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Actors Who Were Never The Same After A Role

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper We've all had tough days at the office. But some actors, dedicated to giving it their all, took their work a few steps too far. Though these critically-acclaimed, often award-winning performances are a delight to watch, the experience of preparing for and recovering from these roles did a number on the actors involved, and left a lasting impression — not always for the positive. Here are several actors who went the extra mile for their craft… Isabelle Adjani - Possession | 0:21 Adrien Brody - The Pianist | 0:50 Colin Firth - The King's Speech | 1:39 Hugh Laurie - House | 2:36 Bob Hoskins - Who Framed Roger Rabbit | 3:33 Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight | 4:12 Charlie Hunnam - American TV & Movies | 4:58 Janet Leigh – Psycho | 6:03 James Cromwell - Babe | 6:33 Christopher McDonald - Happy Gilmore | 7:31 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/68370/actors-never-role/ Film and TV Theories https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j 12 Film Theories That Change Everything https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpwRA9KQnWU&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=18 7 Marvel Characters Who Won't Survive Phase 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txeT2Do6kl8&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=12 5 More Film Theories That Change Everything https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RbPCCSbxXM&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=17 How The Walking Dead Could End https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYixr55HA10&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=13 5 Fan Theories That Totally Change TV Shows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP4SaMgBFYo&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=2 5 Movies That Strangely Predicted Real-Life Deaths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuAacTFzL00&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=10 Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Follow us → https://twitter.com/looper Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (4811)
Looper (1 year ago)
What other actors should've made this list?
Stephanie L. Strong (15 days ago)
Charlize Theron - Monster
Perfect Cell (15 days ago)
Jeff Goldblum
Hadley Pettigrew (17 days ago)
Temuera Morrison playing Jake the Muss or Jake Heke, found himself regressing to a violent character post filming.
Lady Riju (19 days ago)
TWD Cast
Airdog (1 month ago)
James Fox after filming Performance. He joined a religious sect.
Genexolev Ashtiani (18 hours ago)
Any actor or actress in a paranormal film.
KING CANUTE (1 day ago)
You came for 4:12
DHGlee2013 (2 days ago)
Looper - Janet Leigh never won an Academy award. She was nominated for Psycho and even won the Golden Globe but didn't win(imo she should have) but she never won an academy award. Get your facts straight.
Daniel Cain (2 days ago)
Christian bale... seriously now.
Roxxane D'troyt (2 days ago)
i think everyone realized hed have the cane on a different side enough to go look which leg is bad again?
Jobin Skywalker (3 days ago)
this is dumb
Joseph Samual (4 days ago)
Ok, I'm the English actors amarican acent. I can sound britsh, so, ok.
Maziar Hosseini (4 days ago)
You all forgot Jackie Chan who did most of his stunts himself. Some stunts led to pretty bad injuries . At one point he even had to have brain surgery because he slammed his head while doing a stunt from a tree
sounak mallik (4 days ago)
Salute heath ledger...
ShutUpMichael (6 days ago)
lol heath ledger wasn’t alive after the joker
1PatrioticBitch (7 days ago)
Ya she was really possessed
Siobhan Kelly (7 days ago)
Danny Demonetized (9 days ago)
Why isnt Micheal j fox on here for getting parkinsons from filming back to the future
Abu VahReza (9 days ago)
Adrien brody is superb in peaky blinders as luca changretta
Sonnychiba11 Sanz (10 days ago)
Al Pacino in scarface rumors has it he kept the cuban druglord attitude for almost a yr he couldnt shake off the Tony Montana way!!🥴🥴🤣
beverley davis (10 days ago)
Ryan Reynolds ..please keep that sexy gorgeous military cut.. Wholy hell 🔥
jack lennon (11 days ago)
Pile of shite.
David Cavanaugh (12 days ago)
Laurie is cool. If ever a remake in MASH, He is the Man
Deanna Graham (13 days ago)
Oh, these poor actors, how they put themselves through the wringer, all for us, I mean it is not like they are paid millions, poor actors, how I worship them, blah blah blah
Lloyd (13 days ago)
Whoa sorry. Charlie Hunnam has a convincing American accent? For whom? Chinese people?
N2Deep 1eighty7 (13 days ago)
I think the whole thing about them taking years to adjust back is utter and complete bullshit and a "cry for attention"
Perfect Cell (15 days ago)
But Uh What about uh jeff um goldblum
steveskeggy61 (16 days ago)
Probably the biggest life changing film for an actor, in this case two actors, was the 1966 film Born Free. Its two main actors, Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna played George and Joy Adamson, a couple that raised a lion cub called Elsa. The tale so affected the stars, that they went on to be instrumental in forming the world wide renown charity, the Born Free Foundation.
kagiso phatlhane (16 days ago)
f*cking white people **smh**
oxXRockXSugarXxo (16 days ago)
There’s no Deadpool in this video, forgot his name atm.
Gy Bx (16 days ago)
That Joker was absolutely diabolical. I watched the original Batman series as a kid, but the Ledger Joker was no joke. More psychotic than Hannibal Lecter.
