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Large Crowd Turns Out For 'Barbecuing While Black' Protest At Lake Merritt

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Joe Vazquez reports on barbecuing protest held in Oakland as response to viral video of unnecessary police call (5-20-2018)
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Sigma Nayo (6 days ago)
I think we've all met Becky at some point in our lives.
Jonathan Smith (11 days ago)
Some girl called the police on my charcoal barbecue today and 2 cops and 6 firefighters showed up to put it out with an extinguisher.
Buttfuckchuck (1 month ago)
This ugly lady's name if Jenifer. And she is a rasict
Buttfuckchuck (1 month ago)
+User2718218 calling the Po po on black folk for not doing anything wrong except not give your fat ass a hot dog is racism lol and honestly it isn't your place to decide if something is rasict or not lol if 20 million people all say rasict lol just cause you are fat and ugly doesn't mean you can decide what is rasict and what isn't lol the mass has decided. You are rasict lol
User2718218 (1 month ago)
No she isn't racist and you can't prove it and you are full of crap.
Everygemisnotadiamond (1 month ago)
She lost an invite to the cookout, even though She’s was never invited to the cookout.
Nila T (1 month ago)
Yeet Yeet (2 months ago)
you mean she collapsed in "tears"
eric demoniacx (3 months ago)
< upset white guy, cus black people make a fantastic bbq, and I was not invited   daaaaaaammmnn lol
Tonali Bribiesca (3 months ago)
What a crazy woman,why she was doing that? And then she was the victim,what happened with this country????????????
P Martin (4 months ago)
They should have sent a black police to handle the situation hahhhahahaha
Maienduo Nava (5 months ago)
Where's that psychotic lady now? She's in hiding? That phone call made her famous in a negative way.
Heather Vandermeer (6 months ago)
Man. Wish I had a protest like this near me, I would have brought a couple of packs of good beef hotdogs
1201Filmz (6 months ago)
As an Australian, I approve of any barbie. ;)
RAS reggae (6 months ago)
JAY Lee (6 months ago)
Babeque becky
LovingAtlanta (7 months ago)
👍Good! 🤗💞🤗
Marvin Helton (7 months ago)
The Bay Area always sticks together. Not black, white, or any other race, but Californian live here. No racial people allowed. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIAN WILL NOT BE TOLD WHAT TO DO BY ANY RACIAL PEOPLE FROM HERE OR ANYWHERE ELSE. PEACE OUT!
Vapin With Jason (7 months ago)
I lived in Oakland for 10 year's! Black, White or Purple. Love sees no color in Oakland. I love the irony of this though. Shame on you Becky!
tyler lewis (8 months ago)
U know that bitch voted for trump #noLoL
Brian Marshall (8 months ago)
And what they didn't tell you barbecue Becky has been put in a mental institution because she's quit crazy as a loon
Bassult Doom (8 months ago)
She called 911 cause she wasn't invited for a BBQ party lol
Nora Star (8 months ago)
BBQ Becky 😂
R1980100 (8 months ago)
Jose.. uze iz a  beaner, wet back
susuabc0090 (8 months ago)
Those tears were drama queen's a control mechanism trying to have her way.
Ben Vo (8 months ago)
I wonder what happen to bbq Becky now
Stephen Morrow (8 months ago)
This is sad. Segregation was fought against, and I'm sorry to all these people, but when you live among people of other religions, races, and creeds, you take the good and the bad. That means someone may call the police on you for a seemingly idiotic reason, and that person may be "WHITE", however not because they are white and racist . I am white and have had black, middle-eastern, asian, etc.( oh, and white people) call the police on me for what I considered idiotic reasons...and never assumed it was because of my skin tone. I think that assumption comes into all our minds, but it is a primitive tribal part of our psyche and we have to resist it at all cost. Instead, these people have bound themselves together along racial lines and retreated into a mentality that parallels the ideology of white supremacy, that no other culture or racial identity need be explored or celebrated based on skin color alone. When you watch this, how can we say that Jim Crow was wrong, when all races react to tension between one another by retreating into ones own racial group and rejecting the other...except it's being done voluntarily;.....
