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5 Tips to Look Attractive In Every Pictures | Get YOUR Crush TO Like Your Pics!

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Text Comments (861)
Gee Staboy (1 day ago)
Don’t forget rose gold and black
Subhodip Roy (2 days ago)
But the shape of my teeth are bad....I can't show my teeth in pics😓😔
jb fan boy (17 days ago)
Awesome 😀
Jitendra Sewal (17 days ago)
Are u Indian..?
I Watch Organic (17 days ago)
You forgot to mention that none of this works if your obese and or ugly
Sarthak Chitra (18 days ago)
Jose the type of Juniga who look better in real life if compare with pictures...
U are soo massive
Bhunesh Vaid (19 days ago)
My nose is looking big in pics😓😓😓
david jones (20 days ago)
1:20 hell yeah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️
Yekini Ationu (25 days ago)
This guy talks alot
Dark Tube (26 days ago)
How can I make my face slim ?
Penstrumental (28 days ago)
Ad ends at 3:15
Hi my name is (29 days ago)
#6 have a photographer
NABIL OZMO (1 month ago)
ياتل كاش عربي يعمل جام
HB TV (1 month ago)
Theh whole video is AD
Hotshot Squad (1 month ago)
What will be the best iOS photo editing app in your opinion?
Omar Elgendy (1 month ago)
All while your photographer what? Yeah because everyone has a photographer right? 😂
Begad Kadous (1 month ago)
Where do u get your shirts from?
LearNing Rookie bilal (1 month ago)
Yoo cool
bari j (1 month ago)
just saw this and I am in love with how this dude is eloquent. I like the video. Bae should see this
GaMeR500 (1 month ago)
I need a whitening kit
Jow (1 month ago)
What about group pic? They won't do candid, if I do candid I will just look like a retard that doesnt know where the camera is. Lol
Christian Everett (1 month ago)
What if you have bad teeth? Just be confident? I'm 14 and my teeth didn't grow in correctly.
abrar _ (2 months ago)
No hard feelings but u just don't look attractive either irl or in photos
Maanka Yare (2 months ago)
I can't believe tahat
Mohamed Nasurutheen (2 months ago)
Mmm very
Shivanagouda 8971 Shiva (2 months ago)
Sopr commentry bro
rjdjjf spesl (2 months ago)
u should still go to your nearest dentist. hydrogen peroxide makes your enamel soft it might cause abrasion when u brush your teeth
Gabriel Waggoner (2 months ago)
Gabriel Waggoner (2 months ago)
Gabriel Waggoner (2 months ago)
Gabriel Waggoner (2 months ago)
Gabriel Waggoner (2 months ago)
Gabriel Waggoner (2 months ago)
Gabriel Waggoner (2 months ago)
Gabriel Waggoner (2 months ago)
Akasyah Murad (2 months ago)
I forced my self, it's ugly.. I make it candid also look ugly.. Guess I'm not photogenic
Arvin Ibn Azad (3 months ago)
Dear Students, The Accounting coaching of Gawhar Sir has been shifted. The new address of the coaching is Makhon Villa, House # 9-A, Road-28 (old) 15 (New) Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209. There will be no class on 27th September to 30th September. Thank you. Gawhar sir
pothireddy sreekanth (3 months ago)
brother plz do skinny boys dressing styles
James Gharti Magar (3 months ago)
U do lot of advertising in every video rather than the main topic of video😕😕
Dracula pkrl (3 months ago)
Use tiege & hanley Oops! Wrong channel
Prince Patel (3 months ago)
What’s that thing on your collar of every shirt you wear
Tsering Dolker (3 months ago)
Which app do use for editing pictures?
Sasha Sirens (4 months ago)
When he starts talking about his sponsorship the video goes downhill and don't want to buy what he is trying to sell lol
Vlan Decks (4 months ago)
Nice try with that damn tooth brush I was going to buy from you’re great ad. It’s $200 bucks heck no bro, half your source is regular dudes who suck at talking lol pretty sure most of them aren’t going to buy a toothbrush that costs a third of their rent.
Bhagat Sneh. (4 months ago)
The name of the editing app you are using.PLZ
Ashish Vishwakarma (4 months ago)
For editing.. use snapseed
Caleb's Channel (5 months ago)
I have a ugly smile😢
Emmanuel Bufazi (5 months ago)
Keep it up man.... Your channel now takes part of my time! I like what your doing....
Rumi Laskar (5 months ago)
Sorry, but most of your pictures weren't as attractive as you said
Tevorn Yorke (5 months ago)
Man thanks so much for helping us out
Suresh V (5 months ago)
U r God . Thank you so much man 😍😎👍
Shiva Varaprasad (5 months ago)
Give expressions r still how to look good . Its boring to hear
Mystic Echo (5 months ago)
My lips are big, if I smile I look weird. What do I do?
