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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Official Extended International Trailer (2013) HD

1830 ratings | 206371 views
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Text Comments (208)
edgy kids (2 years ago)
i love this movie
Brian Rapp (4 years ago)
1975 Brian rapp 15 and Marta hersh my del Mar surf girl have rock lobster bbq and roasted marshmellos around the fire pit in frount of our delmar beach house 17 st and oceanfrount with Lisa rapp and Phil rapp my granddaddy who wrote 1947 secreat life of w alter Nitty drinking his favorit drink a Boilermaker beer with cuttysark shot in mug canyonlocalfilmscom save the bickersons
TheFearI95 (4 years ago)
... wut
Kobe Official (4 years ago)
Bohemian Rhapsody!
Miss White (4 years ago)
Woow ...loooooved the trailer
Barrington Gates (4 years ago)
I absolutely loved this movie. I will watch this again and again and even more so with my children in the future. So many great lessons about real life.
Victor Pratnemer (5 years ago)
what`s the song at 2:20? plzzzzz
SKYFORC3 (5 years ago)
step out by jose gonzalez
HIBERNIAN04 (5 years ago)
Excellent piece of work by Ben Stiller and his team. A much better movie than I expected - a must see !
C Chiew (5 years ago)
I cried watching this what the hell wrong with me
Magic Games (5 years ago)
You'll cry even more when you'll be watching the movie... and laughing as well
Marcelo Motta (5 years ago)
After Walter White, all movies and TV shows producers should retire the name "Walter"!! 
kitty kat (5 years ago)
this movie is AWESOME i must see it...
Philip Max (5 years ago)
Raymond Ho (5 years ago)
so hyped up for this!!!
Kevin Costello (5 years ago)
After watching this tonight I can say it's great, such a feel good movie. It makes you want to just stop what you're doing and go travel.
Théophile Nzungize (5 years ago)
1:28 Scorcher VI ? #benstiller
Gon Freecss (5 years ago)
Ahahahaha, yeah totally!
Billis Rapto (5 years ago)
Heads up, I will sob in this movie...
Yo Payback (5 years ago)
>dem feels
Do M (5 years ago)
this movie is my life 
ean dean (5 years ago)
if only money is not an issue
pacmanfantastic (5 years ago)
It's really freaky to me because I zone out all the time, and have been pretty much all my life in the same way it is portrayed in this movie...I think Ben Stiller stalked me...
suzanne1995 (5 years ago)
nope sir your not alone
orangepeel dolan (5 years ago)
shes a 2/10
jimmytto (5 years ago)
I would so hate it if at the end it was all just another if his "zoned out" states, which, even if it isn't they will at least joke at.
Audrey1700 (5 years ago)
It's apparently a new song rumored to be called, "Step Outside," by Jose Gonzalez and St. Vincent. You can google it, but apparently it hasn't been released anywhere other than in this trailer and possibly in the film.
HelliSbAckAgain (5 years ago)
hold on, let me go back to the 90's and check this out. xD
Rodgie Cruz (5 years ago)
Please someone find that "take a step out side, take a step out side" song...
Rodgie Cruz (5 years ago)
Damn I so can't wait for this, that I've watched every trailer atleast 20 times.
ReanimatedShad0w (5 years ago)
So random. Might as well say this looks better than Star Wars.
Jimmy Johnson (5 years ago)
Of Monsters and Men- "Dirty Paws"
Ela (5 years ago)
What's the song at 1.10?
romerorv2008 (5 years ago)
Did you have Simon Pegg in mind?
levry seja (5 years ago)
WATCH NOW FOR FREE AT: va4movie.com
Juss Sodhi (5 years ago)
Holy crap....that's totally my story...
vtim1 (5 years ago)
Jose Gonzalez and St. Vincent - "Step Outside" It's a new song just for the movie so the full version won't be released until the soundtrack comes out.
submarinesunk (5 years ago)
what am i doing with my life then?
Eunice (5 years ago)
This looks good!
Matthew H (5 years ago)
I know what you're talking about but I dont know if this movie explains iconic moments in time or just makes iconic moments.
Matthew H (5 years ago)
Anyone know the name of the song at 2:07 ?
bflat6games (5 years ago)
whats the second song?
Sean Halket (5 years ago)
What's the song at 2:07?
Kalypso (5 years ago)
Ohhhhhh ok! Got it!
theunraveler (5 years ago)
There was this volcano explosion that resulted in a pyroclastic flow and there was a car or an ambulance driving away from it as the flow bear them on them...its on youtube v=Cvjwt9nnwXY
cardboard2night (5 years ago)
i wanna watch this movie so much gIVE IT TO ME PLz
melissa avila (5 years ago)
If your talking about the song that plays when he crashes through the window its Bohemian rhapsody by queen
Campbell Owen (5 years ago)
What is the song at the beginning is awesome
Kristina Pavlović (5 years ago)
AMAZING MOVIE, Ive seen at: va4movie.com
Aleks Mdka (5 years ago)
AMAZING MOVIE, Ive seen at: va4movie.com
Dirty Paws
Muhammad Aamir (5 years ago)
hey hey i actually do that... that zoned out thing
Mateo Kupstys Chica (5 years ago)
Hell this looks GREAT!
