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What people miss about the gender wage gap

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It's more complex than women earning 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Read the full article by Sarah Kliff: http://www.vox.com/2016/8/1/12108126/gender-wage-gap-explained-real Check out the studies: http://scholar.harvard.edu/files/goldin/files/dynamics_of_the_gender_gap_for_young_professionals_in_the_financial_and_corporate_sectors.pdf When there is talk about the gender wage gap, often the statistic heard is, “Women earn 79 cents for every dollar a man makes.” While this is factually correct, it does not encompass the nuances of the wage gap. The answer is in the complexity of this problem. Career types and child-rearing duties are both in the equation to closing the gender wage gap. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Text Comments (12871)
LittleArmyNut (11 hours ago)
What gender wage gap?
Andre's Ontiveros (12 hours ago)
Well not to sound like a d****** moron like Hunter avallone but I hate to break it to you the wage Gap was debunk numerous of times and it has been a mess for a very very long time however talk about women that are suffering from real depression I can the Middle East or an Africa on other places in the world !!!
Just_AutumnYT (1 day ago)
their isn't one
DJ DJ (1 day ago)
So you want to get paid to do nothing.
DJ DJ (1 day ago)
6am to 2 pm = 9am to 5pm it still 8 hour how is it any longer. You get paid by the hour. If you don't work 80 hour you don't get payed for your 80 hours simple math and looking at what women made in the 1940. Is not now. It is 2019 there are laws that keed this gap of your from being truthful. You need to go back to school I think you missed something like LOGIC.
DJ DJ (1 day ago)
This is BS. I work in healthcare and women make more then 90% of men. You say women are not in high postion my D.O.N is a women. Where I work has 4 facility and the CEO of 3 of them are run by women. So you wage gap is BS,BS,BS. THERE ARE WOMEN OF POWER LOOK AT NANCY PELOSI. SHE IS KILL THIS COUNTRY.
Ryan Edwards (2 days ago)
Wish you would have mentioned the choices people make.
Frank tank (2 days ago)
Men account for 97% of all work fatalities (2016 workers composition reported statistics) and women think they should get paid the same? They’re already getting almost all the child support as it is. I say we cut em off completely.
someone no one (3 days ago)
If wome didn't work there asses it's not men's fualt
Independence In Mind (3 days ago)
There is no gender pay gap. It’s illegal to pay someone less based on their gender. It’s been illegal for quite some time.
K ris (3 days ago)
This just in, ‘People who do business when everyone else does have a better chance to make more money’ The explanation of a scientist is a gross oversimplification
K ris (3 days ago)
If women want to close the wage gap, become educated in more valuable vocations, work as many hours as the highest earning men, and don’t have children, just like how men have no guarantee to have children It’s solved. Now do it and stop complaining.
SpadeGhostVampire7777 (4 days ago)
I figured it out how to get through to you. Take out the dangerous jobs nobody wants to do that men do that women don't, then add all the job positions men and women do adding them all up to get 100% and 100% showing they make the same amount for the same jobs positions. Next show the dangerous choices of work that men do that women choose not to after you figure out it is the same pay, it will show from men's choices of dangerous jobs that it adds up to 14% for men to who choose dangerous jobs women choose not to do leaving it out of the 100%/100% equation, let the 14% set off to the side by men choosing to do dangerous jobs women choose not to do by averages of pay. Do not add this to 100% because it is choices of work vs pay. Now wait for it..
Joey Cipher (6 days ago)
there's no such thing as a "wage gap".
Joey Cipher (6 days ago)
what issue?
MrSpiritchild (6 days ago)
I make the same or less then all the women I work with, but not a one of them will stack a palette of 50 pound boxes. You want a pay gap to go away, then get rid of the work gap.
Cameron (6 days ago)
1:00 this chart doesn’t account for hours worked. On average men work 4 hours a week more than women, and employers know this. That’s a big player in the gap over time.
