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BuzzFeedYellow uploaded a video a few weeks ago in which stupid women ask stupid questions for men, most of which are based on sexist generalizations about men. This is my retort. Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DrShaym My "'Teach Men Not to Rape' is Stupid Rhetoric" video: https://youtu.be/eeX55puKt6A Original video: https://youtu.be/u_J0Ng5cUGg September 13, 2018: ten million views.
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Dr Shaym (2 months ago)
One of the most common (and flawed) rebuttals to this video is the argument that "these aren't _real_ feminists, feminism is about equality!" This argument doesn't hold water because feminism, as an ideology, is based on feminist theory, which is entirely predicated on the narrative of "patriarchy": the idea that all societal inequalities are slanted in favor of men at the expense of women. Not only is this demonstrably false (as explained in the video), it also necessarily paints men as perpetual villains and women as perpetual victims. In order to hold up this narrative, feminists have to ignore or deny the inequalities faced by men. This makes feminism fundamentally opposed to equality, and not even just in theory. Feminism dominates public discourse in media and academia, but how many of you were aware that men and women are victims of intimate partner violence in nearly equal proportion, or that the majority of intimate partner violence is perpetrated by women? That's something you never hear feminists talk about. On the contrary, they push the false narrative that domestic violence is inherently one-sided; something men do to women. Feminists have even gone out of their way to cover up evidence that undermines this narrative, as documented by Murray A. Strauss in 2007. https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/2015data-brief508.pdf#page=13 http://familieslink.co.uk/download/sept07/Reciprocal%20violence%20AJPH.pdf http://www.batteredmen.com/ArcherSexDifferencesMeta-AnalyticReviewf2000.pdf https://www.researchgate.net/publication/225766205_Processes_Explaining_the_Concealment_and_Distortion_of_Evidence_on_Gender_Symmetry_in_Partner_Violence And that's just one example. Feminists also like to push the idea that men hold all of the power in our society based on the fact that most executives and politicians are men, but then ignore the fact that men also account for the majority of the homeless population, the male employment rate has been trending downward since the 1950s, and that men commit suicide at nearly four times the rate of women. http://www.nationalhomeless.org/factsheets/Whois.pdf#page=2 https://www.bls.gov/opub/ted/2007/jan/wk2/art03.htm https://afsp.org/about-suicide/suicide-statistics/ Then there's also the systemic bias against boys in the education system which sets them up for failure. Instead of speaking out against this, feminists such as Sandra J. Anderson (a former professor at Ohio State University) have celebrated it as some sort of revenge against men, and feminists continue to push the narrative that women are oppressed by the education system despite being over-represented in college enrollment, and the fact that the high school dropout rate has been higher for boys for at least thirty years. http://ftp.iza.org/dp5973.pdf http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/03/06/womens-college-enrollment-gains-leave-men-behind/ https://www.infoplease.com/us/school-enrollment-and-educational-attainment/high-school-dropout-rates-sex How can you claim your movement is one for equality between the sexes when it actively vilifies an entire sex and downplays their issues? You can't. Feminism, as an ideology and political movement, is antithetical to equality. It's even in the name. Feminism is about propping up women, even at the expense of men. If you believe in equality, then you should drop the feminist label. Despite their assertions that "if you believe in equality, then you're a feminist" and "if you don't call yourself a feminist, then you're a sexist", feminists don't hold a monopoly on equality. Quite the opposite, actually. Through their actions and the very theories that underpin their ideology, they are opposed to equality.
Fanged Katipo (2 hours ago)
+Muke 64 I'll save you a few minutes. Feminism relies on the assumption that there is a patriarchy that oppresses women, thus painting men as the villains and women as the victims. We don't live in a patriarchy (as explained in this video), and feminists ignore inequalities that harm men to perpetuate this false assumption.
Ellie Ross (5 hours ago)
Son Gokuehhh he was being very defensive. If he is a reporter a reporter isn’t supposed to have bias, and he was very clearly showing bias in this video.
