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Zig & Zag - Them Girls Them Girls

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Music video by Zig & Zag performing Them Girls Them Girls. (C) 1994 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
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Text Comments (150)
Ian Deeley (10 days ago)
Great Song! Always loved Zig and Say since I was a Kid!
Tom Fitzpatrick (26 days ago)
First time I heard this was on their radio show smells like Saturday
KING JULIAN (1 month ago)
Always the best!!!!!!!
Georgina Towning (1 month ago)
Sat here in 2019 when this song pops into my head
Idk_1996 (2 months ago)
Wtf is this
Annika Wheble (2 months ago)
It ws populr in Sweden even
Brian Hart (3 months ago)
I love you it’s so funny
Jim H (3 months ago)
They all love ma 2019 HYPE!!!!
Martin Spång (3 months ago)
87 peoples that hate real music
Geir Røstad (3 months ago)
Why not on Spotify?
ResidentScrub (3 months ago)
LoungeJay (3 months ago)
Reel To Real.
Obvious Bambi (3 months ago)
You are quite correct! Erick Morillo produced the instrumental.
JamesyBoyJim (4 months ago)
Who's still listening in 2019?
JamesyBoyJim (2 months ago)
+Obvious Bambi much love 😁
Obvious Bambi (4 months ago)
I am :-)
Fingaz Mc (5 months ago)
Had the CD single of this. The lyrics shaped my whole personality ;)
Tim Julian (5 months ago)
WOW! I remember this from 94-95 time, I never thought I would hear this again. What a tune, humming & smiling on the dance floor, no tracks can really do it for me, although I still love those rollercoaster trance but it lifts me in a completly different way!
Jason Cobb (5 months ago)
Fox 1:40
Jason Cobb (6 months ago)
CineMATic (6 months ago)
Lets make this Christmas No1 2018!
LacitsyM (7 months ago)
Put the kettle on let’s have a fuckin party!!!! 🕺
spitty Lawd (7 months ago)
2018 bitches
Charlie Butler (7 months ago)
Zig and zag were managed by Simon Cowell. Wtf was he thinking
Marc G (7 months ago)
My word i still love this song in 2018, its was cool then and still is now, i love the deep beat in it and hey if i could go back to the 90s id be there in a flash !
OldSchoolRasslin (7 months ago)
Does anyone have this clip (as mentioned on Wikipedia) as I want to see it more than anything in the world: "On The Big Breakfast, the two acted as interviewers in the "crunch" segment of the show. Among the memorable results was them teaching Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man and Ol' Dirty Bastard "how to fold a serviette like a pineapple""
BetFinder.co.uk (5 months ago)
Yes I used to tape The Crunch bit every day and have a load on VHS somewhere. Some great moments
Barbie jake (8 months ago)
I used to love this tooooon back in da day😆😂☺️
mcveigh 2k (8 months ago)
brought this when it came out , still better then most the shit in the charts now
Einstein X (9 months ago)
Why the h#ll isn't this on Spotify? It's a 90's classic!
OldSchoolRasslin (9 months ago)
zig and zag are musical geniuses.
baseballfan99 (9 months ago)
Watching them on The Big Breakfast before School.
Shay Dillane (11 months ago)
Whose bright idea was it to put two kids show characters into a music video? I want to shake their hand because it was fucking genius. Talk about taking advantage of popularity
- the e word - (11 months ago)
my head brought me here lol
Kittycat Tv (1 year ago)
We named are cats after these creepy weird things
1337fraggzb00N (1 year ago)
This will be national anthem of mein country.
KING JULIAN (1 year ago)
Welcome in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David A (1 year ago)
Me old af
snowtietle wildman (1 year ago)
this is ohuenniy raskolbass моей юности
Ivan Ivanov (1 year ago)
Ништяк,вспоминается бесбашенное младенчество
Scorpius (1 year ago)
Eric Morillo classic!
Hasutyybbi (1 year ago)
ok im lost in youtube
The Eternal Induction (10 months ago)
instant messaging lost in youtube
Lee Staton (1 year ago)
you carnt beet a bit of zig and zag iam smokeking a reefa whilst iam watching this video zig and zag rock
Colin Morand (1 year ago)
Wicked !
richienrg (1 year ago)
You know the world has gone crazy when two puppets from Live & Kickin breakfast show made a better tune than anything Ed Sheeran, Drake, and Justin Bieber have made put together.
Obvious Bambi (1 year ago)
richienrg I know, right? Z&Z are the Leicester City (2016 season) to the others' Man U, Liverpool and Chelsea. Easily the best out of the four.
MrJackydose (1 year ago)
I think i Listen this in 1996/97
Christian Müller (1 year ago)
you are a poor late bloomer
Obvious Bambi (1 year ago)
MrJackydose It's from late 1994.
