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hollywood undead my black dahlia

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Lyrics to My Black Dahlia : Johnny 3 Tears: I loved you, you made me, hate me. You gave me, hate, see?. It saved me and these tears are deadly. You feel that? I rip back, every time you tried to stea
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The Renegade Project (2 years ago)
yo wrong pic in the beggining that was them 2005-07 this song was 2008
Mae B. (2 years ago)
Everyone's talking about how they're suicidal and I'm just thinking about Da Kurlzz song.. "What are hamburgersss.. " "nom nom nom. " :/
TheTwinDogs (2 years ago)
Stop lying about being suicidal being depressed and suicidal are two very different things
Anime Lover (2 years ago)
I am suicidal all the time I like pain
sherades plazes (2 years ago)
Anime Lover I understand
Emmy Dolan (2 years ago)
Amazing 😍😍😍😍
Katelynn Edmo (2 years ago)
The images are so fucking cringy. It ruins the song...
csigusz (2 years ago)
get out of my brain and stop stealing my thoughts please thanks lol
Marcus Pascua Draker (2 years ago)
Thinking the same
devin taylor (2 years ago)
I listen to it because my friend sent it to me because we had some issues and some fights and now she is gone... this reminds me of her :')
Airies Mullins (3 years ago)
amazing video
Jacob Campbell (3 years ago)
the low resolution pictures gave me cancer
wesley wegener (3 years ago)
remember kids cut downwards not across
Airies Mullins (3 years ago)
or both like I do kills you quicker
Påriš (3 years ago)
My song since I am emo
emily (3 years ago)
the pictures are so retarded i can't take this seriously
Berserk Max (2 years ago)
Same thing
emily (2 years ago)
a) ive been suicidal for years as well as depressed, i dont find the subjects funny i find the ridiculous fake ass photos funny b) exactly
Berserk Max (2 years ago)
Y'all need to stop being little bitches. The pictures are retarded. 99% of them look fake as fuck.
Grimm-Frostbite Gaming (2 years ago)
You all find this funny, yet i have severe depression and had suicidal problems for a long time, maybe you should learn not to be ignorant little cuntfucks.
emily (2 years ago)
they're fake pictures that are cheesy as fuck lol stfu
Lorenza Alonzo (3 years ago)
this song reminds me of my girlfriend when we broke up, we have been together for 7years
Mackenzie (3 years ago)
HU saved my life. I was suicidal and I was about to carry through with my plans to die and then I heard HU and now every time I hear their songs I'm reminded of my past and now I feel like a great pressure has left me, Thank you, Hollywood Undead
Grimm-Frostbite Gaming (2 years ago)
Also, that's still possibly wrong, maybe someone found a song and got distracted by it from suicide than forgot.
Grimm-Frostbite Gaming (2 years ago)
Health class, taught us that a song can effect you depending how you connect to it.
Sam Goff (3 years ago)
May I ask what on earth school has to do with it? I'm just saying that it might have triggered something to get you to work to be better but it was you who did it not some band, therefore you saved yourself not a band.
Grimm-Frostbite Gaming (3 years ago)
+Fabuloos Loser You aren't very clever, it can work like that actually, it depends on the song and how it connects to them. Looks like you didn't pay attention in school
Mikey Heilman (3 years ago)
+Fabuloos Loser I does music helps in ways that nobody can understand
Barbara Reed (3 years ago)
I love it 😅
slumped and faded (3 years ago)
After this song I had to watch Juan vines to stop being sad
Matt Dylla (3 years ago)
this seems more like an ode to a beloved who committed suicide. kinda creepy how all these comments are kids saying "omg this is exactly how I feel"
Lucas Mack (3 years ago)
need help with self harm and depression i will help you i am dealing with self harm and depression i got kik lucasmack1996
Its not a big thing but i get pissed off by this, the song is called ''Black Dahlia'' Not ''My Black Dahlia''
This sounded like a bad quality version of the released one, mb
Red Light (3 years ago)
+AatuK You're wrong. This version of this song is old and it was called MY BLACK DAHLIA you can hear the music is different then the original one ;)
Aurora Ingram (3 years ago)
But it's also death...
Aurora Ingram (3 years ago)
This song is life......