Bro Brah (16 days ago)
Misti Milligan (17 days ago)
Charlie hunnam could talk to me in a made up language and I'd still melt like butter
Annika B (17 days ago)
Uhhhh, where's Jim Carrey in Man On the Moon? He literally never went back to his old self, realizing that "Jim Carrey" is just a character.
Sherrie Lewis (18 days ago)
They left out Jack Nicholson. In all his roles!
Lady Riju (19 days ago)
I bet the walking dead cast is screwed up now. Hell, that show made me depressed after about 4 seasons in
Jacqueline Nack (19 days ago)
Would never mess with demons
Ryan Ortega (20 days ago)
Christopher McDonald should play Paul Manafort in the inevitable movie...
Krista Yurkowski (20 days ago)
Stanley Tucci as child killer George Harvey in the lovely bones. I never looked at him the same after that
Ruthlessnoodle (21 days ago)
soooo emotional pussies.
Allah SpreadsHate (23 days ago)
Oh, the poor lambs. Having to read out loud someone else's words.... How do they do manage? FUCK OFF, SELF-INDULGENT SNOWFLAKES.
NIKAYLA (23 days ago)
Heath always breaks my heart, and it really hurts because he never got to see his work and how good it was as the joker.
Lilouu (24 days ago)
Heath </3 seeing him again made me cry. truly heartbreaking.
Hen Peckley (25 days ago)
Jim carey man on the moon much?
Ofelia May (25 days ago)
How on earth did the producers not know Hugh Laurie is British? He's not exactly a low profile British actor haha
Cameron Taylor (25 days ago)
"I saw two big fat naked bikers in the woods off of 17 having sex. How am I supposed to CHIP with that going on Doug?"
mark Tanner (27 days ago)
James Cameron is such an incredible person. He's totally right though, we should all be vegan! There's no need for us to hurt animals any more
nuclear kid (29 days ago)
Janet :I still don't take showers. Me: wow me too.haha. * awkward silence *
Cannibal Nectar (29 days ago)
I love how these super rich people think that pretending to be someone fucked up makes them actually fucked up, like are they so weak that it can affect them that bad or is it just everyone around them believing their bullshit and making it real that way. These actors seem like such broken people that are nobodies, they only have the personality we put on them, and they soak it up to get to be someone? Strange people they all seem to be a step outside of reality at all times. Maybe that’s what makes them great actors tho, they have no true self anymore and don’t live in a fixed reality like us, they have to make up new ones constantly.
red ryno (30 days ago)
R.i.p Jax teller
call911now (1 month ago)
Also in syco the blood is Hershey syrup
Garge Luy (19 days ago)
All the more reason she shoulda had her pansy ass in the shower
call911now (1 month ago)
OMG I LOVE CHARLIE HUNNAM HE PLAYS IN MY FAVORITE SHOW,Sons of anarchy His role is Jax the fabulous mordercycle mob boss.Unfornaly Netflix removed the show so I have to watch it on amazon.
linclinc5 (1 month ago)
Most of this is bollocks, it’s made up nonsense, what a load of cobblers
Airdog (1 month ago)
James Fox after filming Performance.
Samantha Najafi (1 month ago)
Where is Zan.....xOXx Diago
Samantha Najafi (1 month ago)
I feel blue
newport OG (1 month ago)
i think this is all bullshit.. theyre playing fucking roles how is that gonna make you insane
M.M. Markovic (1 month ago)
I must dislike - if some role changed actor's life that would be Anthony Perkins in Psicho that is why she didn't feel comfortable after filming with him.
Tetsuo Moretti (1 month ago)
shooter mcgavin hahahaha "I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast" lol
Blue Rage (1 month ago)
Jim Caviezel, Actor: The Passion of the Christ should be #1.
Lmao what babies.
canndo1 (1 month ago)
What about Daniel Day Lewis? Possibly the best actor ever! He IS the personality he portrays in movies. I have never doubted he was a quadriplegic in “My Left Foot,” nor his Native American portrayal in “Last of the Mohicans,” or “There Will Be Blood.” He’s an amazing actor and I understand he never left character no matter what the role
Gabin Alfred (1 month ago)
looper <3
Soaplify (1 month ago)
What pussies! Omg you must have it so bad... imagining yourself as another person and believing it. Maybe these people were just psychotic!
Charlie Hunnam is definitely my TV crush. What a hottie.
Mark Abel (1 month ago)
Jay Davidson. After playing Ra in the original Stargate movie, he never acted in movies again.
Richard Howe (1 month ago)
Actors are just normally nuts!!
Rest In Peace Heath Ledger.
brandon kelly (1 month ago)
You should do one on the ranch talking about why they won’t cost certain member
Bailey & Addy (1 month ago)
I love love love Charlie Hunnam, but he has a bad accent. He keeps slipping throughout SOA.
Adrian Borden (1 month ago)
Nataly E. (1 month ago)
The pig that played the role of my breakfast this morning will never be the same
Lesley Smith (22 days ago)
My mum used to say if we had joint of lamb, beef, and chicken, turkey that the animal died for a good cause before we ate it.