Neil Jerzynek (1 year ago)
reminds me of b&m!
marwa pop (1 year ago)
Barbara Eaton (1 year ago)
who is here from jse
Obvious Bambi (1 year ago)
Barbara Eaton Which video was it exactly? I'd like to see it.
some guy (1 year ago)
Hellwyck (1 year ago)
MSG (1 year ago)
KZkaizer (1 year ago)
jacksepticeye I have come here in search of the zig and zag that you watched when you were a kid
eh777 (1 year ago)
*Sigh* Im the only one here because of jacksepticeye aren't I?
Natalie Gray (1 year ago)
NEH aka Thatonekidwholikesmetal no, I'm here from him too. :) Never heard of Zig and Zag before today, and I don't quite understand what's going on in this video but I kinda dig it.
Bert Visscher (2 years ago)
I tried to find this on Spotify, but all I found were karaoke versions.
Astronite (2 years ago)
Just saying but these 2 were on Irish tv for years before any big breakfast show in the uk....zig & zag irish crew stylee :P
Pablo Javier Mailing (2 years ago)
eee gatos dálmata jajaja
the last high king (2 years ago)
a Dempsey's den then it changed to the den with ray Darcy with zig and zag  and zuppy and also podge made his appearance then it was podge and rodge the god old days
cathal sweeney (1 year ago)
the last high king those were the days not forgetting dusten the Turkey
Esmael Monteiro (2 years ago)
vblla . nnlff fui um dos maiores eventos em
Alexander Mann (2 years ago)
I remember it! Reel 2 Real forever)) MTV was cool in 1994. Respect from Russia with love:)
Landie Man (1 year ago)
Alexander Mann I find this fascinating. It must have been a real shock getting things like MTV after 1991 in old USSR :), I find that whole area fascinating. Three times to Ukraine and one to Hungary.
Chris (2 years ago)
Jesus, this takes me back
kenny P (2 years ago)
I miss old music when it was as high quality as this.
Marc G (2 years ago)
Am I that sad that I know all the words from when I was a kid? Still an banging tune in my eyes anyway ;)
killerob666 (7 months ago)
Just post them here. I'm really interested :) Cheers!
Abigail Ayers (1 year ago)
James Alderson hellp
1Bostonsdaddy (2 years ago)
Lol oh no they must think your a daft daddy like me !
James Alderson (2 years ago)
Marc Glasper I know every word as well, was singing to my kids this morning they were howling laughing at "wiggle ya bot" :-D
D.C.P.R.S (2 years ago)
the young children of today wouldn't get zig and zag the way we did in the 80's-90's they were funny then and still are to me even to this day ivan f. deacon
Obvious Bambi (1 year ago)
D.C.P.R.S "Bosco is a bollocks!" Apparently in early 1991 on Den TV the ad break finished prematurely and they said that on LIVE CHILDREN'S TELEVISION. Presenter Ian Dempsey said he didn't recall it happening, but some people do seem to.
Jack Brown (2 years ago)
Frantzen79 (2 years ago)
Omg lol... memories.
River Lyle Reuveni (2 years ago)
River Lyle Reuveni (2 years ago)
the zagga muffin riphap is real respect the rap
ElectricBoom (2 years ago)
remeber watchin Zig&Zag show on MTV, God, i'm so old
vaga888 (2 years ago)
Katie Fraser (2 years ago)
Big Breakfast gave me a reason to smile and get up out of bed for school.
Bram25 (2 years ago)
If your date doesn't remember this..... She is too young!
EX7R3M3 (2 years ago)
Deda Milojko (2 years ago)
damn you're right :D
Twentiethcenturybaby (2 years ago)
Bram25 Or too old.
Rysiek Los (2 years ago)
tak jest ja lome
Rysiek Los (2 years ago)
ja lome ja lome korwa mac
Chalky (2 years ago)
I wish they'd bring back the Big Breakfast because that was proper morning telly giving reason to drag yourself out of bed and laugh yourself awake before work.
Ian Manning (8 months ago)
Was brilliant. Watching clips of zig and zag. Forgot how much they got away with. Robin Williams made several penis jokes.
Jack Brown (2 years ago)
I think they got kicked off
Manda Bennett (2 years ago)
Trakker ... And school :)
verydirtyflow (3 years ago)
Erick Morillo, what the fuck were you thinking
Stxrryy uwu (3 years ago)
I'm scared
Kelly Trueman (3 years ago)
y'all love me
Big Breakfast
Michał Urbaniak (3 years ago)
I love it !
bizzle1783 (3 years ago)
Want this played at my funeral
Alan Hickey (2 years ago)
bizzle1783 o
bizzle1783 (2 years ago)
Thank you X
Bram25 (2 years ago)
I would attend your funeral and let this play in a 10 hour loop, and let people stay.
MrTangolizard (3 years ago)
Daniel Exton (3 years ago)
How much did those women get paid to dance that provocatively to a bunch of PUPPETS???????