Min Y/N (3 years ago)
eye less jack 😧😦 l'm sorry
Min Y/N (3 years ago)
j..jeff that w.why I love you 😔
Sierra Deffenbaugh (3 years ago)
this is so how i feel about life also i have a question i'm 11 years old and my mom says i shoulden't lisen to hollywood undead is she right or can i keep on lisening to it
Mackenzie (3 years ago)
+Sierra Deffenbaugh Keep listening, i'm 11 too
Halloween Freak (3 years ago)
Lol fr
Sierra Deffenbaugh (3 years ago)
+Halloween Freak (Astaroth Lanius) wow
Halloween Freak (3 years ago)
Honestly I have the same problem I am 13... I was send to crisis because of the music I listen to. My friends parents dislike me because of what I listen to.
Sierra Deffenbaugh (3 years ago)
@Darkend Legacy thanks 
Ferris 3 tears (3 years ago)
decent and emo song but I respect this song a lot.
RnR Customs (3 years ago)
I used to be depressed and lonely until I met the love of my life, she restored happiness to my soul and I can never repay her for it. This is for all "cutters" and "depressed people", I know exactly how you feel. I have been where you are, however love prevails. If you are lonely and shy (like I used to be) you should try to meet new people that and through them you will find your own love.
Adrionna Adams (4 years ago)
Like the song pictures gross I'm sorry
marina (4 years ago)
Does anyone actually know that Black Dahlia is a woman who was violently murdered? One of the unsolved cases in LA
danidapanda OwO (4 years ago)
Arg the cutting pictures are really not needed.. All these people saying "omfg I can relate" so what if you can ... What's even worse is that you have the classic people "I'm cutting" ... Keep that to you're self ... You just look like you're attention seeking .. We'll you are ...
Jolie Van Buskirk (4 years ago)
Thanks Catherine
Jolie Van Buskirk (4 years ago)
Screw you HHCtendeep go screw yourself
Clay Welch (4 years ago)
Honestly I used to cut when I was 13 but it was a short while I  still have depression at the age of 15 but I got over it cutting is stupid and if you want to loose loved ones keep cuttin I am just being real.
Sydney Emmaline (4 years ago)
Okay, I'm NOT trying to get any attention or anything just, the pictures are kind of depressing. This song isn't about cutting or killing yourself. It is about lost love. The cutting pictures aren't going to get the best feedback for this video. I love HU and their songs a lot, they have deep meaning behind them. But the pictures are making the song more depressing then it really is. I mean in the comments you don't see, "I love this song so much" You are seeing comments about the pictures. The pictures of cutting and death changed what people saw/heard in the video. I'm not going to say take it down or change it. But this is something to think about if you make another video like this. Now if you choose to change it, that's up to you. Just think about this please. Thanks in advance.
LionfishIsh (4 years ago)
Uh- I don't mean to be rude or anything but could you please change the picture for this video? It made me really, really queezy when I saw it, and it'd possibly make some people  relapse or something and we all know that'd be terrible.
Hcc Tendeep (4 years ago)
No office but I bet half of these "cutters" and "depressed" people in the comment section are lying about what they're saying, they're only saying what they're saying cuz its cool to relate to a song
sick watermelon (1 year ago)
Hcc Tendeep i mean i cut myself its not because of those things its just addicting af
Hcc Tendeep (2 years ago)
@Shy Spencer OK?
The Cidious Project (2 years ago)
@Hcc Tendeep I don't fucking care some people need to let it go like fr I'm sick of seeing shit on this post like wtf
Hcc Tendeep (2 years ago)
@Shy Spencer this is old as shit bro
The Cidious Project (2 years ago)
This is still going on wtf? It's been a year since I've been on this fucking post. Guys just shut the fuck up and stop being edgy faggots so I can smoke my fucking weed in peace!! Please and thank you.
Carlie Marie (4 years ago)
I used to be love-struck! now im just fucked-up! pull up my sleve and seed the patern of my cuts!
Carlie Marie (3 years ago)
@Zack Lewis Please hold in there. I know it hurts I really do but you'll be so much better off without the cuts
Carlie Marie (3 years ago)
@Zack Lewis I'm sorry that you've had to endure that pain for that long. I know how badly it hurts. for your anaversary you should do what I did for my 2 year one and throw away the last digit of your age amount in blades. Please stay srtong <3
Amara Francois (4 years ago)
people in the comments need to chill out. good lord. the song is dark, and so are the pictures. if you don't like dark stuff, or if dark stuff makes you want to die, don't listen to, or look at, dark stuff. go look at pictures of kittens or something.
