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$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

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Text Comments (16204)
Fatima Ahmed (4 hours ago)
I put ketchup on both eggs and rice who else does that?
Seven Seven (7 hours ago)
This soulless person🙄 18:50 Annie. Why is she there?
Hikaru Ito (14 hours ago)
Hikaru? 😂 yaaaay
mainsterious 999 (16 hours ago)
The omurice chef is like a Bob Ross version of the art of making egg omelet, so positive, bright, cheerful😂😂😂
Katelyn Lewandowski (17 hours ago)
Who was thinking of gordan Ramsey when he was showing passion for his food
vt6203669 (1 day ago)
I wonder how much those expensive stuff are pure psychology and taste only better in your mind
isuccatdrawing (1 day ago)
Everything that has part of the expression Oxs peepee
Magic Shop (1 day ago)
Kichi Kichi chef reminds me of hobi from BTS uwu
Home Phone (1 day ago)
I have ketchup on my eggs and I'm American
Naomi Yokoi (1 day ago)
Annie making faces behind everyone is a mood and a half
moonwitch01 (2 days ago)
Rei (sorry if i spelled it wrong) is like a mother taking care of her two kids in this episode
moonwitch01 (2 days ago)
The girl in the background around the begining just watching you guys lol
X Dyno X (2 days ago)
Is it me or does the first guy sound and look like Stan Lee?
Eric Mac (2 days ago)
0:56 that women below looking at you. "These people are weird.."
Deathsaw x1 (2 days ago)
Maaaaan rie is like the ideal woman :/
Zi Xiong (2 days ago)
Adam Does Not Have Expressions But He Has Feelings Which Is Probably Useless To Say Because Everyone Knows That Lol sorry for typing like this but I just felt like it
Volt (2 days ago)
Anyone else just keep coming back to watch the kichi kichi chef
xBLNx (2 days ago)
Who doesn’t eat ketchup with eggs or rice ?
Manthahime Chan (2 days ago)
Kichi kichi chef is a real life anime' character.
Coraline Splash (3 days ago)
Come to Malaysia, we have great food.
moshi moshi (3 days ago)
The Kichi Kichi chef’s personality reminds me so much of Jhope’s, energetic, angelic and joyful.
RARE XZN (3 days ago)
I love Annie
jay timber (3 days ago)
my dream is to be positive like the kichi kichi guy
TheyCallMe Natty (4 days ago)
0:05 that woman just hears them saying ‘egg’ over and over again
Izzy Equestrian (4 days ago)
Alec.M Š (4 days ago)
They should do a worth it for fried rice🤤...
Efffy Zombie (4 days ago)
Do these guy's gain weight or not
So rich *just eating rice with a raw egg and a kethcup* Ik im gonna get whooshed
itsAyuni (4 days ago)
Hey I'm from malaysia but I don't eat egg that much 😂
SwipeRight (4 days ago)
0:53 that lady prob sayin that egg finna lookin good
Chronic 8yr (5 days ago)
leggo my egg-o
joshua Mapp (5 days ago)
Caleb Hor (5 days ago)
I mean I know why Malaysia is in the top cause like we eat nasi lemak everyday
GossipGirl16 (5 days ago)
I can't with Rie, she's just so freaking adorable. Ugh Buzzfeed you better protect this baby!!
CrystalGacha (5 days ago)
Am i the only person kinda shipping Andrew with Rie? Look at the way Andrew looks at Rie 😂
CrystalGacha (5 days ago)
"Japanese people love ketchup" OMG SANS IS JAPANESE
DeathVSLight hi (5 days ago)
17:59 to 18:00 there should be FBI
Evan Baldwin (5 days ago)
Did anybody realize his shirt was inside out
rex cruz (6 days ago)
i feel like im watching anime haha😂😁
Soru (6 days ago)
The real life 'YUKIMURA' souma.
ProblematicManiac (6 days ago)
"Watashi Wa Tamago" -Miraie
Ankit Gupta (6 days ago)
Can we talk about the lady with the umbrellas at 0:57 who is creepily watching them eat egg delicacies
Maureen Wesseling (6 days ago)
Ankit Gupta ohh that’s one of their producers!
ROY HILL (6 days ago)
Do you guys think he goes "FIRRREA" every time , like even when none are watching?
Paranormal Oddities (6 days ago)
I have a gudetama phone case 😔
Skepticile ML (7 days ago)
Can adam talk????
Dao Yang (7 days ago)
What's the story behind them two being dressed like Dad's?
Sky_stider223 (7 days ago)
That omurice I was thinking it would taste a little bit beer with light cheese and bacon bits Lol maybe I’m just crazy though
Callie Rodrigo (7 days ago)
Literally such an Adam fan
Aidan Morris (7 days ago)
TKG: The healthy alternative to Tide Pods!
Emmy Riggs (7 days ago)
"Which came first: the chicken or the egg?" To which my answer is always: "The dinosaur."
Emmy Riggs (6 days ago)
+Itut Bnuk The Triassic period.
Itut Bnuk (7 days ago)
Then which is first dinosaur or egg?...
zero64 (8 days ago)
He said he needs off the customers happiness and then Adam shows up and he is like wtf
Anton Lindemer (8 days ago)
Anyone else see the woman at 0:56 looking at these guys like wtf.
