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Ludacris - What Them Girls Like ft. Chris Brown, Sean Garrett

36497 ratings | 7481562 views
Music video by Ludacris performing What Them Girls Like. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 4,693,371. (C) 2008 DTP Records, LLC
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Text Comments (1539)
Marcos Vinícius (4 hours ago)
2019 alguem?????
luque a (4 days ago)
팀Leros Play (5 days ago)
#fanykids BRASIL 100% blackRAPhiphopGODéFIEL.
Esam Mohamad (5 days ago)
I like this!
Evelyn Rianne (6 days ago)
Cade os brasileiros q chegava da escola e via esse clipe na mix tv???
Girls diamonds a fancy house that's all u need
Igor Wolfgang (11 days ago)
"Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days"
Anderson Brown (1 month ago)
Isso sim é musica 😍❤😍❤ Chris Brown lenda vida
Jean Luiz Opaleiro (1 month ago)
3:41 Roman Pearce e Tej juntos desde muito tempo😂😂😂 quem curte V&F vai saber😂
Renato Tapia (1 month ago)
Daora essa música ! Mili ano kk
Paula Martins (1 month ago)
Tyliek Hines (1 month ago)
106 & Park used to play this video back in fall of 2008 I was 3
RicardoFe360 (1 month ago)
Young Frenchyy (1 month ago)
2019 ?!🔥🔥🔥
Kelvin McKenzie White (2 months ago)
He really has no clue ... what women are thinking.
Kino (2 months ago)
They got blue gold and Amber hoes
Juliana Veras (2 months ago)
2019 - BR ♡ Ah infância...
farit z (2 months ago)
Ludacris the best
Michael (2 months ago)
Jovem pan voltou a tocar esse hino uhulll 2019
Maria de fatima (2 months ago)
bairro São joao bsj
Maria de fatima (2 months ago)
Maria de fatima (2 months ago)
Gustavo julio roberto
alvin magtoto (2 months ago)
2019? 😅
IZEx2 Ray (2 months ago)
After 10 years! 2019! Anyone?
Maria de fatima (2 months ago)
(((Gustavo julio roberto )
Ragga x Chat (2 months ago)
Garnett. Four press I den
gg kg f (3 months ago)
Brasil 2019
george alves (3 months ago)
brasil love ,united states the best the word. i like what them girls like ft chris brown.
Songgi Ylanan (3 months ago)
omgosh telepathy!
Rogerio Barbosa (3 months ago)
Valerius Giuliano (3 months ago)
Afeni (3 months ago)
Hey Amberrr 💗💗🥂
Monisha Carlton (3 months ago)
I knew Sean Garrett sound familiar 😂 and I see you bae
André Savio (3 months ago)
WANDERSON QUINN (3 months ago)
Marco Schiavon (3 months ago)
Like 2018
T Lady (4 months ago)
I miss this video 😂 I 💯I love to pic me in this video with them 💯🤤
Alex Fuentes (4 months ago)
2018 ?
Bruno Magno (4 months ago)
2018 #TeamBreezyBrazil
My opinition what life that there
DJakare FR (4 months ago)
Michael (2 months ago)
Era massa só pra nós kk
Marcellus Nietz (2 months ago)
Né, essa música bombou muito por aqui no BR na época
Like it
cameron davila (4 months ago)
Theatre Of Yhe mind dropped 10 years ago today 11/24/08
Mark Gil Mateo (5 months ago)
Saw Tyrese up in herrreee!
Luis Felipe (5 months ago)
2018 someone????
Charllotte Campos (5 months ago)
3:37 *REPLAY*
Mathiasfree Galeanofire (5 months ago)
Q bien baila
XoidHD (5 months ago)
2018 Anyone
Ariana George (6 months ago)
I forgot Sean Garret was in this video lol
-_Paulo Alan_- (6 months ago)
4:39 olha um nigga fã do Brazil kkkkk
Lucas Amaral (6 months ago)
Até quem fim Chris Brown fez uma clipe Bom de novo que nem os outros antigos Muito top"😍💪
DJakare FR (4 months ago)
*ESSA MUSICA É DE 2009* 🤦🏾‍♂️
k y e e (6 months ago)
*Lit 🔥*
Felipe Santos (6 months ago)
hey 2018?
