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WE LIKE THEM GIRLS (dir. by ForrestFire101)

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**NOTE** This song is satire. We're 99.74% sure that Legos don't have vaginas. -The YFM Team DOWNLOAD THE MP3: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-like-them-girls-single/id499102656 CHECK OUT MORE LEGO VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/ForrestFire101 OUR FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/urfavoritemartian
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Text Comments (27447)
Pawie Paws (17 days ago)
40k angry feminists
Jordan Brathwaite (25 days ago)
2018 Anyone?
Samuel Tan (28 days ago)
Unrealistic expectations for women 😂
XboxOne4U2NV (29 days ago)
Deejay's parts are super funny
DaFordKid Films (1 month ago)
1:54 lego Smart ForTwo car
SPIRIT (1 month ago)
mcmilliøn (1 month ago)
Woman: "I only date tall cute handsome guys." "Yeah same" every other girl. Guy: "I think I prefer slim girls." Every girl ever: REEEEEEE
Squid Kid (1 month ago)
Aahhh. The good ol days
ezbean870 (1 month ago)
Why is this recommended to me?
Samuel Hendriks (1 month ago)
Lego YFM sell me the stuff in the vid Ray I want it all. $80?
TAVARE ROSE (2 months ago)
this shit funny
Heroic Carbide (2 months ago)
I mean I love YFM butt this is the worst song of YFM
MargeTheSnake (1 month ago)
In your opinion 👀
Dentoden 5609 (2 months ago)
I like dem people who aren’t perverts like you
MargeTheSnake (1 month ago)
It’s clearly satire
Miss S (2 months ago)
So many triggered people- fuck, just have a giggle for laughs sake!
so the same guy who made the duck song directed this? nice
dirkshimada (2 months ago)
why do people think this is offensive
Supersonic (2 months ago)
+dirkshimada some people don't understand what a joke is.
cierra price (2 months ago)
I like them dudes with functioning penises
willber13 (2 months ago)
the fuck
Hater Boi (2 months ago)
This is so stupid,I like it... What is wrong with me?
These guys have no shame
Sir B O T T O M T E X T (2 months ago)
I miss old YouTube.
soapier (2 months ago)
go too vidlii its like old youtube
Marin Hrabrić (2 months ago)
If this was made in 2018 it would be SWAT-ed by fucking feminists as sexist and shovinistic and that kinda crap. Also this my favorite song Ray made and it's fucking awesome
coolkid 473 474 (3 months ago)
Blue Shoe (3 months ago)
Only time I heard them say fucking
Radagast (3 months ago)
could u imagine uploading this now? -2018-
Jaack RT (3 months ago)
Julian SOURBI (3 months ago)
It in Lego style i love it!
username (3 months ago)
40K women don't have functioning vaginas
TheMemer27 No (3 months ago)
*Lego Movie 2 Opening Theme leaked*
David Dunlop (3 months ago)
Wait until the feminists get their hands on this one
Jugg Official (3 months ago)
Nostalgia af
BurningSnoMan (3 months ago)
The world would lose it's fucking shit if this came out in 2018
Skullmonkeys44 (3 months ago)
it's 2018 and it's gold. gotta save it on an HDD before it desapear.
BackStreet BMX (3 months ago)
2018 who here boi o
Mearletta Scarborough (3 months ago)
I would like to dead Cate this song to Obama's wife
AndroidKitty (3 months ago)
40k girls do not have functioning vaginas
Woweewoo (3 months ago)
40k people can’t take a joke.
Ex0dusBegins (3 months ago)
40K Feminist losers.
May Punk (4 months ago)
I remember forrest fire was a thing.
Paulo da Silva (4 months ago)
Mlg lego movie???
CatMaster33 (4 months ago)
I can eat food and draw, but I might stab.
your mom (4 months ago)
Isn't Mary Jane a nickname for marijuana?
How did "whip yo kids" get taken down and not this YouTube is fucked up
I remember this
Piero Rojas (4 months ago)
Sami )`:
graveboy (4 months ago)
dont stab
Aleski (4 months ago)
Shoot me
atomic doomsday58 (4 months ago)
How did this get any dislikes? They literally just said they don't care about what the girl is like
Joseph Santiago (4 months ago)
Then Ray realized, he liked boys with a functioning penis.
