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BuzzFeedYellow uploaded a video a few weeks ago in which stupid women ask stupid questions for men, most of which are based on sexist generalizations about men. This is my retort. Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DrShaym My "'Teach Men Not to Rape' is Stupid Rhetoric" video: https://youtu.be/eeX55puKt6A Original video: https://youtu.be/u_J0Ng5cUGg September 13, 2018: ten million views.
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Dr Shaym (15 days ago)
One of the most common (and flawed) rebuttals to this video is the argument that "these aren't _real_ feminists, feminism is about equality!" This argument doesn't hold water because feminism, as an ideology, is based on feminist theory, which is entirely predicated on the narrative of "patriarchy": the idea that all societal inequalities are slanted in favor of men at the expense of women. Not only is this demonstrably false (as explained in the video), it also necessarily paints men as perpetual villains and women as perpetual victims. In order to hold up this narrative, feminists have to ignore or deny the inequalities faced by men. This makes feminism fundamentally opposed to equality, and not even just in theory. Feminism dominates public discourse in media and academia, but how many of you were aware that men and women are victims of intimate partner violence in nearly equal proportion, or that the majority of intimate partner violence is perpetrated by women? That's something you never hear feminists talk about. On the contrary, they push the false narrative that domestic violence is inherently one-sided; something men do to women. Feminists have even gone out of their way to cover up evidence that undermines this narrative, as documented by Murray A. Strauss in 2007. https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/2015data-brief508.pdf#page=13 http://familieslink.co.uk/download/sept07/Reciprocal%20violence%20AJPH.pdf http://www.batteredmen.com/ArcherSexDifferencesMeta-AnalyticReviewf2000.pdf https://www.researchgate.net/publication/225766205_Processes_Explaining_the_Concealment_and_Distortion_of_Evidence_on_Gender_Symmetry_in_Partner_Violence And that's just one example. Feminists also like to push the idea that men hold all of the power in our society based on the fact that most executives and politicians are men, but then ignore the fact that men also account for the majority of the homeless population, the male employment rate has been trending downward since the 1950s, and that men commit suicide at nearly four times the rate of women. http://www.nationalhomeless.org/factsheets/Whois.pdf#page=2 https://www.bls.gov/opub/ted/2007/jan/wk2/art03.htm https://afsp.org/about-suicide/suicide-statistics/ Then there's also the systemic bias against boys in the education system which sets them up for failure. Instead of speaking out against this, feminists such as Sandra J. Anderson (a former professor at Ohio State University) have celebrated it as some sort of revenge against men, and feminists continue to push the narrative that women are oppressed by the education system despite being over-represented in college enrollment, and the fact that the high school dropout rate has been higher for boys for at least thirty years. http://ftp.iza.org/dp5973.pdf http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/03/06/womens-college-enrollment-gains-leave-men-behind/ https://www.infoplease.com/us/school-enrollment-and-educational-attainment/high-school-dropout-rates-sex How can you claim your movement is one for equality between the sexes when it actively vilifies an entire sex and downplays their issues? You can't. Feminism, as an ideology and political movement, is antithetical to equality. It's even in the name. Feminism is about propping up women, even at the expense of men. If you believe in equality, then you should drop the feminist label. Despite their assertions that "if you believe in equality, then you're a feminist" and "if you don't call yourself a feminist, then you're a sexist", feminists don't hold a monopoly on equality. Quite the opposite, actually. Through their actions and the very theories that underpin their ideology, they are opposed to equality.
H3y p33ps (17 minutes ago)
Feel like this should be one of those "Don't click read more" things...
LIGHCROP (12 hours ago)
Can u make a video on the girl who accused a man of rape for saving her from drowning: she stated that because she was unconscious underwater she could not consent to him touching her and he could pull her wherever he feels..... where the fuck has our society gone
The Mighty Eagle (13 hours ago)
you make a really good point
Rogue Razac (15 hours ago)
I know a few EXTEMELY feminist teachers that I want to show this video to
Edgy Memes (18 hours ago)
jones1234567891011 why?