Manny Flores (6 months ago)
69 don't want it. 😂
Tea Villegas (6 months ago)
Amber Rose 🙌🏽🔥 Muvaaa
pescosinho santana (6 months ago)
Eu merecia ter uma oportunidade de mostrar meu talento
MissLucylicious31 (7 months ago)
Amber with the original booty lol
Anderson da Silva (7 months ago)
Tyrese representou demais com a blusa do Brasil 🇧🇷 back to 2000s
Jean Luiz Opaleiro (1 month ago)
Só consegui lembrar de uma coisa vendo ele: Velozes e furiosos😂😂😂Tej e ele😂
самая ловкая песня ludacrisа sexting еще нравится
Sarah DeMarcus (7 months ago)
OMG he’s my cousin ERKEL!
Noel Soto (7 months ago)
03:35 Teairra Marie!
normalnormansizzle (7 months ago)
João Paulo (8 months ago)
Cris Brown ludacris
Elsa Akinyi (8 months ago)
amber rose bald headed ass
Veronika Garner (8 months ago)
Always Love All Of Ludacris Music!!! Best Mode At All Times!!! Greatest Inspiration!!! Thank You So Much!!!
TH (8 months ago)
2018 like like
Nonsikelelo Moyo (8 months ago)
There are places on your body I'm tryna find😂😂🔥
•Anooomiiim 2.0 (9 months ago)
2018 👑👑
Gustavo Silva (9 months ago)
Caralho, que nostalgia. Nunca soube o nome dessa música, achei por acaso. Sorte
farit z (9 months ago)
Хороший трек
Izehumah Eyiba (9 months ago)
I remember this song was playing on BET 106 & Park on the number 6 countdown
Melanie Alexandra (9 months ago)
Here cause of "before they were famous ; amber rose"
sgt fluffy (9 months ago)
Amber rose told a few too many to "pull her hair" pulled that shit right off
Alex Korzov (9 months ago)
Who from 2018?))
Clarissa Matthews (9 months ago)
Jasmine Johnson (9 months ago)
Selina Pace (10 months ago)
They was only missing Kim Kardashian and kimbella in this video lol
Jasmine Johnson (10 months ago)
Diva ' (10 months ago)
This video is 10 years old. Wow
Maurice Raymond (10 months ago)
Classic🔥🔥🙏,😳Breezy still make great music,i just need this swag back,he just had that swag and looked happy in all his videos
epen slow (10 months ago)
Hell yeah.....👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lorenzo Perry (10 months ago)
Love that song
Jade Aliyah (11 months ago)
When tyrese was black
Jasmine Johnson (11 months ago)
URSULA NEWSON (11 months ago)
Jasmine Johnson (11 months ago)
eillebelly tv (11 months ago)
Marcio Fraga (11 months ago)
MT foda
BOAKYE KWAME (1 year ago)
Amber Rose Still Hot Lyk 🎂
jailson araujo (1 year ago)
The best raap
To óno ma Chanel (1 year ago)
Wtf idk amber rose was in this video
Axel Alfaro (1 year ago)
lowrider music on a Yardie Lobo
Denishea Bates (1 year ago)
chris brown look high and drunk
Rap Champion (1 year ago)
Astrid Gomez (1 year ago)
2018 and this old song is better than old that crap that’s now in days
Joao Vitoor (1 year ago)
2018 na quele piqueeee
Rick Grimes (1 year ago)
Só os fã de vdd aq
Rafael Lourenço (5 months ago)
eae mn
Ibi Mohamadou (1 year ago)
Who is here in 2018??

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