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How This Career Advisor Spends Her $43K Salary | Honest Accounts | Glamour

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We asked a career advisor in NYC with a $43,000 salary to break down everything she spends money on in a month. Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2gYlQqe How This Career Advisor Spends Her $43K Salary | Honest Accounts | Glamour
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Text Comments (940)
coco marineblu (9 days ago)
91 in student loans for 60k? My 20k is 200$ or more what kind of refinance plan did u screwed for
shanr (12 days ago)
Wow school is so not worth it guys I’m an exotic dancer and last year I made 53k no student loans and I’m in nursing school that I pay for with my own money
cyoohoos (14 days ago)
Wait... you need a college degree to become a "career advisor"?
Jovan Draganescu (15 days ago)
And that’s why people are broke
Diego Magana (15 days ago)
Add rent. Chipotle has left the chat
Marcos Mercedes Nuñez (16 days ago)
She is flat out broke
Eric Thomas (17 days ago)
terrible with money, you shouldn't have came on the show
Dew Time (19 days ago)
You’re literally NEVER gonna pay off $60K of student loans by only paying $91 a month. I guess she will be on the debt forgiveness plan.
Jacob L (22 days ago)
She should advise herself a new career.
Beijing (24 days ago)
Assuming she was born in nyc and grew up here, Borough of manhattan community college is like 4k a year and sunys are in the 20k range with 0 financial aid (with room and board) this lady is a fuckin bozo for being 60k in debt in the first place
Bald man Cream cheese (25 days ago)
“They’re always gonna be there, they’ll get paid when they get paid” yeah they’re not getting paid.
Lexy Teo (27 days ago)
the D/E ratio is f'ed
Karina K. (1 month ago)
Wow, looking at most of these videos, I realized how responsible I am with my money ... I'm saving a third of my net salary every month and barely ever spend money on stuff that isn't necessary. Besides rent, utilities and monthy subscriptions, I pretty much only spend money on food and skin care. And I don't even have a high salary and am living alone in a big (and expensive) city ...
kay Jack (1 month ago)
She needs to put more towards those loans(double those payments).It wont be much out of her "fun" money.
Zoua Cha (1 month ago)
I eat a lot too. Haha you’re not alone.
Alexis (1 month ago)
yaaas girl pay off that high interest credit card debt first 👏🏻👏🏻
Jonathan Haronian (1 month ago)
These people on this segment need to learn about Dave Ramsey........FAST
Andrew P (1 month ago)
"60K student debt, 4k credit card but the loans will always be there so im paying that off" *screams in compounding interest* 60K w/ 91 per month assuming a 6% rate means it is payed off 01-2048. Well past 360 payments. Which means not only will you have accrued a TON of interest on debt that can not be discharged or negotiated down like a credit card. You also now have to report the remaining balance as income and pay it off as well.
uoftdrone (1 month ago)
I'd guess she probably qualifies for the Public Service or Teacher Loan Forgiveness program where she can faithfully make the minimum loan payment and write the rest off after a certain number of years.
Shan R (1 month ago)
K.. a 43k salary and only putting $91/month towards 60k of student loans is giving me major anxiety. She clearly does not plan on paying that off and is just paying off some of the interest..
Ethan Blake (2 months ago)
Should've advised herself to get a differeent career that pays more
Moana Jai (2 months ago)
I don't feel motivated, at all.
Maurazio (2 months ago)
latte and macchiato are coffee
Angelique Coke (2 months ago)
60,000 in student loan debt and she's not freaking out to try and pay it off ASAP- I can't
ant wto (2 months ago)
for someone who doesn't pay rent she should have soooo much more in savings when i was making $15000 and living with my parents i was able to save around $6000 per year - and i used to buy takeout twice a month and took uber quite frequently
JasmineSkyy (2 months ago)
Her reaction to all of her withdrawals is me at the end of every month
JasmineSkyy (2 months ago)
Latte is coffee... it’s espresso
JasmineSkyy (2 months ago)
How does someone get that high in credit card debt?
Tamara D (2 months ago)
Here are some career advice get a new job or a second job. Stop eating out, pay more on your loan because you don’t pay rent. This is a travesty.
Ko Um (2 months ago)
She's not aware of her spending and where all her money is going. The here and now mattera more than what's to come.
MyLady22 (2 months ago)
I would be the most boring lady on this show if they wanted me to tell them what I spent on. I have the same income and it’ll be like $3 on a newspaper, $8 on lunch, $38 on groceries, $600 on rent, $90 on phone, $68 on internet, and $25 on gas. My show would last 3 seconds lol.