Wayne Daugh (9 months ago)
Damn, people need to get a life!
PennyLanePink (9 months ago)
Y'all should have offered psycho Becky a neck bone or baby back rib!! You know, like bait to a rabid dog!!
Campy Camp (9 months ago)
No friends and no invitations to BBQ? = resentment especially if you're a fat single middle aged white lady GROSS! She was so righteous and better than thou. Better at being a POS! She is ok with black people but not black charcoal.
Sugar Magnolia (9 months ago)
Rules. Was it illegal to BBQ or not? Being close to a park where folks routinely leave garbage attracting rats, get noisy, and produce asthma inducing smoke when its clearly marked no out door fires, i have to ask. No fires are also posted for wind patterns in high risk fire zones. Yeah its seems odd near water but, its real. What example does this send to parents trying to instill "follow the rules."
teresa wicks (9 months ago)
No tears at all
William Anderton (9 months ago)
You can tell that b**** ain't no real American cuz she don't like barbecue
anamuls and us (9 months ago)
Wow just wow that chick is crazy lol she was just mad that they didn't invite her for some good food lol she thought she was going to get her ass roasted lol.
John doe (9 months ago)
Its oakland.. There is way more pressing reasons to call the police.
gusdahlehhater (9 months ago)
That lakefront must have smelled like a zoo;
Mamabear 06 (9 months ago)
I could smell the victory all the way in Oregon!! Next time just keep on walking Becky! 😂
Lostgears (10 months ago)
*Oh boy, someone played that race card AGAIN. Smh.* Ok granted Jennifer is an annoying busy body sjw. But this is what I see that for some fucking reason no one else is seeing; lady who happens to be white calls in to complain about a few people who happen to be black bbq'ing in the park. *I don't think this woman is racist at all. BOTH bitches are FUCKING stupid. Fucking wake up.*
christine chambers (10 months ago)
Everybody should be fired up against the EPA and their draconian legislation
sun spots T (10 months ago)
Look how dumb she looks,she gets not fucking love so she needed some attention#clown face.
tim1974th (10 months ago)
My problem with the whole thing is how come nobody ever seem to get arrested for making false complaints.
mrabrasive51 (10 months ago)
Welfare BBQ in Oaktown!..12 shot!!
Jiu-Jitsu 4 Odin (10 months ago)
The dude at 2:10 mark hit it on the head!
Stek Suck (10 months ago)
Shows me that the real racist are the blacks, leftist media does it again. The park supers will now have more BBQ issues to deal with and if the folks happen to be black nothing will get done. For the smart ass says mind your business, it is on public lands so it is every Oakland citizens Business. I checked the lake BBQ policies and Becky is right she just called the wrong people. What happened to all the briquettes, in the lake I bet. The lady that chased Becky around saying it was racist now she is the real trouble maker.
This Makes Me Happy
Paul Charles (10 months ago)
...and they didn't offer me no ribs officer...I was insulted!!
MALE NURSE (10 months ago)
Glen Manning (10 months ago)
Throw a couple of her fat juicy ribs on the grill!
Tony Smith (10 months ago)
Love, Peace & BBQ WHILE BLACK!
Drunk Unc (10 months ago)
White people are lame, period
Get Some (10 months ago)
Meant to say know not no........bwaaaaaaa
Get Some (10 months ago)
No thats what im talking about, nothing like open fire food....yum yum yum......
Matt Jones (10 months ago)
I didn`t see anywhere in this story where it was about race. the lady was a fucking idiot, but it seems to me, the blacks made it about race.......imagine that.
stayridenchevyz (10 months ago)
its not a race thing!!! The problem is the local white liberals and dikes in the area want to save the planet. so they drive a prius and bbq with gas
MegaBait56 (10 months ago)
SNOWFLAKES gotta just laugh at them before they all melt. As usual in California........lol. loooooser state............