Ellie Ross (5 hours ago)
Zamolxes' shadow because women are equal to men. Women are people. Women are just as important as men. So why shouldn’t we vote?
jmann _9 (2 days ago)
+Afonso Caetano i agree i feel you
Cute and Kawaii (2 days ago)
Be a lawyer
ink oof (21 minutes ago)
U very smrt
Jen Maginnis (57 minutes ago)
This man is my voice
Monsterman435 (1 hour ago)
ACDOTI (1 hour ago)
Damn. This guy is a master. Highly appreciated video. Earned a sub from me.
Nicolas Vyvlecka (1 hour ago)
I'm waiting for the one person who says I like this vid and I'm a girl and it shows he real name is Brady or anything like that
Nicolas Vyvlecka (2 hours ago)
Finally a guy who has the balls (feminist offended) to say stuff about how girls (not all) are sexsit and don't know how and average man feels
Random 411 (3 hours ago)
A true american hero
Haste_jlaw77882 2 (3 hours ago)
so right all respect
Emilie Casey (3 hours ago)
god as a female i can attest to everything you say. these women watch movies and read unreliable news to get their skewed opinion. i really want to do what you do, and be a voice for the men towards the feminists who think this, because sadly they don’t listen to men. the only “feminist” opinion i really have is how we should either pay less or not pay at all for feminine hygiene products. it’s just stupid honestly. i have a girl like this at my school and want to ben shapiro her ass.
gabester (4 hours ago)
Stupid joke: What’s the difference between feminists and logic. Logic actually makes sense. (Not sorry)
El Shinji Campeador (5 hours ago)
This video is my mental therapy.
RJS tenshi (6 hours ago)
This is so true
cipher88101 (7 hours ago)
Yeah...um...I don't like Beyonce' or the notebook. So there goes that theory Einstein.
Macd 199 (7 hours ago)
-feminism- menimism
Owe Gamer (9 hours ago)
Caden 137 (9 hours ago)
Every feminist needs to see this.
Kerim Eminovic (11 hours ago)
thisisdeadboy (11 hours ago)
Thank you for speaking out on my behalf : )
Sa1ty_Pe1icanRKD (12 hours ago)
I watched the first 1 and couldn't take it anymore
technomaster 23 (13 hours ago)
Somebody give him a Nobel prize
Dany Lucifer (16 hours ago)
Dude you are a god.
ReD21 (18 hours ago)
Look it's a wage gap WA GE
Frogs David (18 hours ago)
Shubsvribe to pewdiepie
ReD21 (18 hours ago)
My favorite book series stars a Woman
obmate52 Hampton (19 hours ago)
Lele pons most funny person to exsist
obmate52 Hampton (19 hours ago)
Chair- *having a Normal day just existing * Female-* sit on chair* destroy chair by calling rapeee
Wolfy Zenly (19 hours ago)
these questions r indeed stupid
Swedish Doggy (20 hours ago)
How do so many guys I know have so much confidence in themselves and have the guts to do risky shit? Many girls I know do not have the courage to do risky things like ask someone for their number or even skateboard over a railing.( I think this kind of stuff mainly applies to men, but I sometimes see it in women too.)
Matthew Lopez (21 hours ago)
Amen period
mrGhost (21 hours ago)
This guy just spit some truth
- GboomxX123 - (21 hours ago)
I love you so much. This is great, this makes me see different
Mlg_panda_clout (22 hours ago)
10:41 boiiiiiiiiiii fuck outtttttttttta here
*lion_is_ balanced* (22 hours ago)
No feminist would say anything to my friend group because they would get roasted with facts and probably to offended to anything
Tomas Fergusson (22 hours ago)
Me: reads first answer Also me: omg he is a god amongst people
Gabriel Slayton (23 hours ago)
Finally!! Somebody that can speak for us!! PS: Mouth was dropped the whole video
Michael Yen (1 day ago)
Santa: What do you want for Christmas? Me: A dragon! Santa: Do you want something cheaper? Me: End feminism Santa: wat color dragon u want
Penny Cook (1 day ago)
Good job man
Russian girl (1 day ago)
👏👏👏👏👏 I agree with you in everything you said.