Electeric waffles (7 days ago)
RMGLEXu (7 days ago)
Paygap isnt real BTW
42% of women out-earn their husbands/partners. There are tree possible scenarios: -both earning the same (33,33% chance) -man earns more (33,33% chance) -woman earns more (33,33% chance) 42% of women out-earn their husbands/partners.
pulz 01 (8 days ago)
Males' wallet makers and sellers get paid significantly less than women's purses. Address that pay gap. (If it's wrong based on interest they so is comparing sportsman and sportswomen) Male jewellery makers and sellers are paid significantly less than female jewellery makers and sellers. Address that.
lil rob (10 days ago)
Wage gap dose not exist
Peter Gabriel (10 days ago)
22K libtards have disliked the video
Avinash Singh (11 days ago)
You'll get paid the same if you do as good of a job
john dugger (11 days ago)
its pretty easy, if you put in the same hours you get paid the same,
Jake Antriasian (11 days ago)
I don’t care that women make less then men. Men have better jobs, that’s why they make more. And now women make more. This video sucks it’s all false and men SHOULD be making more because they try harder while women just cheat on the man, that’s why they make so much. I really don’t care about your stupid little “oh, we need money ehh” No you don’t. Y’all make less cause you don’t have as good jobs, idiot. This was a horrible video
Egg (12 days ago)
The wage gap isn't real chamge my mind
Kenny X (12 days ago)
im a "normal" heterosexual. male (32). didnt hear about this gender pay gap until couple years ago. at first i thought (very briefly) WHY men earned more...if anything i thought women would have earned more by giving men sexual favours to get to the top...(honestly, this was what i could come up with lol). and i couldnt understand why a male (heterosexual) would even have a desire to pay women less...absolutely nothing apparent to me. but then i heard the various reasons why...from ppl like jordan peterson..and now i know the reasons for the gap. it is nothing about men deliberately or desiring to pay women less just cause they are women..its a byproduct of the choices and other stuff like how its measured etc...
Iron King 24 (12 days ago)
*disclaimer: not trying to start a fight* so basically the wage gap is caused by women them selves for their lifestyle, so in essence it's not a problem that we are facing but a scheduling inconvenience
Dan Schmidt (8 days ago)
You are completely correct. It has nothing to do with sexism, nothing to do with not paying women as much as men, it is purely based on their own choices.
Hi I'm Shane (13 days ago)
are the comparisons in the same market? is the comparison on same position within the same company?
Wayne Braack (13 days ago)
Only the woke internet echo chamber children believe this. Sadly it's a thing because tech companies are naturally made up of this tiny minority. Which is further amplified by biased click bait type media.
cat kook (13 days ago)
So, your pretty much saying the wage gap exists becuse females tend to be less flexible becuse they have to take care of the family more often
aric theodorson (14 days ago)
The earnings gap is not the wage gap. Different people like different things and there is nothing wrong with that
FBI (14 days ago)
The pay gap has been debunked many times, and if a man cant make a shaving commercial and woman can make a video that just screams attention!!! If a man did this it would be sexist, the liberals/ feminists aim for equality when the right wants to save baby’s the left wants to just kill them and they think it is appropriate to just slam a man than I don’t know why we can’t just say “A man can be a man” so that is why therefore in the eyes of the left this video is “sexist” and in the eyes of the right this is just a brunch of BS because this is putting down someone with a certain view, that may not be said they could be gay and the left always wants to “know your pronouns” but they a just assuming what someone is, and that is against the liberal view and know other party’s view, one definition of a cult is a “misplaced or excessive admiration of something or someone” this video is meant to sprees feminism and most of them may not respect men, but feminism admires “strong women” which most feminists don’t even try and just sit back and scream at someone for spreading your legs to much because we want to not feel uncomfortable but they expect every man to hate women. This is why this video violates the second amendment and the lefts views, and this should be considered hate speech because they are are refusing someone because of their gender which is exactly what they are protesting about, finally this is promoting cults because of their worship views, I hope you consider taking this into consideration thank you
Boulder The Fat (14 days ago)
Wage gap is a myth, If women did the same job for less money no man would have a job.
