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Hollywood Undead - My Black Dahlia (Live)

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Live Camden Underworld London 10th Feb 09 one off uk show as part of their europe invasion. Play in high quality :)
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Elizabeth Rose (2 years ago)
Deuce is definitely not lip syncing on this but the man can't win, if he sounds good people bitch that he must be lip syncing. If he doesn't sound good people bitch about that lol.
poppa108 (7 years ago)
i mean deuce isnt that bad live but at 2:29 when he says sound... ouch
poppa108 (7 years ago)
I love going to small concerts like this you can actually like see the band its awesome!
Clarissa Young (7 years ago)
Andy Sweeney (7 years ago)
they should come to the UK more often, we killed it!
Johnny Syntax (8 years ago)
@TheAmc262 When he sings well, people say he lip syncs, when he is off, people make fun of him... i bet you sound like shit, bro
T mass (8 years ago)
deuce sounds liek shiiiiiiiit (when he dont lip sync) haha
why is it that everytime i watch a HU song Jizz in my pants is always under suggestions?
kingcaine1st (8 years ago)
J3T kinda sounds like eminem at the begining
JOBOB335 (8 years ago)
scene is a fatass
PowerClubKitt (8 years ago)
@redhotchiliman1 yes.. but they do it sooo muuuch
MrKeven108 (8 years ago)
not j3t looks different
Neyohh (9 years ago)
lol, they're way different than i imagined
Travis Foster (9 years ago)
check out mine and my friends cover of this song
PowerClubKitt (9 years ago)
how come the put there middle finger up everytime they say the f word just about xD
iloveyeww2011 (9 years ago)
it makes me think, dont their throats hurt after screaming? lmao. <33
TheBigCheeseSauce (9 years ago)
this song kicks emotions in the ass big time!!!
thefireisfun123 (9 years ago)
wow they dont sound much different live than they do in the studio. still kikass song tho
Robin Bosman (9 years ago)
2 drummers? awesome =D
Ian Peters (9 years ago)
da kurlz makes me laugh
Abdiel Torres (9 years ago)
Damn, Da Kurlzz is rocking his ass off on the drums!!!
Keenan Nguyen (9 years ago)
LOL GREAT VID JDOG IS FTW! Hollywood undead 4 life!
Changewaterkid (9 years ago)
at 55 seconds they sound kind of like linkin park
Patrick Villeneuve (9 years ago)
Ben Hauver (9 years ago)
that sir, is true
Lost Habit (9 years ago)
the diary is way better -_-
Lauren Bee (9 years ago)
It seems like they've got back up vocal on an instrumental track. I don't blame them though, this song is really fucking intense and vocally difficult. it just adds to it:)
Natturtle (9 years ago)
deuce is sexxxxyyyy.
Unscrambled Mandible (9 years ago)
... which ones which? I know Deuce + J-dog... cant identify any others. :P
Brendan Baird (9 years ago)
no masks?
A Mila (9 years ago)
i love hollywood undead...by far my favorite band....btw is it just me or does duece need 2 hit the wheights? haha
hillhiker88 (9 years ago)
So I never knew they took off their masks during the concert.
blondebros2 (9 years ago)
duece is really ugly
Bigberny11 (9 years ago)
da kurlzz is awesome man. i love him lol i wish i saw him 4 more the song tho lol
Kent Hiquet (9 years ago)
Yea but out of all of them he sounds the most like what he does on the album, not hating on HU i love them just giving Deuce his props for being a very impressive singer.
ThomasTheCure (9 years ago)
Deuce is my fav!
Chris (9 years ago)
biscuits, the drummer
Chris (10 years ago)
cos he is hired by the record company i think, not part of the origonal band
dbucky616 (10 years ago)
no j-dog does this love this hate
Austin Daricek (10 years ago)
acctally deuce sings the whole song for this love this hate :)
dbucky616 (10 years ago)
is this the only song that deuce has a verse in he usually only does chorus
BreakingAmyy (10 years ago)
BreakingAmyy (10 years ago)
Jdogs part is the best. He is the best. <3
superbadiste (10 years ago)
awesom HU in live ! :D
lukedangerfallon (10 years ago)
na hes was on my mates shoulders, they are back in april right?
lukedangerfallon (10 years ago)
j3tears was just standing in the crowd with us, they are so down to earth
bassbox5 (10 years ago)
Omdz i was there just to the left where Deuce stood 4 the show. Amazing set. Nyc vid m8

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