Ryan Cole (30 minutes ago)
Honest to God, this I'd the best video I've seen that describes this subject. Responses are more facts than opinion. He even gives some questions in return that should make them realize that they're wrong (even tho it totally wont. I mean, come on) I've lost faith in humanity as it is but this man is making things seem like there is a chance
Aryan Jadhav (1 hour ago)
23:28 F***, I'm an Indian Male. Good to know tho. This is officially the best video on YouTube
sonburn985 (1 hour ago)
Women want equality but only in there favour
sonburn985 (1 hour ago)
I’m offend by porn hub and how women are the core of it but without men they would fail
TheLabourMP (1 hour ago)
why are you women afraid of men that earn more than you
sonburn985 (1 hour ago)
Can you talk in a pillow and send it to me so I can sleep on it and listen to this the whole night
Squidy Dabs (1 hour ago)
14:00 deep man
Grims Souls (1 hour ago)
21k feminists.
Valerie Ziegler (1 hour ago)
Quality statements 10/10
Realistic Optimist (1 hour ago)
What a wonderful group of strong, independent women. Every young women should aspire to be as bitter and discriminatory as these women.
Harold Snipes (2 hours ago)
Ilgaz K (2 hours ago)
average dumb feminist :How does it feel to get kicked in the ball ? Dr Shaym : How do you think it feels you dumb bitch This got me so hard :d
Ilgaz K (3 hours ago)
Damn those feminists just got dematerialized
Haytchtee (3 hours ago)
I feel like this guy just pure roasted them
Edward Henry (3 hours ago)
Anyone that falsely accuses anyone of rape should get a good 25 year sentence.
Edward Henry (3 hours ago)
Vote Dr. Shaym for president. This is the shit the world needs to know about
Lincoln (3 hours ago)
Lincoln (3 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Rizki Ramadhan (3 hours ago)
Wow, I didn't know there were such things as conservative Christians Lol jk, I know some, it's just that they're so rare compared to Muslim conservatives
Rahul Prasad (4 hours ago)
you are just amazing man, You need to make a video on Feminists in India , cause that is some next level shit
Rahul Prasad (4 hours ago)
this is just amazing, all the people who disliked are Feminists
Misshowzat (4 hours ago)
I *love* this video! More and more recently I've been seeing just how huge the 'social privilege gap' is between men & women. My brother is currently at my parents house after getting out of a 3 year abusive marriage with a female psychopath (not shaming, I mean diagnosed disorder). He told us multiple times a day he was demeaned, punched, pinched in a way that would leave no mark but bruising under the skin, hit, kicked, ordered around & generally injured. Yet even though there's proof of this & her already doing the same to the children (which she forcibly took after falsely calling abuse) his court lawyer predicts he has a 5%-15% chance of winning the children. He is a loving father who *adores* his kids & yet he finds himself in the position a lot of women have but without the support or backup.
The Exotic (5 hours ago)
how do you feel about these female creature
Vegemite Bong (5 hours ago)
iM nOn BiNaRy
Ash kestrel (6 hours ago)
not to sound like a man, but HELL.FREAKING.YES.
SmileyFace Productions (6 hours ago)
Common Sense, FIANALY
Razzle Snazzle (6 hours ago)
I'm a lumberjack and I'm o.K..................
Leonardo Olindo (7 hours ago)
22:13 daaaam
Kronai^Games (7 hours ago)
This man, is a GOD among Men!~ Thank you, oh benevolent lord!~ For you hath giveth us salvation!~ From this video! Praise the lord! For he hath strike back at the feminists who ask the stupid fucking questions!~ Amen!~
bradly bowers (8 hours ago)
you have my support 100%
The Ian Mustang (8 hours ago)
Stop playing the VICTIM card and get your shit together. You won't hear hardworking women complaining and ask useful questions for once 👎👎 And Btw , to all feminists Facts>emotion You all should be ready to face criticism so stop being stupid 👎👎👎
Karin Ostensson (9 hours ago)
you sir should get a award
Bill Cipher (9 hours ago)
I was really hoping that buzzfeed would have responded very angrily and stupidly, and have everyone roast them about as bad as Wendy roasts people on Twitter that trash talk them xD
Sergeant Panda (9 hours ago)
What I don't get is the fact that if there was no such thing as "man" or "woman" no one here would be here now so what's the point of being "sexist" or "feminist"
the music hub (9 hours ago)
What's the difference between a star and a feminist The star explodes a few 100 years
Gaming With Juanton (9 hours ago)
Nearly 3 years late at watching this but that was 30 minutes well spent
Carl Johan (9 hours ago)
What really slays me is when these people get offended by compliments, because "the guy is obviously trying to get your number" or something. It's at the point where dating is quite literally a huge risk for the man, because if the woman decides that he offended her somehow she can accuse him of rape. And then they wonder why men don't seem to want anything to do with them whatsoever. I have heard stories of hookers with more integrity them feminists.