Bill Lumbergh (14 days ago)
Vox is a fake news propaganda machine , you should not be showing up in my feed, YouTube is not for mainstream media
niwrad (15 days ago)
Talking about the gender wage gap is besides the point, because even the concept "Equal pay for equal work", built into law, violates legal rights that are owed to a person and constitutes a due process violation. Namely, if I, due to my personal preferences, want to give more of my own money to a man than to a woman, that is my personal choice. It's my money and I have the right to do what I want with it. If I prefer working with men more then with women, and thus, pay a man more than a woman for equal work, no one has the right to intervene and tell me how to manage my own money. It is MY money. But the government does. It forces me to pay them equally. It forces me to give my own money to someone although I entered no legally-binding relationship with that person, but is all based on the ideological concept of 'equality'. Given the fact that lawmaker's ideological concept, be it equality or whatever, cannot trump legal rights that are owed to a person, basing the laws on the concept "Equal pay for equal work" is a due process violation.
General Elton (15 days ago)
Rich women want to become richer. What they really mean by income inequality is that more female millionaires want to become billionaires because male billionaires are much more than females billionaires. The average female already has more privileges than the average male.
TrueZubZero (15 days ago)
Feminism is bullshit in my opinion
mastersleib (15 days ago)
If most women prefer staying home more hours over wasting most of their lives in some company and that makes them happier who am I to judge? ANd to be fair it does seem smarter than some workaholic decisions men make.
Ari Collado (16 days ago)
These feminists are insane!!
DanFire Flare (16 days ago)
Noahbb22 (16 days ago)
Hmm you know I wonder if it is the extra time that men may put in to get more money? As they don't show how much more work they have put in. Also the same job? Yeah I don't think so. You get most of this information off of not specific sources so if you can find a reliable source id be glad to take my statement back. Also I don't see any citing. You never seem to cite anything ever. Also if you don't cite it could be a crime. also sorry I can't see how the graph at 2:05 shows anything as it was a graph back in 1948. Good job you played yourself. You have no recent information. Please get better sources and stop with all of this false information.
phoenixkhost (16 days ago)
The wage gap is a myth
Tightt Af (16 days ago)
I don’t think the wage gap is actually real in countries like America, Canada, and England but I definitely think the wage gap exist in other countries!
Red Pilled (17 days ago)
If there is a gender pay gap and people are just discriminating against women, why do female fashion models make more than male models?
Jatin Saxena (17 days ago)
can't believe vox made a video like this
Monger Vanger (17 days ago)
Ladies say to me, “that’s not a women’s job.” Then I hear, “that’s unfair pay because I’m a women”, from them. I scratch my head at the contradictions. Either your a whiner or you truly are crazy.
Evictus (17 days ago)
Gender pay gap is a myth. Nobody have proven this correct. The only way you can prove this through statistics is if you compared 2 opposite sex with the same background, job, experience, education, same company and etc. But offered with different amount of pay. Now let's say that actually happened (which will never ever happen or maybe 1 in a trillion chances), you CAN always leave the next day and accept a better offer! So basically it is your fault not to negotiate your pay during hiring process.
Sarath C (18 days ago)
NO COUNTRY HAVE ECONOMIC EQUALITY BETWEEN WOMEN AND MEN: STUDY Most of the poor citizens around the world are women, as per a  research from Acoss and the University of New South Wales. Most of the citizens who live in poverty, especially in modern countries such as Australia are women. As a matter of fact, no country on Earth have economic equality between women and men, says the study. Women in modern and wealthy nations may find themselves below the poverty line when compared due to many reasons. Women face gender-based obstructions and setbacks that may block their chances of having financial security. These roles affect women in all stages such as woman’s life education, employment, homes, familial responsibilities and retirement options. READ FULL NEWS :  https://www.beyondpinkworld.com/news/business-economics/women-poor-people-3993
Mr. weasel (15 days ago)
Well with such a blatant spelling error in the heading I'm not sure how accurate the article is but it seems that all it's saying is that women are more often caretakers which gets in the way of work but of course more women are caretakers it's what women like best. all the women in the work force are just hindering themselves because study's show that women are far more happier taking care of children then working at a job it's just common sense. Oh and we have income equality because if you put a man and a women in the same job at the same position doing the same thing then their income is equal.