RuggedSenpai (1 day ago)
My man PREACHING 🙏🙏🙏🙏👏😁
j3althasar99 (1 day ago)
Maria Arroyo (1 day ago)
there not feminist there pseudo feminist
Vic Rattlehead (1 day ago)
Mr shaym for president
Kayla The Kind (1 day ago)
feminists are down right retarded. I agree with every word you've said in this 30 minutes. I declare as a female, feminism is stupid
No (1 day ago)
Guess I’m a rapist now :/
flo14 (1 day ago)
I think I may speak on behalf of many men and women when I say thank you for taking time to answer those retarded feminist questions...I'll be honest I wouldn't even wasted my breath to do that..
V (1 day ago)
Question from a woman: How the hell can you deal with this without wanting to pull your hair out?
j3althasar99 (1 day ago)
have to lought to hard
yuli_ arts (1 day ago)
The women in the video weren't feminists, there are just stupid so don't hate feminists in general, i also get some of your points, but some were also very sexist...
Nick Prosperi (1 day ago)
I wonder how many feminists watched this video and reported it to the police
Rachy Plays (1 day ago)
They are -FemInIsts- *cough cough* women... *cough* I meant women.
Hair Ball (1 day ago)
You are the best. You are like Sherlock Holmes. We need more people like you.
Cornn Flaek (1 day ago)
Kristopher Richmond (1 day ago)
This video is perfection
Roberthson Joaneth (1 day ago)
so true
Sneik Rattlesson (1 day ago)
This guy is a fockin hero
mysteryking Boiii (1 day ago)
Whats the different between a feminist and a idiot NOTHING
mysteryking Boiii (1 day ago)
They are fighting for equal rights for everyone yet they talk stuff about men that we dont even do to prove their stupid point
Nate Meier (1 day ago)
Wow... I've never realized just how incredibly EASIER it is (in terms of daily personal anger levels at how life happens to work) to be a traditional conservative until listening to the bit about ROMCOMs... I TOTALLY get all your points, and you're right, but then felt myself going "HEY WAIT!!! How about this notion? How about we stop getting mad at ANYONE for having escapist, overly self-serving fantasies or enjoying media portrayals of said, and instead just expect everyone to be grown ups who recognize that 'real women don't look like that... or act like that...' and also 'real men don't think like that... and don't intend to sacrifice THAT much without getting some pretty insanely serious sacrifice in return'?" I mean when it gets down to it, it actually is kinda bitter to get mad at someone else, let alone an entire gender, for having some unrealistic fantasies. What on earth is the point of having fantasies if they all have to be so tied to realism that you might as well just call them your actual pursuits? Seriously... someone who has expectations that men be prince charming or that women be supermodels isn't someone who's misandrist/misogynist and damaging to men/women everywhere, they're a child who doesn't recognize the difference between fantasy and reality. The solution isn't "re-education" of all men/women, it's calling out 20-something, 30-something and even 40-something children and telling them to grow up and stop expecting the universe to magically align for them.
Kylesorry123 (1 day ago)
D A M N My person just wrote a full essay! (x36)
T McGahey (1 day ago)
I love this guy
Guardians Of Dawn (1 day ago)
i.. am in love!
NathnZ. Condemed (1 day ago)
Holy shit bro that second got deep I appreciate that
Maltotman _ (1 day ago)
Most of these I agree with but some are just sexist
Soccer Squad (1 day ago)
How does a feminist screw in a lightbulb? She holds it up and waits for the world to revolve around her
Akhil Trivedi (1 day ago)
K00kiesWithTae (1 day ago)
Once my moms friend said to never hit a girl and my mom said never hit anyone unless they hit you... she didn’t say to not hit girls but she said to hit anyone who does hit you as self defense and if in the future that happens and he gets in trouble I will throw hands since “im a girl and I won’t get in trouble” but if he would throw hands he’ll get in trouble since he’s a boy I said a bunch of things that didn’t make sense lmfao
Deutschland Mapping (1 day ago)
Do you know that there is something called "Anti-Sexism"? So what is Feminism?