Becca Ricci (2 months ago)
Is her voice over sped up or am I high
Commando Master (3 months ago)
$2.1k a month to spend. And about 2.5k in total debit/withdrawals. That's not good.
Galilea Martin (3 months ago)
She talks so fast
Thomas Golden (3 months ago)
I make your salary and I save 15k to 20k a year. How are your savings so low??? I also live by myself and not with parents like you.
summerrr1 (3 months ago)
She puts $25 a month in her savings account and then says the rest is to spend. What a terrible mindset. She should be looking to make her spending money a fixed amount, not her saving money.
Hobi Mang (3 months ago)
She could save so much money. If you’re going to live on 40k a year or less, it’s possible, but you’re not going to live lavish. Save save save
Naomi (3 months ago)
Appreciate her honesty
Julie (3 months ago)
this is stressing me out T.T
craxy arrow (4 months ago)
Joshua Cardoso (4 months ago)
Are they feminist because every video has a woman
Bee Mari (4 months ago)
I wish i could be on this segment. Y’all would be so proud😂😂
Tyler Munn (4 months ago)
60k in debt and she’s only paying $91/month???? Gonna have that forever
Deez Nuts (4 months ago)
Bitvh is broke asf
Neuronwhisperer (4 months ago)
I love how their talking is sped up sometimes. It makes for better flow
vlKenzo (4 months ago)
I’m a career advisor too, I advise you to get a better paying job
FunPhax (4 months ago)
I don't feel bad for her at all with her debt. She is absolutely horrible with money management.
eyeheartcheese100 (4 months ago)
This a fairly average salary, so it's relatable. She has the means to pay a lot more towards loans and savings, I definitely would if I was her!
SE B (4 months ago)
😳😳😳 Chile this is not a salary you can live on in NYC. She just made me realize I need to get it together
Tinker Bell (4 months ago)
I save more then she does and have more in savings, and pay rent and earn less then half of what she is earning. I am debt free, but she ain't even trying to pay hers off. All that interest would Mae me Go crazy!!
Rachel Berens (4 months ago)
“Oh my gosh I should stop eating.” Same girl. Same.
Leyla Mamat (4 months ago)
Hmm...i am not good w money management..i am a shopholic. So 70% of my expenses went to retail therapy..
kyvonna smith (4 months ago)
$189 for a phone bill???? Oh naww that need to be ur first cut asap 😂
Lost Thoughts (5 months ago)
Career advisor with 60k in student loans is crazy especially at that salary
ArtsyMark (5 months ago)
how is she spending so much money on utilities when she is living with her folks? and 200 for the gas bill???! what is that??!! my gas bill is like 22 bucks...
Dozie inc. (5 months ago)
I have a heart attack when thinking about eating out
audrey M (5 months ago)
I kept checking if I accidentally selected double speed cause she talks so quickly lmaoo
alextotherescue (5 months ago)
Yikes... this girl is TERRIBLE with her money.
Watch Me Save (5 months ago)
. I also make 40k and share my budget on yt. Hope you'd subscribe. Trying to reach 100 subs for a giveaway. Stop by my channel and let me know what you think.https://youtu.be/9BtIlfqPalg
fruitoson (5 months ago)
is this weirdly sped up or is it me
Evan Olthoff (5 months ago)
She stands no chance once her parents move her out of the house, she will be drowning in debt barely making it pay check to pay check
An (5 months ago)
This video is so realistic. It makes me feel like I have good saving habits. I am always thinking of ways to cut down my monthly budget.
Watch Me Save (5 months ago)
Thats good that your examining and trying to improve your budget. . I also make 40k and share my budget on yt. Hope you'd subscribe. Trying to reach 100 subs for a giveaway. Stop by my channel and let me know what you think.https://youtu.be/9BtIlfqPalg
Fillup Dwong (6 months ago)
These videos are so eye opening thank you so much. Shopping and eating out are the same no matter what price point but it also make me feel less guilty and selfish for spending on myself.
Watch Me Save (5 months ago)
Its important to have a healthy relationship with money.. I also make 40k and share my budget on yt. Hope you'd subscribe. Trying to reach 100 subs for a giveaway. Stop by my channel and let me know what you think.https://youtu.be/9BtIlfqPalg
Gus Tamer (6 months ago)
Women don't need to save money because when she finds a husband he'll pay for everything anyway. So women can afford to have as much fun as they want without any consequences.
Gus Tamer (5 months ago)
Elijah Orozco (5 months ago)
Gus Tamer Yuck, In what year are you living god
Gus Tamer (6 months ago)
Women don't cook anymore.