Shminny (10 hours ago)
Lol, modern feminism isn’t even about equality anymore. It’s literally just hating on men
Aki 514 (1 hour ago)
No shit sherlock
WeekslyVids (10 hours ago)
So I got a math test in the morning. Just finished the video... and it’s now 3:38 am. Fucken worth it.
28:58 Just click it
zak zorak (10 hours ago)
The people who dis liked this are nasty feminatsis
ShiftyMcSwifton LP (10 hours ago)
I sat in jail for two weeks for being accused of rape. It took me 6 months to prove my innocence in court. So unfortunately in a feminist filled society you are guilty until proven innocent.
insta kill (11 hours ago)
Holy shit FOUSEYTUBE made a good point. How did I miss this in 2016 jfc
Orion (11 hours ago)
Why do you should like your moms asleep and you need to be quiet or else she’ll catch you on your computer too late?
The Video Editor (11 hours ago)
Feminists want equal pays, but don't want equal jobs
Gabriel Vega (11 hours ago)
i disagree with your statement that not all men are potential rapists. everyone has the potential to be a rapist.
Gage Kitts (11 hours ago)
"How does it feel to get kicked in the balls, how do you think it feels you dumb bitch"
BlueTrap Band (11 hours ago)
That Asian woman is uglier than Gandalf after the nazgul dragon gave him a facial
Infinitepower 8 (11 hours ago)
Wait feminists hate brown bears too XD
Infinitepower 8 (11 hours ago)
(Watches this video after seeing on home page for several days) Insta-sub.
Mosala Brian (11 hours ago)
this was a good start to my morning....
Gucci guy Goodness (12 hours ago)
It wont let me press the like button when I click it ,_,
LIGHCROP (12 hours ago)
Can I just say this is my favorite vid on YouTube and u deserve the world my guy
LIGHCROP (12 hours ago)
Ur a fucking god
LIGHCROP (12 hours ago)
I now have a new favorite youtuber
William Paulo (12 hours ago)
"Have you completed your 40hrs of rape training" Holy shit lol!!!!!!
Jason Anthony (12 hours ago)
I fucking love this guy😂
Red Darmi (12 hours ago)
28:57 That picture sums up buzzfeed's video pretty well.
Red Darmi (12 hours ago)
Oh no I changed my profile picture to it and decided it was dumb but now it isn't changing back aaaAAAAAaaaaaaAaaaAaAAAAaaaa
SpookyMan Official (13 hours ago)
*36 Spooked Feminist*
Daniel Fan (13 hours ago)
I love this video
Skiller8576 (13 hours ago)
This video opened up my eyes.
NightFusionMusic (13 hours ago)
I get how men aren't expected to share emotions. I got hit by my dad until I stopped crying and "sucked it up". Im basically unconsciously traumatized to not show emotion, which links to my anger issues since I couldn't cry but I could yell. And since I bottle emotions I blow up in rage.
NightFusionMusic (13 hours ago)
This doesn't mean my dad was being a "common guy" either I later discovered his MOM abused HIM she felt he couldn't cry when his dad (my grandpa I never knew) died because she always bottled herself)
Jesus Christ (14 hours ago)
Mr. FluffyDoge (14 hours ago)
Girls are allowed to join boy scouts, but if a guy tries to get into girl scouts he's a pervert
Will Barkley (14 hours ago)
This video is like my bible, i watch it every sunday.
Aaron Canese (14 hours ago)
Not even 2 min in and I already feel better about my self as a man.
Cajun Jack (14 hours ago)
Yeah Fuck Beyonce 😂
mr. koolaid (14 hours ago)
This man preaches the word of god
Inferno (14 hours ago)
I'm a guy and I have seen women be treated wrong, I'm all for women's rights, but feminists, they drive me nuts, but everything I'd say has already been said by him, so I won't repeat words that we've all heard all ready. They just never use logic...
Zaqster Gaming (14 hours ago)
*Apply cold water to burned area*
SiFire Gaming (15 hours ago)
Watching you shit all over stupid questions made my day. Feminists need to realize that what they are saying is not true in every case. With most of this list they portray us as a generalization of what one person has done and say we all do that.