Ben S (19 days ago)
Men account for 93% of workplace deaths isn’t that a bigger issue than some fictional pay gap never heard a feminist mention that cause you know it’s all about equality
douglas carpenter (20 days ago)
So basically leftists are idiots...
douglas carpenter (20 days ago)
Imagine if Vox was forced by law to not lie to the stupid. Women are paid the same as men for the same job.
Trock13 Gaming (22 days ago)
The gender wage gap is not real women just want more money
Frosty Fire (26 days ago)
There's a "gender wage gap" because feminazis are trying to fill imaginary quotas and "prove themselves" to nobody. Think about it, it's harder to run a company when you have 4 children at home.
Manny Heffley (26 days ago)
"What people miss about the gender wage gap" That it's fake.
Terry Knight (27 days ago)
I wish we would call women and females on their crap like we call black people on their crap. Just saying.
n o v a s -x- (27 days ago)
Ok bet if y’all want equality let men be able to fight women
Brennan Farris (27 days ago)
Is there any valid argument in existence that can actually prove there is a wage gap. Because from where I'm sitting grade 5 math where you learn mean,median and mode can easily solve this myth. Why is this dead horse still being beat??
...therefore the wage gap is not caused by sexism, but instead is caused by different schedules of men and women.
Fares Sdiri (28 days ago)
So it's not a wage Gap. It's just different life choices. Atleast they actually tried to explain why it's happening compared to other feminists.
MegaPhycoKiller (28 days ago)
There’s also the part about the same job, the same amount of work, the same workplace. People will often focus on this, especially SJW’s, yet they dint understand that if this is actually the case, then what they’re doing has been illegal since 1963 when President John F. Kennedy passed a law that stated that, with the exception of raises, it is illegal to pay anyone less or more than any other for the same amount of work, in the same profession, at the same workplace. People often miss things like this. However in 2016 996 women went on trial for this law, and approx 1 in 5 were deemed legitimate, which still works after adding in false negatives and removing false positives.
ieat caribou (29 days ago)
It doesn’t happen in the US because it’s against the law. Name one company, business, etc. that pays a male more than a female working the same position. It just doesn’t happen or that business would get blasted in the news.
cliveproductions _ (29 days ago)
gotta keep it real with you chief This ain't it
Darren Richardson (29 days ago)
I'm a Structural Engineering student, Over 60 students, 4 girls. They've all been brainwashed into gender studies to research the fictional pay gap
SummerDays (29 days ago)
most people forget feminism means equality for women AND men, not just women, or just men!
Connor Williams (1 month ago)
I like how she uses the buisness school model. its not like after you get a buisness degree you go work at the buisness factory where everyone should get paid. no, you actually go and create buisnesses. i guess everyone chose male shops over females or something haha
kolo ko (1 month ago)
Have you forgotten about how men work more hours and that they are more productive and officient in the work place, plus men take up the most work place fatalities because us men take up the more dangerous jobs like building or the military, you didn't state this in the video and i think that you are choosing sides here vox.
Your Name Here (1 month ago)
Gender is a social construct though.
Big Boy (1 month ago)
Ok vox
Fabio JK (1 month ago)
If you count maternity leave, you do not have the wage gap! Haha 🤣
Gazzer McVenge (1 month ago)
Too complicated to follow
Speedbump Bob (1 month ago)
Hours and choices three words debunked the video
Speedbump Bob (1 month ago)
The wage gap doesn’t exist change my mind
payneentertainment (1 month ago)
Imagine Vox thinking it has an opinion
Undead EAS Productions (1 month ago)
Each job depicted generally requires a college degree. What about the jobs that are extremely dangerous such as mining, electrician, road worker and construction workers. You don't find many women in those jobs.
Sr Pelo (1 month ago)
This is the reason why women still from men I lost 300 dollars and found it in my gf drawer I dumped her
kuririn1975 (1 month ago)
The biggest thing that no one has mentioned is the fair pay act of 63. It is illegal to pay some one less for the same job. My question is why there are not lawsuits for breaking the law. Oh because only like 800 have been filed so far and more than half of those were found not true.
kuririn1975 (1 month ago)
One of our network administrators became pregnant. Mind you she makes the same as the others. Well she took maternity leave as the contract states first three month she will have same pay, if she take 3 more months if drols to 75%, another 3 months 50%, and again 3 more month 25%. Well she became preganant again while on leave. The company said they will keep her on but without pay. Well she has no fully left the company and is not planning on joining the work force. Life choices are also a huge factor on how much a woman makes.