Cameron Barber (4 years ago)
I have tried to commit suicide
Nathan Caldwell (4 years ago)
Uh huh name address city country so I can come to u AND SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF U
BballNintendo3 (4 years ago)
am i the only one here who is not emo/sad? like holy shit. im a teen who likes HU but most of their songs arent even emo.
BballNintendo3 (4 years ago)
@iloominertyWilKwikscpeUSkrubs 420deritoz Good because that's a terrible way to live life.
Clay Welch (4 years ago)
Used to be but got over that stuff like 3 years ago
Jordan Ellis (4 years ago)
im not
BballNintendo3 (4 years ago)
@Eric Garza but the actual song has nothing to do with that
I like this song cuz it make me thing about the black dahlia murder of elibth short or batty short her body was fond cut in too and a smilie cut into her face
JR Zimmerman (4 years ago)
Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy not the song its good
Zoroark錯覚キツネ (4 years ago)
I've Cut Myself so many times. These Pictures Disturb me no Offence. I'm not trying to be Mean at all, but I've tried Committing Suicide. Please Delete this, You're Referencing People in Pain and People Feeling Misunderstood. Like Me...
Mikey Heilman (3 years ago)
music helps with the pain I'm sorry to say it but it's life something in life ur not going to get ur way not trying to be cocky or anything like that
Hey its michael (4 years ago)
I'm fine with it cause I'm like that and I attempted to kill myself so I'm used to seine allot of blood
mhorton13 (4 years ago)
i think thats a bit much to share with the general public but 100% completely agree with you these pictures need to go
SuperInsanewolf (4 years ago)
The person who made the video isn't referencing people in pain or anything. Its just pictures they thought would go with the lyrics. Hollywood Undead are the people who made the song and it most likely have a very deep meaning to the song. Now i'm not gonna pretend I know what cause you to make an attempt at your life. Because I never will no matter how hard I try. But I do know the feeling of never being really heard, or that no one is truly there for you. If it means anything i'm here for you and everyone else who might be feeling the same.
Zoroark錯覚キツネ (4 years ago)
I've Cut Myself so many times. These Pictures Disturb me no Offence. I'm not trying to be Mean at all, but I've tried Committing Suicide. Please Delete this, You're Referencing People in Pain and People Feeling Misunderstood. Like Me...
Crazyredhead333 (4 years ago)
Ok, Kanaya, No Need To Enunciate Every Word You Say My Dear. Only Trolls Do This.
Adam Robles Robles (4 years ago)
@jordan ellis yes thank you!
Jordan Ellis (4 years ago)
@Adam Robles Robles  i agree with u they are looking for fucking attention 
Adam Robles Robles (4 years ago)
Another fucking person looking for attention, man people like you piss me off if you don't like the song then don't listen to it idiot.
PleaseHugMe. (4 years ago)
ur emo sad  get help mate you have demons
Ware (4 years ago)
you maam are ignorant
Ash Lightfoot (4 years ago)
whats the song at the end?
Ash Lightfoot (4 years ago)
Brittany Sajovic (4 years ago)
Alesana - Apology
madeline dodd (5 years ago)
@Khan-innator I can't like your comment, and I tried to tag you in this... But yes.
Khan-innator (5 years ago)
Yes..THIS is music! If you don't like true music then go back to Justin Beiber and One direction please.
Tsukiyomo Phoenix (5 years ago)
This is music? Gosh, die already.
kristen patterson (6 years ago)
this is what will happen to me if my guy breaks up with me
xxjaydenx (6 years ago)
:P thats why i was the mature one and ended it with " ok thats what you think lets just leave it at that have a nice weekend :D " this kid was fighting with me for a bit over a fucking song that he randomly popped on and started talking shit, and if he doesn't like then he needs to hop the fuck off this song mate
xxjaydenx (6 years ago)
snow allen (6 years ago)
and you are a stupid ass fucking fuck stick it doesn't matter how hard your life is YOU DON'T RESORT TO ALCHOHAL AND DRUGS AND SELF-HARM ISN'T A WAY TO GO EITHER you are 13 you have an entire life ahead of you LIVE IT! don't throw it away
snow allen (6 years ago)
why don't you don't go telling people to kill themselves when they shouldn't yes that kid should get a life and quit pouring out on youtube about how hard her life is but that doesn't mean that you need to step up and decide you are God and that she needs to kill herself
MascaChild (6 years ago)
What I meant was that his problems are probably the same kinds of problems as not getting the latest iPhone etc. All these emo faggots should stop feeling sorry for themselves and start growing a pair of balls.