Slim Pickens (15 hours ago)
Fuck feminism dude all it is doing is making good men like me too scared to talk to women cause the littlest mistake I make the littlest thing that gets taken out of context my name gets dragged through the mud so fuck it dude I'm dying alone on the land I worked my ass off for in the house I'm gonna break my back building cause I'm a man who is not gonna be bullied by your socialist lies feminists
diego tapia (15 hours ago)
Subscribed and bell is turned on!!
ePiC gAmEr! (15 hours ago)
i had a kidney stone once. I have also had my arm dislocated and broken in the same day, with a rock stuck in the skin deep. the kidney stone hurt more.
bentoou the Small (15 hours ago)
I mean i don't fuck with the "Ben Shapiro epicly destroys libtards" and I mean it's a little obv you're an incel, but I agree that the video is fucking stupid and you explain your disagreements pretty well most of the time.
Rex Ather (15 hours ago)
I legit subbed after this video
Jonny Apple Friend (15 hours ago)
This is a poem written by a dog. Roses are gray, Violets are a different shade of gray let’s go chase cars. This isn’t mine. It’s written by Bo Burnham. Check him out.
jeff lessons (15 hours ago)
at 17:10 i was thinking that was in the const which was written by men who many were generals who led soldiers who fought and died brutually for you women and you are ungrateful
SoulSlayer3233 (16 hours ago)
"Also *fuck* Beyonce" Lmaoo has me rolling every time
NuclearNuke 247 (16 hours ago)
Dr Shaym = Ben Shapiro
Tomlightning (16 hours ago)
sadly men are guilty until proven innocent
Creative A.I (16 hours ago)
best video ive seen in a long time
Vallenshield 100 (17 hours ago)
my comedy is in gore
Kitsune (17 hours ago)
Man: EXSISTS Feminist: RAPE!!!!!!
Apricot Sunset (17 hours ago)
I do agree that it’s really unfair for you guys and they were really harsh. But some of the comments are seriously awful and it really makes me upset. My brothers and dad make these jokes like ‘Go back to the kitchen’ all the time and I’ve been surrounded by those types of guys my whole life, even at school. And just so you guys know, it makes us feel like crap Not all women are like the ones in the video
Kitsune (17 hours ago)
True but he's talking about the ones like the ones in the vid
Kitsune (17 hours ago)
Most wokeest woke person
Disco Mobile (17 hours ago)
You are like a pitchfork. You have many points
becky smith (17 hours ago)
I am a woman and I agree 100% with this. Fuck feminists
H M (18 hours ago)
hell yea
K.C. Deadrick (18 hours ago)
He's completely correct on every single point. So tired of the double standard. Instead of asking inane questions meant to stir a hornets nest, they need to go educate themselves on what men are really like, 100% of men, not the worst possible cases they can think up, because there are just as many if not MORE women who are terrible - and not just to men, to anyone. This is yet again, another double standard where idiot women get to stand on a soapbox and make what I'm guessing are the majority of us other women, look badly. I don't know anyone who behaves this way, or would ask such stupid, unfeeling, hurtful things - but then perhaps this is what makes my life so happy. I'm sorry guys, to any and all of you who've ever had to experience this... it's not okay. People just need something to be an alarmist about and freak out over - and the antagonist in any story is almost always certain that they're on the side of right, and their intentions are good, it's their worldview which is flawed.
Barclay (18 hours ago)
If dj Khalid watched this video he would say “you smart”.
Meme man Ultimate (18 hours ago)
The fact thats there a fucking guy in the feminist rally actually pisses me off more than any woman being there
S.A.B. Solaiman Ali (19 hours ago)
I wanted to see the reactions of these girls who asked these questions in the video after they saw themselves getting insulted in front of like 12M viewers. I mean i wouldn't be surprised if they committed suicide because after like 12M people saw you being roasted for being like a dickhead, you wouldn't want to live now would you 😂😂😂😂
Xander the Upriser (19 hours ago)
Jesus it's really like that a woman can ruin a mans life in more then ten ways with a single action.
Philip Mcauley (19 hours ago)
Its only a joke
Cayde-6 (19 hours ago)
Anyone else watching this when "IT IS MA'AM!!" is a thing?
Oguz Demir (19 hours ago)
A feminists job is to make women get fair rights Even though women already have rights and feminists are sexist to men Feminists just make women look dumb
Skull_1532 Gaming (19 hours ago)
I agree with basically everything this guy is saying.

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