TheTAKES06 (5 years ago)
Kalypso (5 years ago)
I would like to know what you're talking about.
Ryan Myers (5 years ago)
I've watched this trailer 100 times...
nathanb605 (5 years ago)
whats the song towards the end ?
ToN1c (5 years ago)
Ben Stiller has Eyes of a God
Alexander Nordlund (5 years ago)
granny derp 0:01
Kevin Beasley (5 years ago)
Sooo is the whole movie gonna be a day dream ?
Alexander Nordlund (5 years ago)
dirty paws of monsters and men :) the song
ryans9de5bomb (5 years ago)
anyone know the song starting at 1:04
ryans9de5bomb (5 years ago)
ahhh i cant wait for this movie!
hamzah (5 years ago)
holy shit ive never been so excited for a movie
Tharpedo Entertainment (5 years ago)
This trailer gave me goosebumps.
Roq999 (5 years ago)
2:39 we finally find out who was in that car during the Mount Unzen pyroclastic flow. God I hope someone know wtf I'm talking about.
David Kavanagh (5 years ago)
Step Outside by Jose Gonzalez. But apparently it's not going to be released until the film is so that's a bit of a bummer :/
octasian (5 years ago)
Just as long as they don't hook-up at the end. I hate predictability.
wewillrock245 (5 years ago)
and don't forget Sean Penn :D
1995tbone18 (5 years ago)
Sure it may look that way. But wait till December 25th and the rating may be a lot more positive about this movie or not.
Ibrahim Vargas (5 years ago)
RainStormRaider (5 years ago)
I liked the other trailer better. Also the struggles of a white dude in love with some chick, revolutionary!
GamerCheatsForAll (5 years ago)
47, got some miles.
Frenze Müller (5 years ago)
Ben Stiller Looks old
Kirsten Casado (5 years ago)
This looks like an awesome movie but it's getting a lot of negative reviews.. Nonetheless, love all the actors/actresses in here and love how it's directed by Ben Stiller!
Kirsten Casado (5 years ago)
Seriously. It doesn't look too good on Rotten Tomatoes.
azlan shukri (5 years ago)
tis movie copy JD's from scrubs...hahaha
TheSolomonTV (5 years ago)
what is the name of the song from 2:03-3:04 ?
Gordan Reid (5 years ago)
Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men
Kevin Johnson (5 years ago)
what is the song starting at 2:20 ?? anyone?
Luke Wagner (5 years ago)
and Patton Oswalt
LordJaeger6277 (5 years ago)
This is getting some iffy reviews, but I'm still looking forward to it.
Jacob Davis (5 years ago)
I want this to be a 3 hour movie, so it can be done right
Shuaib khan (5 years ago)
cant wait,,,,
Martín Chalela (5 years ago)
This might just be the new Forest Gump.
jin hong vu (5 years ago)
When "Step Outside" by Jose Gonzalez will be release? I can't wait!!!!
FilmyProfessor (5 years ago)
The second song is the unreleased single called Step Outside by Jose Gonzalez.
Open Vault (5 years ago)
This looks amazing. Target audience = reached.
mokychikn74 (5 years ago)
I downloaded Dirty Paws and it doesn't sound like the same song at the second half of the trailer unless its been remixed
Tea Toxic (5 years ago)
which part?
Tea Toxic (5 years ago)
Some great movie this'll be :) ... O_O hope i didn't jinxed it D:
Krishma042 (5 years ago)
Dirty Paws ! :D
leon chalita (5 years ago)
Most badass moment at the start
L Anne (5 years ago)
ahh looks so good
King Gooche (5 years ago)
TheOther (5 years ago)
I can so relate :-(
TankYESSIIR (5 years ago)
Finally a movie about my life
OoieGooie (5 years ago)
Want to see... I has money.
Arei Cat (5 years ago)
yup. one of those trailers that lets me see how awesome a movie is gonna be. now to wait 2 months in anticipation for it.....
TheFormalGuy (5 years ago)
I troll through YouTube and don't 'like' very many videos because they just don't hit that spot of being amazing and give me the chills when I'm watching them. This trailer deserved my 'like'. It's a rare thing for me.
TheCookieGuy512 (5 years ago)
This movie is good because a lot of people can relate to this.
Jasper T. (5 years ago)
ohoho OMG LMAO... wait what?
frigginburritos (5 years ago)
step outside by jose gonzalez

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