Gelle Leane (8 days ago)
Here in the Philippines we cook fried rice with ketchup and eat egg with ketchup too. Proud Filipino here🤗🇵🇭👋
what is annie doing there with her yellow umbrella
kichi kichi is a chef from anime: Shokugeki no Soma
ImSoEdgyWoah (8 days ago)
5:38 protect this man at all costs.
Quenna Adiartasya (9 days ago)
Is that women from tasty
Shadow Mesia (9 days ago)
I was eating ramen dieting this
Shaun Seymour (10 days ago)
0:04 the girl in the background "weirdo"
flowerboysandramyun (10 days ago)
k but why is that first chef the japanese stan lee
Snow (10 days ago)
5:46 bless you
Ernest Tew (10 days ago)
Is that rie from tasty?
shaqill malakhy (10 days ago)
Your happiness = my happiness My happiness = your happiness My happiness = my happiness
vikki nguyen (10 days ago)
I want to go to kichi kichi restaurant but does anyone know if you can just do walk-in or have to make reservation in advance?
Grace Kim (10 days ago)
eggscuse me please bring back the worth it egg fact tshirt in royal blue I had it saved in my Amazon cart and now it seems that it no longer exists :-(((((((((( please help me turn this frown upside down!!!! it would make them eggs sunny side up for moi!!! THank yOU!!!!
RoseisoutofherTOGA (9 days ago)
I just spent an hour configuring my budget to allow for a trip to Japan to go to Kichi Kichi. It’s happening. I am so excited!
RoseisoutofherTOGA (5 days ago)
It’s next year in January, so I have a ways to go, but I’ve never been working as hard as I am now, knowing my Japan trip is coming to fruition!!!!!! I’m not even going to attempt the omurice until I taste the chef’s masterpiece.
Yoongi (5 days ago)
Commenting to see the replies later. Enjoy your trip! :DD
Kaela Lazaro (7 days ago)
yeey! please update us!
ᄏᄏᄏ케라 (7 days ago)
Tell us how did it go!
Meghan Ramsey (10 days ago)
Who else just loves that the Japanese chef's hair is purple?? It just seems so different than the traditional look you see from a lot of people in Japan.
chan. chan (11 days ago)
0:05 as u can see in the background there is a lady looking at u wondering “Why r they saying egg?”
Ernie Yu Soon (11 days ago)
Guys, if you wanna laugh like crazy, then turn on the automatic captions whenever the Japanese speak in Japanese. XD
Soklida HENG (11 days ago)
i feel like stevens shirt is inside out
Bob Newtron (12 days ago)
Dang steve be looking tall.
Ananya Mohanty (12 days ago)
Ok. The thing is I saw smile in Adam's face. Awwww 😍
New Thitipoom (12 days ago)
We All LOVE Adam
azzim94 (12 days ago)
ZwaneYT (12 days ago)
16:34 Just wondered if it can be boiled? Or can only be eaten raw? :)
Kermit’s soul (10 days ago)
It can most likely be boiled but it’s supposed to be eaten raw
SK7 (12 days ago)
I like ketchup on my eggs Don’t @me
TheFlying Deagle (12 days ago)
Alyss In Wonderland (13 days ago)
I wanna marry Kichi Kichi Chef 😂❤️
Skyfracture (13 days ago)
Japanese and subtitles are hilarious
Barrett (13 days ago)
What if the Kichi-Kichi chef had an english speaking youtube channel? I'd binge that.
N the Otaku (19 hours ago)
Well it’s not English-speaking, but he does have a YT channel, and there are subtitles.
Stanley Jayalie (13 days ago)
Andrew once went to Kici-Kici Restaurant to try cook the omurice with the chef
mex herr (13 days ago)
The "tasty" lady seems a bit out of place... 🤔
9:45 me at 3 in the morning
Muhammad Fazari (13 days ago)
_salmonella has joined the chat_
Brian Holloway (14 days ago)
What if aliens came along and took the eggs out of women and made scrambled eggs like this.
Kitty parfait Cat (14 days ago)
0:58 kinda behind rie there is a lady looking at them weird
mwahahahahaha-guy (14 days ago)
I have never seen an egg yolk that beautiful and you can actually hold it with the tip of your fingers without bursting.
DOR3MA (14 days ago)
Bando de domingueiro irresponsável
Vee c: (14 days ago)
Adam...The silent watcher👀
Soda_YEET (14 days ago)
the only reason i sub buzzfeed
Nyein Aye Paing (14 days ago)
They ate the whole chicken
Tamara McRae (15 days ago)
I think we should all strive to get a job or career and love your job. The guy from Kichi kichi restaurant inspire me to do better
A jackie chan chef whooooo and im loving te way he perform!
Lervin Paras (15 days ago)
The kichi kichi guy has the hair of Yujiro Hanma from Baki. Ok I'll go.
memester 69 (15 days ago)
8:04 *Got em*
Zizazita x (16 days ago)
18:16 he was so happy 😩
kichi kichi chef is my spirit animal
Papa Gelo (16 days ago)
I guess you could say it was eggspensive
dual8288 (16 days ago)
the Kichi kichi chef is my new role model
Possum Boy (16 days ago)
I come back to this episode so much. It’s so cute and sweet and everyone is enjoying themselves !! Adam’s smile when he picks up the yolk is adorable too

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