SciFiFangirlsFTW (3 years ago)
+Daniel Exton I would.
MS MS (3 years ago)
The best times of MTV!!!! xD
Jenny Pugh (3 years ago)
One of 1994's finest!
Abstructure (3 years ago)
I like to move it move it
Lindsey loves Blog (3 years ago)
Awesome X
craig copeland (3 years ago)
My god Austin is stunnering every thing that god dam moves
Craig Russell (3 years ago)
chris benoit is here and hes really mad. chris benoit is here and hes reeeallly angggry
Dave Romaine (3 years ago)
keep thinking reel 2 real when I hear this
Benjy Dale (14 days ago)
+MrQuadro83 Yeah Go On Move was my favourite single by Reel 2 Real and I agree this sounded most like this.
MrQuadro83 (6 months ago)
+arita2006 I'd say that it sounds more like Go On Move
TEMPHUiBIS (3 years ago)
+Dave Romaine Erick Morillo from Reel 2 Real did do the music for this haha
arita2006 (3 years ago)
+Dave Romaine It's the same writer and producer! Erick Morillo (Reel 2 Real) was asked to produce a song for Zig & Zag, saw the humour in them, and ended up basically re-writing 'I Like To Move It' for the alien puppet duo...
Craig Lucas (3 years ago)
from the 90s
michaelprimeuk (3 years ago)
Apache Indian Vs Zig & zag please
Bart Sivinsky (3 years ago)
Those timeeeezzzz!!! I want them back heh!
John Tikis (3 years ago)
Memories..........!!!!    But after those years... is that....   Zag = Eminem?
allmyfavoritemusic (3 years ago)
For a parody on Reel 2 Real it's really a BLAST tune. Lyrics are funny too. Brilliant video, full of energy.
Tekstyler (2 months ago)
Both produced by Eric Morillo 😉
Sonia Rani (4 years ago)
Zig Zag....you are awesome!!
Joy Jackson (4 years ago)
Tuuuune. They just don't make them like this anymore!
Punk Rocker (8 months ago)
You mean "them" girls?
The Eternal Induction (10 months ago)
Henry Smith (1 year ago)
thank goodness for that
Obvious Bambi (1 year ago)
Joy Jackson They do certainly not.
James Mckay (1 year ago)
IT Is catchy I agree  with you
paul gray (4 years ago)
Listening in 2015 ha ha zag a muffin stylie.
nomad nimoi (4 years ago)
This is the Zagamuffin calling planet Earth Ziggy Man and Zagamuffin are in the house in full effect, that's right Zig and Zag stylee They all love me, they all love me, dem girls dem girls they all love me They all love me, they all love me, dem girls dem girls they all love me Me fluffy, me purple, me lover alien Me go by the name of the Zagamuffin Toasting, toasting, 1, 2, 3 I'm toasting y'all in a dancer stylee Winding and reeling and pumping and jumping Mash up the place in a slow motion Give us the sound of a rumbling bass Gonna waste the place, in your face! Naughty naughty in a dancehall style Wiggle your body girl, wiggle me while Me all love rubbing, me am a rich man Me dreadlock boss is the Ziggy Man They call me Zagamuffin cos it is my name With a rub-a-dub stylee it's bringing me fame On a ragga tip, you know respect is due Cos I'm a wicked alien lover and I'm after you Boom boom, the drums go boom They shake it, they rock it, the room goes boom Mix it up and mix it hot Wiggle them hips, girl, wiggle that bot Bing bong, the bells done chime You're my ding dong, gonna make you mine I'm a heartbreaker, a bodyshaker You put the sky in my skyscraper They all love it when I do it to the left They all love it when I do it to the right They all love it when I do it to the left They all love it when I do it to the right They all love it when I do it to the left They all love it when I do it to the right They all love it when I do it to the left Zig and Zag, booyaka all night! They all love me, they all love me, dem girls dem girls they all love me........................................................... sing along if you need to
pooliogeordio (4 years ago)
We have GOT to get this to Christmas No.1 this year!
White Wabbit Vlogs (4 years ago)
My childhood right here love zig n zag forever they made my childhood mine xx im a 90s girl n love it xxxx
It’s so cheesy 😂
The Eternal Induction (10 months ago)
ecks ecks instant messaging a 90s girl enn love it ecks ecks ecks ecks
TheBlondebaby80 (4 years ago)
Me too the big breakfast was amazing!
Chalky (4 years ago)
You not got "I like to move it" by Zig and Zag?
Laszlo Kramer (4 years ago)
Oh yes :)
Roger Dodge (4 years ago)
I bought this when I went to England in 1994 :S
The Eternal Induction (10 months ago)
colon ESS
Stonkish (4 years ago)
This one was a real hit back in the sweet ol 90's ;) 
The Eternal Induction (10 months ago)
semi-colon bracket

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