Sage Delaney (5 months ago)
Please include clothing that you wear in the video in the description!!!!
SpadeZ AQW (5 months ago)
With my strong arm I can do up to 60000 strokes a minute
Jean Elysée (5 months ago)
Going to delete my pictures
Fredreka Davis (5 months ago)
Blackpapaya Vevo (5 months ago)
I'm not photogenic anyway
Teen Gohan (5 months ago)
I’m that one person that don’t know how to smile 😂😂
FXN (5 months ago)
Whenever i smile i look like penny wise, or some kind of killer Even though i have perfect in shape, white teeth i just cant smile and make it look good
mimo rahali (5 months ago)
What do u do with gold diggers?
Most of this video is an ad for a tooth brush
Giani Mihai (6 months ago)
guys, i recomand an app called snapseed, it's free and perfect for alomost profesional editing pictures
Fun Kids (6 months ago)
What if my teeth r good but my smile is not
Mark Juan (6 months ago)
nahh dude i just slap my money on their but and girls will love me
Krishna Raj (6 months ago)
You are just a promoter... please shut up
Necho Dope (7 months ago)
Get an intro
Adrian Dizon (7 months ago)
tip to look attractive in every pictures have a good genes
The Uber Successful (7 months ago)
yeah electric vs manual toothbrushes is irrelevent. If you don't know how to brush, you don't know how to brush. If you know how to brush your teeth, your teeth will be as white like when using an electric toothbrush
Jerry Conner (7 months ago)
I am Happy that I looked at this video because I really like taking pics but I hate the way I look sometimes when it does not come out right I really get mad at me. I want to be an model so I will do all of this so that it can be right. Thanks for the video as well bro u are really cool
Jacob Brook (7 months ago)
Loki I don't feel.so good
Jacob Glunz (7 months ago)
0.43 the voice crack on instagram tho😂
Xyfurion (7 months ago)
1. Has to be candid. Make it seem the picture was casually snapped. Include motions for the pic to seem natural 2. Smile. Have nice teeth + toothbrush ad. 3. Use props. It makes the pictures more natural. 4. Use your best side. Angle your body. 5. Edit the pictures. Make them beautiful by messing with the exposure, saturation, etc.
Kåshif Shéikh. (7 months ago)
make a video , perfect photo editing .
Joe Mabiala (7 months ago)
TMF graduate🤙🏾
subham sah (7 months ago)
The Realest Idealist (7 months ago)
👕 What brand is your *black shirt?*
Sahil Kundliya (7 months ago)
Pls pls make the captions in hindi bro
Akash Felix (7 months ago)
Anyone else thinks he looks like the weekend
S Lot (7 months ago)
I satisfied bro, big love from india..
Juan Paulo (7 months ago)
Cant stop watching his video and checking his IG. 😍😍😍
hisyam tajudin (7 months ago)
Nad3 (7 months ago)
I was waiting for you to say, “But wait, There’s More!”
Chandraveer Singh (8 months ago)
Your hairstyle is awesome can u make video on this hairstyle plz
Jasper Olguin (8 months ago)
So just catfish
Y K (8 months ago)
Jeez ur jus one big advert machine aren't u all of ur videos are just geared to sell smthng. Please ppl open ur eyes to this donut he doesn't believe in anything he jus sells u whatever he is paid to sell u
tobi soyemi (8 months ago)
Shut up Bitch ass nigga
Carlos Ferreira (8 months ago)
I got a certain angle that I use every time I take a pic. I call that one "First Person View". Great vid btw.
savage savage (8 months ago)
1:31 my smile looks awkward cause my chebones look too chubby when I smile but my teeth are snow white tho
Supremebeing (8 months ago)
Thanks dad 😂🙏🏼
Study Questions (8 months ago)
Awsome. What is your instagram account?
Renoldy Synjion (8 months ago)
im a big fans of yours man
Robert Camatoy (8 months ago)
Lmao, all i can do is editing a photo 😆
Spacetime Shadow (8 months ago)
*me tryin to do this* Mom: look at the camera!
All in One (8 months ago)
My gap gap teeth.....
Jesse Jimenez (8 months ago)
I have an ugly smile that won't work lol
umbrella0110 (8 months ago)
Hey Jose, can you do a video to reduce a double chin?
Robinie killer (8 months ago)
Whitening kit? Nobody uses that
Andy J (8 months ago)
You are the best ...keep supporting

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