유창완 (1 month ago)
Ah, a video about gender. I expect the comment section to be very peaceful, full of respect and unbiased.
honest diplomat (1 month ago)
Look, it is a dis-honest to demand for income equality between men and women. Women get Maternity leaves when they're pregnant, men don't. So, demanding to get paid for the time you don't work is not nice. Men are not hesitated to work long hours or even being asked to work long hours. Women can't work for long hours and they literally need not. We live in a capitalist economic country where one earns as much as he works. We don't live in a socialistic economy where what you earn is regardless of how much you work. Equal pay between sexes is not really practical.
Bigfan 04 (1 month ago)
It's a legal to have the wage gap in 1963 John Kennedy released the law of equal pay
youAmuse (1 month ago)
So you’re basically telling us that the wage gap is because of Womens choices.
Upfrontchart 66 (1 month ago)
there is a law to stop the wage gap so you are wrong
Elvin Lam (1 month ago)
There is no wage gap, there is already a law, the 1963 pay act
Flamester7 Tv (1 month ago)
Bro in order to debunk anyone saying a wage gap is real, just ask them if people could hire women and pay less then men , why do people hire men
Pop Land (1 month ago)
The wage gap is explained by the different choices by men and women make. The left argue those choices are not mostly free, the right argue those choices are mostly free.
That video is so stupid...
Odetuber (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/wjWBXbGVyQU Here is a video
TheSm1thers (1 month ago)
4:45 "Today, female pharmacists make 92% of what their male counterparts do" "Counterparts" The word counterpart would imply that by mental aptitude they are equal and I can attest this is very rarely the case.
Wesley Brown (1 month ago)
Ok, you have failed to mention job title, experience, job responsibility, and seniority in ANY of your points. This is the problem with the wage gap myth. It takes the basic income of a male and female in one profession, and then says women make less, which is absolute inaccuracy and ignorance. It does not explore any of the aforementioned points or hours worked.
Eric Marshall (1 month ago)
How about google paying woman more then men, didn’t talk about that
Catfsihnig (1 month ago)
So basically, women get less money because of the jobs they have. So a man and woman could get the same exact money for the same job. And thats what women are getting mad about? I'm just a noob on this topic so feel free to comment whether I'm right or not.
cogamers84 (1 month ago)
This video didn't really prove a point or make any points at all. Out of the men and women who took that business degree the men probably would have gone on to take jobs such as a stockbroker or a corporate investment banker while the women would have taken more casual jobs such as supply chain managers. Why? BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TO. On average most women just aren't up to working the same hours as men wether or not they have kids to look after. Women also "get sick" more than men. What most feminists don't know is that it is completely illegal for a boss to pay two workers differently for the same job but is it the same job? At the McDonalds I work at the male workers keep the shop running while the female workers mostly talk and take really lengthy bathroom breaks. This video also didn't consider that even after the test subjects completed their business degrees not all of them would have gone on to work careers in business. The video just said the income they are making. Why feminist news sources like Buzzfeed and the ABC keep making these type of videos is completely beyond me, all the comments are negative.
Discovaria (1 month ago)
a gender wage gap isn't gender wage gap really
Cesar Vazquez (1 month ago)
You’ll get paid the same if you do just as good of a job
Ekam S (1 month ago)
21k leftists disliked the video
Iain Rae (1 month ago)
No one mentions the gender spend gap. Women love to shop and flash hubby ' s credit cards while hubby is slogging his guts out at work.
Did you consider sex worker jobs which is totally in favour of women? No you didn't. Women don't pay for sex, men do. That covers for the gap, anyways.
the pj samwich vids (1 month ago)
It's funny men say we want equality it could save us from attacks woman say we need equality we need money

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