xxjaydenx (6 years ago)
ok good sir thats what you think and or know so yes i will be the one to end it with what you think ok? have a good weekend sir :)
Michael Mcbride (6 years ago)
WTF!? HA!!! this song hurts... but i don't have a mind so what is pain... supposed to feel like!?
MascaChild (6 years ago)
Maybe a little. It surprises me how girly dudes can be nowadays. Just grow a pair please.
Darren Parraz (6 years ago)
ha your mad
Rosie Roman (6 years ago)
wat the fucks wrong with u this song is not fucking emo u niggas r emo
xxjaydenx (6 years ago)
lol like i said i'm not emo so you can rash on other kids and how they hate there life and bullshit i only comment back was because you are talking shit when lol its a video bout emo shit why comment on it? why?
MascaChild (6 years ago)
This music is still for faggots. Holy fucking shit, if there's one thing I hate more it's teenagers dwelling in self pity. When I was a teenager I drank beer with my friends, had a lot of girlfriends and had the time of my life. I can't understand how anyone can waste that time of their life feeling sorry and bitchy.
xxjaydenx (6 years ago)
ok. 1 i made this account bout........... 3 years ago so ya i didn't put to x's for some reason 2 i like halo so suck a dick 3 i am not emo... yes i know this song is emo but i listen to it and i'm not emo? got a problem bitch
xxjaydenx (6 years ago)
shut the fuck up did you come on this song just to talk shit? get the fuck outta here kid
MascaChild (6 years ago)
Direct Pantera lyrics to your faggoty little oversensitive liberal ass: "Re-spect, walk, what did you say?? Re-spect, walk, are you talking to me??? Are you talking to me??"
Darren Parraz (6 years ago)
direct HU lyric towrds u man "u need to slit your wrists, get pissed and go jump off a bridge!" - Charlie Scene
Darren Parraz (6 years ago)
i feel ya... HU for life
TheCoon (6 years ago)
Avasmommy (6 years ago)
Damn, those comments, doe. /:
geton mylevel (6 years ago)
I wouldn't call him a friend!
gooblets2 (6 years ago)
no shit high school is important, how old are you? and what is your occupation? and yet you sit behind a computer arguing with an under aged person, don't you have any other things you can do? You have no excuse, i have not qualified for the age of a real occupation.
Makenna Guerra (6 years ago)
me and my friend were talking about that on friday we were talking about why people cut themsleves but its been scientificaly proven that when you hurt yourself you feel better an it helps you when you see blood its like your letting your emotions out
saria5657 (6 years ago)
To feel something mostly, I know, have experience with it, don't ever do it. It fucks you up big time.
tearsxandxrain (6 years ago)
Hey man i'm sorry that happened to you :\ no one deserves that. Seriously... i've been with my fiance for near 6 years and for the past two and half months i've been doing nothing but crying because some people came out saying he almost slept with another girl... then another person said he did... i just don't know who to believe and i'm 23 and we have a daughter together and i've never felt so horrible in my life. It's like my heart was ripped right out of my chest. I hope you found better :'(
Redacted Hatake (6 years ago)
this song makes me depressed but I cant stop listening to it
Redacted Hatake (6 years ago)
if you slit your wrists you die couse its a major vein
snowwhite4919 (6 years ago)
"pull up my sleeves and see the patterns of my cuts"
Chris West (6 years ago)
why do people cut them selves for?
MascaChild (6 years ago)
It does matter, you have no perspective. Thinks that don't matter for shit seem big for boys your age. I bet you still think highschool is important.
404 trash not found (6 years ago)
first i was lovestruck now im just fucked up!!!!!!!!
Eden lydick (6 years ago)
HU for life! and Deuce(:
Syndin (6 years ago)
Apology- Alesana.