The white bitch was just jealous because they bbq how blacks can (honestly they’re fun to be with)
leah Renee (10 months ago)
Bbq Becky looks like a miserable, unsatisfied woman!
Scott Branham (10 months ago)
Its not racism, its Islam. They trying to trick you. These people are evil!
tampa50man (10 months ago)
Gabriel Bennett (10 months ago)
Now that's my kinda protest!
JAGG KOUT (10 months ago)
what if you think a white person would be treated like this we woundnt be having hundred people bbq on the beach blacks will take everything to heart,,please stop being so sisitive.for god sakes.
RebelCave85 (10 months ago)
JAGG KOUT hahahahaha
youtubeyouser (10 months ago)
Read the guidelines for the park for yourself. Comprehension skills are helpful.
darlene graziano (10 months ago)
Cops have nothing else to do? What a waste of time and money coming for Becky’s bull
RebelCave85 (10 months ago)
darlene graziano the cops never came, she sat there for two hours looking like Sylvester Stallone
snow white (10 months ago)
SKYWOLF GBM (10 months ago)
De Ha (10 months ago)
Good. I hope things like this happen every time racist assholes do something stupid. On a minor note; I like how specific the protest was. It wasn’t like Live 8 where the cause was so broad I’m not even clear what exactly they expected to do about it, this was a SPECIFIC message that people should stop doing a SPECIFIC thing. It won’t solve racism altogether, but, you know, it’s a step in the right direction.
heather lapierre (10 months ago)
calm down people its not always about race
8-BIT ASSAULT (10 months ago)
BOTH WOMEN are stupid fucking cunts that couldn't mind their own business! WOMEN caused this problem, NOT RACISM!!!.... now let me get some of that bbq! got damn that looks good!
Horn of Africa King (10 months ago)
She should be fired because she works in university
dexters dead (10 months ago)
Hey big belly bekky bitch you messed with the wrong people..
S W (10 months ago)
I can say its sad to see sooooo many black people go blow for blow and say racist shit back. We will never do better unless we are better. Stop the " Becky" and racist names...don't give them what they expect. Let's be BETTER. come on people
krdcd (10 months ago)
She should come to Detroit , we'll show her so many BBQs her phone will melt. It's also unbelievably delicious , everywhere you go !
Christopher Neal (10 months ago)
I think Becky was tired of all this chicken on beef crime
Christopher Neal (10 months ago)
Oh boy said he brought a big Barbecue Pit so she couldn't call the police she had to call the National Guard on his ass I'm so dead right now😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Eliazar753 (10 months ago)
People should call police when they need police not some ridiculous things like this!!! No wonder the police thinks BBQ Becky needs a spyche evaluation they think shes retarded. LOL
HuMan Being 34/7 (10 months ago)
What a Great way to make a statement
Why Me? (10 months ago)
BBQ Becky disliked this 51 times
S W (10 months ago)
I'm black... stop the " Becky" bullshit. You lose all listeners when you stooo to the racist level. STOP and when they go low...go high
Shadow Phace (10 months ago)
Lake Merrit in Oakland the new spot for BBQing. Thank you Bbq Becky.
S W (10 months ago)
stop the Becky BS.. we are better than that.
billionaire Richie Rich (10 months ago)
She's upset because of her belly fat she's ugly no man will have sex with so she let her dog bang her nasty azz big pig
Santa Ana Luna (10 months ago)
So if the park rules really did say “ no charcoal grill” it’s okay now because people think charcoal is racist So rules don’t apply here?
Ryan Anderson (10 months ago)
She was mad cuz she ain't got no friends to bbq with but her cats but the Koreans would come protest her cuz they only ones who can bbq cats.
S W (10 months ago)
S W (10 months ago)
The racist remarks are disgusting. You're just as bad as racist whites...sas
Angela f-rachal (10 months ago)
Just make sure everybody clean up afterwards.