Satire Zeby (4 months ago)
Oml Forrestfire101 I on to get drugged on spongebob burger gummies
Apple Virus (5 months ago)
if any girl asks: what do you like about me or others...show them this
trAshley (5 months ago)
this is really unfunny
Coopadoop Films (5 months ago)
The LEGO movie 2 theme song looks pretty lit...
raw hart (5 months ago)
um why dad
What if youre the hottest girl ever who's intelligent and everyone loves you but your vagina doesn't function XD
victor diaz (5 months ago)
mfw feminists don't realize they'll date basically any girl, because they don't have high standards
Koichi Hirose (5 months ago)
I want a lego DJ
Alvin Lee (5 months ago)
This is the most equal thumbs-up to thumbs-down ratio on YFM's channel. Probably dislikes from feminists.
AndroidKitty (5 months ago)
The Lego movie looks great
cosmoist the poke-fag (5 months ago)
yes yes good but legos?
Blake Heskett (5 months ago)
SJW’s found this channel and disliked for “ableism”.
Blake Heskett (6 months ago)
SJWs waz here
stray kitten (6 months ago)
Adam Richmond (6 months ago)
I wonder who wrote the song this time...
Ajay Chamberlain (6 months ago)
This is stupid
Woomy Dayz (6 months ago)
*WhY dId I jUsT wAtCh ThIs?* Everyone else: *YoU cLiCkEd On It*
Heroína Mother (6 months ago)
So many dislikes damn, I use to love this song in middle school
Magma (6 months ago)
*dont stab*
AmericanRX (6 months ago)
2018 and still listening to this shit. XD
Hans Lad (6 months ago)
**F U N C T I O N I N G V A G I N A S**
Theodore Tiernan (6 months ago)
Why does this have so many dislikes?
Yasha Bog (6 months ago)
Papa Arcichella (6 months ago)
Describes my life
Aj briles (7 months ago)
This came from the same people who made the Duck song, think about that shit
AAron (7 months ago)
years later I come here and this is better ,,,I miss ray  I don't face book....
Tiger-Prince (7 months ago)
what the fuck
Mason Wilkins (8 months ago)
That drop was more unexpected than my last kid.
Shadow keeper (8 months ago)
Daddy Pig (8 months ago)
guaridadelsapo (8 months ago)
40k offended millenials
Mini Movie Mania (8 months ago)
a random guy (8 months ago)
We like them girls without CRIPPLING DEPRESSION
Family Friendly Police (8 months ago)
"And and one of them is a leg
It is in lego
Erika Nakagawa Gaming (8 months ago)
We like them girls who can write their name: Woman who take their education seriously. We like them with at least 2 limbs: The form of a body regardless of its condition is no impact on a persons strong will to having a relationship. 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 leg and 1 arm is still a perfectly functional for normal life. We like them girls who can eat food: Woman who take care of their well being and don't starve them selves or deform them selves for attracting. We like them girls who don't stab: Woman who are more down to earth and not crazy. Those who can think before they act and take logic and others in consideration above them selves. As for the rest of the lyrics, they are all very true in their own way.
Mr TehCat (8 months ago)
I regret clicking this video...
C. Chambers (8 months ago)
Llewellyn Ann (8 months ago)
don't stab, don't stab!
Description We're 99.74% sure that legos don't have vaginas -YFM XD
Brayden Taylor (9 months ago)
This is fucking terrible
SquidMigo (8 months ago)
Brayden Taylor get over it..it’s the internet,if you don’t like it,get off the internet.
Water Boi (8 months ago)
Brayden Taylor it’s called satire
James Rae (9 months ago)
The ORIGINAL Lego Movie.
Toni Faulkner (9 months ago)
The whole time I was thinking of hetalia... yes aph Denmark because of the Legos.
TobiCevaBuddy (9 months ago)
Lego dj looks like hes seen some shit
SquidMigo (9 months ago)
It scared me that they had to make it with LEGO’s..lego bricks..for children 7-14 years old...Man...
NetObito (9 months ago)
WackyWooper XD
Artistcrafter1738 (9 months ago)
Hahahahaha This is awesome Now I need a Puff Puff Mini-figure whom is watching this in 2018!!! This is why I love Puff Puff he's such a perv :)
Christopher Kopke (9 months ago)
They're coming back https://www.facebook.com/UrFavoriteMartian/
monsterhaunt (9 months ago)
the fact that SJW's and Feminazis get offended by this is surprising. I'm a female myself and this is fucking hilarious.
Besaw (9 months ago)
Say vagina a whole bunch of times yet it's not age restricted Like booty store
Mini Lass (10 months ago)
Ok.... how can a lego get pregnant and have sex?!
marifer garza (10 months ago)

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