Peculiar Gaming (6 years ago)
the lyrics in the description were like spot on
gooblets2 (6 years ago)
13, im pretty sure i mentioned that in a previous comment... but it doesnt matter if im young
MascaChild (6 years ago)
Friends in the eight grade? How fucking old are you?
gooblets2 (6 years ago)
thats because he probably steals it for his addictions that he cant stop, i have many friends that do that shit, i have one that works for the money to score the dope theyre all in 8th grade, and this music says alot more words then you could ever say in you life
MascaChild (6 years ago)
He has no way to get money to fuel dope use or alcohol use except if he drinks bottom shelf. You're a fucking dumbass if you believe him and I'll leave this at this. Btw this band sucks major balls, only came here because my friend linked me.
gooblets2 (6 years ago)
i never said he had a job, he mightve stolen the money for his addictions, he probably has someone that pays for the drinks, and yea he could have time to do the dope, and i wouldnt call him a drama queen you dumbass, a drama queen is when you get like a scrape and act like if your arm got amputated, and that is a pretty big issue, if you say it isnt, then drugs must be like your life
gooblets2 (6 years ago)
he never mentioned a fuckin iphone dumbass, and and a iphone isnt as severe as that, and you were already argueing and couldnt think of anything else so you gave up? i would of sayed 100 things in your defense and you choose "Go fuck yourself with a kitchen knife." dude, fuckin say something so you wont look like a dumbass, or dont say anything at all
MascaChild (6 years ago)
You do understand he's 13 and his mommy didn't get him the newest iPhone and now his life is ruined? I don't even want to fucking argue with you about this. Go fuck yourself with a kitchen knife.
gooblets2 (6 years ago)
hes 13 and hurt, he cant change his life no matter what, i wanna change too, my mom is a single mother now, my dad left me and my brother, he lives again in mexico, he got married in the first month my mom and dad divorced, i want to change my life too, he probably gets the money by working or stealing, in my book thats bad, but you cant just stop addictions no matter how hard you try, theres nothing wrong with him, your the most fucked up guy here by judging others
MascaChild (6 years ago)
He's 13. People that age don't know shit about shit even if they've worked at a shitfarm their whole life. My brother is 13, and he's still a kid. That emo faggot bitch is still a kid. How is he alcoholic? HE'S FUCKING 13. Drugs cost a shitton so he's not addicted. Probably smoked a little weed and thinks he's a badass motherfucker. He's 13 and can go fuck himself along with this shitty music. Listen to something that doesn't make you want to put yourself out of misery.
gooblets2 (6 years ago)
fuck you, he has problems he cant just fix them when he wants to, you have problems too, being bi isnt bad its his preference you cant just judge him you dont know how his life is, and i dont give a shit if people give me shit for this but thats fucked up, leave the fuckin kid alone your name even says inperfect,
palindromia (6 years ago)
LOL. good troll man.
sp00ker (6 years ago)
It doesn't matter if you said it online, and that they don't know you, or anything else like that. Words still hurt, and if you're not in a good state, they could easily end it, they're not stupid though, words effect people differently.
sp00ker (6 years ago)
Your icon's of HU. Considering their songs messages, what on earth are you talking about? Don't tell people to kill themselves, that's too far, what if they actually did it? What if you were like that, and someone told you to go and kill youreslf?
jake evans (6 years ago)
nothing is wrong
rachel moon (6 years ago)
im soo sorry for you im bi to but i just ignor the haters there is absalutly nothing wrong with being bi or gay just keep calm ignor the haters and carrie on
ZombieMega (6 years ago)
you mad bro ?
Chase Latouche (6 years ago)
listen nothings wrong but i agree with music4life you shouldnt become and alcoholhic i cut my freidns left me i get pushed around i get notes on my locker burn in hell u faggot emo go cut yourself why dony you just get a knife and end ur life after ive seen all thoses i wantted to kill my self so i took a rope (which broke) and i hung it on my fam and i jumped off my bed hoping my life would end sadly it didnt so yea oh and im ten a ten year old emo who is suicidal and i get abused.
Derrek Owens (6 years ago)
i feel ya ... things really dont get better cuz people fuckin suck
ILikeScreamoMusic (6 years ago)
Alesana - Apology = Credits song. <333!

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