OfficialMichellemarie 26 (6 months ago)
60k in student loans and she only makes $43k? Her debt is bigger than her salary that is definitely not good
enigma mist (6 months ago)
Lol how does she use credit card.
wolf train (6 months ago)
If she doesnt pay rent she has no reason to have credit card debt....thats just unreasonable -_-
queennixon123 (6 months ago)
You know why you’re withdrawing all that money , stop playing.
Donald Trump (6 months ago)
She doesn’t know how to manage money.
Sandoler (6 months ago)
She only spends $91 on students loans each month?? My minimum payment is over $1000 per month!!! I'm dying.
An Lu (7 months ago)
This lady cracks me up! Her spending habits need reviewing asap!
Cindyana Tanoto (7 months ago)
mercury retrograde
TheHvk (7 months ago)
She needs Dave Ramsey.
The Resa (7 months ago)
Are these before or after taxes?
camille (7 months ago)
why did they speed up her voice at certain parts....it makes it harder to listen to!
Queen Liy (7 months ago)
Ok more along my lines finally lol
john doe (7 months ago)
This woman lives with her parents and gives them $340 a month? Then goes and spends money on frivolous items? She has 60K in student debt? Grow up!
Cassidy Lewis (7 months ago)
When I’m actually providing for myself rather than having fast food often (fast food is actually pretty expensive) I’ll save and take myself to a nice dinner sometimes which will not only save money but force me to be a well rounded cook and make eating out a fun reward.
Justine Kalivoda (7 months ago)
$1600 in spending but not paying rent and only paying $90 in loans and $25 in savings......right.....
princessa k (7 months ago)
She needs to stop eating out. Put more into her savings and focus on paying off her loan
KO Investing (7 months ago)
This girl is so dumb. She needs Dave Ramsey. $95 a month to pay your $60k debt. Smh. No savings, pay your bills, dump all I come into debt. Beans and rice. Don't go out don't eat out don't buy anything new don't uber, get out of debt first. She will be a slave to debt forever.
Nguyen Rose (7 months ago)
This is why I don’t eat out anymore. It adds up! That’s where most of my money (besides bills) was going. You’ll save so much money if you go out once a month instead.
Isabel Montoya (7 months ago)
This one is frustrating and depressing to watch.
Natalia Aristy (7 months ago)
how this people have so little in their 401k ? i worked at a fast food and in less that 8 months i did 700$
Elisa Castillo (7 months ago)
I think she should be taking more advantage of living with her parents when it comes to paying off her student loans and putting into savings. She says she has a just a little over 1000 to spend every month she should be putting more of that towards her loans. My opinion though.
Watch Me Save (7 months ago)
I agree. I started taking advanatge of my living situation and was able to save thousand of dollars so the same principal could be applied to paying off debt. Stop by channel where I share my budget. Hope to see you there.
S CP (7 months ago)
Annnnd “I need snacks to keep me entertained” 😢 No mama nooooo! 🙅🏽‍♀️ 🤣😫😕
etherealx23crisis (7 months ago)
they should do one with an Asian woman.
Michael Pilgrim (7 months ago)
how is she only paying 91/ a month owing 60k?
Dee B. (7 months ago)
as for the student loan she's probably on a plan where it goes by income & after a certain time period the rest is forgiven. i think 10 years if she's working for a non-profit.
Dee B. (7 months ago)
she could just get a prepaid phone for like $30 a month instead of 189
Dee B. (7 months ago)
she wanted to start a business but astrology said it wasn't a good time....yeah she's nutty.
halfhott (7 months ago)
This one was interesting for me since that's what I make, though she is terrible with her money
Watch Me Save (7 months ago)
I make around the same amount as well. Do you budget? Stop by channel where I share my budget. Hope to see you there.
Olly Thomson (7 months ago)
£200 withdrawal, £150 withdrawal, £120 etc etc etc. I think she might have a drug habit or something haha
Ava Spams (7 months ago)
for some reason, my brain read it as "how one woman spends her $43,000 | Monthly Tours" and im like 43k a month holy sh*t i need that job
CTRL Einsight (7 months ago)
I legit thought she was a photo at first
Gabrielle Mitchell (8 months ago)
I hope everyone commenting is debt free and is a millionaire. All these glass houses throwing stones is ridiculous. She’s obviously young and probably doesn’t understand money the way others may have been taught. Give her the time and opportunity to learn just as you did. Jeezzzee
danielle huff (8 months ago)
She needs to do better with her money......omg
Stache Gaming (8 months ago)
I don’t understand why the career adviser is getting payed under 50k. Like I wouldn’t advise anyone being a career adviser when it only pays 50k
Rhiannon Williams (8 months ago)
Some parts sound sped up
Viola Ren (8 months ago)
Man I don't even have an income and I save more than her

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