Sa Sa (10 months ago)
i really hope they used charcoal
Beth Williams (10 months ago)
BBQ Becky must've had steam shooting out of her ears - cooking in her own juices.. a cold shower probably would've cracked her skin, upon contact, on the day of the protest BBQ (but strangely, no where to be seen)..
S W (10 months ago)
when you say " Becky". you become them. The racist shit is low, disgusting and sad. stop it...we are better than that.
Gene Ortega (10 months ago)
yoyo762 (10 months ago)
As usual, blacks play the racist card when caught doing illegal and unlawful actions. Notice the immediate angle of her being racist when the blacks are being criminal. Its misdirection over their illegal activities. Its the race card in action.
Sharon Martin (10 months ago)
She's just jealous because she knows that black people make THE best BBQ. I'm white and my black friends can COOK.
Chet (10 months ago)
Love peace and hair grease
Truth Betold (10 months ago)
Charcoal grills prohibited in that area so that woman is racist for calling them out for breaking the rule !? People with asthma and other breathing disorders needed that area free from air pollution.
RebelCave85 (10 months ago)
Truth Betold -- Plus I would like to think that anytime white people can keep the black people out, is more than fair. I'm so sick of these darks getting their own way. Roseanne gets cancelled, and I don't care for Jews like her either, but I like John Goodman. However the point is meanwhile nobody even gives a second thought about what black people constantly are calling white people. Like black people belong over here either? The only people that can say they were here first are the feather heads and there is not even that many left now anyway after Anglo colonization.
Truth Betold (10 months ago)
RebelCave85 Time and place for everything. Why not just go where you are supposed to go ya know?
RebelCave85 (10 months ago)
Truth Betold - Good point. I have asthma and I don't need that air pollution either.
Jessica . (10 months ago)
Donna Rupert (10 months ago)
Hummm!!! I can smell it through the screen☺️🍔🥩🍗🌭🤤😋😛
Jake Sydney (10 months ago)
That white bitch needs to locked up with crooked hillary for wasting americas time....
becomeaudible1 (10 months ago)
It's nothing but an assumption that she called the police because they were black. She was COMPLETELY in the wrong for doing that. But we have no idea if it was due to race, or she's just a sad little pain in the ass that does this to everyone.
johnnysky 66 (10 months ago)
This is amazing! Love it. That lady is a moron.
M P (10 months ago)
Drake is such a crybaby
TheBlazersfan22 (10 months ago)
people should spend time in prison for calling cops prematurely . it should be criminal. just today. A women called the cops on a black man listening to music in his garage. the guy ended up getting shot.
Adam Berba (10 months ago)
My white ass would of asked for a damn plate of some fire BBQ, she’s trippin🤦‍♂️
Pablo Hernandez (10 months ago)
"With love and peace and fam- AND JUSTICE!!" Damn that little girl is havin' none of that racist shit, good for her #PeaceandLoveMotherFuckers.
Meli Combs (10 months ago)
The problem is that woman definitely was trying to bully those people out of the park. She stood surrounded by a group of people and called 911 on them, in front of them, refusing to move. It was only when she realised how bad she would look on camera that she tried to play the frightened little woman being harassed. 911 are there for emergencies, not for these ridiculous fall outs over a barbecue.
John Juan (10 months ago)
The woman looked Sorry AF crying to the officers once they arrived.
Mike Duckwall (10 months ago)
Yeah, this lady is clearly not functioning well and has other issues going on. It’s sad really to be that screwed up. So, I’ll call the cops on these “Negroes “ and I’ll get some satisfaction out of that! Kind of typical I think.
Repairguy 2 (10 months ago)
Wonder what people would say to "Barbecuing while white " ?? Racist right !!!
RebelCave85 (10 months ago)
Repairguy 2 - Yup. White people harass me for lame reasons all the time and I'm white.

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