture of Americans national disgrace (Trump) in any of your videos. Makes one want to vomit.
Clarkstowns Finest (6 months ago)
Try Thinking For a change America’s savior actually. Don’t be foolish.
J .S (6 months ago)
Strange, I like matching tie and pocket square. I guess because it's neat and simple.
white death (7 months ago)
Be manlier
Alex Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Brother I'm a body builder I can't seem to find a shirt that fits me that doesn't look like a damn Blanket on me the have any suggestions for shirts
Joe H (7 months ago)
Dress all classy but u jump on the bandwagon of hating trump. Not a good first impression. Shows not so much class.
Julia Antonova (7 months ago)
I’m a woman, and I can say that everything you list here is true. Men in nice clothes can steal my heart, or at least get me interested to continue the communication. You’ve got a really good channel here, I enjoyed watching your videos. Cheers!
Ingrid Dubbel (1 month ago)
Kali 808 (7 months ago)
Very nice look...
Hechetonchieres (7 months ago)
Is there a female version of this channel?
Death's Babygirl (2 months ago)
hechetonchieres You could try Marie-Anne Lecouer, though she specialises in the French Chic style. She makes good points that you can transfer to your own style though.
Álvaro Justo González (7 months ago)
Thank you for this fantastic video. The only thing I can not agree is about the matching colour of the shoes and belt . Thats Ok if your trousers are of a very similar colour of shoes and belt. Otherwise I would prefer a belt of similar colour of your trousers. In that way, you do not have a contrast in your waist that attracts the attention to... your stomach. In any case, if you mix the colors properly, it shouldn't exist a big contrast between your trousers and your belt, in my opinion.
1978ajax (7 months ago)
Interesting stuff. I notice you pulled on your gloves by gripping under the thumb; all gloves are weaker here, and it's better to pull them on by gripping the back of the glove. Disagree about Cologne; I've heard so many women say that they hate it.
Usman Sadar (7 months ago)
The least versatile in men's wear in my opinion. I work in the fitness industry and have to wear a uniform every day. "Oh yeah I'll be with you in a minute Mr. Client, let me just get out of this three piece suit"
TheJohasir (7 months ago)
As a woman, l agree with you 100% l hate men that just put snickers every day and put just t-shirt. Advise: a hugh watch or chain don't make you look stilish, make tuo look cheap and please don't abuse, never, with cologne

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