Trinity Stewart (1 day ago)
Okay but why does all this even matter all we have to do is realize everyone is a person, everyone is unique, and thus, we all have unique problems. Don’t try to solve these problems by blaming stereotypes or petty societal norms bred from our ancestors. Don’t go try to put down entire races/genders/beliefs/other subsets of people to feel superior. If you aren’t actively putting down or harming others, you are VALID. Respect everyone as you would yourself or better, or at least judge people based off their individual characters and behaviors, and I bet you’ll naturally find it’s easier to interact pleasantly with others and be your best self.
Thank u
Kevin O'Connor (1 day ago)
you do have a beautiful voice tho :D
daunye slatton (1 day ago)
plz be my lawyer
Melbey FUN (1 day ago)
Girls false accuse of rape to eachother too. For example Melanie Martinez got accused of rape by Timothy Heller. Everybody believed her. Smh
Melbey FUN (1 day ago)
Look I get it. I agree with you. But some things you say is kinda offensive and I am a male.
Tyler walker (1 day ago)
I just found this channel and I now how a new favorite channel
Milan Sieval (1 day ago)
Violeta Lozano (1 day ago)
I agree that these women’s questions were stupid af but c’mon don’t just do what they do and put everyone in the same bag🙄🙄
j3althasar99 (1 day ago)
that was just solid work :) don't be angry
Bradley Pruitt (1 day ago)
I know this video is old but it's the one that got me to subscribe
K/DA Ahri (1 day ago)
21k feminists unliked the video by now.... Today is 20 March BTW.
John Mota (1 day ago)
I support gender equality and I approve this message... aslo.... fuck beyonce
Tudor Radu Tanase (1 day ago)
I love inteligent women like you see here cough(bullcrap)cough
Tudor Radu Tanase (1 day ago)
That's right and it will burn literally and figuratively
Paulo Santos (1 day ago)
we need guys like this you my sr are amazing
Alyssa (1 day ago)
i'm subscribing
Hold my beef stew (1 day ago)
My magnum is really close to the lock
@Buzzfeed make the ladies react to this
j3althasar99 (1 day ago)
would love to see that :D
Supreme Ashlatte (1 day ago)
Why is it even called feminism if it is equal rights for men and women? Just call yourself a human rights activist like I do! It’s a much better term, and doesn’t sound like it’s portraying either gender poorly
If the title of the video is 100% fitting or not. The points he raises are valid af.
Supreme Ashlatte (1 day ago)
18:46 whatchu mean my girl? If you are on your period and you aren’t angry there’s either something wrong with you, you haven’t gotten your mood swing yet, or you ate some chocolate! This is literally how it is with everyone I know who has gotten a period, including myself!
Insta KO (1 day ago)
My guy.you are a legend
Harry Chen (1 day ago)
I was raped by a feminist because she touched my arm accediently
j3althasar99 (1 day ago)
TickingClock 67 (1 day ago)
"Also fuck beyonce" lol
opredstone 1639 (1 day ago)
i agree but man this is good
Ticker Cruse (1 day ago)
*begins to clap* I respect this lad, not many men are even given the chance to speak but this is a work of art on your part, you got my respect with a like and a sub
C J (1 day ago)
I hate people who said they're feminist, but being subjective abt everything.. LIKE.. WHATTT????!!! It named sexist, not feminist.
Preston Wysocki (1 day ago)
Semen claim to have a rough life with rape and giving north, but that is nothing compared to us boys then we mine diamond and then then fall in lava .
Preston Wysocki (1 day ago)
Women not semen
Legit Info (1 day ago)
What is the difference between a feminist and a broken player No difference , they both annoy basically everyone
Legit Info (1 day ago)
This channel understands men so much that I bet feminists would dislike this comment
Justine Borj (1 day ago)
Someone please send this to “buzzfeed” or “reacts”
YaboyZhelby (1 day ago)
when there's 21k dislikes you know there's 21k feminists.
Gabriel Ramirez (1 day ago)
Heat- I love this its so honest

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