Οδοιπόρος (1 month ago)
Same here, though it was a fine performance.
Pedro Garcia (1 month ago)
A lady who doesn’t take showers and a man who likes to play golf. Wow
Heledd Flower (1 month ago)
Colin Firth played King George VI of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Not England. It's like saying the USA is Texas and nothing else.
Royal Rumble (1 month ago)
this kind of actors, the world deserves
Rendy Ricardo L Garcia (1 month ago)
shooter mcgavin hahahahahahhaahaha yeah i can remember that mutherfckr XDDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
Anthony Genzale (1 month ago)
actors are fagg0ts
Sippy 4lock (1 month ago)
The movie psycho did have that shower scene as a kid it messed me up . Im 42 now and to this day I still open the curtain to look at the door. It was much worse when I was a child... Shouldve never been sneaky and watched that movie sure do regret that..
Sippy 4lock (5 days ago)
+arx754 yeah it's amazing how something scary can embed itself in one's mind
arx754 (5 days ago)
After that movie, for decades now, I've been buying only CLEAR plastic shower curtains. They're really shower curtain LINERS. So, I can see through them as if there's no shower curtain at all.
Bella Maria (1 month ago)
Why did "upstaged by a talking pig" make me laugh so hard?
Vicki Sproule (1 month ago)
Hang on heath ledgers family said that during the dark knight he was very happy about it explain that looper 😡
XAirVsPaintX (1 month ago)
Heath Ledgers preparation for the Joker sounds just like the life of a college student..
theugliestART (1 month ago)
Girl, interrupted movie.
Jason Higbee (1 month ago)
With Ledger's list of drugs, no wonder he died. They won't even give ya . 5 mg lorazepam, and 5mg Vicodin at the same time. It stops your breathing
ronsfi (1 month ago)
Drama queens.
Lynx (1 month ago)
Rip the accents
TheDennys21 (1 month ago)
Just admit it, you are only here because of Heath, are you not?
george way (1 month ago)
humanity still has no clue how screwed up it is ...
Jorie Thomas (1 month ago)
I like how Charlie Hunnam's toll was his accent lol. If you live somewhere long enough, you pick up the accent without necessarily losing your original. I was born and raised in Illinois for 7 years but spent the majority of my life in California but I've had people recognize minor Midwestern dialects in my speech.
Goat Billhicks2 (1 month ago)
Christian Bale
B Redfern (1 month ago)
James Cromwell for Babe, seriously??? What a joke
Moobs Mcgee (1 month ago)
People who will never get there time back after watching this video
Liberty Dankmeme (1 month ago)
idiots and liars - weak minds have problems with things
Oskar Demczuk (1 month ago)
I don't get how the didn't mention Jax teller
Karen Mullen (1 month ago)
I notice him limping on different legs from time to time as a matter of fact both of The Times that I watched the show he was limping on a different leg then what I had seen in the advert for the show so I never watched it because of that. I went online to see if it was a trope something that the character just did from time to time and there was nothing there about it but I watched it with my own eyes. I'm in the health fields I notice stuff like that.
Lynsay Breaux (1 month ago)
Why wasnt jim Carrey in that one you lost my respect a little because if anyone gives his all to acting its jim....
I CURSE CHINK SCUM DIE (1 month ago)
Sing chi he role . I wrote
wanda sewell (1 month ago)
I am so sick of hearing about the Jewish Holocaust. Like no other people were holocausted. It's over played.
Brooke Skywalker (1 month ago)
Jake Lloyd
Steelsheen11b (1 month ago)
Jesus what a bunch of drama queen pussies. YOU'RE FUCKING ACTORS act you weenies.
Melissa Maylath (1 month ago)
I ❤ love this. I have morbid curosity for this kinda stuff. Im sure alot of actresses & actors that didn't make this that should have. Alotta of them devle so deep into the roles they are playing that lose themselves. There comes a point while they're filming a move Where they don't know where the character ends & they begin.
Jason Sengyung (1 month ago)
who thinks Charlie Hunnam and Heath ledger looks are identical?
Art Carvajal Jr. (1 month ago)
Fascinating video, but what intrigues me the most is; do actors who play positive roles involving bravery, strength, love, confidence, success etc. come away with those positive traits in real life? And could the average person use acting as a means of gaining positive traits and transforming themselves? I've heard this called The As If Principle.
bri marie (1 month ago)
Caradine the one that played the role in Kung Fu the 70s series, he should have been in this , he started thinking he was actually Qui Chane Kang , he would show up on talk shows with no shoes on , I’m pretty sure years latter he admitted that he had to quit the show because the role was taking over his mind , I think Keanu Reeves had a little left over from that one movie he played a stoner in , in the rest of the movies he’s done since I can see the Stoner sneaking out and it looks like he has to push him back in .
Random Name (1 month ago)
Fun fact: Shelly Duvall (the girl from the shining) lives in my town, she's a little off but she's really nice
Mr. Cairo (1 month ago)
Adrian Brody's nose could have played a duet with his pianist character. God Damn that dude tweaks me with his punch face.

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