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We Like Them Girls - Your Favorite Martian

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Here is the new song from Your Favorite Martian (Ray William Johnson) called We Like Them Girls. Sub, Like, Comment! Thanks
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Text Comments (21)
weird is better (2 years ago)
Xuriiiiiiii ❤️❤️💋
sadlobster1 (3 years ago)
What exactly are girls who don't stab
Sheckled (3 years ago)
This was my last video before (I believe) I got hacked. I wish I can get the password back to delete my old, cringe-worthy videos. But at least it was a hell lot of fun while it lasted. RIP thehorrorcollecter
Pomegranate Mistress (5 years ago)
So perverted, but hard to not love the song.
Christopher Brown (5 years ago)
People its NOT flagged, I'm watching it RIGHT now! Your internet probably just SUCKS or there's a problem with your wifi or something, but its NOT flagged!
Chief keef (6 years ago)
A J (6 years ago)
Yaaay good cool song
Zoidberg Said Bort (6 years ago)
why is everyone sayig its flagged? i just watched it...
Alexis cutiee (6 years ago)
i hate thisnew yutube. you cant click more videos becuase there isnt one !!!!:(
Kendioke (6 years ago)
carrie queen (6 years ago)
This song is soooo..... funny
Silas Ember (7 years ago)
weird the actuall video gets flagged but the lego version doesnt
Juan Lopez (7 years ago)
@DarkPlaidBlade no its not
Corbin Matzel (7 years ago)
they put 99.9%-100% they say in a sexual way
DarkPlaidBlade (7 years ago)
I wanna see the video :( But its flagged
divisiondelta (7 years ago)
how is it this the song that gets flagged as inapropriate on the channel and not something like "tig ol bitties" or "she looks like sex"?
gee (7 years ago)
can you add the lyrics???? PLEASSSSSEEEEEE!!!!????
gee (7 years ago)
BeanieTheWolfee (7 years ago)
JuLeDoS (7 years ago)
First YFM song that made me laugh since Epileptic Techno!
ShackaNooey (7 years ago)
thanks man awesome song :D

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